November 29, 2002

ps Thanksgivnin was good. Here's to family and friends.
It's friday. I am at work. I got up at 8. I am tired. I am not a happy camper. Get me the fizuck out of this place.

November 27, 2002

well... looks like my contract has yet again been extended... this is a good thing right? Sniff sniff... (wipes up tears) I guess freedom can wait a few more weeks.... this is a good thing... yes... it is....(recomposes himself) OK! I am ready to charge forward again into the seas of slavery and hard work... one more month... better make that shit count. I think I am gonna leave this boat early today... seeing as I will be back here on Friday and Saturday.... no rest for the wicked.... damn... I must be super evil or something...
--Capn' Stuck S.S. Ontheslaveshipagain
"Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can."
--Elsa Maxwell

November 26, 2002

Yar.... me archives are lost at sea!!! MAN OVERBOARD!!! YARRR!!! watch out fer them sharks me hearties!!!
So it looks like this might be my last week here at this slave ship.... WHOOOOEEEEE!!!! actually... I am gonna be a little sad to leave... but at the same time... I am really excited to move on and start something new... what I am gonna start I have no Idea... but whatever it is.... it is gonna rock!! whoooooeeeeee!!!!! Movin on up, just like the Jeffersons.. word. I am turning a new page in my book and starting a new chapter in my life. This is gonna be fun. Here's to change and livin life with the pedal through the floor! There is a small chance that I might get extended through December... it that happens I might cry for a little while... but then I will smile and be thankful that I have a job still. but first I will cry. I just wanna rock....
--Capn' Catscratch S.S. Wangotango
So last weekend I didn't do much.... chilled mostly... didn't go get crazy at all but never the less here is the weekend in review.....

Friday: Worked till pretty late.... then went to a really good punk/rockabilly/psychobilly show at Plant 51 in D-town San Jose. It was a great show. The bands were really good. It was fun. That about sums it up.

Saturday Worked in the morning and then met Capn' Stew for some shed doggin down at Greer (suprise suprise) Skated a ton which was good, I really needed to get out and stretch my legs a bit. After that, went home, chilled, ate some food, and then went over to Capn' Mike's place to play some ping pong and watch a movie. It was fun. Drinking PBR and playing ping pong is always a good match. I got a Ghetto paddle the other day, the kind that has sand paper on it... it rules. Ping pong is super fun. I don't even remember what movie we watched... so it must not have been that good.... oh yea... we watched Starwars Episode 2. That movie sucks.

Sunday Worked in the lab all day. And when I say all day... I mean: from 10:30am till 8:30pm. I think that my brain was dead by the time I left to go home. I met a bunch of cool people there... there were some really funny fools there. That made things go by a bit quicker.... I met a cool girl there... we went out to eat at In'n'Out after class...It was fun but I am not gonna get my hopes up.... I dunno anyway... that was my weekend. Not really all that... but not really bad either. Actually it was really a pretty good weekend. Word.
--Capn' Runnin S.S. Everywhichwaybutloose
"You can get a lot more done with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone."
-- Al Capone

November 25, 2002

"You ask me why I like to dance
And you ask me why I like to sing
And you ask me why I like to play
I got to get my kicks some way
and You ask me what I'm all about
Come and let me hear you shout high....
I said high--------
High voltage rock 'n' roll"
--AC/DC High Voltage

November 22, 2002

So what is new... nothing... I really need to do something about that. Same thing different day.. it is the story of my life lately... what happened to me? I use to be so driven... I was on the go constantly...always had plans... always had somewhere to be.... lately I have been coming home and just watching movies and laying around.... I haven't been skating... I haven't been out with my friends... ugh...... and now here I am again... reading about b-ball on the web... looking for a new job.... getting ready to go see a show.... dreaming about skateboarding... single..... hungry.... bored.... I need a haircut... I need to shave... I need to meet a girl.... it wouldn't be such a big deal to be single right now if it wasn't for the fact that almost all of my friends have met girls in the last 3 months.... now all of them are MIA.... my buddy John doesn't even come to class anymore.... my dogs don't hang at the nut house... the bros just aren't around anymore... I am pretty much the only fool that is single... nothing like sitting at home to rub that consept in your face and stuff.... ugh... it has been sooooo long since I have had a "girlfriend" I almost don't even remember what that is all about. I am really in no big hurry.. but man... it would be nice. I miss some of that whole thing..... then again.. the last couple of girls I have dated have really sucked... I dunno..... shit... I guess I am just sad because everyone else around me is in love and I'm not... and I haven't been for a long time. I really have kinna given up on that whole thing... especially since this whole Genny incedent... what the hell happened there.... shit.. whatever I guess... no big deal... but I dunno man... things just never seem to work out for me. ugh... I need to stop thinking about all this crap. I need to start skating more and stuff.... that always puts me in a better mood.
Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.
-- Henry Ford

November 21, 2002

I am gonna go skate with my girlfriend at Greer right now.... bye....
--Capn' Shreddoggin S.S. Atlunch
ps yes my girlfriend is a board with four wheels, don't jell she is good to me.
The Warriors won last night....
The Lakers lost.....
if you look at this link: you will see that
as of right now... THE WARRIORS ARE

Sweet sweeet sweeeeeeet Justice..... After so many many many many years.... I can now die happy. : )
I feel as if soon we will be seeing a replay of Run T.M.C. except now it will be Run J.A.R. with DJ F.M.D-2
Keep on rockin ye Warriors!
--Capn' Diehard S.S. Warriorsfan
"It's easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top."
--Arnold Bennet

November 20, 2002

I hate it when I make crazy mistakes on my blog and I don't catch them till days later.... shoooooo.... I suck at proof reading.....
Capn' Nocanspell S.S. Nogrammartoo
"The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it."
-- Vince Lombardi
It is late. I can't sleep which sucks because I have to get up early and go to work on time tomorrow. I went and skated Vans after work. That usually puts me in a good mood. Tonight it totally bummed me out. There were tons of good skaters riding at Vans tonight. I use to be able to hang. I fell pretty hard doing a retarded back side fifty fifty on this lame bank to box type thing.... I felt like such a tweaker. All I could think about was: damn... I must look like the biggest poser here.... It really sucked. Once upon a time some I had some really good tricks wired there. Now I flail around like a bird with a broken wing. I kept trying to push myself to do something good so that I could feel better about myself... so that I could feel like I was still a shred dog... but every trick I tried ended up with either me flailing through the air like a loon or sliding on my back doing the ole stop drop and roll technique for putting out fires.... I sucked big time tonight... I would like to blame it on the fact that my board had no pop and my shoes kinna sucked and the fact that I have a little bit of a cold... but truthfully I know it is cuz I have fallen off lately.... All I do is go to Greer and carve around in circles... I need to start skating Vans more often so that I don't look like such a fucking wack old fool... damn... maybe I am getting to down on myself... yea... I think maybe I am.. but damn... when are things gonna go my way.... that last sentence has nothing to do with skateboarding... I don't even know why I included it here.... mental note: Don't let girls interfere with anything that has to do with skateboarding ever again... shooo....

November 19, 2002

time to go skate ya bastard!!!
Oh, by the way, I am at work still... ugh......
I really need to get a life.
Dallas 98, LA Lakers 72 dude is it Christmas?????
Go Mav's BEAT LA!!! Whooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes it surprises you with loops and hairpin turns. Right now things in my life are sorta coasting..... Things haven't been working out the way I wanted or thought they would. Some things just sorta worked out but not quite..... Oh well, that's ok. Nothing is really bad, but things that I was hoping were going to be awesome have sorta fallen flat.... not like two day old soda flat, but a little flat.... kinna like the matte finish on a photo with no contrast. Sorta a grey flatness.... I dunno... Some things are rockin right now, and I couldn't be happier about some other things... but some have just kinna fallen flat.... it's really all good I think..... hmmm..... I think I am gonna go skate the late session at Vans tonight and vent some of my bent feelings at the ramp. Mostly, I just feel like I don't have enuff time lately. That is gonna be changing soon tho... soon I won't have a job due to company cut backs in budget and soon I will have tons of time on my hands. That is gonna be good. It has been far too long since I have had time on my hands. Yes... here's to time on my hands....
--Capn' Gimme S.S. Abreakyo
"The best way I know to win an argument is to start by being in the right."
-- Lord Hailshan

November 18, 2002

Slayer's Live Decade of Agression double CD is soooo good. I am super pumped right now. If I was at a skatepark I would be doing crazy fast lines while screaming and waving the horns in the air.... I think my hair grew like two inches just from listening to the first CD...... I get twice as much work done when I listen to metal... Metal is rad. Nothing wrong with being fulled by Slayer...... I am a Slayer charged hesher right now..... rock on.
--Capn' Itainthesh S.S. Unlessitsmesh
This weekend was crazy... I don't even know where to start.... from the start would be a good place I guess which would be Friday..... but really it all started on Thursday... So maybe I should start there....

Thursday: Bowling night with the Truckers.... This is where the story started I guess... well really this whole story started some 25 years ago.. but no wait, that's a different story... this is the story of the weekend right? right. Ok so the weekend started early this week... Thursday... you would think I was back in school or something... except no, wait, I always had Friday classes so no.. this isn't anything like school... or wait... maybe it is cuz I have to go to work on Friday�s just like I had to class back in school, so yea, ok the weekend started early just like back when I was livin' in SB. Bowling night was its usual chaotic orchestra of gutter balls, empty pitchers, and shouting. We actually won 2 games again, even in our drunken states. I for one was having trouble walking straight after the second game. It was a lot of fun and we all bowled pretty damn well. After bowling it was time to head over to the ole Boardwalk for some grubbin pizza and chicken wings. Before we got there tho, Audry took John and I to the ATM where I was brutally assaulted by Capn' John, the crazy dreaded pirate. JB pulled my sweatshirt hood over my face and then proceeded to knock me over while "accidentally" kneeing me in the jaw and shoulder. An attack that I still contend was unprovoked... although I did make a slight move towards his money when the ATM was spitting it out.... so ok yea, I guess I really did start it... but damn, JB really finished it... man... he took a brotha to school. I wasn't expecting the ole hockey move on his part... it was a good one. After JB kicked my ass we went and ate pizza... yum... always a good thing. Then Ben came down and picked me up so that we could go jam with Mike down at the studio. It was hard to play... I was still pretty faded... but I think I did a pretty good job considering. It was an all out rock and roll fest. Good times. We must have rocked out for close to 4 hours.... When we got back to my car at the bowling alley JB's car was there so Ben and I drew pictures of bad things and left him mean notes on his windshield.... it was great. I went home and tried to go to sleep, but then my shoulder started to hurt..... I ended up only sleeping for like 3 hours all night... all in about thirty min. stints. I finally ended up crashing out on the floor because for some reason it made my shoulder feel better.... anyway needless to say I woke up with a bit of a cold and not in the greatest mood on Friday.....

Friday Friday was a chill day.... worked till around 7... went home, cleaned up and then went up to Damian's with Jamie to get some grub. We went to a great burger place called the Canyon Inn... totally recommend it... great burgers at a reasonable price... yum... that is one of my new favorite places... not only do they have great food, but they have Centipede sit down style... that game rules. After some great food we went back to Damians house to watch he Warriors blow a primo opportunity to beat the Lakers... ugh... it was as if someone reached in and tore my heart out... haha oh well.... they are looking a lot better this year at least... they don't have that "shit we are gonna lose again" look in their eyes... now it is like, "dude we are gonna play really hard and get really close and still lose" look... ugh.. it is hard being a Warriors fan.... but damn it if I am one... whoot whoot!

Saturday It was on, went to work and then went costume shopping for Damian and Ben's country club costume party. I love costume parties. If you ever want to see me make a fool out of myself and get super drunk, invite me to a costume party..... Saturday night was no break from classic Sean performances.... I still say I didn't dance and that I don't dance... but apparently pictures of me dancing on Damian's coffee table in between two girls have surfaced and are making my argument a hard one to stick by.... but damn, when they play fun songs like OPP and House of Pain's Jump Around can anyone really resist shaking that azz? Well, apparently I can't either.... I played Asshole with Jamie and her friends from SB, man, I forgot how rad all those girls are.... not only are they super hot, but they are supper fun to hang out with too.... wow... hahaha good times... those girls rule. There is something to be said for people that went to school in SB and at Cal-Poly... they sure do know how to party, get you totally trashed, and have a totally good time... hahaha it was rad. Things went well until I started drinking Cap't Morgan�s straight from the bottle... ugh... I don't even like spiced rum... of course... I have no one to blame but myself for those shots... after all, I was the one that was making everyone take them.... (mental note: don't listen to yourself when you are drunk dude) So about 6 chugs of Morgan�s later I was singing like a Death Metal God into the great white microphone..... ugh... that was no fun..... I spent half the night with my arms wrapped around my new girlfriend (the porcelain goddess) and then managed to find my way out to this tinny ass chair where I slept for the rest of the night.... waking up on Sunday was not fun.... but I must say, the night was great fun and I had a blast.

Body Count (as close as I can remember)
3 Newcastle�s
2 PBR's
1 pale ale
1 beer that was from some Oregon brewery
1 Steinlogger
2 Irish car bombs
1 shot of Capn't Morgan's (from an actual shot glass)
5-6 swigs of Morgan's from the bottle....
1 Night on the bathroom floor
2 Death Metal tribute albums recorded on the great white mic.

Sunday Sunday was not my fun day�.. hehe� least not until Sunday night I suppose... I didn't do anything all day long.... except sleep and try to recover. At around 5:30 I took a shower and got ready to go to the Slackers show. Man... great Ska music... One of the better shows I have seen in a long time.... the Slackers are great.... good times... good music... a great way to end a great weekend of chaos and mayhem.... Ska music is rad, I could listen to it forever..... : )
"Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people succeed because they are determined to."

November 15, 2002

An email I got from my good friend John this morning:

"thanks everyone for the notes on my windshield, the writing on my windows, and of course, the voicemail on my work phone. you are all true friends!"

last night was rad.... haha

November 14, 2002

Ok... I put in Deep Purples Highway Star.... I am hesh again! whooooo hoooo!
I just realized that I might be turning into a hippie.... My hair is long and unkept.... I rock IPath skateshoes when I ride...... and I am fiending for Trail mix..... I have been listening to the Beatles White Album like twice a day for three weeks in a row..... holly F@ark..... If it wasn't for my Vans and Motorhead Hammered tour shirt I could be mistaken for a tree huggin hippie right now... wow.... I really need to think about cutting my hair tonight.... really....
I was walking in the other building a few hours ago and someone asked me what I had done to my hair...... "nothing" I replyed, "It's just long...." they didn't get it. I think I might cut my hair tonight.
I think I am addicted to Trail mix..... I already ate 4 bags of the stuff today...
I have been listening to a lot of Misfits CD's lately....
you should too.
--Capn' Glen S.S. CanIgooutandkilltonight
"Brains for dinner,
Brains for lunch,
Brains for breakfast,
Brains for brunch,
Brains at every single meal,
Why can't we have some guts"
--Misfits Braineaters
There just has to be some deep insight here....

November 13, 2002

The F-Lakers are tied right now for last place with the Warriors.... I don't know if life gets better then this.... muhahahahaaaaa The Warriors play tha Flakers in LA on friday....... I think I know how I will be spending my friday night.... jumpin around and gettin crazy watchin my dogs thump them in their home town!!!!! WOOOF WOOOF!!! Come on DAMP!!! We want a trip dub!!!! Come on 'RENAS we want 15+ assists again!!! Whooot whoooot!!! Where is my dog Fortson???? I wanna see that name up on tha rankings for most rebounds again!!!!! J-Rich, Lets see some dunkin steeeeeze!!!! take those flakers to school booooyyyyeeee!!!! Murph, dude... keep rackin up them points!!! Jamison... dude... I got one thing to say... let's see one of them 51 point games dog.... that would rule tha day foo!!! whooooooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!! I think I may have finally lost it... but what the hey, it's b-ball season again and I am gettin psyched!!!!!!!!!!.......whooot whoooot... GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT LA.... BEAT LA...... BEAT LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I got to work late today... slept through my alarm... that sucks.... but now, I am going to go skate Greer with Stew, so that is good. I don't feel like working today. I almost didn't come in at all when I realized how late I had slept in. but I am here... stupid mistake I know....but alas... I try to be a good employee. I feel like leaving my boss a note that says: Take this job and Shove it. Word.
--Capn' Slayer S.S. Idongiveafug
"Do not fear mistakes. There are none."
--Miles Davis About Improvisation

November 12, 2002

This song has been in my head all day.... hm... pissed off or what?

Let's test your threshold of pain
Let's see how long you last
That hatpin in your retina
Unbosoms all your past
With jaded eyes and features
You think they really care
Let's go where eagles dare
We'll go where eagles dare
I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch
You better think about it baby
I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch
You better think about it baby
--Misfits Where Eagles Dare
I skated Vans last night again with Dylan. It was pretty fun. I mostly skated the mini-ramp... well hmmm....I dunno, do you really call a 6' halfpipe with 7' extensions a mini-ramp? I guess it is "mini" compared to a 12' vert ramp... but I dunno... it ain't no mini-ramp in my mind.... Anyway... whatever... what am I even talking about again? oh yea, skating mini-ramp with Dylan... that was fun. Dylan is insane. He kills ramp. The mini at Vans is really good... Perfect tranny..... tho it is super fast and kinna slick too.... fast is good, fast and slick is kinna wacky... makes me scared... but really fun at the same time. Living on the edge is good sometimes. I like going fast. I am getting better at skating that place again, I need to skate there more. It sucks skating there by myself tho. but the ramp is good, it is my friend, so when I skate it I feel like someone else is there cheering for me.... that may sound kinna wacky... but if you skated you would understand... local spots are like friends... they are like home... they feel good and are good to you. they get pissed at you when you don't skate them tho... and then they make you fall... it's like not hanging out with friends.. that is not cool and makes your friends sad... spots feel that too. They miss you when you are gone... or maybe it is just you miss them when you are gone... but either way you are both happy when you come back. Local for life yo..... or was that loco for life? Speaking of Loco's there were a lot of loco fools there last night. This one crazy dude set his board on the coping to drop in while I was skating.... it was scary, I was gonna do a super highspeed tailslide on the coping right where he was standing with his board... instead, I had to take evasive action in the green room and got tubed by his board. Then I almost ran into Dylan. It was like surfing at Pipeline with crazy Dylan sharks swiming in the water... I don't think that makes any sense... I wish I had video footage of it so I could add it for you to see... then it would make sense... oh well... let's just say I barely escaped death and a lot of pain. Crazy fool. On another tailslide trip into the land of stupidity I almost destroyed this fruit-booter who was hanging his skates over the edge of the coping.... If I had tried to bail out I would have killed him and I decided fuck it, and just did my super highspeed tailslide through his boots.... I almost killed him and scared the hell out of the other booters that were being dumb on the ramp, but I survived which was good.... I felt kinna bad about doing a shred dog move like that right through the dude.... but it was his fault for being a crack head. You should never, ever, ever, EVER, stand near the coping when some one is shred doggin on the mini...... it is poor ramp manners. Not only that but it is stupid. People get killed that way. Well maybe not killed... but lots of mean words exchange hands and people get really angry. I know some skaters that would have killed that dude for being so unsmart. I dunno... I still feel kinna bad about it cuz I am not really a jerk when I skate... but that dude asked for it... and there really was nothing else I could do except kill myself trying to avoid his mistake.... and that just wasn't an option. There were more crazy fools there but I am tired of typing and they are pissing me off so I am not gonna write anymore.
--Capn' Jibba S.S. Jabba
"It's never too late to live!"
--A Rockstar

November 11, 2002

Last weekend was fun. I skated a lot... went to Alameda... Vans.... Greer... it was awesome.... lots of fun. Dylan the destroyer killed everything.... especially last night at Vans... man... that guy is crazy good at mini ramp.... he killed that thing brutally... it was awesome..... I love skating with that dude... He makes me want to push every limit. I always skate my hardest when he comes out here. Dylan is rad. I was pretty dissapointed with the Alameda skatepark... that thing kinna sucked. I guess it would be good if you were good at doing airs over hips... and skating fucked up lumpy transitions.... but I am not really that good at that... so for me... that place was kinna wack....oh well... It was fun just to take a bit of a road trip out there. It's all about road trips..... Speaking of road trips: We didn't make it to Ripon this weekend because of the rain... stupid rain... on the jack move again... so that really sucked... I had been looking forward to a Ripon trip for some time now... and now it looks like I am gonna have to wait some more. Bummer. stupid rain: I hate you.... haha

So anyway..... over all the weekend was great... went out with my friends, ate a ton of good food, skated a bunch, learned some new tricks, played a bunch of music.... good times. Maybe I will write more later... but for now I will just say it was a great weekend and leave it at that.
--Capn' Itaintover S.S. Tillitsover
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
-- American poet Robert Frost (1875-1963)

November 08, 2002

I should go home....
I am bored right now... I don't feel like working... if it wasn't raining I would go skate at Greer... stupid rain... I hate the rain right now... Even if it is making it snow up in the mountains... It is making my day way less hesh.... I hope it is dry out tomorrow... I wanna go skate Ripon and get hesh. I want to take pictures up there too.... Stupid rain is mucking up my plans right now.... On a ligher note the loading dock out back was filled with over 4 feet of water this morning... that was kinna cool... the trucks couldn't pull in to drop of their freight... haha I guess the rain is good sometimes.... It felt cool to walk in the rain this morning... I haven't just walked in the rain in a long time... since I was a kid prolly.... there is something refreshing about having small drops of water hit you in the face when you are still feeling groggy and trying to wake up. But righ now I am pissed at the rain... Right now the rain is my enemy. If the rain was a person I would probably yell at it and maybe punch it in the eye right now. I want to go shred... I forgot how much it rains up here... I am gonna have issues with the weather this winter.... I can tell already...
--Capn' Boredandangry S.S. Iwannagoskate
I went to a Sharks game earlier this week... it was super fun. I love going to sporting events it is so much fun. I am really thinkin hard about getting a mini plan package for the Warriors... I have been watching a lot of sports lately.... I watched a lot of baseball this year, more then I ever have in my entire life... I use to find baseball soooo boring... I love watching it now... haha dude am I getting old or what. After bowling last night we went to the boardwalk for some grub. On sorts center I saw that the F-lakers are 2 and 4 right now... dude, that rules! The Warriors are only one game behind right now!!! whooo hoooo!!! hahaha F-LA... hehe I really shouldn't get so much enjoyment seeing them loose.... that is kinna evil or something..... muuhahahaha..... am I evil? yes maybe? I dunno... I wish I was a Basketball star... or a Hockey star... or any kind of star for that matter... it would be awesome to be that good at something... To get paid to do something that you love... that would be rad. Maybe someday I will be a rock star! hell yea, that is what I am gonna be... Sean Fallon: Rock Super Star
--Capn' Rocker S.S. Roller
Northstar is reporting 15"
Siera is reporting +9"
Bear Valley is reporting +5"
Kirkwood got +4" and is expecting 4' tonight
Squaw got +6" and is expecting at least 4' tonight....
whoot whooot......Snow is falling!!!
Snowboarding season 2002 here I come!!!!!
--Capn' Snow S.S. Blind
"Never frown because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile"

November 07, 2002

Work is going by slow today... I am excited to go bowling... I don't feel like sitting here anymore.... my boss has been out sick for like 3 days now... and no one is really feelin motivated here.... I think we are all kinna tired from working so much this last year... and now that it looks like most of us are getting laid off at the end of the month I think most of us are loosing the drive that we once had. It is kinna a shame that things are falling apart. This group use to work so frickin hard... now no one feels like putting in the extra effort. We broke ourselves for this crappy company and how do they pay us back... they lay us off... oh well whatevers... it has been an interesting ride and I guess I have learned a few new things here and there.... There is still a chance that I may be extended through December.... but right now that chance is looking small.... I am kinna looking forward to gettin the ole ax... I haven't had more then 3 days off since last year.... unless you count the week that I was sick for four days... which I don't... anyway... I am looking forward to a little relaxation and some chill time... that is gonna be nice... I am looking forward to the change too.... I am tired of busting my ass for this lame retarded job.... haha no, I am not bitter at all ... haha oh well whatever... I am gonna leave early today... and give this place the finger as I drive away... soon I will be free again... soon I will be free!!!
--Capn' Bored S.S. Watchinmossgrow
Winter is coming! SNOW will be here soon!
whoo hoooo! Ride on!
--Capn' Frosty S.S. Thesnowman
As long as a person doesn't admit he is defeated, he is not defeated, he's just a little behind and isn't through fighting.
-- Darrell Royal, Texas football coach

November 06, 2002

I went and skated at Greer today for my lunch break... well... extended lunch break as it turns out... haha... hm... anyway.. Capn' Stew showed up and I couldn't pass up a sesh with that fool... That dude is a rocker. I always have so much fun skating with him there.... that guy is so good.... man... I hope someday I will be able to flow as well as he does.... every time I feel like I am starting to get good Stew shows up and humbles me... haha that is rad. I really love skating at that place... I don't know if there is a better feeling in the world then carving around the corners as fast as you can... well... maybe there are a few things which feel better... but damn...I think carving Greer has to be one of the best feelings ever.... sooooo rad... I could throw down fat carves for the rest of my life and be happy. Dylan the destroyer is coming to town on friday night.... man this weekend is gonna get hesh.... I am really looking forward to it! watch out skateparks... prepare to be destroyed by the hesh rockers....
--Capn' Hesh S.S. Mesher
"Well, I hear it's fine
if you got the time
and the ten to get yourself in.
A hmm, hmm.
And I hear it's tight
most ev'ry night,
but now I might be mistaken.
hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm.
Have mercy."
--ZZ Top,Tres Hombres (1973) La Grange

November 05, 2002

I need to make some changes in my life again... not huge ones... but not really small ones either.... I have been working on some of them for a long time now... and I feel like I am making progress in some places.... but I know I am not reaching my full potential right now... I need to reach down inside myself and find that little bit of extra effort...that extra drive... that extra little push to take me over the top and up to a new level.... nothing in my life is really bad at all right now... but I see things being so much better... I see and feel that I can be so much more... I feel like a caterpillar or something.... getting ready to make the change into a butterfly.... or something... I dunno... it is kinna weird.... but I feel like I am close to making some big moves in my life. Things have been on the up and up for quite some time now... my broken heart has healed... my past has blurred from a black and dark abyss back into a pleasent swirl of well lit colors... I am happy, having lots of fun, and things are good... but they can be better... I see so much more ahead of me now, I want so much more from my life right now.... I need to reach out and take that blind step into the unknown and chase my dreams and catch them. It is time to run, to break free from my safety lines and charge forward into the unknown.... it is time to take some risks and to motivate into a more positive direction.... yes... it is time once again to raise the sails and hoist the red flag.... watch out everyone, the Dread Pirate O'Fallon is on the loose again! And this time no port is safe!!! YAR!
--Capn't O'Fallon S.S. Hammerdown
I'm a rocker
I'm a roller
I'm a right out of controller!

November 04, 2002

Another weekend has come and gone... where does all the time go...seems like time just zooms past me lately... weeks, months, years, decades..... zooooooooom another day left behind.... another week in the past..... zoooooommmmm...... and it doesn't seem like things are slowing down in the least bit........ faster faster spinning past like cars on the freeway.... zooooooooom..... another hour gone....

Anyway... last weekend was good... I worked and skated and chilled with my friends and printed a ton of photos and played a lot of ping pong and played some music and ate some good food and went out with Genny and had a lot of fun. I feel like I got a lot acomplished. It was a really good weekend... I don't really know why it was so good... I didn't do anything out of the ordinary really.... it was just a good weekend. The highlight would have to be hanging out with Genny......She impresses me more and more everytime I spend time with her.... that girl is pretty rad.

So... anyway... once again things are going well.... I really can't complain about anything (besides my suck ass job of course) so that is good.... I am rockin and rollin as usual.... things are rad.
--Capn' Floatinalong S.S. Enjoyingtheview
"Today your love, tomorrow the world"

November 01, 2002

halloween ruled... more on this later.... muuhhahahahaaaaa