March 15, 2005

Ok... so yeah... I suck at this thing now... you would think with all the free time that I have I'd be able to finish up the 20 some unpublished posts that I have and that I'd have ton's of stuff to write about... right... well it hasn't turned out that way.

Ok so a quick recap of my life at this point:

Ruth and I had our one year annaversery. It is hard to believe that we've been going out for so long... seems like we just met the other day.... wow... We went to Ciao Amore for dinner the week of. It was rad. Ruth is Rad....

The band played a show at the house for New Years. We had a super, and not so super hero theme. It was pretty cool. I got super drunk and tried to challenge Mike's little brother to a drinking contest. Betto, aka David aka mike's little bro, is not only about 100 lbs bigger then me, but he is also probbably in much better drinking shape then me. I lost a lot of games at beer pong to him. And got sick the next morning. It was a great night.

I have been skating a lot. A few weeks ago I skated 5 parks in one day. More then 6 hours of skating.... needless to say I could hardly walk the next day. But it was awesome. The one nice thing about having no job is having a lot of free time to go skate. I've been trying to land crooked grind pop outs for almost a month now.... still no luck. But I did land some fakie 50-50 frontside bigspin out's the other day... that was cool. I even got some props from some of the local tech dogs...

I'm still looking for work. May have some good leads... I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It feels like summer time up here right now... sunny, nice out, definately BBQ weather... I'm looking forward to swimming down at the lake already.

Valentines day was awesome. I cut out about 200 little paper hearts and put them all over her house... she'll be picking them up for years.... hehe... Ruth made me dinner and gave me the most amazing card ever.... so rad... I am so lucky to have met her. It was a totally perfect night. I'll try to post some pictures of the table that she set up and of some of my decorations.

Oh yeah that reminds me! I finally got my own digital camera... expect to see lots of pictures posted up soon!!! :-)

That's all for now... I'll try to hit this stupid thing up more often...
El Capitan