October 26, 2004

Weekend in Review

Cruzed over and skated the street park again. It was cool to see the High School skate crews there. Reminded me of the good ole days. I sometimes miss the good ole days. Those kids chillin with their crews were rad. They way they acted and cheered for each other and just messed around and had fun was awesome. It made me smile. I wish I had a dope crew still. I wish I could make my friends who don't skate anymore skate again. And I wish I could make the rest of my crew that still skates move up to the bay area from down south. That would be rad. I wish I could rebuild Sabado. Sabado was fun. After the park I went home and cleaned up and then cruzed over to Ruths for dinner. We had a great dinner and then watched the movie "I heart huckabeez" I don't really care how it was spelled because it wasn't that rad of a movie. On a scale of sucky-ness it was above average and would be rated as: pretty darn sucky. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

On Saturday we woke up and got bagels. Ruth and I got them to go and then ate out in her back yard and chilled for a while. It was awesome. It's fun to be lazy in the sun. Then I headed out to my grandma's place to take her shopping. After shopping it was over to my Mom's to hang for a bit and then Ruth and I rolled up to the City for dinner at Melissa and Evan's. We had a great dinner and watched a rad movie: Man on Fire. Pretty bad ass. On a sucky-ness scale it was not at all sucky.

On Sunday we woke up super early (6:30) and went to cheer Mel and Ruth as they ran the Nike Half. We also saw Angie and Ruth's little brother and his Girlfriend Shelley. It was fun. I was glad that I wasn't running though. After the race Ruth and I cruzed to the Canyon for food. We took a nap and then went over to dinner at Ruth's Parents. After dinner it was off to Band practice and time to rock and roll! It was fun. It was a really Good weekend! yar! On a sucky-ness scale it was totally not sucky at all.

October 22, 2004

“Get Low”
–Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz

October 19, 2004

It took me almost 2 hours to get to work today... Rainy days suck. I saw more then 6 cars that had spun out and crashed... I'm lucky that one of those cars wasn't mine. My car sucks to drive in the rain... I was hydroplaneing so much that it was more like I was driving a boat then a car... Rainy days suck. I wanted to skate after work today... but now I can't. Rainy days suck. Too bad Wes and Mike don't skate anymore... Tonight would be a great night for a underground skate sesh. I hope it doesn't rain on Thursday. I hope it's not raining when I'm driving home.... Rainy days suck. Unless of course you are just chillin at home in bed... then rainy days rule.... I wish I was at home chillin in bed....

--Capn' Ridin S.S. Intharain

October 18, 2004

weekend in review

Finally went and picked up my car. It was good to not be driving the Red V-Dub. I always feel kinna silly driving that thing. I dropped my car off at my Mom's and then Skated back to the repair shop to pick up my Mom's car. It was fun to skate the streets of MV again. Hadn't done that in a long long time. After that I went home and chilled at the house. Later that eve I went to the studio to practice. After practice we went down to the Caravan to check out the set up for the show. It's gonna be fun. After that I cruzed home and played golf for a while on the PS2.

On Saturday I slept in and chilled. Got out of bed and played some more golf. That game is seriously addictive. After a few rounds I went and helped out my GMA for a bit and then Hit up Taco Bell for lunch. After some good ole TB I cruzed to the MV park to get some shred time in. I hadn't skated in almost 2 1/2 weeks. It felt good to skate but I fell a lot.... I still had fun though. I'm getting old. After the sesh I cruzed to Ruth's and we went to dinner at Aqui's. Then we cruzed to the Beav and had a few drinks. It was a fun but chill night.

Met up for breakfast at Ruth's Grandpa's. Always a lot of fun. Then I ran a bunch of errands with Ruth. I went back over to my moms and finished going through desk stuff. I took a bunch of pictures of the remod work they are doing at the house. It was pretty fun, I like taking pictures of random things. Then I went Back to Ruth's to hang out. We walked in the rain and then had dinner at Ruths parents
enchiladas, they were great as always... It was a really fun dinner. Afterwards we
went back to Ruth's and I totally crashed out... I was worked. It was a long weekend for some reason even though it didn't really seem like I did a whole lot.

Capn' Workinhardon S.S. Theweekend

October 17, 2004

Listen to Black Sabbath.

October 14, 2004

Ruth and I went for a Run up in the EHP last night. It was fun, the weather was good, and I didn't feel tooo much like crap. After the run we went down to the Canyon and orderd some food to go. We then went up to the Lake and ate our food there. It was super rad. Nothing can beat a lake side dinner. After we ate and chilled for a bit we went back to the house and watched Fletch. That movie rules.
life is good.

--Capn' Goodtimes S.S. Arerollin

October 11, 2004

My car is getting fixed (again) which sucks... but what really sucks is that I forgot to get my skateboard out of the trunk... Mental note: Always take your board with you when you leave your car somewhere.... doh....Terrible.

--El Wishihadmyskateboardosaurus Rux
Weekend In Review!

Friday was pretty mellow for the most part. In the eve I went down to Ruths and chilled while she got stuff ready for her party. Other then that not much to report.

On Saturday I went to an XC Race up at Crystal Springs. My old High shcool Coach and his team were up there. It was great to see everyone and to hang out. It brought back a lot of good memories. I can still remember the feelings I would get as I was out running the course. It sort of sent some shivers down my spine. That tingly feel before a race... crazy... it was a lot of fun to be there. After the race I went and ran some errands with my Grandma and then it was over to Ruth's house for an engagement party she was throwing. The party was a great success and was a lot of fun. Ruth is an awesome party planner. :-)


On Sunday morning Ruth and I went out to breakfast with Ruth's Grandpa over at Bill's. Then I cruzed out and went to my mom's to go through my old Desk. I found a bunch of old papers and old pictures... it was cool to cruz through all of it. Later that eve I went to dinner at Ruth's parents. We had spaghetti and meatballs. It was super good. After dinner I cruzed up to 568 and played golf on the ole PS2 and then crashed out. The End

--Capn' Busyweekends S.S. Arefun

October 08, 2004

Funk music is perfect Friday music. Can't fake the funk on the Friday dunk!

October 07, 2004

My car broke down again this week.... *sigh* wish me luck...

October 03, 2004

80's rock Forever!!!!!!!!!!

October 01, 2004

I still have about 20 posts to publish... working on it... slowly... very very slowly... where does the time go???

--El Lagosaurus Rux
I need more sleep... I've really been burning the candle at both ends...