November 24, 2003


Last weekend ruled. It was a non stop action packed weekend. Quick review:

friday: karaoke with wayne and his crew. It was a ton of fun. Didn't get super drunk like I usually do when it comes to rockin out at the Carlos Club, but it was still a ton of fun. I sang my usual Ramones song "sedated" and laughed a lot and had a great time. Waynes friends are super fun. Uber Vivo rocked tha mic like it was goin outa style. It was rad. Good times.

saturday skatefest 2003 part 20. It's Saturday... of course I went skating with my dogs down at SVC and Greer. Tacobell run in the middle... 5+ hours of shred doggin... lots of fun. Lots or crashes... but most of all lots of laughs. viva saturday skate days.

Sunday I didn't do much on sunday. But Sunday night I went to the Black Label video premere. It was insane. So much gnarly footy... it was awesome. Rocked a few beers at the ole Caravan before the show with Geoff. Ran into some homies there which was fun. It was a great night. GPC for life.

November 20, 2003

"think that i'm a loser 'cause my pants are really too low
think that i'm a slob 'cause i got holes in my shoes... I'm not a loser..."

November 18, 2003

Went to Canada today... no not to another country, to the Junior College in Redwood city. Hopefully in two days I will be able to enroll in their photography program. It feels good to be going back to school. It was a trip to walk around the campus at Canada this morning... it was a good trip tho, not like a bad acid trip or something... not like a road trip where you get a flat tire either. It was a good kinna trip, like a road trip out to Ripon where you have the whole park to your self and the weather isn't hot..... or maybe like a trip down to SB to see my dogs. I am really getting amped. Hopefully by the time class starts I'll have a photo lab set up in my bathroom. Lots to do... but things are rollin in the right direction. Word.
--Capn' Gettinstokedon S.S. Gettingbacktoschool
Rock and roll ain't noise polution.

November 14, 2003

weekend in review....

Friday: Watched the Warriors game. yelled a lot. Go W's. Then it was off to the nuthouse. met up with the crew.... got drunk, partied, rocked the nuthouse like it's supposed to be rocked. Good times, like being home again.... talked a bunch of trash... drunken dialed all my og friends from SB.... it was a good night...

body count: 5 beers, 4 shots, one very large margarita.

Saturday: beat the rain to go skate down in tha SVC. it was fun. I like that park a lot. chilled at the house and watched movies all night.

Sunday: worked... went to RWC to skate. it was fun. chilled at the house. end of story. word.

November 13, 2003

There was some emo song playing on my launch cast player a few min. ago (before I skipped it) anyway... it was called "how to start a fire" or something... and I'm sure it had to do something with being sad and how the dudes heart was on fire because he was so sad and angry at the world or something... anyway... If I was to write a song called how to start a fire it would involve playing the electric guitar so fast that bolts of lightining would shoot out of the neck of the guitar and start fires all over the place. Now that's how to start a fire. Metal.
--Capn' Playthatmetal S.S. Guitarfast
How is it that the volume of something ie loudness of music, is related to how good that something is... ie Iron Maiden is 10 times better when it's cranked to 11? Like when I hear a good song on the radio I turn it up as loud as I can... does the loudness of something make it easier to enjoy? less thinking? maybe you can experience the music through osmosis or somthing? If you can "feel" the music, then you can experience it better? just a thought... kinna random.... anyway, Crank it up fuckers!
--Capn' Iwannahearitloud S.S. Rightbetweentheeyes

November 12, 2003

Went to the warriors game with my step dad... it was off the mo fackin hooooook!!!!!!! I yelled a lot... My dogs won in overtime against Detroit!!!!! We sat 13th row, center court.... it was f'n great. I love hoops. Go GSW's!!!!!!!!!! Plaaaaaaaayyyyyoooooofffffsssss!!!!!!
--Capn' GSW's S.S. Forlife

November 10, 2003

a pigeon's fethers are lighter then it's bones
--fun fact from snapple

November 07, 2003

Last night was bowling. I did ok. I shot a 202. we won two games. my friends are starting to take it to seriously. is all about beer and friends... not winning. I had fun. I don't know if they did. I drank some beer. Beer is good. this post is lame.
--Capn' Getout S.S. Anddosomeshit
the bird is the word.
--Surfin Bird

November 06, 2003

All I know is that I don't know,
All I know is that I don't know nothing.

November 05, 2003

I should write about my weekend... but there isn't much to write about.... went to an 80's party on sat night... that was fun. I dressed up as a rocker. Not really dressing up tho I guess... cuz I sorta am a rocker... hm... oh well... whatever viva the 80's....

I haven't skated much lately... I hate this whole daylight savings thing... what the hell good is it anyways? Less light at night.... that's a stupid idea if I ever heard of stupid ideas.... aren't we like the only country in the entire world that does has this stupid daylight savings thing??? what the f' is up with that anyways??? But Seriously, I hate daylight savings. I guess I wouldn't hate it as much if the skateparks around here had lights at night... but they don't... so I will continue to hate daylight savings untill they do. I need to build a mini ramp at my house.

It's been really cold lately.

Last saturday I had to jump the fence to skate the park because the rangers didn't unlock the gate. I felt like a kid again. I've been trying to learn/relearn some of my old tech steeze... I suck at tech shit... oh well... I am going to learn fakie frontside flips on the pyramid again. My goal is to land one by december. We'll see how that goes.

I'm gonna enroll back into a photography program again too. I am tired of not being creative.

thats all for now.
--The dog
I am listening to Flash Gordon's theme song right now... Queen rules.... FLASH! Whoooaaaa, Saved everyone of us!!! hahaha rad....
--Capn' Oftha S.S. Shipyar
No good quote today
--El Gringo