July 26, 2004

Weekend In Review:

Got off work a little early and headed over to the lake for a quick swim. Always the perfect way to start off the weekend. Then it was off to PA to go skate Greer till sundown with Stewrad. There is something awesome about carving the bowls at Greer with the sun setting in the back ground... my moment of zen??? hahaha anyway, skating Greer in the eve is always rad. I haven't been skating enough... time to step it up a bit. After a fun sesh it was back to tha casa to eat pizza with Ben and to watch some Sports highlights. Chilled out on the couch and before I knew it the eve was over....

On Saturday I woke up early and watched the end of the Tour de France. Then I cruzed down to the SVC and skated the sunyvale park with Stew. I ate shit on an accidental nose blunt on the mini ramp and that pretty much ended my session. That sucked. On a high note though, I learned a new trick for the first time in a while... fakie foot plants... hahaha keepin it real yo! After my hip started to hurt I decided to cruz back to RW. I ate a BBQ Beef sando at Prima and then went to the lake to swim for a bit. After I got cleaned up I went down to MV to help my Grandma out and then cruzed to Ruth's for dinner with Evan and Melissa. That was a lot of fun. Evan is super funny. We chilled out and then called it a night.

We woke up early headed to Santa Cruz to participate in the Wharf to Wharf race. I ran hard... maybe a little to hard... hahaha It was a really fun race, there were all kinds of bands playing along the race route and there were tons of people out cheering which was awesome. The race was 6.2 miles long.... I didn't really train like I should have... Really, I didn't even practice at all... unless you call 4 "training runs" over a three month period practice... I posted a decent time though... 50:14ish... so I'm not really that bummed out. Next time I'll have to train a bit more... haha After the race we chilled out at the finish and then went out with Ruth's parents on their boat. It was super fun. I caught a couple small rock fish that we had to throw back... my first catch was only about 7 inches long... hahahaha oh well,it was a lot of fun anyways.... Who would have thought that I would enjoy fishing so much. Ruth's parents are rad, it was really fun to be out with them all day. We had a ton of snacks on the boat and a few beers and lots of fun. After the day on the boat it was off back over the hill and back to the WG. Ruth and I went out for Mexican food and had some really good margaritas. It was a great night out... perfect weather.... and a good finish to a great weekend. I crashed out early and that's all she wrote.... (man my legs were feelin it... haha)

--El Blogosaursmargaritas

July 23, 2004

Thursdays are great. I went to the lake did some funny dives with the crazy kids again and then cruzed out to d-town San Carlos for the farmers market. Always fun. Lots of good stuff at the ole farmers market. After farmers it was time to grab some food so the 568 crew cruzed over to Sneakers to satisfy our appetites. Great food, good atmosphere, good beers on tap, and sports on big screens... it don't get much betta. After dinner is was off to te WG to hang out with Ruth for a bit and then it was time to crash out... good times...word!

--Tha Blogosaurus

July 19, 2004

Weekend in Review

So Friday night finally came around... seemed like this week really went by slowly.... like really slow...like... suuuuuper slow... anyway... Friday finally got here and it was off to a BBQ at Matthew's house. I met up with Ruth at her place and we were off. We made Steak Sando's and drank Newcastle beers... It was great. Matthew is super cool. His friends were all really nice too. I had a good time talkin trash with Stew and hanging out with Ruth. Here's to Friday BBQ's and good friends and good times... cheers!

Ruth and I chilled out all morning and then cruzed over to Pizza My Heart for an early lunch. That place is super good. After lunch we walked over to Ruth's parents house and chilled with her brother Victor and her Mom and Dad. It was fun. After that I took off and went up to the lake. I haven't been spending enough time there this summer... :-( oh well... anyway, there were some Crazy kids doing bellyflops and silly dives there.... Crazy kids rule. I had a lot of fun diving with them and acting like a loon. Lots of swimming went down and I even busted out with some Flying squirrel dive attempts... didn't really make them though... hahaha good times though. After the lake it was off to Los Potrillos to get some good food and to get my fade on. 5 margaritas 2 beers and 1 shot later I was feelin the flow and havin a grand ole time. We watched the Tour de France and yelled a lot for our main man = "Frenchy" that kid's got heart. Lance was wreckin it as usual too... I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours...then crawled off to bed. It was a great day.

On Sunday I woke up too early and a little hung over. I got motivated, grabbed a gatorade and headed off to go skate Greer with Stewrat. It was really hot. I almost fell really hard but escaped death and came out safe and sound. Stew and I talked a lot of shit. Stew is funny, I love skating with that guy. After a quick sesh I cruzed down to Santa Clara to help my GMA for a while. Then I went over to Ruth's place and we drove out to the outlets in Gilroy. I got some cool shirts and a new pair of cargos at JCrew and then went and purchased a dope new suit to wear to all the weddings that I have coming up... stoked. Charcoal with pinstripes... I am now Big Pimpin....hahaha word! After the outlets it was off back to San Jo and over to Ruth's parents for dinner. Dinner was great as usual... do I even need to mention that?

Here I am again... back at work and looking forward to next weekend...

July 16, 2004

Dylan the Destroyer was in town all week this last week... which always means lots of skateboarding. This is always a good thing. We skated Sunnyvale hard three days in a row after work.... It was rad. I didn't get hurt which was equally awesome. We ate at la bomba ,la costenia, and in n out. yum. Dylan rules. We always have a rockin good time when he comes out. I need to get out to Colorado to visit and skate. It was a great week... Good times as always.

--El Destroyerosaurus Rex

July 14, 2004

I need to get to the studio more often. To quote a famous 80's metal band: I wanna rock!! True.

--El Rockasaurus Rexus

It was a long week but all was made up for by going to the Reverend show in Santa cruz on Friday night. Met up with Mike, JB, Evan, and his Bro. It was a great show minus the dumb SC loc's that were moshing all over the place... totally lame meatheads... oh well good show, good times, good fun. Cruzed to Ruth's after the show and crashed out.

Woke up at a reasonable hour (around 9ish) and went for bagels. I don't know why I love going out for bagels so much... but it is seriously one of the highlights of my week... After Bagels it was off to MV to Help my Grandma go shop and pack... Good times as usual.... Then I met up With Stew and skated Greer for a bit. After a bit I got the craving for some quarterpipes and flat bars so I cruzed over to the MV park. That was fun as always.... My home away from home.... Later in the eve I cruzed down to SV and chilled with Pete and crew at Justin's pad. It was fun. Julian and Kyle and Pete got faaaaded off a bottle of Don Pedro... it was funny. Always good to hang out with those guys. I couldn't pound with them because I think I was still hung over from the 4th... hahaha oh well. Still good times. I hear Julian got sick later that night...

Chilled out and then got Sando's with Ruth at Prima. Cruzed Skate Works to get some new skate shoes and then went to the lake to eat and soak up some sun. After some nice relaxin I cruzed back up to the house and veg'd out while watching the Tour. Later in the afternoon I went back to the lake and swam and did dives and had a grand ole time. Came back to the house and bbq'd cheese dogs and mellowed out. Then went to my second Reverend show of the weekend with Mike over at Slims. This show was far more enjoyable and I had a great time. Rolled home at a reasonable hour and went to bed. It was a good weekend. True that.

July 08, 2004

I was listening to Twisted Sister earlier and it got me thinking again... what do we have to fight for now a days? Where is the revolution for kids? What do they have to fight for? What do they strive to protest against? What is the world coming to? Things sure have changed in the world since I was a kid. Atari Vs. PS2.... "Headbangers ball" at 12 midnight on saturdays Vs. "cribs and pimp my ride"... skating red curbs and home-made ramps vs. skating handrails and city skateparks... kids that were paperboys that rode bikes and had one route vs. old dudes that drive cars and have 12 paper routes... Kill em' all Vs. Re-Load.... Things sure are differnt
injuries suck... I've been falling off my board way too much lately... That isn't much fun at all. True.

--El Cannotstayonhisboardosaurus Rex

July 07, 2004


So I got to check out early to go help my grandma get the doctors. Then I took her to the store to get some shopping done... not super exciting... After Grandma duty was over I cruzed out to the south bay to meet up with Mike and then we headed out for some great punk rock/rockabilly shows. We actually ended up seeing two shows that night: The first one was at the Gasslighter, where I saw the Cliftons and the Texas Thieves create their usual mayhem and madness. Always a good show. We chilled at the bar across the street inbetween acts and met up with Morgan, Matthew, and a few other GPC loc's. I drank Guinness and enjoyed myself greatly. The Cliftons are simply put: Punk F'n Rock. It was my buddy Morgan's last show as the bass player for the thieves, and they rocked. It was a good show to end on for him. It was a lot of fun. After that show finished we (mike and I) headed out to the Hayride to Hell show at the Blank Club. Mike and I picked up Ruth and Giao along the way and then met up with Matthew at the Blank. We all had a rockin good time but called it a night early before the last band went on... oh well good times for sure...

I woke up early and then it was off to Santa Cruz for some fishing with Ruth's friend Katie and Ruth's parents. Ruth's Parents have a really nice boat. I had never been deep sea fishing... it was rad. I didn't get seasick.. thank goodness. It was a lot of fun. Katie reeled in a 16 lb salmon which was pretty cool. I had a ton of fun chillin out on the boat and relaxing. Super good times. After we got back to the harbor and cleaned up the boat a little it was off back to the WG where I went out to eat with Ruth, Katie, and her husband Isaac at this oldschool bbq place. The food was pretty good. After that we took off and crashed out. Another good day in the Blogosaurus's life.... chalk that one up as just one more win of many!

On Sunday I went to breakfast at Ruth's Grandpa's. It was really fun (as usual). Ruth's grandpa is super funny. After breakfast I cruzed to the Mexican market with Ruth to stock up on food and beer for the 4th celebration up at the house. I love shopping with Ruth... am I a total dork? hahaha ok anyway... Finished up shopping and cruzed up to RW. Meet up with the 568 posse and Evan, cracked open a tallboy, and then cruzed down to the lake for some crazy dives and cannon balls. It was a beautiful day at the lake. After the lake it was a short up hill walk back to the house. We stopped for a road bevo at Trist's place. Tall boy number 2. Got back to the house and cracked open tall boy number 3... played beer pong, chowed down on the excellent horderves that Ruth and a few of the guest's made... played more beer pong... lost a few too many times... somewhere along the way I had a few carona's and another couple tall boys.... It was great to see all the homies: to name a few:
Ben (aka Neb) and new lady Erin, Mike P and giao, Wess-Watt, JB and Amanda, Joe and Colleen, and of course the 568 crew (Ben, Damian, Trista and Nicole). Super good times...lots of chaos... I got super drunk... It was a great party. A word of advice: Just say no to Wild Turkey...

body count:
1 bottle of Budweiser
5 24oz tall cans of bud
4 Corona's
1/4 of a Miller Highlife 32 oz
1 1/2 shots of Wild Turkey

Woke up pretty early and felt like a truck had run over my brain. Wondered what in f's name had possessed me to drink that much and to take that shot of Wild Turkey... which was all I could taste for the next 5 hours... Decided to end my misery and puked.... Wished I had puked the night before when I was to drunk to have noticed or cared. Hated on life for a bit... still hung over as all hell... took a shower... drank some water and then cruzed to MV to help my Grandma pack and stuff... Then I went to dinner with Ruth down in WG. yum. After dinner we went to see Spider Man 2... That movie pretty much sucked... but whatever. And that was about all she wrote for that one... a good 4th... lots of fun... lots of good friends... this is the life.... the end.

July 01, 2004

"Forget the hearse, Cause I'll never die"