April 30, 2003

When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take - choose the bolder.
-- W.J. Slim

April 28, 2003

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the 3 most powerful men in America are named 'Bush', 'Dick', and 'Colon'"
- Chris Rock

April 25, 2003

``It was miserable, knowing I couldn't come out there and help my team,'' Garnett said. ``I thought of other ways to help out, motivate, help the guys get over the edge. I was going to be a T-Wolves cheerleader without the skirt and pom-poms.''

Garnett had 33 points, 14 rebounds, four assists and four blocked shots before fouling out in the first 12 seconds of overtime.
KG is f'n crazy bad ass.... he is what B-Ball is all about.
--Capn' KG S.S. 4mvp

April 24, 2003

``They're going to have to stab us, cut our heart out and leave us in the morgue,'' Kevin Garnett said. ``You can knock us out, but we're going to get back up. We have a team that's going to fight.''

KG is the man.
What is now proved was once only imagined.
-- William Blake

April 23, 2003

This is pretty random� and maybe kinna dumb... but it�s something that has been on my mind so I thought I would throw it down. I have been kind of annoyed lately. The reason: I don�t like being a part of this whole extreme generation thing. Maybe I am not seeing things how they really are but I don� t like what I am seeing regardless. Since when is it hip to be a skateboarder or to ride BMX or to Snowboard to be a hesher or a punk? When did PBR become cool? WTF??? It was never about being cool back in the day when this stuff all started�how did it gain that status? And now I am considered �hip� by some people and I am only guilty of the crime by association� but what if I never wanted to be associated? I never wanted to be a part of the in crowd, I never cared about any of that isht. I never wanted to be part of the trend. I was skateboarding when skateboarding was dead. I was rocking out to Motorhead and Iron Maiden when metal was dead. I had a Ride the Lightning shirt in 8th grade and stayed up till 2am on weekends to watch Headbangers Ball. The first CD that I ever got was Iron Maiden�s Live after Death and I was one of five skaters in my entire high school. I was never �cool� because I was a rocker or a skater. I was looked at as crazy! Maybe I am taking this the wrong way� I mean, it is rad that these things are getting respect and attention� and now people are getting paid to do what they love. I guess I don�t really now why I am complaining� but I guess it is partly because I feel like people are doing things for the wrong reasons.. that they don�t really know what things they are doing are really all about.. you should skate because you love it, not because it�s cool, or because you want to impress people, or because you want to get sponsored, or because it�s the hip thing to do� and likewise you should rock out because you feel it, not because everyone else is, and definitely not because MTV is telling you it�s cool� And speaking of MTV what the hell happened to that station� they used to be punk rock� now they are just another corporate entity out for money and ratings, brainwashing the masses instead of pushing the limits and expanding minds. I dunno, maybe it is just another sign that I am getting old� maybe I am just being lame� but man, it pisses me off when I see people who used to be preps wearing mesh hats and skate shoes� where were they in the 80�s�. k.i.r. that�s what it�s all about� I�ll still be here when it all dies again.
--Capn� Rockin S.S. Since77
�KG 4 MVP�
--sign in front of the T-Wolves stadium

April 22, 2003

I played hoops for the first time in a long time with my roommates yesterday after work. It was a lot of fun because we all sucked pretty bad. I wish I had the whole fiasco on tape because it would be pretty funny to watch us sweating and cussing and falling and losing the ball all over the place. I won the Defensive player of the day award earning 5 or 6 huge blocked shots and some intense rebounding skills� Ron Artest would have been proud�I felt like Foyle and Damp out there swatting fools like it was going out of style�. too bad I can�t shoot for isht� : ) oh well it was super fun even though I sucked pretty bad. I�m gonna get some Ballin shoes this week so that I can try to bring the ruckas next time we play. Hoops are fun.
--Capn' Brickin' S.S. Italldaylong
The Deli across the street hooked me up fat today� my sandwich was so huge that I almost couldn�t finish it� that rules.
--Capn� Stuffed S.S. Tothabrim
I went to see god last night. Yes, that�s right, god� as in god, spelled L-E-M-M-Y. Yes that�s right, once again I went to go see the king of rock, Lemmy, destroy the bass and the audience with a vengeance and a fury that is seldom seen on this earth. The raw sound, the raspy voice, the heavy metal thunder of the pounding drums, the insane fans futilely trying to over power the music by screaming lyrics to songs at the top of their lungs, the intense passion, the crushing energy� It was great. It�s always great. They came, they played, they kicked our fuckin� asses�. I would expect no more and no less from a band who�s claim to fame includes the quote: Everything louder then everything else. They tore the place down and rocked with the intent to wreck shit. Motorhead is by far one of my favorite bands. Last night reminded me why.
--Cap� Novoices S.S. Inthesky
Born to lose, Live to win.

April 21, 2003

"I caught a rhythm. The basket looked like an ocean, and I was just throwing rocks in,'' --A.I. on his 55 point game

April 20, 2003

Workin at 11:19 on a sunday night sucks. Just for the record. Oh and yes I am counting the f'n days.
--Capn' Getme S.S. Thefouttathisbiatch
The Ole Weekend in Review:

Friday: I went for a crazy bike ride. 14 miles in 58 min. averaged 14 miles an hour with three moderate climbs. It was a good ride. I rode hard and felt pretty fast for the most part. My legs got that good burning sensation and so did my lungs. After the ride I did nothing but laundry, drink beers, watch tv, play video games and sleep.

Saturday: Woke up early�.. went and worked for 6 hours. It sucked. I had to think way too much about stupid mistakes that other people made. Sometimes I hate having to waste time trying to figure out what the F� other people were thinking. I was glad when I finished my project. When the 6th hour came to pass I decided that I must run free so I charged over to Greer to get my skate on. I Skated hard and crashed a lot. It was fun. I went home, did more laundry, played more video games, ate some food, and then went to see the Faction and the Shitkickers play in San Jose at the Blank Club. It was a F'n awesome show. The Faction rules, they are one of my favorite bands to see live� it always seems like they are having a great time up on stage. The Shitkickers were awesome too. Great f'n bands...... on of the better shows I have been to of late. Super fun, great music, entertainment�. It was a great night. Viva Skate rock.

Sunday: Woke up late, cleaned the house a bit.... did some dishes... did some more laundry.... Drove up to 3rd street to pick up Stew and then headed to Greer. Skated like maniacs running free in the asylum for a good couple of hours. Wrecked myself at least 10 times. F�d around a lot. Talked a ton of shit. Skated some more� did tones of manuals� threw down a couple super speed runs and in general: had a lot of fun. Drove Stew dog home and then went back up to the hills to eat, play some more video games and then go back to work . weeee....
--Capn' Rockinrollin S.S. Forever
May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.
-- George Carlin

April 17, 2003

Well�. My dogs lost to the Bitch Ass Lakers last night. And even though that made my stomach turn and even tho it made me kinna sad and even though I was pretty f�n pissed off� I had to admit that this season was quite a fun one to watch. My dogs really threw it down this season� the best they have played in many a year� It was a hell of a ride and a pretty spectacular season for them. They really never gave up the fight� and what a fight it was... If everything works out the way it should, and they keep all my dogs together, I know that at this time next year I will be painting my face blue and orange and watching them win in the playoffs. Mark those words. Go dogs, Go!!! Warriors come back and plaaay-ee-yaa!!!
--Capn� Bringback S.S. Mully
"You can't stop rock and roll"
--Twisted Sister

April 16, 2003

Anyway... I fixed yesterdays fragmented post now... and that is good. I always feel so lame when I check out my page and realize that I totally jacked up a post.... hahaha I look at the mistakes and think to myself: "You f'n Dork" hahaha anyway, water under the bridge now... haha

I skated my fun box last night for the first time in months... It had been at Pete Rocks for months... unused... unabused... rusting and rotting... just like my street skills..... which by the way sucked pretty bad. It was kinna frustraiting not being able to do tricks that I used ta have on lock. It was really weird trying to get my street feet back.... it was kinna lame... By the end of the session I was sweaty and pissed and bruised and broken from falling. But I was also smiling. That's what I love about skateboarding.... Skateboarding is fun. And to be totally honest, I don't know what I would do without it. It has gotten me thought some of the hardest times in my life: broken and thrashed hearts, fights with friends, loss of family... etc... etc... Skateboarding helps me vent my stress, take out my frustraitions, and it has helped me become who I am today. but most of all it is just fun. I have probably met almost 90% of my friends through skateboarding and almost all of my best memories come from trips with them to new skate spots and skateparks. Time and time again skateboarding has taken me from a bad mood and put me into a good one. I don't know what I would do with out the ole plank. I would probably fall apart. It is my love affair... it is my life... it is my passion..... For those of you who ride: Never give it up, Ride it like you stole it, and most of all... Stay true to your crews..... I'll be tipin th forty this weekend for the crews: SAC/RAC/Sabado/Sueno/3d/FTP/MV/MW... word.
--Capn' Rideto S.S. Love
f' I hate it when I post before I am done... and don't realize that I posted till the next day... haha doh!
--Capn' Isuck S.S. Atbloggin

April 15, 2003

I am having a really hard time getting my work done today� grrr� my mind is elsewhere. I have been lost in thought all day� mostly just thinking about skateparks� lines I want to carve� tricks I want to learn� stuff I want to film� dreams of Ripon and Greer and Arizona have been occupying my mind all day today. I woke up late today. Maybe I really didn�t wake up at all� I feel like I have been dreaming all day. So like I said... visions and dreams of Ripon and Greer and Arizona have been occupying my mind all day... dreams of tailslides and grinds and airs�. Last night I had a dream that I was skating with this really hot girl who was wearing a Room 21 shirt and she was my soul mate or somthing... I dunno it was a cool dream... we were skating at Greer and having lots of fun and laughing and stuff... it was a good dream. Girls in skate shirts are awesome. : ) I need to go get some exercise or something after work. word.
--Capn' Postin S.S. Toearlyyo
I hope it isn't raining when I get out of work because I really want to go to Greer so that I can ride around like a mad man... carving twisty, out-of-control figure 8's, while going as fast as I possibly can, sorta like an angry bee defending his hive or something. yes that will be fun. please rain, stay away for a little bit. Thanks.
--Capn' Sdog S.S. Pirateship
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.
-- Douglas Adams

April 14, 2003

It's monday night.... I am at work in Mt. View... I am tired... the Warriors are getting spanked by the Clipers.... I am not in a very good mood. just a few more weeks of this... just gotta keep telling myself that.... soon it will be over and I will be once again a free man. That is gonna be a great day.
So the weekend in review once again� man, is it just me, or has time really been flying lately? It seems like every time I turn around another week or month has gone by� I guess that is what happens when you are working two jobs and don�t have any days off� I am beginning to think that I should write a book called 24-7: My time as a pawn in a game of some kinna crazy alternate form of chess called life� or something. Maybe it should just be called: I�d rather be skateboarding: Sean in 2003� I dunno, anyway, the weather was lame and totally uncooperative this weekend so I didn�t end up doing anything active except throwing 8 lb bowling balls half way down the lanes in Palo Alto and chasing Grace around the house in circles� Have I mentioned that I am really looking forward to the summer months. The long evenings, the warm weather, bbq�s, etc etc� I am especially looking forward to getting a summer membership to the lake. This summer is going to be like the summer I dreamed about as a kid. Emerald Lake is just down the street from my house. You can get a summer membership at the lake for $100.00. I am saving my pennies already. Did I mention that there is a slide in the middle of the lake on a raft� because there is, and I can�t wait to charge that thing! It is going to be so rad to be able to, on any given nice day, just ride a bike down to the lake with a towel and some food and spend the day lounging. It is gonna be like some kind of 80�s summer movie or something!! This summer is gonna be so rad, I can�t think of a better way to describe this summer, it is just going to be f�n rad. But anyway, I digress� the point here was the weekend in review� so without further ta doooo�

Friday: I skated Greer after work with the dogs. It was a super fun session. There were a ton of shred dogs there. All the sick loc�s were there. It was really fun. I saw some craziness go down. I love those sessions. After the session I cruzed home and watched the Warriors get worked over by the Suns� it was a sad eve for Warriors fans everywhere, all playoff hopes are dashed� but on a lighter note, it was a hell of a season. They play the Lakers soon, I am pulling for a W. After the game I went to sleep. I was beat.

Saturday: Went to work for 6+ hours� wheeee! Ran a few errands, wasted some time, and then stopped by Pete�s house for a bit. Checked out his video editing program, talked some trash, picked up the fun box and flat bar (with assistance from Capn� Geoff and his truck), and headed back up to tha hills. Went to dinner at the Canyon Inn with Capn�s Geoff, Ben, and Nicole and as always the food was excellent� cruzed back to the house, got my Dave Mira crack fix, and got ready to go bowling and meet up with the homies. Bowling was fun, it was Capn� Quinn�s brothers birthday and they were having glow bowling. I always seem to wear a black shirt with lint on it when I go glow bowling which totally sucks� but anyway, I had a really good time messing around and hucking house balls at high velocities down the lane. I even managed to pick up some pretty good spares! After bowling I met up with two of my friends who were visiting from out of town for a late night rendezvous at the Palo Alto Denny�s. I hadn�t seen either of tha girls in days� months� years� haha it was cool. It is always fun to catch up with old friends. Got home at around 3:30am and crashed out. It was a long f�n day. But a good one none the less�

Sunday: Well� Sunday turned out to be another one of those lazy days again. I slept in late, almost overdosed on Dave Mira crack, ate a super late lunch, watched the masters golf tournament (don�t ask why I just did), played with Grace a bit, and finally got motivated at around 6 to go to work. Talk about a waste of a day� well� at least I relaxed a bit� but really I should have been out doing much more with my free time. Worked till around 10:30 and then headed down to the studio to get punk for a while. Drove back to the hills after a pretty rockin jam sesh and then watched a replay of the Blazers Lakers game. Which by the way the Lakers lost! Haha word. It was well worth staying up till 2:30 to watch. And now it�s Monday again and I am tired and not really quite ready for the new week to have already started� oh well� maybe I will rest a bit more next weekend� Or maybe not..
--Capn' Lazydays S.S. Latenights
If I fall, look out for the crash. There won't be anyone left standing.
-- Eva Peron

April 13, 2003

I'm still chasing girls. I don't remember what for, but I'm still chasing them.
-- Joe E. Lewis

"On Wednesday the opening stage of the Sea Otter Classic was certainly welcome here. Folks lined the sloping streets of Alameda and Harding, they stood next to their own bicycles atop Lakeview and Cordilleras, they cheered and snapped photos of the peloton along the summit at Lakeview. A few enterprising fans even inflated a large Emperor penguin and wore wigs to cheer as the pro men rode by.

But the cheering rang hollow when the men came soft-pedaling by the second time, and even the long straight descent on Emerald Hill was not terribly fast or exciting. For all the hoopla, hullabaloo and flightless balloon birds, the race was not terribly race-like."

The above quote was excerpted from a write up about an annual bike race called the Sea Otter Classic (Stage 1) that took place in Redwood City on April 9, 2003. The full article can be found on this site: www.cyclingnews.com. The "enterprising fans" with the inflatable penguin and wigs were none other then my friends and I. The race went right in front of our house in Emerald hills... it was awesome, and a whole lot of fun even tho they cut the race short due to safety issues.... It was by far one of the most exciting events that I have witnessed this year. In some ways it was almost like Christmas... haha� Anyway the point of this blog entry is that it is fun to have people write about you, especially on a web page that is viewed world wide. The second point of this entry is to state that if you have never seen a road race in person before, you should. I highly recommend checking one out if you ever get the chance� they are really f�n impressive. Oh and be sure bring your cow bells and loud voices, it�s much more fun to make a ton of noise as the bikes fly by.
--Capn� Drinkbeer S.S. Andyellalotatbikeraces

April 11, 2003

I bowled like a man possessed by heavy metal gods last night. I threw a 180, 224, and a 248..... it was off the hook.... The truckers came though at full tilt with the air horn blasting and the throttle down. We drank 5 pitchers and won all three games. I spent half the night with one arm raised throwin up the horns...and the other half of the night playing air guitar and pounding beers. It was one of those kinna nights. I love those nights.
--Capn' Throwinit S.S. Down
"You rock so hard you make Iron Maiden look like Kenny G"
--Neb aka Porter

April 07, 2003

Life is something to do when you can't get to sleep.
-- Fran Lebowitz
So another quick weekend in review:

Friday: Friday of course was the Flogging Molly show� and as I said earlier, it was awesome. Super fun! : )

Saturday: Saturday I slept in, then went to work for a bit, then went on a really good bike ride through Woodside and Portola with Capn�s John, Geoff, and Damian. We rode super hard and it felt really good. I actually beat Damian on a few break away runs� which almost never happens. I also almost got taken out by a gardener who was chopping down tree branches� one second I am riding along minding my own business, chargin down the street and the next I am dodging a huge ass tree praying for my life and hoping that I don't get totally f'd. Yea you guessed it the gardener chopped down a rather large branch (Like the size of a small tree) right as I was passing him... damn... talk about a close call... I could have been in a seriously tight spot� good thing I have crazy mad sills at dodging things.... I managed to pull up on the handle bars and sorta bunny hop over it� which incase you have never ridden a road bike, is quite an amazing thing to do. Needless to say it was a bit more excitement then I needed in my day.... near death experiences are not a good thing for the most part� after the ride it was chill mode at the house... A bunch of friends came over and we bbq'd and drank good beer and talked shit and listened to surf rock and watched skate videos and relaxed. it was a great day. I love the weekends.

I didn't do jack on Sunday.... I played video games all day. And when I say all day I mean for almost 9 hours�.trading off controllers with my roommates and fellow Dave Mira addicts. It was fun, but a total waste of a beautiful day. Dave Mira for playstation is like crack cocaine. I am an addict. I need a twelve step program� I needed to go out to skate and play... and I didn't�. oh well... I got to the sixth level� : )
--Capn� Isit S.S. Theweekendagainyet?
YUM! I just had the best turkey sandwich� man� that rules!
--Capn� Contento S.S. Muy
�Someday the mountain might get em but the law never will�
--Theme Song Dukes of Hazzard

April 06, 2003

10:30.... I am outie... not bad I guess.... good thing I was rockin it......
I haven't listened to this cd in such a long time... man I forgot how good it is...... man I am getting hyped up... I feel like going and skating as fast as I can into a wall right now.... hahaha woooohhooo!! yea!!! I forgot how many good songs are on this thing.... man.... I am singing at the top of my lungs right now... haha

"I ain't no god damn son of a bitch you better think about it baby !!!!"

If the f'n light in this stupid room wouldn't keep turning off I would be seriously rockin out right now....
--el capitan

Thank goodness I still have my Misfits cd here at work... man... I don't know if I would be able to get through this stuff with out some serious punk rock to keep me moving.... ugh... remind me not to do this ever again... .grrr..... at least I am rockin out... "Psycho 78.... my mirrors are black...."
--Capn' Regrets S.S. Hugeones
It's f'n 9:15 almost and I am at work in F'n Mt. View right now... what the F am I doing here... oh yea... I spent all day playing video games when I should have been enjoying the day, skateboarding, riding my bike, and working. F. F...f...f.f..f.f.f..f.f. this is what I get for being a video game crack addict. The sad thing is when I go home I will probably go play some more.... f.... f... f.... I think I need a 12 step program. I need to go skate after work tomorrow.... f... if I don't have to come back to this bloody slave ship again..... arrrr... f' this mess...
--Capn' Ima S.S. Jackassfornotdoingallthisearlier

April 05, 2003

Last night I went to an really awesome show at Slim's up in the city.... Flogging Molly is never bad... they are by far one of the best bands I have ever seen live.... They are by far one of my favorite bands.... I love seeing them live... such a good time... so much energy... so much feeling... it was great. Everyone should be required to see them at least once in their life....

On somewhat of a side note: There were a ton of attractive girls there... where do they all hang out when they are not at shows? Everywhere I looked there were girls who were on fire (aka hot).... Of course most of them were there with dudes.... are there any single girls left in the world??? and if so, where do they hang out???? I gotta figure that out... where is my "punk rock girl"? Hrm... somewhere I am sure. I need to get out more.... That's all I wanted to write for now. word.
--Capn' Getotawork S.S. Andgoplay
It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
-- Edmund Hillary

April 04, 2003

Working with a hangover sucks. It doesn�t suck as much as sleeping in your clothes all night, which by the way I did last night because I was too tired and drunk to change� but it still pretty much sucks. I felt pretty good after I took a shower this morning but now I don�t feel hot. Not at all hot in any way actually. I wish I knew where a Taco Bell was around here� My good friend and fellow Sabado loc Ninja Jenny from LA once told me the secret to curing a hangover: Taco Bell. You are supposed to get the biggest Mt. Dew they serve and a Mexican Pizza� or something like that� anyway� whenever I feel bad from drinking a lot I always go to Taco Bell and it always makes me feel better� I think I am gonna try to go skate Greer after work. I miss that place. There is a Taco Bell right down the freeway too. : )
--Capn� Gimegime S.S. Tacobell
All I can think about today is skateboarding and sex. I need to get to the skatepark soon, that will solve all of my problems.
So last night was bowling night. It was crazy fun. We drank 7 pitchers. I was f�n drunk... I have recently picked up the habit of saying �F� instead of f#ck and was saying �F� quite a bit all evening. : ) It was a great night. We won two games out of three against the only team in the league we don�t like so that was cool. They are f�n lame. I threw a few good scores.. but f�d the last one up� oh well. We rolled the Boardwalk in style with almost 10 people. It was a great night out. Just like a Warriors game� hahaha Did I mention that my head hurts quite a bit today? Damn we were rockin it last night. I had a great time being a drunken pirate bastard. It was great. My friends are awesome.

--Capn� Whattha-f S.S. F�er
�It�s all part, of my rock and roll fantasy�
--80's rockband

April 02, 2003

Yea yea I know it�s already Wednesday and I shouldn�t be rehashing a weekend this late in the game but I don�t really have anything else to write and I want to throw down something� so anyway� here I go: A quick weekend in review:

Friday:I chilled�. That about sums up the eve. Wheeeeee! Actually I needed a rest so that was good.

Went to work for a bit, cruzed over to Greer and got my shred on�Went with Capn� Geoff and Capn� Damian for a Mt. Bike ride up in the hills. We brought Grace with us. That was fun. I fell off my Mt. Bikes on a ride (as usual) but Grace came over and licked my face which was a nice addition to the normally bad experience of me falling on the ground. After the ride we went back to the house drank some beers and played with the dog some more. Capn� Trista came over later and we all played cards for a while. I actually ended up winning some $$$ whoo hoo! It was a lot of fun. Beer and cards make for a good eve.

Sunday:Went shopping for some new clothes for work. That was kinna fun. I feel like a new man or something� Later in the day I went on a seriously challenging road ride with Capn� Damian�. Dude, we charged it. I don�t know if I have ever ridden that hard for that long with that much intensity. It was great to get that burning sensation in my lungs and legs and shoulders and arms etc� etc� � Climbing hills is fun. Climbing hills fast is even more fun. I love the feeling I get after a hard work out. I wish I felt like that all the time. Went to work for a little bit and then chilled for the rest of the eve doing laundry and talking isht with my roommates� it was a good, relaxing weekend.
--Capn� Gottadomorestuff S.S. Thisweekendtho
The time is coming�
The time is near�
The time is coming..
To go get beer!!!!
--The Cliftons