October 31, 2003

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 30, 2003

Golden State had their first game last night. I am super pumped. I love basketball season. I love hoops..... I am already starting to lose my voice and it's one game into the season. Go Warriors!!! They lost last night... but damn if they didn't give the mav's a run for their money... and GS didn't even have 4 of their best players in the line up. I gotta say I was proud. I also gotta say that I love their new players.... I am so hyped for this season it is insane... This team is gonna be great! Get better fast fellas, we've got playoffs to get to!
--Capn' Goldenstate S.S. Forlife
I've been lagging lately... haven't been doing much with my life. I've been bored... I've been content to be bored. It's time to change that. I will not sit here and watch the world turn. I will not be satisfied by living day to day with out challenge. Time to turn over a new leaf. Time to get motivated. Time to start living the dream. Time to get off my ass and charge. Time to pick up the ax and swing it. Time to break off a piece and to go for broke. Time to put the hammer down and my foot through the floor. Watch out baby, her I come! The Bandit ain't gonna have shit on me, Evel Knieval you've got some Competition .
--The New Management
Waking up to Iron Maiden is pretty cool.
--Capn' Ironmaiden S.S. Excellent
You know you're getting old when it takes to much effort to procrastinate.

October 29, 2003

this week is going by slow. speed up already.
--Capn' Tooslow S.S. Tooslow
"Summer is ready when you are"
--The Breeders SAINTS

October 28, 2003

I finally got a CD alarm clock last night. Gotta say, waking up this morning was very nice. There is something awesome about being able to wake up in the morning to whatever song you want. Today it was Defari... mellow, flowing hip hop. I think Tomorrow it will be Iron Maiden!!! Maybe "Wicker man" or maybe "the Clansman".... maybe the Ramones tho... or maybe some old school Beastie Boys.... "Fight for your right".... or some of that punk stuff they have... "Live Wire", "Egg raid on mojo" or maybe "time for livin".... I dunno... but what I do know is this: getting up in the morning just got a whole lot better!!! Here's to waking up on the right side of bed!! yar!!
--Capn' Rockin S.S. Tillthebreakofdawn
"don't bite off more then you can chew"
--Somone Wise

October 27, 2003

Oh yea. bowling wasn't super fun last week. I shot a 175, 221, and a 118. We lost all three games... which doesn't really matter... except for the fact that I threw so bad in the last game... Oh well, can't win em all....
Weekend in review yo!

Friday: Skated Greer, rocked out. went to the movies and saw kill bill... it was weird... don't know if I liked it or not... gotta think on that for a bit. I don't think I like Uma Thermon... or whatever her name is... or however you spell her name... I don't really care. Like I said, I don't think I like her. She doesn't make a good ninja. I don't think I'd like her if I met her.

Saturday: Skated like a crazzy foool all day long... must have skated close to 5 1/2 hours... it was way to hot to skate that much. It was really fun though. I Skated a ton of mini ramp. I <3 ramp skating. Wheeeee..... We skated greer too... as usual. I love saturday skate days.

Sat. night the crew went out to a costume party in PA. It was fun. sorta. Kinna a wierd party... I didn't know that many people there. Talked to a few interesting people... Wished I wasn't as faded as I was because I wasn't making very good conversation. Really wish I could go back and talk to that cowgirl again... maybe catch her name this time... maybe make a better impression... maybe not make a fool out of myself... haha later I danced like a freak. laughed a lot. Got tired. Got annoyed. got bored. got too sober. Left. Got jack in the box. Ate. Was happy. Passed out on the couch until 6am.

Body count: 6 beers, one shot of some bad tequilla, two shots of pepermint schnaups, some kinna vodka drink that was gross, one jack and coke that was mostly jack with almost no coke.

Sunday: woke up on the couch. couldn't get back to sleep. Didn't do shit but play Vice City. Went to work for a couple hours at around 3. went to tower and bought a bunch of great cd's. went to the store and bought all kinds of good food and beer. that's all.

The end.
--Captain Ijustwanna S.S. Havefun
For the record, Friday was a good day. Yar!
--Capn' Todaywasa S.S. Gooddayyo
"Everybody needs to believe in something, I believe I'll have another beer."

October 24, 2003

I really want to get a beach cruiser.... I live in the hills.... I kinna miss the flats of Isla Vista...
--Capn' Sbbeach S.S. Cruzersforlife
so far today my launch cast player has played:
The Ramones
The Decendents
and the Misfits

it's gonna be a good day....

--El Capitan
Now I know the score
I don't need you anymore
don't want you cause you're a bore
I need somebody good
I need a miracle
Should I take a chance on her?
one bullet in the cylinder

You gotta go go go go goodbye
Glad to see you go go go go goodbye

October 23, 2003

the weekend in review:

Friday: The Crew went to the nut house for the first time in a long time. Our favorite bartender Kelly was there. She rules. I miss going there... I may start going there a lot again. That place is fun. They have Motorhead, The Crue, The Specials, RUN D.M.C., Old school Beasties, Boston, Johnny Cash, and the Ramones on the juke box... how could it not be fun? The best part about the Nut House is that the bottles of bud are ice cold. Ice cold is the only way budweiser should be served... Anyway, I spent 7 dollars in the juke box, and had a couple perfectly chilled budweisers, got some free beer tokens, and had a great time hanging out with my friends... that place rules.

Costume party. My friends and I dressed up as "the band" aka Milwalke Mud Flap Heshers... aka the "silver mullet"... it was great. Long hair, metal shirts, inflateable guitars, bottles of bud. It was a really fun night. Got my dance on, got my party on, and got my hesher on. Sooooo rad. Drank a 40 and 4 bottles of bud. It was a lot of fun. Good times with good friends.

Sunday: Chilled with family all day long. It was fun I guess. whatever though.

the end.
--Capn' Seandog S.S. Sailinon

October 20, 2003

I miss the lake.
If it's too loud, you're too old.
--Heavy Metal

October 17, 2003

Last night we bowled. Last night we drank. Last night we droped some heavy metal thunder on the opposition. Last night I had to get strikes in the 10th to win. Last night we won. Last night we won as a team. Last night was all about good friends coming together and having fun. Last night was great. Amigos por vida. Truckas for life.
--The Snowman
I was born to roll
--Master Ace

October 15, 2003

This song is great... don't ask if you don't understand....

In duh valley of duh jolly... (Ho - ho - ho)

Heard about the Jolly Green Giant (potatoes)
He's so big and mean (artichoke hearts)
He stands there laughin' with his hands on his hips
And then he hits you with a can of beans

He lives down there in his valley (Brussels sprouts)
The cat stands tall and green (spinach)
Well, he ain't no prize, and there's no women his size
And that's why the cat's so mean
One day he left His valley pad
I mean to say This cat was mad
Now listen 'round He wasn't gone long
And then he ran into an Amazon
Well, this changed his whole complexion (broccoli)
He had never seen such a beautiful sight (corn)
Well, he looked at her
And she looked at him
And she almost passed out from fright
He looked at her Thought, "what a dilly"
He touched her once She slapped him silly
This was something He had never sensed
He looked at her As she commenced
Now listen, pal This ain't no fluke
I can't see goin' with a big green kook"

You've heard about the Jolly Green Giant (eggplant)
Don't let his troubles cross your mind (celery stalks)
He couldn't get Sally, so went back to his valley
The cat was color-blind
--The Kingsmen

October 14, 2003

In 1984 Judas Priest came out with an album called "defending the faith".... that is rad... such a heavy metal move.... 80's metal was so bad ass... they had so much to fight against and so much to fight for... Every song was an anthem against authority.... a battle song to march against the masses.... pushing the limits, preaching the good word of rock and roll..... what happened to those days? Where and why did things go astray? Sometimes I miss the 80's....
--Capn' Rockhard S.S. Rideforfree
Give me artificial
give me superficial
Give me a commercial life that can't be bought
This I say to you,
what I say is true
Emotions aren't a product to sell and cannot be consumed
Coming attraction its coming real soon
Prince is having lunch with pat boone
Want to know where all the bullshit goes
It goes down the sewer to be disposed
Artificial life in the market
Artificial life in the marketplace

October 13, 2003

So far, So good, So what.

October 09, 2003

I went and skated RWC again last night. It was pretty fun again.... I may be getting over the fact that 90% of the kids there are F%cking idiots.... maybe not... I had a better session... sorta... tried a few tricks that I hadn't done in quite a while... landed a few of them... almost wrecked on a few others... but I'm getting my flow back I think... I hope... just gotta get out and ride a little bit every day... that is my new goal... well.. maybe not every day... but more then just three times a week. I feel way better when I ride.

I'm listening to the Go Go's right now. The Go Go's are cool.

I'm going to tahoe this weekend. it is gonna be f'n awesome. word.
--Capn' Rideeveryday S.S. Partyeverynight
"Brains for dinner, Brains for lunch, Brains for breakfast, Brains for brunch, why can't we have some guts?"

October 08, 2003

I hit the park for a quick couple of runs down in RWC. It was kinna fun. It felt good to get out and ride a little... worked up a quick sweat... busted a few tricks... talked to a few fools I hadn't seen in a long time... chilled... cruzed.... looked like an old fool on a skateboard... flailed a bit.... landed a few more tricks and went home satisfied. I need to start skating more. And that's a fact, jack.....

--Capn' Goride S.S. Yourskateboardfoo
This is a gang, and I'm in it
My man Dre'll fuck you up in a minute
With a right left, right left you're toothless
And then you say goddamn they ruthless!

October 07, 2003

Weekend in review....

I skated for the first time in almost two weeks on Saturday. It felt really good. Like really good!! like almost orgasmic... hahaha.... It had been way too long. I am not myself when I don't ride. The best part about riding on saturday was the fact that I hadn't even lost that much feel or board control which was nice... sometimes when I haven't skated in a while getting back on the board and feeling comfortable takes a couple of days... but it came right back this time... which was awesome. Nothing feels better then doing highspeed tailslides on cement quarterpipes.... I love that shit. I rode with Stew and Morgan. They are super cool. We cruzed Sunnyvale and Greer... and ate lunch at la bomba. It was great as always. Tthere were about 4 thousand bmx bikes at greer.... luckily they knew what was up and didn't fuck up the lines too much. Some of those dudes are super cool... some of them are tards... but for the most part the guys who are loc's are super cool. I have never really understood the whole... "hate on BMX" thing... maybe because I like to ride BMX too... but really, it's all about having fun... as long as people are chill, I have no problem with them... even if they wanted to ride scooters.... or blades... I've had good friends that rode blades... I wouldn't do it at a park... but sheat, if they are having fun doing it... whatever right? I only vibe people who are stupid. If you are cool, you can skate at "MY" park any day. Just dont' be a tard when you go to the parks and everything is cool.... So anyway... the weekend was good... I played too much Vice City... and chilled out a lot... that about sums it up. I didn't get my party on at all... hopefully this weekend will be different!! Rock on!
--Capn' Gettinback S.S. Tomyoldsefagainbiatch!
I'm listening to NWA at work right now... if that doesn't rule... I don't know what does.
--El Capitan
As I do it like that, do it like this
Shorty watch your step or you might get Rocked like Chris
Are you feelin this? You dig the way it's going down?
Now we back in town watch all the chickens crowd around
--Grand Puba

October 06, 2003

I kiss my fear on the mouth
I make my blood burn

When I step off I go off all the way
When I step off I get off all the way
When I turn my back and walk away
I never come back

October 03, 2003

I like to play good music and have a good time
I love to hear old trains rolling down the line
I am into happy and I don't like sad
And I like to have women I never had
--Hank Jr.

October 02, 2003

"it's a new day yesterday"
--Joe Bonamassa

October 01, 2003

So the weekend in review:

We had a huge party on Saturday night. It was super fun. There were lots of good beverages and lots of great things to eat. We had a steel drum band in the back yard. It was awesome. The house was rockin. I had a great time, but wished that I wasn't still feeling sick. That kinna sucked. I couldn't party as hard as I wanted to. But maybe that is a good thing. Great party, good friends, good times... it doesn't get much better.

The rest of the weekend was spent napping and playing Grand Theft Auto. I am looking forward to riding my skateboard soon.

the end.
--Capn't Sickof S.S. Beingf'nsick
Courage to start, that's all it takes.