June 29, 2002

yar... so it has been kinna hard fer a bastard ta post up to the ole Seven Seas lately... been busy workin/movin etc.... so anyway.... thought I should post some of the highlights in a weekly rewind kinna fashion yar... so here I go:

Tuesday: Went to Golfland With Capn's Wes, Mike, Pete, and Geoff... played arcade games for a little over three hours... well... actually it is more like I played Gauntlet II for over three hours... I didn't really play any other games... haha yar! Gauntlet was a great game... The newer version (Gauntlet II) is pretty good too.... tho... the game play is not as good as the original... still... pretty damn fun.... "Warrior needs food, Baaaaadly..." haha yar! twas a lot of fun...Spent close to 10 dollars on that game... haha I felt kinna old there... lots of highschool type kids hangin' around... but still, had a good time none tha less!

Wednesday: Capn' Dylan the destroyer is in town, we skated Greer... need I say more? we got hesh!
then went to the studio and played music for a while. It was rad.

Thursday: The Mother Truckers Killed some bastards at the ole bowlin' ally! yar! twas grand... I shot some pretty good games.... 196, 214, and 199..... one of the best sets of games that I have played of late.... after that went to Vans to skate with Dylan. I sucked.... didn't get into the flow till about 3/4's of the way through the session... then I had fun... but I still sucked.... yar.. I get tired way to easily nowadays....

Friday: Went to Greer after work with Dylan again, skated super hard.... it was a good sesh.... then went to Santa Cruz to see The Fire Sermon play at the Aptos club. It was a great show..... The Sermon rules.... I had a really good time... there were tons of good looking girls there... tattoos and skate shoes everywhere! hahaha Maybe I should move to Santa Cruz... hahaha maybe not...

So that is about it for the ole week.... twas a great week, lots of skating... lots of music.... lots of fun.... yar these are the days.... these are the days.....
--Capn' Goodtimes S.S. Forever

June 28, 2002

Yar Tha evil bastard Capn' Bob the insane idiot is attempting to invade tha cube... Don't let him board!!!! yaaaar!!! Sombody kill that fool! yar!! Man tha cannons!!! grab yer swords!!! Blast tha evil bastard!!! yar!!! S.O.S. help... aaaaaaaaaargh his stupidity cannon is just too powerful!! dont' know how much longer I can hold out....... yar.... help!! yar..... call the navy!! send in tha airforce!!!! drop tha bomb!! do anything, just get that bastard away from me!!! yar........
Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes.
-- Henry J. Kaiser

June 27, 2002

"Once I spilled half the bottle of wine I figured: Fuck it, might as well break the damn thing and make a respectable mess, one that would be worthy of note�"
--Someone wise

June 26, 2002

Yar... so it looks like I will still have a job going forward....which is a good thing I guess... better then being out of work for sure.... but it is gonna suck a great deal I think.... Capn' Wayne the Killer is gonna be gone at the end of the week... most likely... a lot of my friends are gonna be leaving then too... argh... lots of cool people are being let go... and lots of lame ones are gonna still be hanging around... like that fucker bob... I hate that dude... yar! tha bastard! I wish they would fire him and give his job to one of the cool people they are layin' off... like Capn' Wayne or Lorenzo.... F' capn' Bob... that guy is an insane bastard... I hate that fool...... He has been particularly annoying today... I feel like telling him to shut the fuck up.... I don't want to hear his jibba jabba...

Things are gonna be weird now... work isn't gonna be as much fun... we are gonna have to be a lot more quiet in the new building, the service department is no longer going to be segregated from the rest of the company... so that means no more loud metal.... no more crackin' jokes... no more yellin' at bastards... everything is gonna have to be in "better taste" erf.... it isn't gonna be as much fun.... To top it off, my new cube is retarded... all the walls are metal... so now I have to go find some crazy magnets or something in order to hang anything which is totally lame... whatever happened to thumbtack boards??? The way my cube is situated sucks too... my back has to face the entrace to my cube, so I can't tell if someone is coming in to talk to me... this also means that I can't hide my computer screen... so that meens way less time on IM and Email.... erf... I guess that isn't really such a bad thing... but it kinna sucks... that is what gets me through the day sometimes... yar...... "how am I gonna survive!!" yar..... The people across from my cube look like they take things way to seriously.... yar... oh man.... what am I gonna do! yar... maybe I should have jumped ship like Capn' Wayne...

On top of everthing the whole moving process is totally lame.... I can use two words to sum up my attitude about the whole situation of moving right now: MOVING SUCKS!!!... maybe three words: Moving TOTALLY sucks. Work stuff in general is sucky right now... I know, I know... yar... why am I complaining.... not like things are all that bad.... but I dunno.... things are really gonna be lame in a few days when my comrades leave....... I think that is what is getting me down the most.... not having my friends around.... but really the whole situation is dumb right now.... my computer is in one building... all the stuff I am workin on is in another building... I am working out of two different cubes....... why in the bloody hell did they tell me to move my computer in the first place.... such a drag... Really tho, the worst part is that they are getting rid of all the cool people.... ugh... who the bloody hell am I gonna go to lunch with now.... shit... this sucks.... I am in such a bad mood.... eeerrrf.... I don't even want to write anymore... I think I am gonna go home... f this mess.....
--Capn' Thisstuff S.S. Reallysucks
An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.
-- Arab proverb

June 25, 2002

Yar... moving into a new building... I am using Capn' Wayne's computer righ now.... this thing is super slow... it sucks.... I had to take apart my computer so that the bastards can move it..... won't be postin much for a few days I thinks..... yar.... don't think I am gonna be in front of the ole computer except after work for a few..... yar...... stupid move.... yar..... I don't even know if I am gonna have a job in two weeks... Me ole boss talked about makein' me a "perm"... but hasn't done anything about it yet.. so I am in limbo fer tha time bein' .... yar....... shit.... erf.... this sucks... oh well, If I get the ole Axe that just means more time for ridin' the ole plank I suppose. Maybe a chance to find something better too.... Maybe go back to school..... yar... whatever. I am in a bad mood right now.... I don't wanna think about this right now.... yar...
Tis all...
--Capn' Movin' S.S. Onover
"Philosophy consists very largely of one philosopher arguing that all other philosophers are jackasses. He usually proves it, and I should add that he also usually proves that he is one himself."
-- H.L. Mencken

June 24, 2002

"You know I'm born to lose,
and gambling's for fools,
But that's the way I like it baby,
I don't wanna live forever"

Amen Lemmy, Amen.... that's the only way to live....
-Capn' Full S.S. Speedahead-yabastards!
"Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; he was given a sense of humor to console him for what he is." -- Francis Bacon

June 23, 2002

One word can sum up my weekend: Skateboarding.... lots and lots and lots and lots of skateboarding.... and that is about it... Skated all day saturday.... skated all day sunday..... bought new skate shoes... bought a new plank... bought a new skate video.... skated this... skated that...... skate skate skate...fall... skate skate skate skate..... etc..... oh and I ate some food here and there too.... and drank a ton of gatorade... like, around eight or nine 32 oz.'ers or something... my legs hurt... my arms hurt... my shins hurt... my feet hurt... my wrist hurts, actually scratch that, both wrists hurt... my neck hurts.... my back hurts... my knees hurt..... my hips hurt... shit, even my toes and fingers hurt.... But I be damned if I don't feel great and have a huge smile on my face right now, a smile the size of tha grand canyon, a smile as wide as the ocean.... haha a really freakin big freakin smile.... : ) "Live to skate... skate to live...." I realized the meaning to that phrase this weekend... it was rad. Skate and destroy! yar, tis the only way to live...haha
--Capn' Skataholic S.S. Heshin'session

June 22, 2002

By the way: BOB IS A LUNATIC!
Yar... so... still don't really have any "exciting" plans... I am on the ole slave barge right now... slavin' away on a saturday... business as usual.... same shit... different day... not really bummin... except for the fact that I woke up super late this morning... I hate it when I oversleep... time is too precious right now... and on the weekends I need to take full advantage of every hour..... blew it today... better get up super early tomorrow... make up for slackerness today.... yar....

Skated the park with Capn' Pete and Capn' Dave after work yesterday... it was fun. I fell on my hip trying to do a blunt to axle transfer on the spine... I fell really hard... almost hit my face on the top of the spine.... erf.... my hip is sore today.... that wasn't very fun... but oh well... it is ok... and I was still able to skate for the rest of the day. We had a fun Mini ramp sesh.... I learned a new trick: fakie backside pivot to fakie rock and roll... I was pretty stoked... it is always fun to learn a new trick. After the park went home and watched the Giants game with my Mom and Step Dad. They are funny. I hope that someday I am in a relation that is half as rad as theirs... they seem so happy... yar, where all tha maidens at? haha yar.... After the game Capn' Mike and I went to the studio. Practiced till 2:30... it was a good practice... we are gettin' our shit together.... It is super fun to be able to cruz to the studio whenever we want and to be able to rock out at any hour.... soooo lucky to have met the guys/girl from 6-7.... they rule... after that, went home, read for a while... then went to sleep.... all in all it was a pretty good night I guess... pretty chill.... pretty fun. Things are good.
--Capn' Livin' S.S. Forthaday
Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
-- William Feather

June 21, 2002

alas... the weekend is almost upon me, and I have yet to make any plans... what to do... what to do... the really sad thing is that the only plans I have so far, are to work on this here slave barge on saturday... yar... tis a sad sad life... hahahahaha yar... "whee"
--Capn' Noplans S.S. Forthaweekend
Science is facts. Just as houses are made of stones, so science is made of facts. But a pile of stones is not a house and a collection of facts is not necessarily science.
-- Henri Poincare

June 20, 2002

Yar, everything I want right now is so expensive... yar... I need to find that sunken treasure! Soon! erf... ahoy there ya bastards! prepare to give me all yer money!!!

My wish list as of right now:
1) A Dope Digi video cam... (I wanna make skate vids hehe)
2) A New computer... something fast with tons of memory and dope programs so I can edit Vids and work with photoshop... and take over the 7 seas.... er.. um... hehe...
3) A cool Cross bike...
4) Season tickets to tha Warriors... yea I know they suck, but I still love em'.... and anyway, tha bastards are gonna win it all next year! so um yea take that! haha
5) A Pork Pie or DW drum set.
6) While I am making a wish list... might as well wish for a Suburu WRX Impreza Wagon... Black please.....haha

Yar... so much to get... so little money... yar... anyway... a pirate can dream can't he...
--Capn' Broke S.S. Goinfor
"Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."
-- Joseph Stalin

June 19, 2002

Twas a grand night last night.... built a new funbox with the Dog's of War, aka the FTP crew, aka the RAC (Ride all Cities) crew... Then it was off to shred! Fianally got a Mervyn's sesh going... damn... it had been many a day since we rocked a Mervyn's sesh..... they are the best. Grab the truck, load up tha props, skate for hours, fall, cuss, laugh, get some snapple from the crazy gas attendant.....chill... skate some more.... always super fun. Capn' Wes came out of retirement and skated like a man possessed... skated pretty bloody good for bein' out of the scene for almost 6 months.... It was rad havin' him along. Capn' Pete was killin it! Super fast nosegrind popouts, good FSBS on the tall bar too.... it was rad to see Capn' Pete chargin it! Smith grinds.... 5-0's all with aggressive authority.... solid... really, really solid.... If I didn't know better I would have guessed that Capn' Pete was really a hesher in disguise... haha Capn' Dave landed some pretty good tricks too.... kickflip f/s boardslide was one of the ones of note.... it was a fun night.... it is hard to believe we still go ride there... I have skated at Mervyn's for almost 7 years now.... seen a bunch of changes... seen stores come and go... seen the place become a bust, and then not a bust.... and then become a bust, and then not a bust etc etc.... met some lame cops like the one that tried to cite me for "contributing to the delinquency of a minor", and met some nice ones like the one that said: "Do a trick, let's see what you've got!"..... speaking of tricks, I have seen some crazy ones at that spot.... The Mervyn's gap will forever be a proving ground for bay area skaters..... I have seen a lot of friends ride and progress there.. met a lot of cool people... had a lot of great nights skating there.... I can practically trace my whole skateboarding history through tricks I have learned at sessions at the ole Mervyn's spot.... Mervyn's is like an old friend... it feels like home when we skate there... the best part about riding there is that everyone shows up for a Mervyn's sesh... like, normally it is hard to get everyone to go skate at one particular spot, "so and so doesn't like skating this spot, and so and so doesn't like skateing this spot..." but everyone comes out for the Mervyn's sesh.... even fools like Capn' Wes and Capn' Mike.... I don't know if it is because that is where all our roots are burried, or if it is just because the sessions are always fun, but regardless, the Mervyn's sesh is the best out of them all.... Last night was, as always, a good night. Can't beat hanging out with good friends, talkin trash, and learning new tricks.... Viva late night Mervyn's sessions....
-Capn' Old S.S. School
"The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money."
- Anonymous

June 18, 2002

Yar, I could use a beer... or maybe I just could use a nap... either way, I would rather be out in the sun chillin' instead of bein stuck behind this bloody computer.....
--Capn' Getme S.S. Thahelloutahere
Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.
--Someone Wise

June 17, 2002

The Weekend in review: ok so here is the ole weekend in review... twas a grand weekend... one of the best in a long time... good times... good friends... good weather... yar, twas a great weekend.. but I get ahead of myself... so here we go:
Friday I went to the A's Giants game up in the city with Capn' Wayne tha killer, Capn' Wayne's Maiden, and one of the maiden's friends. I won't get into details (because I value my life) but let me just say, twas a grand time indeed.... haven't laughed so hard in weeks.... Got some crazy nacho's, some awesome garlic fries, a pretty good hot dog, and even some Anchor Steam on tap.....super fun eve/night, hangin out, telling stories, listening to stories... laughing at stories... hahaha great time... learned many a lesson about life. Friday night ends with this quote: "I see dead people" hahaha you had to be there... but let me just tell you, if you want to laugh really hard, hang out with Capn' Wayne, Tha Maiden, and her friend from LA.... those fools are characters for sure... hahaha great night, good fun! Didn't get home till after 3am... long night... but worth it for sure.
Yar got a call around 10am from one of my best friends Ryan. Capn' Ryan and I go way back, to tha highschool days. I have been ridin the ole plank with that scurvey bastard for almost 10 years now.... Capn' Ryan is a member of the original 3D crew, as well as the FTP and RAC crews. We go way back, it is always fun to cruz the 7 seas with him. When I was in school at Santa Barbara, I would set sail at least once a quarter for the seas of San Diego and go shred with him. Many a good time. Yar, so anyway, Ryan calls me up and says: "we're goin to Greer, get up and get movin!" Ryan rips that place up. He busted the fattest front-side-flip in the big bowl... it was crazy.... suuuper sick, super floaty.... rad... After Greer we went to the Mt. View park to sail around for a bit... it was fun... kinna crowded... lucky for me, I think the kids that had infested the park were scared of my chops.... they all ran out of my way when I got near them.... haha it was kinna funny.... I guess I kinna skate like a crazy possessed madman there.... I realized after I took my first run that I was going about four times as fast as anyone else there and I was the only one doing any tricks on the ramps... it was kinna funny.... a couple of kids were like... "holly shi... that guy is haulin" hahaha it was rad.... Capn' Ryan and I had a sick mini ramp sesh.... those are the best. I hope Ryan moves up here sometime soon, I don't have many friends up here that push me to skate ramp better... Ryan always serves up tha challenge... I always learn something new when we ride together. Ryan busted a sick fakie fronside 180 to nose stall... that trick looks so rad... super fun sesh again.... After that I went to Skate Works to get some bigger wheels.... got some Spifire 60mm's haha I am a true hesher now..... got some old school Sal's too... yea! super stoked on that, I loved those shoes back in the day... I still do.. haha... anyway... got some new chillers and then went up to Ryan's for a fatty bbq! His little bro just graduated highschool, it was fun, great food, nice people, did I mention great food??? Chillin with Capn' Ryan and his girlfriend Anna. Super fun, played pool, drank beer, talked about the ole days.... it was fun, it is always good to see Ryan and Anna. I need to take a trip down to SD sometime soon....
So Sunday rolled around and it was time to practice music again.... played with Capn' Wayne's friends again in the morning, I think that went pretty well. Played a few new songs.... I strugled a bit... but over all I think it went well. Better for sure then the previous practice... at least as far as my playing went. After that practice, I sailed over to Greer again to try out my new wheels. It was fun, skated hard. Then it was off to dinner at home, great dinner, yar the kinna dinner a pirate like me only has once every few months.... Steak, baked p'tatoes, fresh vegies from the garden... twas grand. After dinner it was off to the studio again.... for another 3 1/2 hours of practice... it was a pretty good practice... Capn' Mike and I are gonna be famous yet! haha har... so at about 2:30... I got home, ate some more snacks from the leftovers... and hit the ole hay.... twas a grand weekend... good food, good friends, good times.... I don't think life gets much better then this..... now if only I could find me a maiden... haha yar... tis all fer now ya bastards! Weigh anchor, another week tis apon us!!
--Capn' Norest S.S. Forthawicked
Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.
-- Winston Churchill

June 14, 2002

comedy = tragedy + time. you will look back on this and laugh someday.
--a wise guy
Yar, Sailed to the ole nut house the other night...that place was packed... it was crazy... It was good to see Kelly, when she saw us she was like: "Where have you guys been??! How many bottles of budweiser do you want??" haha yar, there is something to be said for being able to walk up to the bar and just say "five", and have the bartender know exactly what you are talkin' about. Kelly is funny. She told me she was gonna try to put Motorhead on the ole box, but only if we started coming in more.. haha that is funny.... I am a "local" shiat, if she puts Motorhead on the box, I will be there every night!!! hahaha There were a ton of great looking girls there on wed... Lots of rocker/hesher/rockabilly type girls... everywhere I looked I was like: "wow".... Of course, I didn't talk to any of them... haha but still, nice to know they are out there.... gives me hope that one of these days I will meet someone cool again. yar... has been a while since I have met a maiden that was "cool"... yar... I am a scurvey bastard... haha
Tis all fer now ya bastards,
--Capn' Local S.S. Nuthouse
"There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it."
--Mary Wilson Little

June 13, 2002

yar went to Greer again last night after work.... that place is so fun. The locals there rule.... super nice and super funny, I met two of the rippers yesterday, this guy named Stu, and this other guy named Jimmy... they are like Greer park legands... Jimmy is like a Greer park God... he can drop in anywere and make it look easy.....super fast style too... that guy rips....

I have talked with Stu the last few times I have skated there. He is a true pirate at heart.... stands around singing 70's rock songs and cracking jokes all day long... super funny... He has a real genuine smile too, you can just tell he is stoked to be skating and talkin shit.... Someone spray painted Stu's name at the top of the big bowl... it says: "Stu's Spot" with a big X... the funny thing is... he really does stand by the X all the time...He told me that he doesn't know who painted it there.... one day he just happened to look down and sure enough, he was standing on the X.... hahaha. Stu rules!

The grafitti at Greer always makes me smile.... On the ground infront of the gate to enter Greer someone painted "NO SCOOTERS ALLOWED" that cracks me up... right next to it there is something to the effect of "welcome to the MTV rock and jock weekend" or something like that.... My favorite quote is written by the top of the big bowl. It says: "Where is the secret tape on this level?" hahaha (making reference to THPS) that shit makes me chuckle everytime I read it.... a long time ago there was a quote above the big bowl that said: "look out! it's a big smelly hippie" that one use to make me laugh a lot too.... One of the other ones that always makes me laugh is the one that says "extreme street course". This was written next to the parking block that use to be by the big bowl..... anyone who has ever been to Greer knows it isn't a place for street skating... it isn't a place to get "extreme"... shit, it isn't even a place where you act serious..... it is a place where you do hesher lines and oldschool carves, and it is a place where you rediscover what ridin' the ole plank is all about.... Greer is about soul....

I think that place has finally found it's way into my heart... back in the day I was too intimidated to get hesh there... I was like a small boat in big waves... but now, I love it... I am still in a small boat, but I am sailin' figure eights around the waves.... it is fun to ride there... Really, when I analize my time spent there, I only spend about 25% of my time skating.... I spend about half of my time laughing, with or at Capn' Stu and Capn' Jimmy and the rest of the locals..... and the other 25% of my time, well, I spend that time watchin' those dudes rip it up..... they are sick.... I could sit and watch people ride there for hours.... especially when they are funny fools like Stu and Jimmy... Greer is rad.
--Capn' Slaydog S.S. Greeraholic
yar... why is it that whenever Capn' Wayne is off doin' something else, Capn' Insane-O comes to try and ramble about completely random/insane things for hours on end... well, maybe not hours, maybe only like 10min... but seemed like hours..... Today he wanted to talk about: punk rock, his "ace awards", and whether or not my friends fight to hang out with me... WTF!!! First off, tha bastard, he doesn't know shit about music... let alone punk rock... second, whoever gave him an ace award must have been totally fuckin nuts, and third... third...do my friends fight to hang out with me????!! WTF?? do my friends fight to hang out with me??? WTF??? What tha????!!! that dude is nuts.... LEAVE ME ALONE! arrrgh, ya bastard!!! I really need to find that saber.....
--Capn' Totally S.S. Annnnnooooyyyed!
"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882

June 12, 2002

�I have a boom, boom, boom game,� said Shaq. �I always go to the first boom. If you take that away, I hit you with the other boom. By that time, I put the big booty on you and you'll be under the basket and it's a dunk. Not too many people that can withstand my boom boom.� -Shaq "the big Aristotle"
Is this guy for real!!!?????? Where does he come up with this ISHT!???!!! Mr.T would not like Shaq's Jibber Jabber and that is a fact.... I HATE LA....
Yar, nothing to post today.... I am not feeling creative. Where oh where has my creativity gone.... sucked up by this bloody desk job no doubt... yar... I have some projects that I am working on... they are going to make this blog a lot better.... It is gonna be like a brand new ship or something... yar... I need to go do something fun, Shove off ya bastards! tis time to flee from tha Seven Seas!
--Capn' Fun S.S. Inthesun
"It is characteristic of all movements and crusades that the psychopathic element rises to the top."
-- Robert Lindner

June 11, 2002

"Life is like a good joke, It is all about timing."
--Inspired by: Capn' Wayne the Killer, 1/2 Credit to my "Genius" haha
Yar... I am bored.... I still don't feel that great.... I am super sore from sailin' the ole plank so much these last couple of days... which I guess is a good thing... sort of... Maybe I should go ride the ole bike today... I dunno... I am not really feeling motivated right now... I need to get a jump start or something.... somebody tell me to raise the red flag again...... or tell me to wake up or something...
--Capn' Lackin' S.S. Motivation
If you can't answer a man's argument, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.
-- Elbert Hubbard

June 10, 2002

Yar, so anyway... the weekend was pretty hesh... skated for like 5 or 6 hours on sunday... super fun.... threw down some good lip slides at the ole park... felt super good.... had a couple really good lines.... like 8 or 9 hard tricks in a row... It felt good.... learned a new trick.... did some funny slides on the ramps.... made the wheels scream a few times.... super fun.... I skated with Capn' Dave tha Double Flip at Ortega.... that was fun. I couldn't land anything... but had a good time none the less... My street skills are on the DL right now.... gotta work on getting them back in action.... tried to do a kinna crazy transfer on one of the planters... it would have been sick... never got it tho... twas too tired from the park I think.... tried to film it... couldnt come through with it tho... next time... so yar... it was a good day of skatin... my legs are hurtin today... It has been too long since I have had one of those kinna days... the all out skate day... treckin to multiple spots... that is fun... yar!

Went to the studio twice... the music is comin along.... Capn' Mike and I finished another song... puts the tally at about 7 now.... damn... things are comin together.... the studio rules.... super fun...

My allergies were killing me all weekend.... that sucked... I didn't party at all because I kinna felt like crap all weekend... but I still managed to have a pretty good time through out the weekend... Didn't meet any girls... but whatever.... wasn't really even thinkin about that much... mostly too busy blowing my nose.... haha yar... someday soon I will find a maiden... but till then, I will just keep heshin out and havin fun with the dogs....

viva oldschool shreddin'
--Capn' Hesh S.S. Rockinroll
listen to ska, it tis good fer yer soul. That is all.
--Capn' Rudy S.S. Ska-leywager
What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.
-- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

June 08, 2002

YAR! well, the ole weekend is off to a great start of hesherness.... Skated Greer again after work, that place is crazy.... super hesh... didn't learn any new lines but met a few cool people and laughed a lot.... it is fun to ride the ole plank there... the people are always friendly and almost always act crazy.... funny dogs ride there.... Anyway, after a pretty hesh Greer sesh... went home cleaned up, put on my Thrasher Love Affair shirt, which is pretty hesh.... put on my O.G. old school jeans, which are pretty hesh.... and my red, old school, low-top vans and drove with Capn' John the rockstar up to frisco to see a show at Slims. We met Capn' Q-Walker there and had a few hesher bottles of budweiser... then saw one of my favorite bands in the world: The Fire Sermon! They are some rockers! Capn' Mike and I saw them open for the Supersuckers about 8 months ago, and we haven't missed a show of thiers since... They definately know how to raise the ole red flag.... so rad... so good... they are true heshers... super good show.... The other bands were pretty good too. Good Riddance rocked... they are the band that headlined the show.... I am gonna have to check out their stuff.... good solid punk rock from Santa Cruz. Great f'n show... super fun. The pirate in me was definately happy! So was the hesher....... After the show we went across the street to meet up with some homies from back in the day at a bar called "Butter" or something... it was kinna cool. My comrade Phil the one man funk show was there, he is the DJ at Butter.... I played in my second band with him during highschool.... that was super fun. He keeps trying to get me to join his new band... which is flattering. He is always telling me that he can't find anyone that can rock as well as me..."no one has the groove dog".... I don't know how true that is... but it makes an old pirate like me feel pretty good... anyway it was good to see Phil, it had been a long time. Butter serves budweiser in tall cans... does it get anymore hesh?? hahaha it was fun. Unfortunately, I was the DD so I didn't get to drink much... only two beers early in the night at Slims... but it was fun to see my friends gettin sloshed... good times for sure... John and I had a good talk about wenches on the way home from Butter, I feel a lot better today.... this last week had been weird... too many thoughts from the past comin up... anyway... things are rockin now!!!

On a total side note: I have been listening to the first Cypress Hill tape for the last three days... that isht is rad.... They are pretty hesh for hip hoppers... hahaha it is all about gettin back to your roots: Skating, Gangster Rap, and Hesher Rock.... life is good. yar the seas are kind today!
--Capn' GettinHesh S.S. '93tillinfinity

June 07, 2002

I need to start ridin the ole plank at vans again.... maybe I will meet a cool girl there.... there use to be some maidens that ripped it up there.... and even if I don't meet a girl there... at least I will be havin fun ridin the ole plank..... Where are all the cool maidens hidin' out at anyways? I think I need to have a super super hesh weekend this weekend... last weekend was good... but I need to turn it up another notch this weekend... I need to skate more this weekend... playin' music is good, but I feel sooo much better after throwin' down a huge lipslide at the ole park.... this weekend is gonna be all about throwin down huge lipslides and doin crazy smith grinds...
--Capn' Losthisway S.S. Where'sthelove
If you're going to do something tonight that you'll be sorry for tomorrow, sleep late.
-- Henny Youngman

June 06, 2002

yar, my nose has been in a race all day long with the roll of toilet paper that I keep at my desk... they are tryin to see which one will run out first.... right now my nose is winning the race.... where does all that snot come from anyway... ugh... I am begining to worry that the stuff runnin' out of my nose is actually my brains... as the day goes on I feel like I am getting less and less smart... hmph... maybe that is just because I am fellin' bored today... yar.. either way I wish my nose would stop runnin.... there is nothing worse then bein a pirate with a runny nose... well... actually there are a lot of things worse... but none the less, havin a runny nose is the pits... yar... stupid pollen in the air... yar... blasted allergies... hm.. maybe I am allergic to work... WORKERS COMP WORKERS COMP... yar... how do I prove that....
--Capn' Runny S.S. Nose
yar... what do you do when the path you have been following suddenly hits a fork in the road.... do you go left, down the hill on the deer trail...into the darkness... or do go right, up a huge, looming, treacherous hill.... or do you pull out your trusty saber and decide to keep going forward cutting your own path as you make your way through the ole jungle? you know, it really is a jungle out there.....
--Capn' Losthisway S.S. Inthedark
"It doesn't make a difference what temperature a room is, it's always room temperature."
--Steven Wright
(thanks to Capn' Wayne the Killer for that one, good isht!)
When nothing is sure, everything is possible.
-- Margaret Drabble

June 05, 2002

Yar, Went to skate Greer park last night after work. That place is hesh... scary hesh.... but super fun. I like ridin' the ole plank there in the evenings... there is always a nice breeze.... bein out in the open... in the fresh air... and then seein the sunset... it is amazing.... riding there is like getting back to your roots... it is the heart of skateboarding... carving, going fast, turning... you don't even have to know how to olie to rip it up there.... the true soul of skateboarding can be understood by carving a line at Greer..... there is nothing else like it... getting speed off the walls, sliding on the paint as you pump through the corners.... the rush of adrenaline as you speed through the bowls on the smooth hard concrete... hanging on the edge of disaster, on the edge of control, pushing the limits of your courage and your mind.... it is the closest zen-like feeling I think I will ever experience.... hmph... I don't wanna work now... yar... I would rather be out salin on the ole plank.... yar....
--Capn' Carvin' S.S. Lines
"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice;
it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
-- William Jennings Bryan

June 04, 2002

Capn' Wayne is a lucky bastard... He almost always escapes from this here barge just in the nick of time.... Capn' Insane-O just lectured me for like 20 min on the future of this company... that bastard doesn't have a fuckin clue... aaaargh!!! He really has no bloody idea what the hell he is talking about... yet he insists on leacturing me about his insane thoughts on things that he has no fuggin' clue about... aaaaaaarrgh!!! Somebody hold me back... I am about to run that bastard through.... SOOOOOOO annnnnnoooooyyyyyyyiiiiiinnnngggg!!!!!!! yar.... I gotta find that saber.....
--Capn' Getme S.S. Thehellouttahere
"Man is the only animal that both laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck by the difference between what things are and what they might have been."
- William Hazlitt

June 03, 2002

Yar, So I was really bored a few min. ago and decided to have a chat with SmarterChild about the definition of "Slayer" so it/he/she comes back with this:

TRANSITIVE VERB Inflected forms: slew (slo) , slain (slan) , slay�ing, slays 1. To kill violently. 2. Inflected forms: past tense and past participle often slayed. Slang, To overwhelm, as with laughter or love: "Those old jokes still slay me." ETYMOLOGY:Middle English slen, slayen, from Old English slean.

Maybe it is just my crazy pirate brain gone mad but it seems kinna crazy that the Ole English version: "slean", is actually Sean if you take out the l.... coincidence?? I dunno.... anyway... this is just jibberish anyway.... Mr.T would not like this post..... is it time to go yet? Yar...
--Capn' Slean S.S. Slayindemfoos
yar, I played so much music this weekend.... it was insane... on saturday tha Capn' Mike and I moved into our studio... it is awesome... my new home away from home.... on Saturday Mike and I played music till 3am... it was awesome.... we wrote two songs... start to end, lyrics, drums, guitar..... we are on our way to rockstardom and world domination! YAR tis gonna be a fun and wild road! I was in the studio for about 10 hours on Satuday .... it was rad.... the studio rules

Sunday came around and it was time to jam with the bloggin' crew! I had been lookin forward to that! It is always super fun to jam with new people. I think, over all, it went really well, much better then I would have guessed. I had myself a great time... tho I must admit... my chops on a few of the songs were not what they could have been... But I was definitely feelin it on the Weezer cover... that song was really fun to play.... and I think we all played it well... vocals, bass, guitar, drums... it really felt like we were sailin together on that one... super fun... I hope they had as much fun as I did. Fun music, fun people, good times.... yar lots of fun.

after the gig with the crew, I sailed home to watch the Kings game... aaarg F***************

(censored 5 page paragraph of angry, violent, pirate words)

F****** Lakers.... S***.... argh.. that almost ruined my weekend... bastards... wtf.... argh...
After the loss by the kings... I have very little hope that the Nets will be able to make lakers fall... erf... I hate LA.... fuggin lakers... argh...

After the game I was really pissed so I went to ride the ole plank... only rode for about 45 min... but that was more then enough.... I must have landed every trick I know... it was crazy... tricks I haven't had for months... were on lock... it was awesome... to quote the dread pirate Mumford "I broke a piece off"..... it was great... I had the whole park to myself... perfect sesh... super fun. Just the kinna release I needed.

I went home after the crazed-maniac-hesher-speed sesh at the park and then went with Capn' Mike back to the studio..... where we wrote two more songs in about 3 hours..... I had a great time talkin shit on the mike, about mike... hahaha I guess you had to be there....

So tally for the weekend:Friday-Sunday
hours spent skating: about 2
hours spent sleeping: about 10
hours spent playing music: about 16
beers consumed: only 5, all on friday night
new songs created: 4 1/2
girls hooked up with: "what are girls?"
ships destroyed: countless....

it was a hesh weekend for sure....
--Capn' Drummin S.S. Crazyfoo

June 01, 2002

Oh yea.... F the Lakers... argh... tha bastards... GO KINGS....
"...there is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs."
-- Dwight Eisenhower

"Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm."
-- Malayan proverb

Some words of wisdom there if you aske me...
--Capn' Think S.S. Ithunk
"In most instances, all an argument proves is that two people are present."
-- Tony Petito

Well, Last night was interesting.... some drunk bastard tried to start a fight with me and some of my friends... what a bloody jackass.... This bastard was some White Power fuck.... I should have turned it up a notch and beat him down for the shit he was talkin to me and my friends...but I didn't. I really had to resist the urge to throw down with him. Tha bastard was talkin to me centimeters from my face.... he was drunk as hell... I could smell the wiskey on his breath.... fucking chump... I am glad it didn' go to punches tho... even if he would have fallen over the second he tried to throw one.... I am not down with fights... for some reason everytime I go to the city some jackass want's to prove something with me.... for no reason... I will be chillin' tellin pirate storys, rememberin days of old, hanging out with old comrades, mindin me own business... and some drunk fuck will come up and start shit... I don't get it.. I am a nice guy... hangin out, bein a friendly pirate... not tryin to pillage or plunder... not tryin to run any bastards through.... just drinkin and smilin'... and then some fuckin' bastard drunk decides that he want's a piece... wtf??? I should have boxed that drunken bastard... I always try to walk away from fights because I know it isn't worth it... but shit... some bastards ask to be wrecked.... When my last relationship with a maiden ended in a huge fuggin' mess I spent hours upon hours beating up the punching bag in my back yard... I beat the crap out of that thing... I guess I look like a guy who couldn't throw down.... I feel sorry for the fool that finally swings at me and uncorks the pent up rage that I have buried, like chest of gold and treasure, deep down in my soul.... that bastard is gonna wish that he hadn't gotten out of bed that day.... stupid drunk bastards...

Well, anyway, besides that shit the night was grand. Saw some good friends, drank some good beer, laughed a lot, had a great time. The bar we went to was a bit crowded... but all in all it was a good time.

Went skating with Pete the rock and Julian aka A.I. for an hour or so after work, that was fun. We call Julian A.I. because he skates like a robot on a mission. (Artificial Intelligence). That guy is a serious ripper.... Marc Johnson was there too... damn.. that pirate can ride the ole plank... a bunch of rad tricks got thrown down... none of them by me.... but I had a good time... actually, I skated pretty good considering I hadn't skated in over a week and a half... crazy... it was fun.... yar that's what it is all about!! tis all fer now!
--Capn' Passive S.S. Aggression