September 30, 2002

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another Direction."
- General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)

September 27, 2002

I am at work still this sucks...

September 26, 2002

Oh yea... skated greer at lunch today... learned two lines and how to do little olies over one of the hips... it was rad! I am really excited and don't feel like working now... erf... haha oh well....
--Capn' Skate S.S. Tolive
Work has been killing me.... Worked 12 hours on tuesday moving boxes and making pallets... 11 hours yesterday working on a problem excel work sheet that had over 2000 items on it... and then moved boxes and pallets around... ugh... I am tired... on top of that I have been playing music untill late at night and going to school....... I can't wait for the weekend... I am really tired and could really use some time to hang out with my friends. I have big plans for the weekend.. it is going to be great.... I am gonna rock and roll and party every day... it is gonna be great.... and it all starts tonight with bowling... I can't wait.... rock on with my bad self... haha (dork)
--Capn' Tired S.S. Asallhell
"Do a lay back
4 wheel slide!
shoot the corner
on your ride!"
--The Evil I's

September 25, 2002

"If my answers frighten you then you should cease asking scary questions."
--Jules Winnfield Pulp Fiction

September 24, 2002

Five O'clock is almost here... that means I put in 10 hours at work today! nice... overtime is good. I went and skated at Greer for about 20 min for my lunch... I learned a new line! whoo hooo! That is really cool.... I am super stoaked! I had the whole park to myself too... which is an added bonus!! I feel unstopable today! I gotta get into the habbit of starting off my day on a hyped foot again.... I use to do that down in SB... I don't know why I stoped when I got back to the bay area....

Work went by fast today... I guess cuz I was working my ass off all day... This week is gonna be great...
word to tha mother ship
--Slaytan, Capn' o' tha Seven Seas
Yar... I got to work at the crack o' dawn today... 7am... I haven't been up that early in many a day... Yar, I woke up at 6:15 to the sound of Motley Crue singing Shout at the Devil.... got outta bed and threw on me ole Faction CD... got pumped, got ready for work, and headed out the door. Threw on Static Age from the Misfits to get my blood flowin' abit as I warmed up my car and cracked open a peach Snapple. Sang the lyrics to Hybrid Moments at the top of my lungs the whole way to work and I didn't hit any traffic. It is gonna be a great day!
--Capn' Latetobed S.S. Earlytorise
"I ride my bike like I live my life, with no brakes"
--Local Rider at Greer Park

September 23, 2002

I went to the studio last night at 9:30 and played music till 2:30 in the morning. I was so amped after the sesh that I couldn't get to sleep till almost 4:30 am. Mike and I spent most of the time working on a couple new songs.... I love doing that... it is really fun putting together a new song. I can't really describe the feeling I get when we finally finish writing a song, but it is awesome. I feel like the last couple of songs we have put together are some of our best songs to date... seems like things just keep clicking along and coming up with better and better ideas... Mike and I really seem to work well together... I hope when we get more people in the band that they click as well as we do... I am kinna worried about that... I guess we just have to make sure that the people we bring in are on the same wavelength...Out to destroy, out to have fun, and definately out for rock and roll... haha I love our music.... I can't wait till this shit gets goin and we are out playin shows.... The Evil I's will kill you... Metal and punk and heshness forever baby....I just wanna rock...
--Capn' Rockstar S.S. Metalhealth
"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well."
-Diane Ackerman

September 22, 2002

Saturday night I went on the hardest bike ride I have ever been on. 27 1/2 miles of pain and suffering. 27 1/2 miles of burning legs, gasping breath, and aching arms. It was great! Ride time was about 1 hour and 45 min, which isn't really that fast, but Capn' Damian and Capn' Geoff said it wasn't all that slow either. We started the ride in San Carlos near Holly street and headed out towards Woodside. In the middle of the ride we rode up Old La Honda road.... Old La Honda is an insane 3.5 mile hill. If there was ever a hill from hell, it could very well be this one.... It took us 25 min to get to the top.... 25 min of hell on a bike... but man, when you get to the top you feel great. The burn in your legs is insane... I haven't felt that much pain in years.... it was awesome. I loved every second of it... even while I was in pain I was thinking to myself, damn... this feels f'n good.... there is something awesome about pushing your body to it's max and beyond... truly great feeling... euphoric in some senses.... feel the burn, love the burn, lust for the burn... that is what it is all about.... on the way back to San Carlos I could hardly pedal up the last two hills.... It took everything I had to crest the last one.... wow... it was awesome....
--Capn' Ridetolive S.S. Livetoride

September 21, 2002

I skated so much last night.... my body is broken... but it was awesome. Went to Greer after work and skated till it was dark. That place is a great stop on the way home from work... gives me a chance to unwind, get rid of stress, and re-energise my soul. Speaking of souls, I havent seen the soul of greer park: Stu there in weeks... rumor has it that he moved to San Diego.... that would suck... he was super fun to ride with. I get kinna bummed when I pull up and don't see his blue nissan pick-up parked out in front of the park.... A bunch of the other loc's were there tho, so it was still a fun session. I need to learn how to do airs there... erf... then I will be well on my way to heshin' greatness.... haha After it got dark at Greer I decided to go to Home Depot to check out some lights so that I could skate at the Couportino library spot at night. Found out that 500 watt work lights were only 10$ a piece so I purchaced two of em and a hundred ft. of extention chord and then headed towards the ole Coup' town library. Stoped off at a Baja Fresh, a burrito place along the way, and had a really good steak burrito. Man that hit the spot that night. And then it was time to set up the lights and skate like a slayer charged maniac. I haven't skated street that hard in days.... The lights worked really good and Capn' Pete and I ended up skating and filming till almost 12:30 at night. It was super fun. Those ledges are really good.... easy to skate but not so small that they aren't fun. It was really cool to have the lights up too... felt like we were pro's or something. I crashed a lot. My arm is all scraped up and my hip is a a little purple from landing on it so many times... it was fun tho. We filmed a couple good lines... and had a really good time. Viva late night skate sessions where you pirate electricity from tha man!
--Capn' Stealin S.S. Yerpower
Calvin: I've been thinking, Hobbes.
Hobbes: On a weekend?
Calvin: Well, it wasn't on purpose...

September 20, 2002

I just put on "Everything louder then everything else" a live Motorhead CD.... It's time to start getting pumped for some skatebording and a whole lot of destruction!
--Capn' Gettincharged S.S. Forahesherstyleweekend!
Is it time to go yet....
I need to go skate really bad right now.... I feel like I am going insane... whwhwhwhwhwhwhoaoaoaoaodhfaoieoh (too late) hwhwhwooaoaooaoaoaoaoaoaoeiaoieroaeqqjhqjqjjkdjfa;dls
Bowling last night was fun. Capn' Geoff "Iceman" Hanz and Capn' Dev "dog" tha dangerous came out to sub for missing Truckers Capn' John "the rockstar" and Capn' Quinn "the Red". We had a great time. It was really fun bowling with Devin and Geoff. Those guys are super funny and got super pumped when they threw a good ball. I had just taught Geoff how to throw a hook on tuesday night so every time he bowled last night there was a source of entertainment. haha I shouldn't pick on Geoff tho, he managed to throw quite a few good strikes last night... he also managed to throw quite a few gutter balls... but for the most part he did a really outstanding job... The team we bowled against was super fun as well. Two of the ladies on the team were in our old league, they were real characters, it was fun talkin trash with them. Good times. I bowled pretty good, wich was nice considering how poorly I bowled on the Tuesday night make up game where I averaged 120.... I ended up shooting a 196, a 198, and a 169 (I think...) which is pretty good for me. My last game really should have been a bit better but I managed to get two splits which killed my score. Oh well, the most important thing was that I got to hang out with the crew and that we had a great time. Thursday nights rock. Truck on ya bastards!
--Capn' Hook S.S. Inthapocket
I am tired and don't really feel like working today... I stayed at the studio till 3 am with Capn' Mike last night... working on songs a little but mostly just talkin about future plans and how to obtain our goals. Mostly just talkin shit and kickin back..... It was fun. Capn' Ben "the pro" came down to jam with us, it was a lot of fun, and I think we sounded pretty good too. Capn' Ben is fun to jam with, he knows a ton of AC/DC songs which are super fun to play. We rocked out like super charged heshians...... But now.. I am payin the price... got to work late... my head hurts... and I am really tired. I would consider crawling under my desk to sleep for a while... but the floor in here is really disgusting. I can't wait for the work day to be over...
--Capn' Ireally S.S. WishIwasathomesleepingrightnow
"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."
--Calvin Calvin and Hobbes

September 19, 2002

Last night was rad. I skated Greer for a bit after work which is always good, and then I took a trip up to the ole SFC to go to a show at the Bottom of the Hill. Capn't John "the Rockstar" came with me. The show consisted of two bands and a video premier. The video was about a skateboarding road trip in Europe.... it was pretty rad... some of the music was a little to jank at points... but the video was well done none the less, and the good songs that were included made up for the couple of bad ones. There was some insane skateboarding in it as well as a good mix of f-in' around. All in all a pretty sick vid, props to the guys that made it! After the video came the music.

I don't know if I can properly describe the first band... Hesh as fuck comes to mind... but at the same time more punk then Suicidal was back in the day... I dunno.. all I do know is they didn't have a bass player and they didn't have any T-shirs or CD's for sale. But if they had, I would have purchaced both... So what did they have? and who were they you ask? None other then Johnny and the dudes, and they had a super fast drummer, a heshin' god as a guitarist, and the most awesome singer ever. This guy had a beer belly the size of a keg, a Motorhead tattoo on his right arm, and a Budweiser eagle tattoo across his entire chest a crazy mesh hat and oakly blades.... hard f'n core... they were sooooo awesome. Funny as hell too. Half of their songs were about being a "Dude". I was laughing my ass off..... here are a few of the titles of their songs: Dude for life, Bringin' it back (a song about making it cool to be a Dude again), I'm not gay, New Dude, Whipped Dude, Fake Dudes, and on of my personal favorites: A tribute to Budweiser. Did I mention these guys rocked? One of the most awesome bands I have seen as far as entertainment value goes... soooo rad....

The second band that played was Clay Wheels, a San Jose skaterock band. They were f'n awesome too. Great music, awesome sound, lots of energy.... clean style... they were awesome. The bass player is also the bassist for the Faction, which is one of my all time favorite bands. It was the first time I had seen Clay Wheels but I hope it won't be my last! They were awesome. I bought one of thier CD's and would have purchaced a shirt but they didn't have any in my size... oh well... next time I hope.... It is soo fun finding new music that is good. I am really glad that I went up to see tha show... well worth the almost nonexistant sum of money I spent to get in the door (6$). Rock and roll forever!
--Capn't Crankit S.S. Up!
"I'm a Dude for life"
--Johnny and the Dudes

September 18, 2002

As this summer is coming to an end I realized that I have been here for a year now... working, not blogging.. wow... I started thinking about what I have accomplished this year... hm... at first I was thinking and not really coming up with much and I began to feel a bit depressed... not a lot a lot of things have changed in my life. I am still single, I am still living at home, I am still working as a temp, I'm still asking questions about the past, still sorta living one day at a time, still tryin to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life...... But then I thought about it some more and realized I have come a long way in a year. Maybe not quite as far as I would have liked... but I have definately come a long way. I got to thinking about everything and I realized I really have done quite a bit this last year.

Musically, I Went to well over 40 shows, I saw Motorhead play three different times, I saw The Sermon play over 7 times, I saw the Reverand play twice, saw the Faction play twice.... shit.. I even saw Deadbolt play this year.... On a personal musical note Mike and I finally got into a studio. We have finished 13 of our own original songs and have 5 in the works. We bought a PA system and two really good micraphones. I bought the drum set of my dreams.... and my chops have gotten really solid. I have never played so much music in my entire life... which is a great thing.

This year I have skated at 8 different skateparks, and I have skated more street spots then I ever have in my entire life... In fact, I probably have skated on more days in this last year then I have ever skated any previous two years combined. I haven't learned as many tricks on ramp since the days of the Sueno Ramp. I finally learned how to skate at Greer and I finally learned how to flow on tranny. This year has been an all time great for me when it comes to riding the ole plank.... I have never enjoyed myself more.

I went up to Spokane three times this year, went to Santa Barbara twice and Ventura once. Road tripped out to Santa Rosa and out to Ripon three times. Drove up to Chico and back in one day for a show.... went up to the City a bunch of times... I went snowboarding three times up at Bear, and once up at Tahoe. Went to Santa Cruz twice and Half Moon Bay once. I took a lot of great trips with some great friends this year... lots and lots of fun.

I took 3 photo classes at Foothill College and I enrolled for another one that starts next week. I purchaced a twin lense reflex medum format camera, learned a ton about composition and lighting techniques. Learned how to develop and print my own film. Learned how to use a hand held light meter... and learned how to take better pictures in general. My skills in photography have grown in leaps and bounds this year...

I became a proud local at the ole Nut House, started bowling again and joined two leagues with the Muther Truckers at Palo Alto Bowl. Thanks to Geoff and Mike I started riding my BMX again, and thanks to John, Damian, and Geoff, I started riding a road bike and this winter I will be riding in cyclocross races. I purchaced the Surly and now I am super stoked to go ride. I finally got my official notice of graduation from UCSB, I went paintballing, met a bunch of new people from tons of different areas, and basically had a ton of fun.
Which is what really matters when you get righ down to it right?

And on top of all that I managed to work my ass off..... setting a new PR of 25 days in a row without a single day off... hardly a week has gone by where I didn't work over 40 hours.

My comment today about having a great sandwhich and life being good was no joke.... Let the good times roll baby... let the good times roll....
--Capn' Goodtimes S.S. Rockinanrollin'
I had a really good sandwich for lunch today... life is good.
--Capn' Contento S.S. Muy
"Why should I have to WORK for everything?! It's like saying I don't deserve it!"
--Calvin Calvin and Hobbes

September 17, 2002

Everyone should own this CD: FUGAZI, In on the kill taker. Every single song on this Album is filled with passion and energy.... this is what music is all about. I will never forget the first time I heard a Fugazi song... "The Waiting Room" on the Santa Barbara college radio station freshman year... I was so blown away by their power and agression... This isn't music to chill to... This isn't music to sleep to.... This is music to start a revolution with. They have a fire that burns deep. They have the energy of the old school. People don't make music like this anymore... it's a damn shame.
--Capn' Music S.S. Withaheart
I went and skated the Coupertino Library last night after work for the first time in years.... The rad thing about that place is that they actually designated one side of the park in front of the library as a "skateboarding area". When I was growing up it was illegal to skate there, and whenever we rode there we had to constantly be on the look out for 5-0. Now you can skate there unharassed... how rad is that.... It is cool that some cities are finally starting to give skaters a place to ride. Sunnyvale is building a cement skatepark soon, it is supposed to be finished within the next couple months... I am excited about that. It is so nice to be able to go skate places where you don't have to worry about getting busted by the 5-0 or kicked out by security. It makes the skating so much more enjoyable. When I was in school down in Santa Barbara we were constantly on the look out for 5-0... almost every spot in SB was a bust... even at the skatepark you had to worry about getting poped for not wearing full pads.... By the time I was a senior there were no "legal" skate spots left in SB. The cops down in SB are the worst... so many of them have something to prove. Especially IVFP, those guys were the worst. I have never met bigger assholes in my life.... Anyway, it was really cool to be able to skate the ole library spot again, I have a feeling that is going to be one of my regular spots from now on.... Coup town, here's some props for you!
--Capn' Skate S.S. Anddestroylegally
Be Silly. Be honest. Be kind.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

September 16, 2002

The Weekend in Review!
So I finally had a weekend out and about... seems like it has been days since I have been out of the house... stupid cold... stupid back... but all that is behind me now... (I hope haha) This last weekend was Awesome.... so without further pause, let me throw down the ole' recap:

Friday was awesome... I actually got to work on time... and for the first time in weeks I felt pretty good... worked till 12 and then it was off to a company picnic.... Yea!! I wasn't really looking forward to the picnic... It didn't seem like it was gonna be all that fun... but I was totally wrong. I actually had a really good time and the food actually turned out to be excellent. After the BBQ I played two-hand-touch with a bunch of guys from my department, which was a ton of fun... I haven't run around like that in years... I even made a few good plays... It reminded me of bein' a kid back in grade school. I even ended up with grass stains on my pants... (Calvin would have been proud.) We had a bit of a water balloon fight which was pretty fun and I actually managed to dodge all attacks with ease... The park where the picnic was held was really nice, I need to remember to go back there sometime..... So to sum it up, the food was good, the games were fun, and the weather was great.... it was a lot of fun. After the picnic I went back to work for a little while and then it was off to Greer to get my skate on! It was a really fun session... It felt really good to ride and I think I actually skated pretty good for not having been on the ole plank in almost two weeks... There were a ton of bikes there... in fact... I when I left I was the only one skating and there were prolly close to 13 or 14 bikers there.... Some of the guys were really good... I sat and watched them ride for almost 20 min before I went home. It was cool... This dude Sean was rippin' it up... really sick style... Some of the loc-dogs like Doug were rippin' it up too.... it was fun to watch. I need to take my camera there one of these days... After I went home and got cleaned up it was time to go down to D-town San Jose to get some grub with Capn' John "The Rockstar" and The two dread pirates Jamie and Amanda. We ended up getting some food at Gordon Bierch. It was pretty good, not as good as I remembered... but still pretty damn good. After that we ended up walking around the down town area for a while tryin' to find a good bar to chill at.... I learned one thing... well maybe two things that night: The first is that San Jose is not my scene... all the bars are "clubs" and the people that were hanging out at them were not my kinna people... The second thing I learned was that San Jose is kinna scary... like, there are some crazy fools that roll down there.... I don't think I will be hanging out down there very often... but anyway... We eventually found a pretty chill Irish pub called Katie Blooms (I think). Good jukebox... good beers... and a good atmosphere... it was fun. We got a little booth and ended up kickin back and talking till closing' time. It was a lot of fun, Capn' Jamie is rad. We always seem to have a great time when we hang out. Good times and good friends, Friday night was a blast.

Rolled out of bed late... and hobbled my way to work... man my legs were sore from running around at the picnic. All my coworkers were complaining about sore legs too... it was funny. And kinna sad as well.. haha I am getting old... erf...hahaha... Anyway... worked for a few hours and then got a call from Capn' Pete. He was rollin up to 3rd and Army to go skate and wanted to know if I wanted to go as well... hell yes, I hadn't skated up in tha city since last summer! So I rolled up to the city with Capn's Pete, Julian, Kyle, and Chris. It was rad. I skated hard. I even filmed a few lines... it was super fun.. Pete and I skated this crazy quarter pipe at the end of the pier... there was no deck on top and it had a 10 foot drop directly behind it... it was scary to skate... but when you landed a rad trick where you were hanging over the edge it felt awesome.... really cool... pretty crazy... After 3rd and Army it was time to go home and get ready to go back to the city again with Capn's Geoff and Damian for a house warming party up at Damian's girlfriends new apartment. Her place has an amazing can see the whole city from the street.... the apartment itself is pretty awesome too, lots of room and super clean. What followed our tour of the apartment could most easily be compared to insanity and chaos. It was about 8 o'clock when we got to Trista's new place up in the city. We then proceeded to drink from about 8:15 till well after 3 in the morning... it was awesome... We played drinking games for almost the whole entire night.... It all started with a deck of cards and the all time drinking classic: Asshole... such a fun game... About 7 or 8 rounds later, and one Irish Car Bomb into the game, Trista's friend Laura made one of the best rules I have ever heard: Her rule was that everyone had to talk in a Scottish/English accent... it was sooo funny... I don't know if there is anything more funny then 6 drunkin' fools trying to play Asshole while talking like Scottish blokes.... Drunken Scottish blokes at that.... it was awesome... Every sentence ended with the phrase "ya bastard" or "ya fauckin drunk bastard".... it was great.... I haven't laughed that much in days... It got even funnier when someone changed the rule to state that everyone had to talk like "gangster rappers". hahaha oh man... that was great. Every other word was "Sup Bitch" or "Drink yo fuckin' beer mutha fucka" or "Don't make me bust a cap on yo azz" hahahaa We finished the night off playin a game called Kings... (aka Kings Cup).... it was harsh... I hadn't played it before.... It is lots of fun, but it gets you super drunk super fast.... Anyway... one of the best nights in a while... reminded me of bein' back at school..... I am still having a hard time not talking like a drunken Scottish fool. Great times, met some really fun people, got really drunk, talked like gangsterz, talked like a drunken bastard....and had a blast. Best of all, I didn't get sick.

Body count for the night:
3 1/2 pints of Becks from a small Becks Keg
3 Newcastles
1 Lonestar
1 Guinnes
1 Irish Car Bomb
1 Kings Cup (A mix of three random beers Newcastle, Bass, and Pacifico I think)

Sunday came way to early. The whole point of staying at Trista's house that night, was so that we could get up early and go see the San Francisco Grand Prix, a now famous Cycling race down by the Embarcadero and the North Beach sections of the City. Waking up at 8 after having gone to sleep drunk as hell four hours earlier was not a fun thing to do... Luckily, I wasn't too hungover... in fact, I actually felt pretty good considering how much I drank. So after getting washed up and putting on some clean clothes we drove down to the Embarcadero loop and went to watch the race. Let me just say this: It was fucking awesome. I don't think I can put it into better words then that.... watching that race was amazing... those guys are insane.... It was rad.... Being there in the middle of the race was like being in a dream.... I never realized how fast those fools were cranking.... it was impressive.... I was in awe. The best part of the race was the fact that there were thousands and thousands of people lining the streets cheering for their favorite riders.... I hate to get all emotional about it but at one point when we were watching the riders make this crazy steep climb on Taylor street I was almost brought to tears... there was soooo much emotion in the air... seeing people give their all, hearing people yell for them as loud as they could.... hearing all the cow bells ringing.... I dunno... something about that was just amazing... it really touched my soul in a way that I hadn't been touched before... very moving... anyway I don't want to get all cloudy eyed about it but man it was really, really cool. The race lasted for about 5 hours so sometime around the half way mark we made our way to a really neat Irish Pub in the North Beach area. There I had one of the best breakfasts that I have ever feasted upon. I don't quite know if it was because I was super hungry, or if it was because I was a little bit hung over, but that food tasted better then almost any other breakfast that I have ever had.... yum.... Got to go there again... The Irish sure do know how to help a man get over a hard nights drinking. After filling myself to the point of explosion, and finally feeling energized again, we all went back out to the course to watch the final laps of the race. Man it was an intense and close race... The final sprint had 6 or 7 guys all charging for first place.. it was awesome. I am so glad I was able to experience it. Seeing those guys ride so hard really motivates me to get in shape and to go out and give 150%. I love seeing that kind of thing, people pushing themselves to the limit and beyond..... It was a great thing to witness I am super stoked that we were able to go. After the race we slowly made our way back to Trista's. Once back at Trista's we all sorta flopped around on the living room couches for the next couple of hours. Watched the Giants game... they lost unfortunately... it was a fun game to watch tho. Then we all went for burritos at around 6 o'clock or so. After that it was time to cruz back to Mt. View. Came home, took a shower, and then headed over to the studio to play some music. It was super fun. Mike and I hadn't been able to jam for a couple of weeks and it really felt good to get behind my drums again. I think we played pretty darn good considering we hadn't practiced for almost 2 1/2 weeks. I had a great time rockin and rollin....

And that pretty much sums up my weekend... lots of fun, lots of beer, lots of skateboarding, lots of music, lots of games, and lots of friends.... it was a fuckin great weekend... seems like life just keeps getting more and more fun... and better and better every day... damn that rocks....

--Capn' RockandRoll S.S. Andpartyeveryday
Fools look to tomorrow. Wise men use tonight.
- Scottish Proverb

September 13, 2002

Last night was the first night of a new bowling league for the Mother Truckers.... I must say this... we had a good time even tho the team we bowled against didn't. It looks like the teams we are going to be bowling against in this league take their shit way toooooo seriously. oh well... maybe not. We had fun even if they didn't.... I learned an important lesson last night.... bowling sober is hard. (haha) It also is not as fun as bowling after 3 or 4 beers... I was too tense, thinking about what I was doing too much, and I sucked really badly for my first two games.... I shot 128, 168, and then somehow managed to pull out a 238.... wheeew... it was a lot of hard work getting that 128... I had two splits and a lot of hard spares... erf... I was not stoked. haha But, I still managed to have a pretty good time. It is always fun hangin out with tha homies. Good times for sure. Thursdays rule, even when you are sober. I highly recommend joining a bowling league with your friends... it is an excuse to get together, an excuse to get drunk, and also a ton of fun. Keep on rockin...
--Capn' Ihate S.S. Gettingsplits
"I say, if your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life"
--Calvin Calvin and Hobbes

September 12, 2002

Yar tha Capitan says he ain't afraid of nuthin on this here earth but barnacles and empty pint glasses... Yar!! Well... that and maybe mutiny on tha high sea.... oh.. and maybe scurvy... yar! but again, I digress.... YAR!!!! Full speed ahead ya bastards! We've treasure to plunder and fine beer to consume! Raise tha Jolly Roger and run it up Red! Fear not for tha future... Weep not fer tha past... Live Ever, Die Never! Arrrrrr!!!! We'll win these battles yet.....
--The Capitan
This one's tricky. You have to use imaginary numbers, like eleventeen...
--Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes)

September 11, 2002

I should be sleeping right now� but I can't get to bed� too much on my mind� too much going through my brain� I haven't posted anything for a couple days� well really only a day and a half sorta� well anyway� it feels like I haven't written anything in a while� I guess that is because there has been so much on my mind these last couple of days� I have felt like there are so many things that I have wanted to write about� but I just couldn't find the energy or the words to express the feelings�.. Anyway I am back... sort of... I have been out sick... I mean really sick... like, so sick that I spent Sunday night on the bathroom floor in pain and agony.... Throwing up when you are sober sucks. Not that I have thrown up all that much being drunk... but driving the great white bus really sucks when it is because you have the flu and are running a 101 temp. Ugh�� I am so tired of being sick� really cramping my steelo! Haha Not only that but being at home all day for two days in a row has given me waaaaaay too much time to think about my life and such�. But maybe that is not such a bad thing really� when I think about it�.. I actually I got a lot of good thinking done� so I guess that is good yea? Lots of thinking� lots of reflecting� lots more thinking�

Since I am in this unusual reflective state and can't get to sleep I decided to put on the soundtrack to the Buena Vista Social Club, a movie that I still have yet to see� (I should smack myself for not getting around to that yet�) Anyway� The first track on the CD is amazing�. Actually all the songs on this CD are amazing� but for me, the first song is the most inspiring. It is one of those songs that reaches at your soul and lights you on fire. The song grabs me and puts me in a trance, it puts me in place that few songs get me to� it touches me deep in my soul and forces me to dream. But not only to just dream, but to believe in my dreams as well�. It is like it touches my spirit and gives my soul the wings that it needs to fly�. I don't know, maybe I am romanticizing it a bit too much� but in some ways it really feels like that� the whole CD is kind of like that for me� I don't listen to it enough anymore�

Anyway, I have done quite a bit of reminiscing these last couple of days�. Mostly about my days down in Santa Barbara. That is partially why I decided to listen to the Buena Vista soundtrack� I first heard it when I was living in S.B. A little piece of me really misses that place, that lifestyle, those good times. I am really lucky to have been able to live down there and experience the things that I did� so many great memories. A few bad ones too but really only a few bad ones� mostly just great memories of good friends and good times. Really when it comes down to it, the only bad memories I have of SB are the ones that relate to things that happened between Kelly and I. Anyway, the soundtrack to the Buena Vista Social Club always reminds me of great days relaxing at the house at 3642 San Pedro Ln. Ah, the good ole San Pedro house, that was the last house that I lived at down in S.B. I have millions of great memories from that place� When I hear these songs I think of lazy Sundays�.. cleaning the house with Rick and Chris, hanging out in the back yard sipping on Corona's, talking shit with the dawgs, cooking up one of the famous "white boy burritos", taking naps on the couch, reading on the patio, Tiki torches, glowing Christmas lights, and evening BBQ's. But mostly, of just chillin' with good friends and smiling�.. good days� good times�. great friends. The funny thing is, during that period of my life I went through some of the hardest times I have ever gone through� from the loss of my Grandfather to the loss of a love relationship that I thought at the time was going to be forever�. Anyway, as hard a time as it was, when I look back, I see the good times first� which is a big step for me I think, because for a long time all I saw was red and black and sadness when I looked back on those days� I think those days really changed my view on life and love. For the good I think. I am really happy that I can finally look back and not feel so much anger and frustration and pain. It has been a long time coming and not an easy destination to reach. It is amazing how much time it can take to heal from wounds like the ones I was dealt back then. It is amazing how long the heart can bleed before it heals. But then maybe that's how you know something is important and real, it doesn't heal quickly when it is injured. Maybe that is how you know that you loved deeply and wholly: when it takes time to heal. Maybe that is how you know it wasn't all for not� Maybe that is how you know that you weren't faking it and that the people you lost were really important to you�

Anyway� I digress a bit from my goals in writing tonight� didn't really mean to get that deep on life and love and all that�. Then again, I don't know if I really had any goals to start with� I guess all that this all is sorta just free flowing jibberish. But then that is how I have felt these last couple of days� like my brain has been hashing though a bunch of free flowing jibberish sessions with out any expression. This is sorta the vent for all the free flowing build up in my brain I guess� These last couple of days have given me some time to think about a lot of things� where I am going, what I am doing, and what I have done in the past. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the past, not necessarily dwelling on it, but more like looking back and remembering what I wanted and where I wanted to be a few years ago. Looking back on what I have done and what made me happy back then� what made me sad back then� and then trying to set future goals that are going to avoid the most sadness and create the most happiness for me�. I have mostly been thinking about where I am going� I feel like I am starting to get a handle on that� what I want to do� where I want to be� my ideal spot is still a long way off� but I think I am getting a step closer now that I think I have some ideas about what and where that spot is. What is important to me, what I want from life, what I need, where I want to go� these are all questions that have been bobbing around in my head with a vengeance for the last couple of days� And I think to some degree I have come up with answers to a lot of those questions� or at least partial answers�

I watched a lot of TV these last couple of days� saw a few too many 80's movies� watched a lot of baseball� watched a great episode of the A-Team, and I watched a lot of VH1 behind the music�. That show is awesome�. Today I watched the documentaries that they did about Journey, Cindy Lopper, and the one about Pat Benatar. I think I learned two important things from these documentaries: one don't ever bring your girlfriend on the tour and two don't ever give up your dreams. Seeing the struggles that they went through and seeing them succeed made me realize one thing: I want to be where they are. Maybe not quite as famous, but I know I want to be on stage in front of people playing music that I love. I want to give back to music what it has given to me. I want to reach people and energize them. I am going to have that. I feel that Mike and I have the ability to get there. I think we have the same kind of burn, the same kind of lust for music and stage that those bands had and have. I feel like we both have that love for music� the kind of passion to make it through the tough times� the kind of passion to keep you going even when things are working their hardest to keep you down. I want to be a rock star� people often laugh when I tell them that� but f-- that� it is gonna happen. I decided that today� though I guess I have kind of know that for a long time. But for some reason, being cooped up in the house for two days made that dream really come to light� I know that the path to this dream is going to be long and hard� but I think I can make it. Scratch that, I know I can make it. The thing I have to do now is figure out how to get there� getting the studio was the first step� now it is time to take some more steps�

In the mean time, I have realized I need to do a few things while I wait to dominate the world�haha
The first of which is that I need to move out. Living at home has been ok, I can't complain really, and it was especially nice having my Mom around these last couple of days when I was feeling so crappy. But it is time for me to get off my ass and make some changes. I need to have a place I can call my own again. I am also gonna have to find a new job soon so that I can afford to move out� I really want to work with kids again. That was so much fun. I truly miss being around the kids at camp. But I don't know if I will be able to swing that right now. Maybe in the future� I have some plans that I am working on and looking into but for now, I would settle for another desk job as long as it is gonna pay the bills and be stable.

The most important thing that I have realized in these last couple of days is that I need to keep chasing my dreams� Keep working with photography, keep skating, keep playing music etc� keep being who I am� because those things are gonna make me the most happy in the end� who knows, maybe if I stay with them for long enough they will pay the bills someday�.

Wow� this has been a lot of writing� I feel like I am in school again or something� haha� I kinna mis writing papers sometimes� haha � then again� maybe not� hahaha ok that is it for now� even tho I could prolly write for another hour or so� I should really be getting to bed now�
--Capn' Livin S.S. Life

September 10, 2002

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line."
--Oscar Levant

September 07, 2002

"It doesn't matter how often you get knocked down; what matters is how often you get back up."
-- Anonymous
I was supposed to go in to work today... but I didn't... and I am not gonna.... muuuhahahaahaaaa
--Capn' Theman S.S. Willnotbreakme!

September 06, 2002

The Fiesta Burrito at Taco Bell is nothing like any party I have ever been to.... I say that's false advertising... Tha bastards.... They should walk the plank for that one...
--Capn' Thisburrito S.S. Sucks
The clock on the wall by the coffee machine says that it is 4:14 right now... my clock on my computer says it is 3:58.... I have much warmer feelings for the clock on the wall by the coffee machine then for the clock on my computer. After all, the clock on the wall is looking out for my best interest...... : )
--Capn' Outa S.S. Time
I took a stroll across the empty building today to visit the vending machines. I love the vending machines here.... not because they have good food, but because you can get food for free. It's funny, the first three slots on the vending machine will give you chips for free... it has been like that for almost a year now.... You would think they would catch on... like... um... hello??? Those three slots are the only three that are consistantly sold out every single week!!!?? haha I use to feel kinna bad for taking the food for free... but since they aren't smart enuff to catch on, especially after all this time, I just figure what the hell... might as well..... So once a week I eat chips for free.... thanks vending machine dudes...
--Capn' Ontha S.S. Jackmove
"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it a thing to be achieved."
- William Jennings Bryan

September 05, 2002

I am tired of having a cold... I really hate beeing sick... I can't stand being cooped up at home. I feel like a caged animal at the zoo..... I want to be free! I want to go ride, to go skate, to go play music, to go have fun.... I am not very good at sitting still and letting myself rest. I need to be out doing things, running around, enjoying myself..... when I am stuck at home my mind wanders and I get depressed. I get bored quickly and become easily agitated. I have been doing everything in my power to get better, I have been taking tons of med's... drinking gallons of water.... eating soup..... sleeping... resting... but it is all for not.... I am still sick... It has been almost a week now, tho it feels like a year. I have so much energy and drive right now mentally, but physically I am drained... erf... this sucks. A lot. The worst part is that I am not sick enough to stay home from work... which is what got me sick in the first place = working too much... haha that really sucks...
--Capn' Gettbetter S.S. BeforeIgocrazy
"Anything is possible."

September 04, 2002

"Black-hearted to the bone,
Older than The Rolling Stones,
Been to heaven, been to hell,
Bought the farm, and I won't sell,
Give and take, rise and fall, rise up and take it all,
Secret love, I won't tell, knock you up and ring your bell,

Kiss the whip, eat the gun,
Tell me it ain't fair,
midnight victim, hit and run,
I'm so bad, baby I don't care"
--Motorhead, 1916

September 03, 2002

It is interesting how very different peoples perspectives on life can be. Take for example this short conversation I had with one of the supervisors here at work today. He asked me how I was doing, and tho I feel like a truck ran over me and that my life is draining out of my nose, I replyed that I was "Doin' pretty good". When I asked how he was doing, he said simply: "Everyday I get a little older Sean...." Geeze what a bummer of a way to look at things... I mean it would be one thing if he was joking about it... but he wasn't. That guy doesn't joke. He was dead serious.... I am glad I don't see life through his eyes.... how depressing... I thought it was pretty interesting that even tho I feel like crap today... and even tho I have been complaining that I don't feel good in my blog.... that when actually asked how I was doing I opted for the "doing good" kind of answer....I hope I never answer that question his way... I never wanna live like that....
--Capn' Idonwanna S.S. Evergrowup
did I mention that I don't feel very good today?
I am not kickin much ass today... I feel tired... and worn out.. and sick.. and bored...
I want to go home.
--Capn' Ugh S.S. Thisboatiskillinme
You are born at point A, You're going to die at point B, kick maximum ass in the mean time!
-- Ted Nugent
Um... yea so once again I was in a drunken stupor at 2:30 in the morning typing randomness on my blog... haha good stuff.. So anyway... this weekend was pretty good... I relaxed a bit more then I would have liked... and skated a lot less that I had planned... but all in all it was a great weekend....

Friday: Friday was chill... I went skating and then went home to sleep. The week had been long and I needed a rest.

Saturday: Saturday started off slow.... I slept in, chilled around the house for a while, and relaxed. Around 2ish I went to Greer and skated around for a while. It was fun. Capn' Stu was there, that guy cracks me up. Went home, got cleaned up, and then it was time for Capn' Geoff's B-day celebration to begin..... So it was Geoff's 25th b-day and it turned out to be one of those nights where you wish someone had been following you around with a video camera so that you could rewatch the night 20 years from now and make the comment: "good lord I was a maniac back then"..... as it is this blog entry, and my hardly legible Saturday blog entry, will be the only records of how incredibly off the hook things really were�..

So anyway, we started off the night on a mellow note with a fine dinner at this little Mexican restaurant called Palo Alto Sol. It was the usual crowd: Damian, Trista, Ben, Alexa, Mike, Brian, Brian's Girlfiend who's name constantly evades my recolection, Audry, Geoff, and of course the insane Capt. of the boat: Me. The food was really excellent, the atmosphere was great, the company was even better. It was a lot of fun. Lots of good stories of days past... lots of laughing... lots of smiles. It was all down hill from there.... hahahaha....

So after dinner we walked across the street to my favorite bar in the world: The Nut House. I wasn't planning to get drunk. I wasn't even planning on having more then a beer or two..... What followed our entrance into the Nut House could only be called one thing.... total and complete madness..... I am not even really sure where to start.... Well, ok, I will start from the start� it was chill, the jukebox was playing some old ska songs, the music was quiet, we got our first beer. I then decided that the chill ska music was killing the mood, so I went over to the jukebox and fed the machine. It was time to crank it up a notch. I picked the usual songs� AC/DC, The Ramones, Kiss, Boston, The Reverend, Mr. Cash� etc etc� It was time to get the party started��.

I played a few games of pool with Geoff, Trista, and Damian� Geoff and I got taken to school. Trista and Damian made it look like kindergartners trying to play against the pro's. It was bad. I couldn't make a shot... Geoff couldn't make a shot... we might as well have been playing with our eyes closed.... at around that point Jamie and her friend Amanda arived... I was on my third beer. I decided that the beer wasn't cold enough so I opted for a White Russian at this point... but then Geoff brought it to my attention that the beers were cold again about thirty seconds after I got the Whire Russian... so I did what any normal American should do: I pounded my White Russian In one swig and got a cold Bud.

It was around that time that Capn' Mike and I teamed up and used the forces of Evil and Heshin' rock to totally dominate the pool table. We won 5 games in a row against Capn' Damian and Lt. Ben. I must add that Capn' Damian is quite a pool player.... but all his talent and skill could not conquer the sheer power of metal that Mike and I were directing towards the table. We were a force to be reckoned with. As I drank more and more beer, I began to see the table in a whole new light... the angles finally all made sense... I was banking the cue ball of of two corners, with my stick behind my back, and sinking the shot that I called... it was amazing... it was like the pool gods came down for two hours and gave Capn' Mike and I the touch of gold... it was insane... we were out of hand... I have never made so many difficult shots in my entire life. We ruled.

Somewhere along the way we started taking shots.... and then the "Southern Comfort Girl" came around... it was as if someone had known I was going to be there.... So we went to the bar and all started taking shots.... Kelly, the bartender started taking them with us.... it was awesome... she rules!! She always takes good care of us when we go big. I don't think she chaged us for any of the shots... and believe me when I say there were a lot of em.... Of course we left her a fatty tip... Kelly rules! I hope she doesn't quit... that would suck.

So anyway... the rest of the night was just more of the same... drinking, talking shit, making noise... being silly.... getting hammered.... making drunkin phone calls to all the homiez that didn't make it out that night.... laughing... being crazy.... it was fun. I got home and was sure I was gonna end up singing into the ole great white microphone... but some how I made it through the night without getting sick... and when I woke up the next morning... I didn't even have a hangover... which truly puts me at a loss for words... becaus I was drinking like a fish that night.... haha yar... twas a good night fer sure...

body count for the night:
5 bottles of Budweiser
1 shot of Southern Comfort
1 shot of Kelly's "specialty whatchamacalit" (the real name evades me but trust me it is good.)
1 Swift kick in the ass (another one of Kelly's famous shots)
1 shot of some crazy Southern Comfort mixed thing....
1 White Russian (which I pounded instead of drinkin it like a gentleman)
1 tumbler of some crazy Southern Comfort crazy mixed drink thing...
1 free shirt
1 free blinking Southern Comfort pin
and a whole lotta fun....

Sunday and Monday: Sunday and Monday were spent chillin... I skated a bit at the Mt. View park on Sunday, took care of some chores, etc... by around 8 I wasn't feeling so hot so I decided to take it easy and chill at home... woke up on monday... felt lame... slept for most of the day... went to the store... came home and veg'd out watchin movies for the rest of the day. Not as productive as I would have liked to be... but all in all it was a good weekend... I needed the rest and some chill time... In a way it was good that I wasn't feeling all that good on Monday, because it forced me to relax and take some time to regenerate. Good times, good weekend. erf.. not looking forward to work... haha oh well....
Keep the party rollin,
--Capn' Party S.S. Likeits1999

September 01, 2002

ps happy birthdayh geooffff... haha fucker.. hahaha
saturday... haha durnk a gain... haahahaha wohhhhooooo!!!!
it was Geoff's b day today... gday capn geoff!!! hPPYYY f
bieerhthday ya ya basteard.. haha er... ya bastared.. hahaha fuck damn... I can't type when I am drunk.. hahahahahaha oh man....
well...just wanted to document this hahah... I hp[e hope I dont' t get sick..hahahah erf.. haha oh man.. I am sooooo faded again.. hahaha good tiems... tiems. haha times... hahahah sewweeet.. oh shit.. hahaha
I can cuss rithgt but can't type right.. haha niec... er.. nice.. haha yes.. I am getting better aty at typing drunk.. haha practice makes percecfecet.. haha
shi... hatat haha I can't evcen cuss ritht riher.. fuck right hahah nice I tgooot it.. haha woooohoooo hahah
I haecerver er... I have a bad feeling that I ammay drice drive the white buss toinnight.. er.. yuea.. yey yea???!!! hhHhHaaa Kelly at the nut house E er... TR RUles!!!!! hahaha shit.. I am fucked up hahahahahahah oh man not again... dude... what">> IODHF hahah er... shit hahah whooo hoooo!!!

Supa VIV!!! Jennie"""???? haha hopw\e you all had a great weekend like me! : ) oh man... I ma gonna die... hahahah whoooo!!!! parety on fooz like it is 19999 hahaha

dude we rocked tha houdse toingight haha I pallayed played haha such good pool was amazing... Iwas like chick thierererer errrr.. check this shit.. side pocket behingd behind the back off two wasllls hahah walls.... bank bank in tha pocket blaoooooaaaoaoaoaoa hahah er.. blaow... hahah
I was on pint... er.. hahah I drank pints.. I was on point.. the dur... drunkere I got the better I bla played... haha fuck I am gonna die... hahaha I am soooo drunik... I think I may be sick.. fuck.. haha erf... dicked... oh man... I am soooooooo durrunk.. er drunk.. shit..
ok bye
==Capitan Drinkin Lika SS> ficshi fish...haha