April 30, 2002

Yar.... just want to pat me self on the ole back... finally figured out how to make things link on this bloddy page! yar!!! I am gonna be posting up many a link now! yar! tis a good thing when you learn something new that makes something old better... yar!!!! Yea fer me! yar! fixed all the ole links on this page that didn't use to take you anywhere... prolly gonna add some more to posts that didn't have links before...yar... this page will be good yet!!! yar!!!
--Capn' Smartypants S.S. Brightboy
on the topic of planks.... I just got a new one last weekend, and I may have to say that it feels better under me feet then any other board I have ever had the pleasure o having under me feet.... her width and shape is sooooo good.... makes me feet happy... and makes every trick feel soooo good... good pop, perfect concave..... and she feels sooooo comfertable to ride... yar.... tis such a good thing... me last plank felt like a pile of dung.... bad shape... bad concave.... yuck the bastards that made that thing should be shot..... the guys at Black Label know their shit... good boards.... they are some hesh bastards for sure!!!! This be the one I got... yar.. http://store.yahoo.com/activerideshop/blaclabmikva.html

--Capn Kangaroo S.S. Skateboardingisfun
yar.... it is raining out... this dampens me plans for the eve... arrrgh... was soooo looking forward to hitting the ole park after I was finally done swabin the ole decks of this here slave barge... yar... I was too tired to ride me ole plank very agressivly yesterday after work...yar... rain rain go the bloody hell away...!! yar, now I have no idea what I am gonna do after I get off this slave ship.... I was really lookin forward to stretching out me legs and shredin the black seas and waves at the ole park... yar... I may have to chop someones head off now.... yar... who is in charge of this here weather pattern... YAR... I don't really feel like going up to milpitas to ride cuz the bastards that run that indoor cage have been a bit strict about the use of pads... yar... I am not a big fan o'pads.. yar... I think someone my age should be able to decide if they want to wear pads or not... I don't have a problem with having to wear a helmet... but kneepads are the worst... yar... they make me wanna run a bastard through.... yar.... arrgh... I gotta get out of this sour mood... yar...
--Capn' Angry Bastard S.S. Reallypissedoff
yar went to St. Stephens pub last night while I was in port... twas lots of fun... Capn John, First Mate Geoff "bringer of death" Hanz, One eyed Mike, and Capn' Lane were all in attendence... swaped some great war stories of days of old... yar.. some fun times.... the story of Capn' "rockstar" John loosing his dinner at One eyed Mikes on all hallows eve will never cease to make me belly hurt.... I will never forget his words "This one is for you Capn' Mike" as he puked his guts out on Ole One eyes front lawn... yar... and his quote afterwards: "four leaf clovers are gonna grow there..." yar... such a funny story.... my belly is soar from laughing so hard..... on the way out Capn Death and I tried to set up a booby trap for Capn Mike and Capn' John... we set up a bunch of crates in front of the ole door exiting the pub.... too bad they weren't a bit more hammered... it would have been a grand trap had they walked full force into them... yar... oh well.. next time..... tis all for now landlubbars...
--Capn' Sean "King of the night time world" S.S. Destroyer (Kiss sucks!)
Yar, a word of wisdom:

"If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!" -- Jonathan Winters

April 29, 2002

Yar, I had a great weekend.... a damn great weekend to be really truthful.....Saw one of the best shows ever up in the ole city.... Went to War and fired the ole cannons.... killed the enemies... ate some good food...... went to the skatepark and ripped it up..... had good dreams about great things.... twas a bloody great weekend... can't really say much more then that... Lots of fun, hanging out with new and old friends..... bloody great times.... yar... Hope the wind keep blowin in this direction, smooth sailing for as far as the eye can see.... many treasures to be sought out.... good times... yar... tis good... tis good.... this is how things are supposed to be.... YAR! Sally forth into the great open bounds! yar!
--Capn. Contento S.S. Muybien

April 27, 2002

here is a link: www.sonyclassics.com/dogtown check it out

tis all ya bastards
--First Mate Jay Adams S.S. Slasher old School
oh yea, went to the ole blue chalk tavern last night, twas mighty fun.... JB was in rare form... Capn' Damian told some grand tales bout days of old... I laughed like I was bein tortured.... twas good times for sure.... yar... good friends, good beer, good tales... it doesn't get any better then that... yar.... well... maybe a girl in me arms could have made it a bit better... but whatever... on the highseas, there isn't time for wenches... or so I try to keep telling myself... yar... hahaha oh... my belly hurts from laughin so much last night... yar...

tis all,
--Capn Bellyache S.S. Laughingstock
going to a show tonight yar! the ole Reverend Horton Heat! yar should be a heap of fun! yar! going to war tomorrow! yar! can't wait to shot the ole cannons and cover me enemy in paint! yar I wonder if they have any pirate ships in the ole paint ball wars? yar they will now!!! yaaar I am gonna run some bloody infidels through for sure! yar! The dread pirate Snaggletooth has come for your gold and your wenches! yar!!! tis gonna be a battle for the ages... yar...

tis all for now... got to get back to swabin the ole deck.. yar on a saturday none tha less....
-Capn' Snaggletooth S.S. Sinkin Anvil

April 26, 2002

"The next chance you get, do a cannonball."

yar! sound words of wisdom there! Yar!

-Capn' Boredom S.S. Boatthatnevermoves

Yar heres a bit more philosophisin' Dar don't let the clock be your god... dar... hmmm yar.... Something I think some of me friends need to learn.... seems like some of them are always in such a rush and never have time for any looting and pillagin... work work work... no fun at all... yar tis a way ta make ya dull......also....Don't let the seas rule you either.... yar... when the ole sea gets a bit rough and wants to sink yer ship youse need to just batten down the hatches and ride the storm out.... A quote that has painted an immage on me brain for quite sometime goes like this: remember this: "Always behave like a duck- keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil himself underneath." -- Jacob Braude yar.... feels like I have been paddlin for quite some time now... yet me position in relation to the ole equator has remained fairly constant... yar... maybe I need to get some bigger oars.... yar.... shouldn't really complain about the journey right now tho, no woes of mine are worth sheadin a tear right now... friends and crew are a plenty... some great bands are playin in the ports that I will soon be landing at.... the sea is looking fairly calm ... of course... looks can be somewhat deceiving sometimes... funny thing about looks... just goes to show you can never judge a book by its cover... arr but I digress... I don't know why I have been so philosopical of late... maybe because I had a feaver on monday and was sailin the ole white ship....yar... well since I be in such a mood, might as well put some more philosophical ramblings down.... One of my shipmates down in the southern part of the golden state gave me this bit of information: "Every piece of paper has two good sides... Unless you use magic marker then you're fucked." I am sure there must be some deep meaning behind that one.... Something about the permanance of magic markers.... don't write anything you want to hide with magic marker... hmmmm .....it is wise to use lead instead of ink?? some traits make people one sided.... hmm....maybe speaks about the permanence of tattoos... haha yar... I have no idea what I am rambling about now... yar.... I probably just like the quote because the word "fucked" makes me laugh....such a descriptive word about the state of an object... I should go eat something.... yar...

Capn' Socrates S.S. Hemlock

April 25, 2002

Some more words of wisdom:
1) You'd be much cooler if you walked around with a big block of ice on your head.
2) People who punch you in the face are not your friends.
3) Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.
4) A penny saved is pretty much worthless. (Yar ain't that the truth! what the hell can a pirate do witha penny! YAR!)
5) Haste makes waste and sand makes glass. (there is deep knowledge in there somewhere)
6) Put your best foot forward. If both of your feet are similar, it doesn't really matter

Yar think on that, and be boggled! Blog-gled? dar... I should quit while I am ahead....yar...
-Meldun the all-knowing First Mate, S.S. Plank-that-stays-afloat
Yar, so I am tryin to update this more often... that will probably only last a week or so..... yar me attention span has been on the decline fer some time now......So anyway, I still hate me computer at home... and I am not so sure I like this one this here slave barge either.... yar... enough complaints.... So, Me an the ole Capn.JB... "John the Dreadful" to be exact, went out to the ole Chalk of Blue in ole Palo Alto to meet up with some ole chums..... twas an interesting time... had some interesting conversations with some uniteresting people from me past.... Twas a bit funny.... a bit strange to see some of the blokes... hadn't seen them in years apon years.... Afterwards I was talkin to Capn' JB about the fact that when you are talking to people you were never really chums with, how the topic of the conversation always ends up on "so how's Capn' so and so... and have you seen what's his name or whats her face lately....." seems that the only things incommon were people that you sailed with years ago..... and even back then we were all stuck on a ship where we had no choice to leave or go.......So in the end I found out a lot of usless information about me chums of old, who were never really me chums, because if they were, I would have at least sailed one of the seven seas with them in the last few years.... yar.... funny how that goes.... so anyway I know about all of me old mates from days of old that I don't miss and don't really care to see again... well, at least I know where not to sail I guess.... The thing that made me laugh the most was that one of the maidens asked ole JB what one of our brothers in arms was up to, and then she kept sayin: "Brett the heart Miller, I haven't seen him in years..." she musta said it at least six times in ten clicks of the ole clock.... "wow, brett miller... haven't seen him in years, when was the last time you saw him, I haven't seen him in years, what? you saw him at christmas... I haven't seen him in years...." I wanted to ask her when the last time she saw him was... but I figured that might be pushin the wrong buttons... hahahaha arrr.... Capn' John and I had quite a hoot about it on the way to the ole row boat... twas fun for sure... maybe ya had to be there... but alas.. trust me honor, it was funny, like a banana on the ole mid-deck..... laughs for sure would have been had by all... anyway, got to get back to charting me course... more to come in a while I am sure....oh yea... a word from the wise:
"Eat, drink, and drink, and drink. oh and Swear more too."

-Capn. Viglundr the Lawless, S.S. Vikinglore
If there be one thing in this world that gets me fired up, it be me Stupid computer ARRRR!! all that work and no post...ARGH an hour and a half typin, coming up with great ideas poetic deviceez and what happens.... I go to post me thoughts and what happens....ya scurvey bastard... nothing bloddy happens!!!! YAR! ya don't know who ya be medelin with Sir Computer... yar!!! I WILL RUN YOU THROUGH YA BASTARD... just as soon as I have around 3500$ to get a G4!!!! it is gonna be just like office space and the ole fax machine! aaaaaarrrrr!! parts are gonna fly! mark these words.... parts are gonna fly...... the computer will run red!

-General Slaytan SS Killacomputer

April 24, 2002

Dar, I think Lemmy says it best:

"I make love to mountain lions, Sleep on red-hot branding irons,
When I walk the roadway shakes, Bed's a mess of rattlesnakes,
Get me up, you go down, tall building, single bound....
War and peace, peace and love, say it if you dare,
Iron fist, velvet glove, I'm so bad, baby I don't care, "

I feel like I need to destroy something... dar!
maybe start a war... pillage and drink fine spirits...
or even cheap spirits... arrr I haven't been drunk in a long time...
arrrrrrrrr! Tis time to rage and rampage soon I thinks...arrrrr!
I think I need to do some hesher tricks at the park soon... arr
I need to learn Crailslides... arrrrrr that would make me feel a
bit better I's think... arrrrr BS Lip would be good too... Tho
nothing feels quite as good as a huge FS lip with hesher steeezzz...
arrrr.... yea, I need to do some heshian lipslides before I go out robbin
and pilligan that is be for sure... arrrrr! Tiss all fer now landlubbars.

Captn. Hellbringer S.S. Streightoutahell

April 20, 2002

weellll... has been a while again.... haven't been doin much except for ridin me ole plank with wheels... the maidens are in hiding... the boat has been driftin'.... haven't been pillagin' or plunderin'.... haven't been doin much now that I thinks about it... dar... what has become of the dread pirate fallon.... arrrrr! Need ta kick myself in the arse I's thinks... Started a new quarter o'classes up on the hill.... seems like it will be fun.... arr... been travelin to see some musical preformers.... Went all the way to Ventura to see the evil pirate Lemmy and his Motorhead play, it was loud and fast! Arrrrr here's to Lemmy! the man was born to rock! arrrrrr twas a good trip all in all... saw some of me ole shipmates from days of SB... Red beard Rick, Rob the robber, Derek the Dangerous, Aarron The Anti hero, Ricks of the Switch style and a few others.... always good to see the ole crew...I miss the days of sailin the seas with them... arrr.... tis a sad thing when those days come to an end... arr I will mis those days... things were easy, fun, and friends were plenty... darrrrr... getting old is the pits.... at least we still get together everyonece in a while... arrr, those be some fun times for sure....!!! arrr

wheeeel, better get the row boat back to the ship, tis all for now,
-Capn' Fallon S.S. Idontwannagrowup