August 30, 2002

So far I have achieved my goal of the day: To not do any work... muuhhahahahaha.... I got here late... I think I will prolly leave early.... wet to a BBQ at lunch..... muuuhahahahaha life is good... hahaha I think I may be going crazy...

I can almost taste the weekend..... yum...

--Capn' Slacker S.S. Workisbadforyourhealth
last night was the last night of "The good timers league". Our new bowling league starts next Thursday.... The Mother Truckers finished the season with a bang... well sort of... Half the team couldn't make it to the game because they were going out of town for the weekend... but Capn' Walker, Sammy tha Sailor, And Capn' Geoff "the crusher" Hanz definately represented strong for the team. I shot my best game of the season... a 245... which was really fun... I had 8 strikes in a row... which is the most I think I have ever shot in row... it was a great feeling... 5 beers and 1 shot of Southern Comfort later I shot a 128.... haha it was pretty funny.... I hadn't eaten much all day.... I was kinna drunk... I may have wobbled a bit on my last few throws.... I shot my last ball of the season around the back and between my legs... haha I think I may have to end every league that way... goin' out with style... haha It was awesome.... I am so glad that Capn' Sam set that whole thing up.... good times... Thursday night is always a good night.... I live for thursdays hahaha .....
I am looking forward to the next league... I hope it is as fun. I am sure it will be as long as we keep averaging 4-5 pitchers a night... hahaha... Keep on Truckin....
--Capn' Truck S.S. Off
Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow if tomorrow might improve the odds.
-- Robert Heinlein

August 29, 2002

It is amazing how much stuff we/I take for granted every day... take for instance the ability to to jump or to run or even just to walk around... I hurt my back the other day lifting boxes and I haven't been able to do any of those things with out shots of pain running across my spine... It's been like that for the last two days.... It is funny how on most days I wouldn't be thankful for the ability to walk or run or jump.... but when you have those gifts taken away from you, you really see things in a totally different light.... I have been humbled many times in the last couple weeks.... I think this is a good thing... It keeps me appreciating things and not taking them for granted and it allows me to enjoy them even more.... I am gonna be so happy when my back feels better...
--Capn' Break S.S. Myback
"Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake."
- Chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower (1887-1956)

August 28, 2002

Ok... I need to get this ship back on a positive course..... I really should not be complaining about so many little things... I was reading my last couple of entries and realized that I am really complaining about some stupid shit. Way too many lame, pointless, meaningless, petty, things... I have no reason to be pretending that my life is hard. It isn't.

I really should be taking some time to be thankful for all the good things in my life like my friends, coworkers, and family.... especially my family.... my health... shit... everything in my life is good... my job isn't even really that bad...

I really should be talking about how lucky I have been to have been able to go away to school, to have met so many great people, to have so many great people in my life, to have such a loving family, to have such an easy life....

I really should be looking at all the great oportunities I have been given and not complaining about stupid shit like "having to work hard" and other stupid pointless shit... wtf.... stop crying Sean... life is easy in your world, you have no reason to be angry or sad or anything but stoked and happy.....

I am truely blessed... my path has been hard sometimes yes... and sometimes there have been a few hills to climb and bumps in the road... but when it comes right down to it I really need to put myself in check when it comes to complaining about anything.... I am lucky... my life is good...

I have had quite a few eye opening things happen to me these last few days... and it all sorta hit me on the way home from work tonight at one in the morning... my life is not so bad... in fact... it is pretty damn good... and I need to stop getting hung up on the little things that go wrong now and then and I need to focus on the truly great things that I so often take for granted... I really take to many things for granted... I need to take some time to sit back and realize how truly lucky I have been.... life is good...
--Capn' Backon S.S. Thepositivetrack

August 27, 2002

it's 11 o'clock... guess where I am still..........
--capn' this is lame S.S. get me outta here......
it's 10:14 I am still at work... f this shit....
Capn' Whattha S.S. Fuck
It is 830 pm.... I am still at work... I should be out drinking beer or sleeping or skateing or eating or anything else but working right now... what the fuck.... PI Sucks I worked my ass off last weekend.... I don't even feel like blogging right now... erf. I worked 62 hours last week.. This could be for all I know what hell is like.

Here is the Weekend in Review:
Friday: Worked until 930. Went home, ate food, went to sleep.

Saturday: Worked from 10-7, went to a BBQ, then went to a movie, then went home and slept.

Sunday: Worked from 10-8, tried to skate, fell on my ass because I was so tired... went home, watched TV, went to sleep.

What a waste of a weekend.... not much fun at all... the only fun thing I have done in the last week was race pallet jacks and ride across the building on rolling chairs. Oh and we broke some stuff at work too.. but that is about it.... this is wack.... I will write more later... I am just too bored to even deal right now... "take this job and shove it...."
--Capn' Fuck S.S. Disjob
A hero is a man who does what he can when he doesn't have to.
-- Some One Wise

August 25, 2002

There have been so many things that I have wanted to write about in these last couple of days.... but I haven't had the time.... or the energy... or the brain power..... where has it all gone... I have had a lot on my plate these last couple of days.... I have been thinking about a ton of things lately... memories from the past, thoughts about the future... feelings that have come and gone.... changes from then, changes from now... changes still to come.... old mistakes, mistakes to come.... paths taken... paths avoided... paths that are just around the bend. My brain feels like it is on overload.... my mind feels out of control and like it is spinning in an endless circle.

There are so many things changing for me right now.... so many constants have fallen to the wayside... so much change ahead... I feel like things have slipped and are slipping through my fingers... so many things where I sit back and wonder: "what if..." or "if only...." I have been doing a lot of thinking lately... maybe too much thinking actually.... So many things have turned out the opposite of how I thought they would. Sometimes for the better... sometimes for the worse.... but in many cases just totally different then I would have ever imagined them.... what gives? What the hell happened? How did this or that happen.... I did what?? They did what? What the f---?! So many questions are swimming in my head right now... too many of them are unanswerable... many of them are questions that even with all the answers would still be confusing and impossible to understand...... hmph... I wish there was an off switch on my brain right now... I need a break from all this stuff.....

Seems like everything is such and up hill fight right now... but then... is that so bad? I have always been one to live for the challenge... to chase down the victory against all odds... to go for broke and take destiny in my own hands.... life is so weird sometimes.... I dunno... too much for me to even put into words right now... I am gonna go read a book and go to sleep... maybe I will be able to put this into words later....
--Capn' Lostin S.S. Space

August 23, 2002

"Probably the difference between man and the monkeys is that the monkeys are merely bored, while man has boredom plus imagination."
-- Lin Yutang

August 22, 2002

I went and skated with the dogs last night. It was fun. We set up the box over this gap and filmed some pretty sick tricks.... I was super stoaked, I landed some tricks that I haven't done in a long time.... it felt good. I am finally comin up again... doing some stuff that is pretty sick.... It is good to feel progression again.. to feel myself pushing my limits and learning.... It feels good to charge it again... I think my friends are all feelin it too... when we have skated lately everyone has been pushing each other to progress and to try new things... to go bigger and to break a piece off... It is rad. The sessions have been pretty out of hand.... people are really tryin to come through sick for the camera..... everyone seems to be having a good time too. There is a lot of good energy... energy that makes you want to get crazy and go for broke.... energy that makes you want to reach out and take your fears head on... energy that makes you want to walk that fine line between victory and misery. It is good... I haven't felt that in a long time. Skate and Destroy....
--Capn' Skateor S.S. Die
"The only difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad."
- Salvador Dali

August 21, 2002

I worked way too hard again today... my legs hurt... I want to go skate now... but I think I am gonna suck pretty bad cuz my feet and calves are killing me... erf.... oh well... work hard... play harder... or so some lame person once said... haha dude... I am tired... you know it's bad when I start quoting "no fear" shirts and stupid shit like that.... haha Time to go skate and get my brain back in focus. Take this job and shove it...
--Capn' Iwork S.S. Hardforthamoney
Yar, I need to turn things up to eleven in my life right now.... things are at about 9 which is good.... but not good enough..... I have been doing a lot.. but it has all been the same thing, different day... hang with friends, skate, play music, go to a bar, go to a BBQ.... I need some change... not a lot of change... but a little.... well... maybe more then a little.... but not so huge that my life is forever altered..... I just need some spice in my life. Don't ask what kind of spice cuz I haven't figured that out yet... but I need some extra flavor... and I need to turn it up a level... I need to take some risks and make some changes.... Step out of my comfort zone... make some leaps... go for broke here and there... charge things...... plan, I need a plan.... think, think, think....
--Capn' Turning S.S. Thisboataround
"I got rock 'n' roll, to save me from the cold
And if that's all there is, it ain't so bad, Rock 'n' roll"
--Motorhead Rock N' Roll

August 20, 2002

It takes very little effort to smile, yet the impact can last forever.
--Someone Wise

August 19, 2002

I worked my ass off today. Work is lame.
--Capn' Fuckthis S.S. Job
The weekend in review
Friday: Went to skate, skated super hard. I skated a handrail with Capn't Pete and Capn' Dave. I hadn't skated a rail in a long time. It was scary, but it felt rad at the same time. Skating handrails is pretty crazy... huge rush.... after we broke outselves off on the rail we skated a new spot and filmed some pretty good stuff... it was cool. We filmed some stuff, and I actually got 3 tricks on tape... that was cool. I haven't done much filming lately... it was cool to finally land some tricks that were worth filming.... After skating I went to Jakes to eat some pizza. Yum... it hit the spot. Nothing like Jakes after a hard day skating, that place rules. Then a little later I went to a movie... came home and chilled... it was a long boring week and I was tired. But Friday was good.

Saturday: Woke up late. Drove out to Santa Cruz to skate a really crappy park. That kinna sucked. I broke my kingpin after only skating for about 30 min. I had to walk about a mile to the skate shop to get a new one. That sucked.... there is nothing worse then skating soggy ramps and then breaking your board. They had a mini ramp there that was pretty good but I sucked on it... I don't know what my problem was. It was kinna a bummer of a skate sesh, I didn't skate well at all. When I got back to Mt. View I went down to the MV park and had a much better time. It was a good way to finish the day. After that it was off to a BBQ at Capn' Walkers. That was kinna fun. I ate a ton of food. Lots of good stuff. Had a few beers and then went home. It was a long day and I was worn out.

Sunday: Capn't Geoff flew me down to Santa Barbara. It was really fun. I had never been in one of those little planes before.... it was rad. I took three rolls of film. We stoped in Isla Vista for some food at Woodstocks.... hmmmm that place rules. I miss all the little places to eat in Isla Vista. We took a hike down to the beach and then around some of my old stomping...err skating grounds. It was cool to see that some of the stuff was still the same. I miss the crew and hanging out with friends down there. We walked through Campus on the way back to the Airport, it was cool, I have a lot of good memories there. It was kinna sad too... I went through a lot of changes down there... lots of ups and downs.... lots of crazy memories... kinna intense. It was an interesting trip. I am glad I went. I had a good time even tho it was kinna weird. After we took a bit of a hike back to the Airport we flew back up to the Bay. Flying rules. It was really really cool. Kinna scary at points but super super rad. Capn't Geoff is a good pilot. Once we got back to the Bay we went up to Damian's house for a little while. We watched some of the X -games... all I can say is damn.... those fools are crazy... I can't believe some of the things I saw thrown down... insane.... sooooooo rad... Went to get some Mexican food after that and then it was off for home again... I was tired and I went to sleep early..... got some good rest. It was a good weekend.... kinna slower then most, but definately good.
--Capn' ChillMode S.S. Lazydayz
"When did you put that bucket on your head?"
--John Boniface when reviewing pictures from the bar last friday
"I had a bucket on my head?!"
--Me after hearing his question

August 16, 2002

Yar last night was out of hand.... To sum it up... I had to ride my bike to the bowling alley this morning to pick up my car because I was too drunk to drive last night. That being said, It was a really fun night... unfortunately for us, the Truckers got rolled on... we won the first game but then lost the next two.... I drank way too much... which can be looked at in a good and bad way.... In a good way: We got really fadded and the team drank 6 pitchers which is a new PR. In a bad way: I think that pretty much killed my game... I hit the wall in a major way durring the last game.... I shot a 225 on my first game, a 200 on my second game, and then a 143 on my last game.... yea that's right... a 143.... ugh.... From 225 to a 143.... ugh... hahaha There is a fine line between bowling like a god and bowling like a drunken fool.... I crossed that line in the last game... But like I said we had a great time... After getting thoroughly destroyed at the alley, we went over to the Boardwalk for some good grub and soda... That place makes f'n great pizza and chickin' wings.... To top it all off the super hot cashier remembered my name and order again.... Gilroy special, substitute sausage for chicken, substitute garlic ranch sauce for red sauce, for Sean.... damn... that made my night.... hahaha one of these days I am gonna have to get brave and ask for her number or something... hahaha maybe not... haha Went home watched a movie... crashed out... woke up late...rode my bike to pick up my car... and went to work.... ugh... haha what a night... good times for sure.
--Capn' Three S.S. Hundred
"There are two ways to live your life: Fast and Faster"

August 15, 2002

I hate it when this thing isn't working... yar.. tha bastards... but then... I guess I understand... arrr...maybe I should sign up for Blogger Pro... arrr.. tha bloody pirates.....
Today has been a good day. Scratch that, Today has been a great day so far! Yea for Thrusday! Tonight is gonna be fun too! Truckers comin through... watch out and clear the road! I can't wait to run some shine! haha yar... bring on tha pitcherz... yar!!
--Capn' Playin S.S. Workisforsuckerz
"Without education we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously."
-- Gilbert Keith Chesterton

August 14, 2002

I am cutting work early to go skate! yea!
--Capn' Hookey S.S. Fuckwork
Yar... Last night I went on the hardest bike ride I have ever been on. It felt great. I went out with Capn's Geoff and Damian. They are really good. I was kinna worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with them, but I think I managed to do pretty well. The ride had three, count em 1, 2, 3... pretty good climbs, one climb, the last one was almost two miles long.... It was hard. Towards the end of the last climb I thought my legs were going to not only explode, but also completely fail to turn the pedals over any longer. As horrible as that sounds, it was actually kind of a good feeling.... There were a couple pretty crazy down hills as well. These down hills would have made a lesser man crap his pants. I don't think I have ever gone that fast on a bike before. It was crazy. There were a few points where I was honestly scared that my brakes were going to melt and that I was going to loose control and die. All I could think was: "Dude, don't crash right now because it would really, really, hurt a lot and probably make you dead." Now I know what people are talking about when they use the term: Scary Fast. Round trip I think the ride was about 23 miles. It was really fun. Really hard, but really fun. I could feel that old drive coming to life again. I haven't felt that feeling since High school when I use to run Cross Country.... I have missed that driving sensation.... The driving force that pushes you to the point of exahustion and beyond. That drive that makes you dig down deep to find that last extra bit of energy and then some.... that drive that makes your heart pound and your adrenaline flow and your body scream. That feeling of raw power and energy... I love that feeling. I crave for that feeling. I lust for that feeling... it is nice to feel that primal driving force again.
--Capn' Ride S.S. Tillyourlegsexplode
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."
-P. K. D.

August 13, 2002

Yar... today has been really busy. Which is good I guess... but bad cuz I am getting pretty warn out. I have been running back and forth between buildings all day long... ugh.... At least I went out to La Costenia for lunch... yum... that place rules!!! : ) I am tired of walking around today...busy busy busy busy.. I will write more later...
--Capn' Keepin S.S. Meonmytoes
"What good is being 'cool' if you can't wear a sombrero?"

August 12, 2002

The Weekend in Review (part Two)
Day two: Saturday.
So after a bit of a slow start of Saturday, but not really feelin' any major effects from Friday, I finally ended up at work. And man... did I work... Moving boxes and checking inventory for almost 6 hours.... wheeeew.... at about 5 I headed over to Greer to get a few runs in and then headed over to Rengstorff to skate with the crew. It felt really good to go out and skate. I had a pretty good sesh too. Capn' Pete had some sick mini ramp runs. We took that thing apart.... it was rad.... I landed some pretty good street tricks too... BSTS on the big box second try.... Feeble grind on the bar felt really good sweaty, got dirty... it was great. Headed home, and then went to see a movie. Saw "Signs". That movie was realllly good... super scary... haha at one point I was so tense that I got a cramp in my leg.... hahaha it was funny... great f'n movie. After the movie, went home and started cleaning up getting ready for the BBQ!

Woke up and felt kinna lame... tired and a bit groggy... so I decided to go for a quick "easy" bike ride. I ended up riding my ass off. The hardest I have ever ridden to date. It felt great. Rode as hard as I could at one point while trying to pass a couple of "roadies". I thought my legs were going to explode. They must have been super pissed to see some crazy fool on a cross bike, wearing cut of ben's and a white t-shirt cruz past them. It was rad. I felt really good.

The rest of Sunday was the chill day. Back yard BBQ steeelo. Cut off ben's and chillers were in effect. Great weather, plenty of shade, music, friends and fun. We had two BBQ's going at one point which was pretty cool(one gas, one coal). There was lots of beer, and a ton of meat. Everyone came through huge. We had 40's of Budweiser, a case of Pacifico, a case of Carrona's, Newcastle, regular bud's, Pale Ale, Red hook, you name it... it was probably soaking in our huge bath of ICE. Lots of beers got consumed. Between the 20 or so people that showed up: Five 40's and over 60 beers were dusted.... not to mention 6-7 huge steaks, 25 cheesedogs, 2 packs of apple chicken sausage, at least 10 pieces of chicken, two racks of ribs, and a huge tray of potatoe salad. It was one of the best BBQ's ever, period. Good friends, good food, good music, good weather, good beer, good times. It was a great f'n night. I am very lucky to have such good friends.

This weekend made me realize a ton of things, most importantly, that my friends are some of the raddest people in the world. I am truely lucky to be where I am at in my life right now and to be surrounded by so many great people.... things are not perfect, but I'll be damned if they aren't pretty f'n awesome. I am happy. Life is good.
Like the Cars said: Let the good times roll.....
--Capn' Sean The Destroyer S.S. Goodtimesgoodfriends
The Weekend in Review
One word can sum up this last weekend = Fun. Well, maybe two: Drunk and Fun. Well... maybe it should be more like = Drunk as Hell and Super Fun. This weekend was crazy. Super, super fun! Super super crazy...

Got off work and went to skate Greer. It was super fun. I skated good. Stu the shred dog was there. It was a great sesh. Lots of Loc's, lots of sick lines, lots of yelling. The weather was awesome, not too windy, not too still... and there was an amazing sunset... it was euphoric. After the park, I went to In-n-Out for my weekly 3x3 animal style... yum....

I don't even know how to sum up the rest of Friday night's mayhem... The night was out of hand. Shoot, out of hand doesn't even sum up the insanity and chaos that we caused. All I can say to sum it up is this: When we go big, we go huge. So where to start.... Ok, so 8 of my closest shipmates and I sailed out to the ole Nut House at around 9:30.... I started the night off with a Bottle of Budweiser and a shot of So-Co for Capn' Mike and myself.... a few beers later Capn' John the Rockstar got Capn' Mike and I shots of Jack Daniel's.... a couple more beers later everyone at the table decided it would be: "a really good idea" to take another shot of So-Co.... a few more beers into the night Kelly the bartender at the Nut House had Capn' Mike and I behind the bar making drinks for people... a few more beers into the night Motorhead was playing on the juke box..... this was soon followed by a specialty shot, some crazy mix of god knows what, from Kelly to all of us. At some point in the night Capn' John and I were on the mic singing Happy Birthday to Mike over the P.A.... (really out of key, slurring most of the words horribly I might add). Somewhere along the way I ended up with a shot glass in my pocket.... somewhere else along the way people started slapping each other. Capn' Walker ended up getting two cuts on his hand from Capn' Mikes front teeth. At some point in the night Capn' Mac went outside and threw up into the dumpster. We closed out the bar and Kelly let us hang out for about 30 min while she cleaned up. We left the bar at around 2:45. On the way home, Capn' John, Capn' Mike, and I sat in the back of Capn' Walkers Dope old 70's stlye caddy. I am supprised we didn't get arrested. I spent most of the ride home yelling obscenities out the window at the top of my lungs. I think Mike and John were doing the same thing when they weren't busy punching each other in the arm and punching Capn' Walker in the back. Capn' Mike keep yelling that he wanted to destroy things..... like the Sculptures at the park and the crazy metal horse statue. A few miles from my house we started doing Chinese firedrills at all the stop lights.... At one light Capn' Mike and I ran in opposite directions around the car...and then ran full speed into each other. Somehow we managed to make it to Capn' Walkers house with out getting dead or arrested. Thank goodness Geoff was the D.D. I dont' know if anyone else could have managed to get 4 drunkin lunatics home in one piece. So Geoff and I left Capn' Mike, John, and Walker at Capn' Walker's house and then Geoff took me home... At this point I mannaged to drop Capn' Walker's keys into the engine compartment of his car... don't ask how... and then proceeded to call people on my cell phone while lying on the street looking up at the stars. I tried to crawl to my house but it hurt my knees a lot so I finally managed to stand up again and walk to my house. At about 3:15 as I was drinking a glass of water in my boxers in the kitchen I heard the back door open. I was so drunk that I just stood there thinking "holy shit someone is breaking into the house" but not doing anything. It turend out to be Capn' Mike who had decided he wanted to sleep at home and had walked a mile to my house so that he could steal my bike and ride home. I put some pj bottoms on and we kicked it for a few min drinking water and cussing about how drunk we were. Then I went outside and got my bike for him so that he could ride home. At this point I did the most insane thing of the eve. I decided it would be funny if I jumped the fence to scare Capn' Mike as he rode home..... so with no shirt or shoes, or even socks, I climbed my fence and jumped onto the ground below me... big mistake. There were big, dried out, super sharp, prickly balls all over the ground. It was a good thing that I was as drunk as I was. I had to actually pull one of them out of my foot. I think I managed to scare Mike tho... so I guess it was worth it. Then Mike and I decided to call some more people on his cell phone. I think we made 3 or 4 calls from the middle of the street by my house... luckily no cars were out.... seeing as it was almost 4am at this point. Then I walked, barefoot, with no shirt on, back to my house...drank some more water... and then went to sleep. I woke up and actually didn't feel too bad. Capn' Walker and Capn' John came by to pick up their cars at around 11. I went to work at around 1230... Friday night was awesome... we broke a piece off that night. I can't believe I didn't get sick. I can't believe I didn't even really have a hang over.... we were out of hand..... hahaha

Final count for Friday:
Beers: 6 to 8 (no exact count but I know at least six)
Shots: 4 (2 So-Co, 1 JD, 1 house special)
Chinese Firedrills: 4
Number of people that threw up: 4
Total number of beers consumed: close to 40
Number of drunken calls: 8
"Irish men are never drunk as long as they can hold onto one blade of grass, and not fall off the face of the earth"
--An old Irish Drinking song

August 10, 2002

to nithgt wad mike's b day.. I am fucked.... dooooosooo drunk.. dude.. can't even hardly tyep it was a great inight. one that will go down in the creerecord books ;/.... fshit. I can't even tyoe type.. haha fuckn eh"">:???? what dude... I am sooooooo drunk... befior I was really drunk.. but tonight i am destroyed.... by the way... did Imeniont that I am dcfucked... eh" ewhat>>::""?? fuck I can't type any more I am tryin real hard... I was layed out ont he street a few meiiin uptes ago.. I can''t tyupe any more..shit.. sorry.. fuck I am so fadded... oh man... at least I am not talkin aout girls... haahhaahhaah fuck I am so tore back... . f\damn..... I am rockin the free style bbaby ahhahaha shit..thist sucks... oh well... hahah I am gonna read this and be like what the fuck.. hahhaahaha oh well I am drunk to the cuerb tright now...fuck ... oh man I am gonna be sick.. fuck... hahaahaha I am so fucked my ship is gonna sink for sure dshit.. fuck damn... I am so fucked... shit.. good night fooliosos... sex is good.... fuck trhat shit abut not gettin down hahaaha eh" what>>>:diszgo is good:""?? hahaha doude.. I am so fucked thig rright now.. hahaha fuck.. oh man... gd nihtht hahahaha....

--capn't ufucked shit god adan,nmn erf... oh welll....

August 09, 2002

I don't know if I have ever felt more like not workin in my entire life. Bored, tired, full, bored... there are so many things I would rather be doing today. erf... why did I sail up this cove anyways.... erf.. did the wind change? argh... all I know is if there one thing that I would rather not be doing today, it is this = work. I think I have senioritus... or what would that be called in my situation... laidoffitus? The empending doom that I can do nothing to prevent has really taken a lot of my will to put forth quality effort. I am a sucky employee... I usually take pride in my work, even if it is shitty work... I always work hard... now... I hardly work at all... erf... get in gear Capn' raise them sails and get this boat moving....
--Capn' Lazy S.S. Ass
Yar! Last night was super fun. The Mother Truckers Bowled like gods on a mission to destroy. It was an epic sight. The team we bowled against had 113 pins handicap... The Truckerz beat them on every game by over a hundred and fifty pins.... that means we threw down almost 260 pins on them each game... Last night was the best we have bowled in a long time. Capn' Sam tha Smasher was on point!! He usually averages 100-114, but last night he shot above 165 on all of his games! It was awesome!! Lots of beer was consumed....lots of pins were knocked down.... Lots of Truckers got paid... lots of fun was had. We had quite a crew of friends show up too, which is always rad. Nothing can beat getting drunk and bowling with a large group of friends. We are one of the only teams that has a consistant fan base.. hahaha it rules! We are also one of the only teams to consistantly finish 4+ pitchers every week. That is the real score that matters! haha I finished my last game with a 214... I was stoked. I am begining to think that I bowl better if I drink more. I guess the key is maintaining a good buzz and not crossing the fine line into "drunk as hell" land. You can be "feelin tha flow" but can't cross that boarder into the land of no return. I love Thursdays. Viva los Mother Truckers

After bowling we cruzed to the regular Thursday night after party spot: The Boardwalk. Great F'n pizza there... That place will always be one of my favorites. So anyway this is where my night was made: Not only did the super hot cashier remember our regular order by heart, perfectly, but she also remembered my name.... hehe wow... that was kinna cool. Did I mention that the cashier was super hot and that she remembered my name? hehe I was stoked. It was funny. My friends made fun of me for the rest of the evening. Good times.

After that went to blockbuster and rented "Mean Machine". Great f'n movie. Super funny and great acting. I love the group of actors in this movie. If you liked Snatch, or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels you will like this movie. Vinny Jones is rad....Guy Ritchie is a the man. Highly recommend any movie by him or with his regular cast.

At around 2 o'clock I decided that I should cut my hair. I hadn't cut my hair for almost 4 months... it was a chore. My head feels way lighter now! And about 5000 times cooler. Long hair just isn't cool for the summer.... not that my hair was really that long... but now it is short again. Feels good. I don't think I fell asleep till almost 4... erf... I got to work super late today... oh well... good night at least... : )

--Capn' Maniac S.S. Onthaloose

"If your ship doesn't come in, build your own."
--Someone Wise

August 08, 2002

I went and tested out my new Cycling shoes last night. I only had about 20 min to ride before it got dark so I went out and basically sprinted as fast as I could for about 5-6 miles.... it was really pretty fun. The weather was nice and the wind felt good blowing across my legs and face. I don't know if I have ever cranked so hard for so long in my entire life. My legs were burning by the time I finally got home. It was a good feeling. The shoes work great, it is amazing how much of a difference they make. I almost slid out on some loose gravel coming around a turn right by my house.... it was pretty wild. I think my heart may have skipped a beat or two. I was going really fast and cut the turn a bit tight at first. I felt my stomach in my thoat when the back wheel slipped on the loose ground. Luckily I was able to widen my turn radius and some how I was able to maintain control.... tipping over going that fast would have been pretty horrible. As scary as it was to almost crash, looking back it was kinna exciting. There is a unique and exhilerating feeling you get when you push your limits to the brink of disaster and some how maintain control. The fine line between death and glory I suppose.... That is probably what I like so much about skateboarding. Walking that fine line between pulling a rad trick and wrecking yourself....It is a rad feeling... I highly recommend it. The thrill of it all..... walk that line.
--Capn' Walkin S.S. Thehighwire
"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries."
-- A. A. Milne

August 07, 2002

So much to do, so little time... yar.... why does work have to take up so much of tha day... hrmph... maybe I should start getting in earlier... then I could escape this bloody slave ship earlier, giving me a few more hours of freedom in the ole evening... yar... getting up early is like walkin' tha plank....
--Capn' Notime S.S. Forslippin'
I just realized that I am going to be drinking every night for the rest of this week....
--Capn' Drinkin S.S. Drunk
So I had a small BBQ last night. Capn's John, Mike, Quinn, Sam, Devin, Alexa, Audry, Geoff, and Ian all rolled through at one point or another in the eve. It was fun. I love BBQ's.... Mike turned 25 last night, he is now part of the old fools club. It was a good night.

Final count for the eve:
38 Empty beer bottles
2 Empty Fourties.
2 Steaks
10 Cheese dogs
5 Regular dogs
1 bag of chips
1 Container of Salsa
1 bottle rocket

--Capn' Empties S.S. Aregood
"Put the pedal to the Metal"

August 06, 2002

Fu Manchu Rocks. Thank you for rockin so much.
--Capn' Hesh S.S. Mesh
"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

August 05, 2002

Well ladies and gents the game and the series have both come down to this:
6 seconds remain in double overtime, the copy machine has the ball at half court and is up by two.
Sean has shown great poise and strength in this game and throughout the series..... but things are not looking good for him. *bzzzzz* there is the buzzer to start the final seconds of play and here is the inbound pass, Jammed looks to pass to Outoftoner, BUT WAIT!! Sean steals the inbound pass and is now driving the basket!!! Shaq-acrazypaperjam is moving to block Sean's progress, Sean moves to the right and then fakes to the left!! 2 seconds remain Sean goes strong to the hoop, HE SCORES!! and is Fouled by Shaq-acrazypaperjam!!! There is no time left on the clock so Sean now has a chance to win the game with this free throw.... The crowd here is going nuts!!! Sean bounces the ball in concentration... he sets now and releases the ball...... IT'S GOOD!!!! IT'S GOOD!!!! Oh my, Sean Fallon has done it ladies and gents!!!! The crowd is going nuts!!! The fans are rushing the court!!!!! Sean has done what no one thought possible, Beat the LA Copy Machine, in LA, to win the series!!! I can't believe it.... This could be the greatest upset ever...... Final score in double overtime Sean 106 Copy Machine 105.... this is a game for the record books ladies and gents.... my goodness what a heroic effort by Sean and his team.....
Saturay was fun. I finally got new running shoes, I finally got cycling shoes, and then I finally went and got a new Deck. I am now ready to get in shape and take over the world. The running shoes are kinna ugly... but nothing some paint, a little dirt, and maybe a magic marker won't least they feel good on my feet... and will give me stability while running... that is all that really matters anyways... I am really stoked on my cycling shoes... actually they are mountain bike shoes, not cycling shoes.... (I didn't get cycling shoes because I plan on racing Cyclocross this winter and you need the cleats and grip that come on mountain bike shoes for that) I spent a lot of money on Saturday... but it was money spent on things to improve myself, so that is money well spent and justified in my opinion.

After I got my bike and shoes matched up and dialed in I went to a BBQ up at Capn' Sam's house over on tha hill in Los Altos. That was fun. I love cheesedogs... haha (hmmm ... I think I need to work on my diet a bit...) Anyway, drank a few beers, listened to some good music, and enjoyed an evening out under the stars. I love BBQ's. After the BBQ we watched "planes trains and automobiles" and then I went down to the studio to play some music with Capn' Mike and one of his old co-workers who's name has escaped me... We played some serious metal... super, super, hesh... it was funny. Some people opened the door and stuck their hands in while giving the horns... hahaha nothing like getting props for your metal steelo... hahaha it was pretty rad. Playin' down at the studio rules. I love that place.

On Sunday I took my Mom and John out to breakfast. They left today for a trip to Germany. They rule. When I get older, I want to be just like them. After a great breakfast at Hobies I went and skated Greer for a while on my new board. New boards feel sooo good... one of the best feelings ever. After I skated around for a while at Greer it was off to tha studio again to Jam with Capn' Waynes crew. Jamming with them was really fun. I was a bit off tho... broke my drum head, had to play sideways, and wasn't too solid on my chops..... but it was still fun. I had a good time even tho I got a bit frustraited with myself for messing up a so much. Went home, ate, and then went and watched a movie over at Capn' John tha Rockstars house. I got a copy of Iron Monkey for $4.99 at blockbuster.... the cheapest and one of the best purchaces I made all weekend... rad...

All in all it was a great weekend. Pretty chill, but definately good. Good friends good times... por vida.
--Capn' Slayin S.S. Themfooz
"The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it."
-- Franklin P. Jones

August 03, 2002

Yar... it tis a saturday... I am at work.... *sigh*.... only one month of this crap left... I guess that is a good thing. I still have no idea what I am gonna do once I get laid off. Well, I know I am gonna take a really long road trip... but other then that I have no idea what I am gonna do.... I am not really stressing yet tho. well... maybe a little, but not much. I am looking forward to the road trip. I hope Capn' Pete is gonna be able to roll with me.... It would suck to have to go alone.... but even if I have to go alone, I am gonna do it. Something I have been meaning to do for years...

I have a crazy craving ror Taco Bell right now... Mexican Pizza, 7layer burrito, and a large Mt. Dew... hmm... yum... er.. yuck? erf... I dunno... yar... tha bastards have made an addict outa me... yar.... haha

I went to the Nut House last night with Capn' Mike, Capn' John, and Capn' Sam. It was fun. I didn't drink much, which was a good thing. I ate Egyptian food yesterday, it decided that it didn't like my stomach and was picking fights with it all day long. Damn Egyptian thugs.... Needless to say, I doubt I will be eating Egyptian food anytime soon... tasted good on the way down... but my stomach is still angry at me for lettin them trash the place. Hopefully the Taco Bell will make him happy. Anyway, didn't drink much cuz I wasn't really felling that rad last night.. but still had a great time.

The Nut House is by far my favorite bar in the Bay Area right now... I am just not down for these trendy, loud, crowded bars around here, where you have to dress in "nice" clothes and have your portfolio ready for display.... that isn't my scene at all. I can't stand going to these places where the dudes are all tryin to be macho and the girls all have their noses in the air... erf... especially when they are playing shitty music so loud that you can't hear your friend who is yelling at the top of his/her lungs right next to you... I just don't see the point. Viva Antonio's Nut House.... good music, lots of room, cheap bear, girls with tat's, pool tables, and a chill atmosphere.... plus you can throw peanuts at your friends and make a mess. I have said it before, and I will say it again: "there is no place like home".... I don't know why we ever try to go anywhere else.... are we dumb? haha yar... here's to Antonio.
--Capn' Rockin' S.S> N'rollin'
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
-- Ernest Hemingway

August 02, 2002

Mother Trucker Bowling Lingo and Etiquette:
Bowling101, trucker style:

Picking up a spare = Dodgin' tha scales
Missing a spare = Gettin caught with a hooker

Missing a spare or strike that you should have picked up cuz you bowled a good ball but for some act of god all the pins didn't fall down = Getting your Rig broken into... aka gettin Stole-on aka Gettin Robbed

Throwin a gutter ball = fallin' asleep at the wheel
Throwin a ball that almost goes in the gutter but hangs on and still gets a pin = Riding tha Rails

Getting a split = Getting your teeth knocked out in a fight
Picking up a hard split = Winning in Vegas

One strike = Getting paid
Two in a row = West Coast Turn Around
three in a row = Complimentary Lap Dance
Four in a row = Runnin' Shine
Five in a row = Buyin' a new Rig
Six in a row = Buyin' your own truckin' company
(no one has gotten more then six in a row yet....)

Beer frame = 1 person doesn't get a strike when everyone else does = that person buys a pitcher.

It isn't a good night unless 4 pitchers are finished.

The real score that counts is the number of pitchers we drink, vs the number of pitchers the other team drinks.... we may be in last place as far as games lost/won... but we haven't lost yet as far as beers consumed.

have fun, drink beer, talk like truckers... it is easy.
Went and bowled with the Mother Truckers last night.... Always a good time. The Truckers all bowled really well... it was fun. I got a little drunk, luckily bowling and drinking go hand in hand.... I shot six in a row on my last game, when I was the most swervey. I ended up shooting a 629 series (3 games)... it ruled. Those fools are super fun to bowl with... I am so stoked that Capn' GQ Pimpmaster Sam hooked up tha team! Super cool, super fun. Thursday nights are good.
--Capn' Knockthem S.S. Pinsdown
"If you think the problem is bad now, just wait until we've solved it."
-Arthur Kasspe

August 01, 2002

this is a test.... Ahoy thar! Prepare to be boarded ya bastards!! ready yer self fer death ya blogin bastards!
"Lazy Sundays turn to Mondays too soon"
--The Hellacopters

isn't that the truth tho....
He shoots, he scores!!! GOOOOOooooooooooaaaal!!!!! GOOOoooooooal!!!! The crowd goes nuts!! This could be the greatest upset of all time!!!! Never before have we seen such teamwork and professionalism.

Me = 2
Copy machine = 0

Go team!
--Capn' Crazy S.S. Insane
Blogger is really pissing me off right now... somebody might have to die! yar!
I was begining to write a post about what I have done for the last two days after work when I realized something: I would just be writing what I always write... As if it would be of any surprise to anyone (or even myself 10 years from now...) that I went and skated at Greer with some friends, that I had fun, and that it was rad.... and then I went and ate a burrito.... and then I went and played music down at the studio.... As if that would be hard to guess..."My life in a nut shell." Where the hell did that quote come from anyway? Who looks at their life in a nut shell? It would be pretty cramped in a nut shell if you ask me... hm... Anyway, I realized that I could probably skip my next 100 posts and just write: I went and skated, it was fun. Then I ate a burrito, I am full. I went to a show, it was good, I went bowling, had a great time, I drove out to Ripon and skated....I played music... I am tired. That is my life. Six things consume my life: Sleeping, Eating, Skateboarding, Going to shows, Playing Music, More Eating, and Work. Creature of habit? Habitual monster? Robot on a mission? hm.. maybe just a Creature... I dunno... but the real point of all this rambling is this: I finished eating a huge burrito at La Bomba last night, and was kickin' back enjoyin the wonderfully content feeling of being stuffed to the point of explosion, when I realized something: I am happy. At that moment I really couldn't picture anything that could make life better. Well, maybe there are a few things that could use some work, but I guess I finally got a vision of how life should be... I could see what would make me happy. And the things that make me happy are pretty simple: Skating, hanging out with friends, and eating burritos while relaxing and drinking Juaritas. For a while I think I got stuck on the idea that I needed to meet a girl and I needed to do this or that and something else in order to be truely happy... but really, the only things I need are my friends and some plastic chairs to chill in while digesting fat burritos. Simple.... maybe... but it was kinna nice to realize that it really doesn't take much for me to be content. Sure there are a ton of things I want... and there are plenty of things that I would wish for given a genie in a bottle, but what I need is an entirely different, and far more simple story. I felt a great deal better when I realized that... like some weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.... yes, Life is good.
--Capn' Slaytan S.S. Livinlife
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
-Ferris Bueller