August 31, 2004

Jedi Mind Tricks are a weird rap group... Rap group? what do you call them? Are they a band? haha ok well whatever... they have really weird beats and kinna crazy lyrics... but they totally flow together for some reason... which makes me like them a lot. Not enough to buy their CD... but enough to rate them high on my Launch Cast player. On another random note: I like "Me First And The Gimme Gimme's" too. They are fun. Fast old songs are rad. Rock on! Oh by the way, I'm bored, and my Yahoo pager doesn't work anymore because my work sucks. Firewalls are stupid...

--El Boredosaurus Rux
My blog pretty much sucks. I haven't been posting to my blog at all lately... I wonder why they call this thing a blog anyway? oh yeah? web log = blog? I dunno abbreviations are weird. Santa Barbara had a ton of em... SB, IV, UCEN, DLG, FT, DP, Trop, IVBC, SAC... haha My work has tons of acronyms too...that is what they are called right? PD, SD, CT, all kinds of medical terms... etc I think we are just lazy. The english language is really becomging lazy. Nahsayin? haha You know what is really funny though??... the Blogger spell check doesn't know how to spell Blog... haha now that's what I call funny. True!

--El Blogosaurus

August 30, 2004

School has started for me again... I'm taking a Black and White photography class up at Canada College (right up the street from me...) Hopefully it will be fun... we'll see...

--El Blogosaurus Rex
I went Skateboarding last night at the "new" skate park in san mateo last night... I guess the park has been around for a while now, but it's still new to me... so I'm calling it the "new spot". It has a bunch of ledges and some flat bars and stuff. It's a lot of fun. I wish I was still tech, but I'm not. My street skills are seriously lacking. I still had fun though. Good stuff.... Skate or die!

--El Notgoodatstreetskateboardingosaurus Rex
Weekend in Review...

I was sick Thursday = lots of Vice City and lots of sleeping.

I was sick Friday = Lots of Vice City and sleeping. I cruzed Quinn's going away party for a bit at the boardwalk... it was good to see everyone but I felt like crap.

I went to La Villa for lunch with Ruth. It was good. La Villa is cool. After lunch I helped my Grandma go shopping. It was sorta fun. Then I went back to Ruth's and chilled out for a bit. Then we went over to her parents house and gave Rouge and Wiley baths. Those dogs are funny. I like Rouge a lot... he's a big goof. We relaxed by the pool for a while and then cruzed back to her place. After we cleaned up we went out to dinner at some Tomato place... It was really good. Then we went to the movies and saw: Collateral it was a good movie.

On Sunday I woke up and lounged for a bit. Then Ruth and I went over to pizza my heart for some lunch. We chilled out there for a bit and then we went up to the lake. It was super fun. Later that night we went to dinner at Sneakers with the Roommates for Nicole's B-day. We did a few shots and chilled out for a while. Later that night I went down to my parents house to help them hang a huge mirror and then it was back up to Rdub to study and then sleep. The end.
--El Lagosaursblogosours Rexus

August 26, 2004

Weekend in Review

This last weekend was all about goin to SB/Ventura/Ojai for Joels wedding....awesome!

On Friday I took off early from work to meet up with my main man: Ben "Porter-supreme" so that we could carpool down to Ventura to go to our good friend Joel's wedding. The Drive was a lot of fun. Ben is a totally awesome guy and a great friend. We spent a lot of time catching up and talking about the good old days back in SB. (Ben and I lived in the same houses for most of our college years so there were a ton of good ole days to remember... haha) It was rad. Ben's big news was that he has a new girlfriend... It was rad to see how stoked on her he was. He talks to his new girlfriend (Erin) on the phone a lot.... and by a lot I mean like every hour on the hour... haha it was pretty funny. By the end of the drive I felt like I had a really strong bond with Erin... and that we were fast on our way to becoming great friends.... even though she wasn't with us... hahaha It was very entertaining to say the least. If I wasn't such good friends with Ben it probably would have been totally annoying...but for some reason I thought it was great. It was rad to see his face light up everytime she called... Ben rules. True!

We rolled into SB in the late afternoon and I met up with Jeff in Carp. Ben and I were both staying at Jeff's house but Ben had to cruze up to Ojai (sp??) to meet up with the wedding party for the rehersal dinner. So Ben dropped me off and then rolled out, and I took off with Jeff back to his place. It was great to see Jeff. I hadn't seen him since his wedding a year before. Much to long. Lucky for me, Jeff and I always seemed to be good friends in SB even though we didn't really hang out all that much after freshman year and even though we both lived at the same houses... I dunno I guess we just always seemed to have other things going on... anyway... I guess that was how it was kinna how it was with everyone that I lived with in SB... we all were super tight, but we all had other lives outside the house.... I dunno... Anyway I am way off the track now... so let's see back to the trip: Jeff and I cruzed out to his new house and met up with his wife Amanda, and then we all went out to dinner at a place called BJ's in Camarillo (I think maybe Ventura??). Anyway dinner was fun and it was rad to catch up with Jeff and to chill out and relax after the long drive down. I found out that they are going to be having thier first kid soon! whoaaaaa crazy!! hahaha good news though. After dinner we went up to Ojai to meet up with the rest of the SB crew. We all met up at Jen's parents house. It was nice to go up there and to chill out and have some beers, kick back by a camp fire, and eat some more food. It was rad to see everyone: Big John, Chris, Davis, Joel, Jen, Dan, etc it was awesome. Ben got pretty faded and was hillarious on the drive back to Jeff's... he drunk dialed Erin and put her on spearer phone... it was after 12 our time... and this is where I should probably mention that Erin lives in Boston... hahahaha Drunken Ben is awesome... he is such a nice guy... so funny.... hahaha Got back to Jeff's and I crashed out hardcore. It had been a long, but super fun day.

Got up early on Saturday and had Bagels at Jeff's house. That was fun. Then we (Jeff, Ben and I) went to go pick up our wedding presents (home depot gift cards) and to go pick up car "decorations" for Jen and Joels car. Sometime after 12 Jesse and Jon and Jon's girlfriend arived at Jeff's house. It was good to see those fools. I hadn't seen any of them since Jeff's wedding either... nice to catch up with everyone... anyway we all cleaned up and headed out to Ojai for the wedding.

The wedding was at a beautiful house up in the hills... the grounds were amazing. It was a perfect location. The actual wedding was short but sweet. almost brought a tear to my eye... *sniff* haha it was very Joel and Jenn which was awesome. Anyway the wedding was rad and it was really cool seeing Joel and Jen so happy. Dinner was good and I had a great time catching up and seeing all the SB heads... those peep's are amazing. It's always a good time hanging out with those fools. We drank lots of beers, a little bit of wine, and had a grand ole time chillin out by the pool. We decorated the car late in the eve: filled it full of balloons, stuck oreo's all over it... drew wild things on the windows.... it was rad. after we destroyed the car we went back up to the party and drank more then a few more beers... I ate lots of food too. Lots of cheese for some reason???? Before I knew it, it was time to head back to Jeff's place and time to catch some z's.

Body count:
3 glasses of wine
7-9 corona's

On sunday I woke up way too early after sleeping rather poorly on Jeff's down stairs couch. I had not consumed enought bevos to make me pass out compleatly... but lucky for me I wasn't hung over either. The price you pay I guess, not a bad hang over but not a good nights sleep on a short couch... hahaha Everyone woke up by 8ish and we cruzed to Ventura for breakfast at this cool little cafe downtown. Good food, good friends, good times. Then we drove up to Ojai to say our goodby's at Joel and Jen's. A few hugs and many big smiles later it was time for Ben and I to make the big drive home. The drive was fun, I got to know Erin some more, and Ben and I had some more great conversation about the good old days and the future and stuff like that. It was rad.

When we got back to the bay I went and had dinner at Ruth's parents house for Dom's b-day, it was fun and the food was great (as usual). It was good to see Ruth. I had missed her. It was a great weekend. Viva SB crew.... 103, 6714, 6576, 3642 for life. WOrd
--El Blogosaurus

August 25, 2004

Ska music is great.... I love that stuff... it is impossible to listen to Ska music and not be happy. That is rad. True!

August 24, 2004

Weekend in Review:

Well, once again Friday rolled around. I skated for a little while after work and then cruzed down to tha Glen for dinner at Ruth's house. Ruth made here world famous Enchiladas and Margaritas... sooooooooo goood. We are talking tha bomb here... off the hook kinna good! Rad. We ate out in her back yard by candle light. It was awesome. Ruth is amazing.

Saturday was my Grandma's B-day party so my Mom and John and I went up to C-town to take her out to eat and to this crazy horse acrobatic thing over in Oakland. It was pretty rad. The performers did some seriously crazy stuff... backflips on moving horses and other random craziness.... it was pretty dope. I was pleasantly surprised that it was as cool as it was. That's always fun don't you think? Being pleasantly surprised rules. I got back to the RW late afternoon steeze and then headed down to Ruth's parents house for the weekly family dinner. It was awesome as usual. Good times for sure.

I think I lost a day here... I don't know what happened on Sunday... maybe I got abducted by aliens??? or maybe I just slept through this day? Not really sure...but maybe something deviant went down! Maybe I was robbed of a day!!! Police, Police!!!!SOMEONE STOLE MY SUNDAY!!!!!

August 23, 2004

I had "styles training" last week for work. It was all about how to get along better and how to interact with your fellow coworkers. How to understand different personalities and how do deal with tension in the office and stuff like that... It was supposed to address some really heated issues between departments and stuff... but it didn't... haha It was also supposed to get to the bottom of some problems that we've been having between offices.... it didn't do that either. It was kind of a waste of time if you ask me. A whole lot of crizap to be totally honest....And to think, at one time I wanted to go into HR and do this kinna stuff for a living..... oh how the world does change.....

--El Blogosurus Ruxx

August 11, 2004

Being nice pays off. Trust me.

August 09, 2004

Weekend in Review:

On Thursday the 568 crew cruzed down to the lake but it was too cold and we were to pussy to swim. So instead we cruzed back home and went to the farmers market. I got some bread and a really good cookie. Then we went to one of the usual dinner spots: Sneakers, for some grub. Sneakers is great. I love sports bars that have good food and good beer and lots of tv's. Sneakers is one of those kind of places. Ruth met up with us there which was rad... She always brings a smile to my face. haha sorry total dork over here... anyway.... After dinner we went to Atavola's for a glass of "good" scotch... don't ask... it was dumb... let's just say we (the guys at 568) had watched a show about distilleries a few nights earlier and so we thought we knew something about good scotch.... we didn't. After I struggled to drink my "good" scotch "with a splash of water" we cruzed home and just chilled out. It was a good night.

On Friday I had to pick up some stuff at the store for my Grandma so I went and skated the MV park after work. I met some cool dudes there named Rich and Montey. They were a lot of fun to skate with. After a super long sesh I cruzed to RW so that I could clean up and then I went down to tha WG. Ruth made dinner, Steak sandos and potatoes and salad... yum! Totally good. We chilled out and called it an evening early.

On Saturday it was off early for breakfast with Ruth's Grandpa and then over to Ruth's parents to go wine tasting with with Nick, Shelly, and Ruths parents for Ruth's Dad's birthday. It was a ton of fun. Ruth's family is rad. The wineries were cool and I found it very interesting to learn a little about the different types of wine and how they were made. It was also interesting to see how different each vineyard was and how they presented their merchandise. One place was super chill while the next was all stuffy and "strictly business"... anyway totally random there... So back to the point of the story: We had lots of good wine and a lot of fun. Ruth put together a lunch for everyone so we had a picknic at the last vineyard which was excellent. Ruth always puts together the best snacks. After we finished winetasting we cruzed over to Santa Cruz to her Dad's boat and ate some snacks and drank beers and some more wine. Dom and Angie showed up, and we toasted their anniversary which was really cool. It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz so we chilled out on the boat for a bit and then headed later in the evening we headed over to the Crow's nest for dinner. Dinner was entertaining and fun. After dinner we cruzed up to the bar where a funk band was playing. We had a drink and Ruth and her parents danced a bit. It was fun. After dinner Ruth's parents went back to the boat and Ruth, Shelly, Nick and I went to at Ruth's Cousins house which is right across from the harbor. It was cool. She has a neat place.

On Sunday we woke up sorta early and then went to breakfast at a place up the street from the docks. It was really good. After breakfast we chilled for a bit and then Ruth and I cruzed back to the WG. I went over and helped my Grandma out for a bit and then went and skated at MV for almost 4 hours. That was a lot of fun. I haven't skated that long in ages. I hit up the "Bell" on the way home and then cruzed to the EH and chilled out with the bro's. We played poker and drank beers. It was pretty fun. I suck at poker but did make some pretty crazy and unpredictable moves so that was funny. I crashed out early and that was all she wrote. It was a super fun weekend... as always... good times and good friends... that's how it's supposed to be.

--Tha Bligityblogosaurus

August 02, 2004

Week... in review

Well last week was sorta lame... highlights: I went swimming a lot, rode my super dope cruzer BMX to the lake a lot, Broke off a few BS/TS's at the park, and I ate some good food at the Deli. Nonhighlights: found out that my car is going to crap out on me soon and that it is going to cost more $$$ then it's worth to fix it... time to go car shopping.... to top it off I also backed into some dumb bitch in a wack ass parking lot on that Friday... as Jenny Kim would say: ERF....

Thursday was the weekly trip to the farmers market after a nice dip in the ole lake. After we cruzed the market the crew hit up this really good Mediterranean place for dinner. Damn good food. I got a steak and drank sangria... it was euphoric. After dinner I went down to the WG and chilled with Ruth, which is always a good thing.

On Friday I ditched out of work early so that I could start my weekend off on a good note and get some shred doggin in...I went and Skated RW... it was hot, and only sorta fun... I went to a liquor store to get a gatorade on the way home and when I was backing out I hit some bizzo who wasn't watching where she was going and didn't notice that I was already more then halfway out of my parking spot and looking the other way.... that shit sucked... I can't believe she didn't see me.... I know it's my fault for looking over the wrong shoulder but I was trying not to hit the brick ledge that was on the left side of my car and she came from the right.... she must have been driving too fast because she wasn't there when I first looked... erf... super sucky. To top it off she was a bitch and called the cops when I complained to her that she should have honked and should have been paying more attention to the world and parking lot around her... I didn't really phrase it that way... but I wish I had... she was an idiot. The cop was like why did you call us? And I was like... *puts hands in the air* I have no idea. So that pretty much sucked. She must have been f'n blind... anyway... I won't complain anymore because by law it was my fault... but really it was hers. After I cleaned up back at the house I went to a dinner party at Ruth's for one of her friends B-days. We all cooked pizzas on the BBQ and drank a lot. It was a lot of fun. Great food, good company, good times. After dinner we chilled out and then went to this funny Karaoke bar down the street. It was a lot of fun and people got their fade on. On the way back somehow I ended up walking home barefoot and giving Ruth's roommate Becky a ride in a shopping cart... lucky for me I didn't crash into anything... hahahahaha good times.... drunken shenanigans are always fun.

Body Count:
3 Newcastles
2 Fat tires
3 glasses of wine
2 jack and cokes
1 unknown shot with Crown Royal in it that tasted good

Got up a little hung over and not feeling that rad. Drove to Taco Bell ate a Mexican Pizza and had a Mt. Dew to try and fix that problem. Then I cruzed over to skate the Mt. View park. I fell pretty hard a few times which pretty much sucks when you are hungover.... *sigh* On a high note, I re-learned half-cab-boardslides on the box and practiced my street steeze on the flat bar a little. After I worked the Hang-over out of my system I went to my Grandma's to help her pack for a few hours. Then I cruzed Went by my mom's to get some boxes and to hang out for a few... then I went back to my Grandma's and helped her pack for a couple more hours... I left my Grandma's place in the early eve and cruzed up to RW to clean up and change. Then it was back on the road again and I drove down to WG for dinner at Ruth's and some chillin. It was a good day, I got a lot of isht done and almost got my Grandma totally ready for the big move on Sunday....

I got up at around 7 and drove to Mt. View to pick up the UHaul. Then I stopped off at good ole Jack in the Box for an Ultimate Breakfast Sando. It was just like old school days at Acuson... up too early and eating a U.B.S. from J in tha B.... haha good times... Then I cruzed over to my Grandma's and finished up some last min packing and then started loading up the UHaul. JB, Mike, and Geoff all came over to help me... Damn good friends for the record. We got my Grandma all packed up and ready to go in no time flat, then got her unloaded and unpacked in record time as well. Like I said... Damn good friends... they worked hard for the money that day!!! Much thanks to the bro's for that one. Truly brotha's from different mutha's. I took them out to eat at the Boardwalk which was fun. That place is great. Good friends, good times, good food. It doesn't get much better. Those guys rule, they actually made a tuff move, a whole lot of fun. After the Boardwalk I went back to my GMA's new place and helped her unpack till around 7 or so.... Then I cruzed over to Ruth's parents for dinner. Which was excellent as always (do I even need to mention that anymore? hahaha) After dinner we watched slides that her Dad had recently taken and then we just chilled out. I slept like a rock that night. It was a long weekend...... The End

--El Blogosaurus