June 30, 2004

I went to the studio with Mike P and Ben last night. I played my drums like a crazed maniac hesher on crank. It was fun. Word up to that. Rock and roll Foever.
--El Blogosaurus Rex

June 28, 2004

The Weekend in Review:

On Friday I got out of work early. That's always a good thing. So I cruzed home and then rode my bike to the lake for some swimming and front flips off the diving board. After I got my dive on it was back up to the house to get cleaned up so that I could go down to Ruth's for dinner with her Dad, Nick, Victor, and Shelly. Dinner was excellent (as usual). After dinner we watched the "Ghost and the Darkness", that movie is rad. That pretty much raps up Friday....

On Saturday morning I woke up and went to breakfast at Ruth's Grandpa's with 2 of her brothers (Nick and Victor). It was a lot of fun. Ruth's Grandpa is super funny. I really enjoy hanging out with her family. After a huge breakfast I cruzed up to PA and skated with Stew at Greer for a little while. Then it was off to my Grandma's place to take her out shopping and to help her pack for a bit. Then I drove up to RW and got my swim on down at the lake. Always fun. After the lake I cruzed back down to Ruth's and we went out to dinner in the WG. We went to Aqui's and drank margaritas and ate some really great food. After we got our fill of Tex-mex it was off to tha "Beav" for a few Jamison and 7's, some interesting people watching, and some really bad music. That was about all she wrote for Saturday... cruzed home and crashed out.

Got up early and went to noah's. Always a good way to start the day. Then Ruth and I went shopping got some new clothes. It was the first time that I had been to a mall in ages.... It was funny. I found some good stuff so that was rad. After the mall we went back to Ruth's place and just chilled out. Later in the eve we went to dinner over at her parents house with Dom, Angie, Nick, Shelly, her Dad and her Grandfather. It was excellent as always and I had a lot of fun. After dinner I cruzed up to the RW and chilled with Grace and Bud. Those two dogs are funny. I had the place to myself for the first time in months. It was kinna nice... played some Street Hoops and then crashed out. It was another fantastic weekend in paradise.... The End...

--El Blogosaurs Maxinandrelaxinus

June 24, 2004

Casa de 568 is taking care of Teresa and Abe's dog Bud this week/weekend. Bud is an old lab mix. He's super funny. He acts like a total old man. When he got to our house he cruzed around and sniffed everything (and I mean everything) all evening and then fell asleep half on his bed in a crazy heap(half of him on and half of him off) It was funny. I like him. I wanna get my own dog...

Last night our landlord came over to grab a beer and to ask for a shot... 568 never let's people take shots alone, so we all took shots with him. Whew... it's been a while since I've taken a shot sober.... I don't know if the Whiskey was bad, or if I was too just to f'n sober to be taking Whiskey shots, but damn if that shit didn't taste like yak piss. Not that I've tasted Yak piss... but if I was to imagine what Yak piss would taste like... it would be very similar to what we drank.... Anyway.... It was funny. Taking shots with your landlord is pretty cool. After the shot fiasco I watched the 5th element. That movie is cool. Then I went to bed and slept like a rock. Word.

3 PBR's
1 shot of really old, really bad, English whiskey
1 shot of wild turkey (equally as bad but not as old)

--The Shotosaurus Rex

June 23, 2004

I went down to the WG to hang out with Ruth last night. We went to a really good Mexican place by her house and had enchiladas and margaritas. It was great. It was a really fun night. True that. That's all for now... just wanted to note that things were excellent and that I'm having a lot of fun. :)

--Tha NotoriousBlogosaurus Rex

June 21, 2004

Weekend in Review

Well... this weekend was pretty mellow. I wasn't feeling 100% and Ruth was down in San Diego... so I didn't do a whole lot... I'll try to make this one quick...

Friday: Skated at the Mt. View park for almost 3 hours. I did about 3 million tail-stall-backside-180-reverts. It was rad. I got home at around 9... ate food, chilled out, and went to bed.

I Helped my Grandma look for retirement houseing. That pretty much took all day. Got some In "n" out for my belly. Then I skated Mt. View (again) for a couple hours. I did about 3 million more tail-stall-backside-180-reverts. Cruzed home, ate dinner, cleaned up, and went to the movies with Mike "P". We watched the The Chronicles of Riddick. It was kinna good. I'd watch it again on video. Then I went home and went to bed.

Sunday: Took my Grandma shopping and then cruzed to SJ to pick up Ruth at the airport. It was good to see her. We went over to her parents and I helped her start dinner for her family (they were all out fishing in Santa Cruz). It was a lot of fun. I learned some new things about cooking which is a huge plus seeing as I know just about nothing about cooking. Dinner was excellent (as usual) and I had a great time hanging out with Ruth and her family (as usual again). After dinner Ruth and I picked up her friend Melissa from the airport and then I cruzed back to RW and crashed out.

Summary: Not really an exciting weekend... skated a lot, and played a lot of NBA Street Hoops II, and drove my Grandma around a lot... and that was about it... true.

--El Blogosaurus Wornoutus

June 16, 2004

Last night I went to meet up with Pete Rock and crew to watch the Detroit game. Detroit straight up wrecked LA... no contest. It was f'n awesome. I drank Snapple and ate pizza and yelled "Go Detroit" and "OH Daaaaaaaamn!!!!" a lot. It was so much fun. I like it when my favorite team wins. haha After the game I chilled out and talked skateboarding with Pete and Julian. That was fun too. They are remotivating me to skate more. I will go skate today after work. Yeah! After I talked about skateboarding for a bit I cruzed up to PA to go bowl with the old team. That was kinna fun. I just messed around and threw a lot of crazy gutter balls. There were a lot of high school kids there trying to be cool. I'm glad that I don't try to be cool anymore. I am cool. hahaha lol but seriously it was pretty funny to watch. I feel old. I'm glad I don't have to try to be cool anymore though. And I also learned a new trick at the skate park last weekend, so it just goes to show that an old dog CAN learn new tricks. Word up!

--El Olddogosaurus Rex

June 15, 2004

I went to the lake last night and went swimming. It was great. I love being able to cruz the lake durring the week! Have I mentioned that summer is officially here? After the lake I cruzed down to the WG and watched Shrek II with Ruth at the little theater by her house. It was super funny. Last night was a great night! True :D

--El Chillininthasummerheatosaurus Rexus
The Weekend In Review

So Friday finally came around and that meant that Ruth and I were off on a road trip to Auburn to go river rafting. So when 5 o'clock rolled around it was time to hit the road and break out of town. Of course I had to open my big mouth and say that traffic was light... because not even 30 seconds after I made that statement we were sitting in the thick of it... Lucky for me, Ruth had purchased some tasty snacks and loaded up the CD changer with some good toons. So a few hours later, and a couple of different snacks later, and a bunch more traffic, and a few good CD's later, we finally arrived at our destination and hooked up with the second half of our group: Two of Ruth's brothers (Dom and Nick) and their ladies (Shelly and Angie). We met up at this super good burger place... the name escapes me at this time... but it was good. Anyway, we ate burgers there, I had a mushroom burger that was off the hook, and then checked into our motel. After we got our room we went to this crazy bar that was doing country music karaoke. We were by far the youngest people in the place. It was fun. We had a few beers and then headed back to the motel for some shut eye.

We woke up early (7ish) and got ready to meet up with the rafting group behind the local Safeway. From there we took two vans down to the river. It was about a 35-40 min drive down into the bottom of the American river valley where our send off point was. Once we got to the river the guides gave a little talk about the dangers of the class 4 rapids that we would be rafting through and what to do if you fall out etc. etc... I was a little nervous to say the least. The first real rapids we came to were crazy. I believe the name of the section was "tunnel shoot" or something... It was crazy... Water going everywhere and huge waves etc etc getting through it filled the entire boat with water... haha... we all had to duck down into the raft to keep from falling out and stuff... it was wild... crazy fun. There were some pretty intense sections of rapids... but for the most part the trip turned out being not as scary or difficult as I thought it was gonna be. For the most part we just paddled around and chilled. It was awesome. Beautiful scenery and lots of fun. I got to ride in the front of the raft after lunch... quite an experience. Really gives you an interesting view when you go over some of the big drops in the river... At one point, on this really big drop, Dom and the Guide fell out of the boat because we hit these crazy rapids at the wrong angle...we were like oh shit Dom fell out.. and then we were like OH SHIT THE GUIDE FELL OUT TOO!!!!!! hahaha there was a momentary panic where we spun the raft around in a chaotic circle and there was some yelling while a few of the crew members considered jumping ship... haha but we got out of it fine and looking back on the whole thing it was really kinna funny. Dom actually said it was the funniest part of the trip for him.. hahaha So anyway, the trip was lots of fun and it was a pretty good work out too. I had a great time and highly recommend that you try it out some time. Once we got back to the cars it was back off to the bay area again. This time without any traffic, thank goodness.... so yeah, Ruth and I drove back and then we just crashed out... it had been a long day.

Ruth and I got up early and went to breakfast at her Grandpa's place. It was a lot of fun. Ruth's Grandpa is super funny. He had some neat stories to tell and showed me his garden out back. Reminds me of my Grandpa Bell. Super nice and super fun to hang out with. After breakfast was done I went back to Ruths and helped her paint the deck in her back yard. It was hot out... but it was fun to do a little manual labor. When we got finished we cleaned up and then walked down to Pizza my heart for some super good slices of pizza... yum! After pizza I had to cruz up to MV to take my grandma shopping at the market. When I finished there I cruzed over to the MV skatepark and got my shred on. It was rad. I even learned a new trick... "Tail-stall-backside-180-revert". Stoked. It was awesome. I hadn't learned a new trick in a long time.... so that was super cool. Progress... something I haven't made in skatebarding in quite a while. Cruzed home and got to watch Detroit serve up a beat down on tha Flakers... oh yeah!!! so rad!!!Later on Ruth came up to the house and we just kicked it and chilled. It was a great weekend. The End.

--El Blogosaurus Rex

June 13, 2004

So another weekend in review:

I don't really know if I can sum up this weekend in the right words... great, awesome, amazing, off the hook, spectacular.... all kinna seem to fall a little short in describing how rad this weekend was for me.... so let's see.... I'll just sum it all up and you can decide what the right adjectives would be....

Friday: So it was Friday the 13th and my homie Wayne's B-day. Wayne and I go back to the good ole... (or "bad ole" depending on how you look at em) at Acuson...

(Lost the rest of this post...sorry! Sounds like it was a fun weekend though? Sounds like a great weekend though? hmm... can't seem to piece it together though... oh well... Here's to great weekends.... :-)

Capn' Lostmymind S.S. Lostmymemory

June 11, 2004

Detroit bounced back from the tuff loss on Tuesday and straight up wrecked the Lakers last night! We're talkin major throw down here... beating LA by 20 pts!!!!! GO DETROIT!! GO DETROIT!!!! GOOOO DEEEEETROOOOOIT!!!! The game was great! I was yelling and jumping around and yelling and yelling and going crazy and jumping around and pounding beer the whole time.... Did I mention that I was yelling a lot and jumping around???? I bought my roommates (and myself) "Wallace Squared" T-shirts from the Detroit on-line store about a week or so ago...they are bad ass... they came to the house last night... right at the perfect time... the start of game three!!! RAD!!!... We all wore them and acted like crazy pissed off caged monkeys... Our neighbors must think we are crazy.... It was Rad. The two headed Wallace Monster was in full effect. I love Detroit!!!!! Keep on rollin towards victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--El Detroitrockcityus Rex

June 09, 2004

Last nights NBA game was really hard to watch... Detroit almost won... but then didn't. Talk about a heart breaker... But they played super hard. And I don't think anyone out there can count them out yet. They will come back with a serious vengeance next game... it's gonna be ooooon!!!!

(I deleted the rant about how much I hate the lakers and how much I love Detroit that was previously found here... sorry about going off and stuff like that... word)

I pounded 6 beers watching this game. Talk about being pissed afterwards....
--El Lakerhaterasaurus Rex

June 08, 2004

Sabbath is rad. Why don't bands play music like Sabbath anymore?

-El Rockosaurus Rex

June 07, 2004

Weekend in review:

On Friday it was mellow night. I got ready for the Mt. Bike race that I was doing on Saturday: an 8 hour relay race in Sonoma. I kicked it at the house and played video games in the eve and then I chilled out with Ruth later that that night. It was definitely a low profile eve, but it was fun.

Saturday morning snuck up quick and before I knew it we were out the door and driving. A quick clock check for the record showed the time as a little after 6am for wake up time and by about 6:30 we were on the road and cruzin. It was a beautiful morning and turned into quite a warm day. By 10am when the race started it was down right hot out. This was my first ever Mt. Bike race... shooot I've only been riding Mt. Bikes consistently now for about 2 months... so doing a race was kinna crazy... anyway, I was a little nervous but pretty excited as well. The course turned out to be super technical with lots of exposed rocks, steep descents, tight switch backs and difficult creek crossings. I wasn't expecting that... it was very challenging. But, it was also very fun. You really had to be on your toes while you were riding. If you weren't, a large rock or a sharp turn would sneak up and wreck you. I must have fallen off my bike at least 5 or 6 times on my first lap... and I'd wager to say that this race was one of the hardest things that I've ever done. Physically exhausting, mentally draining.... totally difficult on all levels. But I will add once again a whole lot of fun at the same time. It was awesome to be out there, pushing myself to the limit, and challenging my skills to their fullest. It was quite an event. Let's see hightlighs included trying to keep our make shift shade tent intact durring the gusting winds... dh wrecking himself on his second lap.... Our team was really cool and super fun to hang out with. Team name: RFS = Really Fuckin Slow. Lots of fun riding and escaping death... Lots of fun talking with other riders and relaxing after the first lap... Drinking tons of water and Gatoraide... It was an excellent event. About 9 hours after the start time, the race was done and we were back on our way home. Quite an event, highly recommend.

Sunday was major chillmode day.... I cleaned the house in the morning and then had lunch with my Uncle Steve. That was fun, it is always good to hang out with him. Then I just kicked it all afternoon. Played the new hoops game that we got last week(it's turning into an addiction) and then just lounged. At around 5:30 I headed down to the WG and went to Ruth's parents for dinner. It was excellent food as always, and a lot of fun as usual too. Her family is super cool, and super nice too... I've probably mentioned that already at some point... but anyway, good times as usual. After dinner Ruth and I headed into SJ to go see the Madonna show. haha yeah, you read right: I went to see the Madonna show... Laugh at me if you will, I know I lost some major hesher points by going, but it was well worth it. It was super fun. The show was rad, the music was excellent, and the people watching was great. The best part of the show was some of the cinematography they used for the videos that they played on these huge screens... really cool stuff... some of it kinna weird... but some of it suuuuper dope. It was really cool. Good times with Ruth as always... She is so awesome. Show ended at a reasonable hour and then the eve was over... and so falls another weekend to the past... and another good one for the record book too! Good times, nothing but good times baby...!!!!

--El Getbentosaurus Rexis

I went for a Mt. Bike ride with Damian and John just outside of Redwood City. It was hard but not too crazy. I had fun. Good times, good ride, that's what it's all about... and that's about all I've got to say. Word up on the bop gun tip. Ice Cube is sick.

--El Funkosaurus Rex


-The Wackosaurus Rex

June 05, 2004

Weekend in review:
(not sure the real date for this post but here it is)

Went to TAHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was soooo rad. I had a blast. Super super fun. yea! Tahoe is the best.

Skated the Park. Rad.

June 02, 2004

I've been going out with ruth for Five months as of last night... wow.. rad. :D

--the Lifeisgodasaurus Rex

Three Day Weekend!

Friday Night:
Skated RW for a bit. Didn't skate all that well... Oh well sometimes those days come around... not much you can do. ;) After I skated, I cruzed home to clean up and then cruzed down to tha Glen. I went to one of Ruth's Friends houses (Katie and Isaac's place)in SJ to have dinner. The food was great. Super tasty. yum! After dinner we hooked up with Ruth's brother Nick at Goose Town for a few beers and then cruzed down to the Beav. The DJ was playing some great Old School Hip Hop... so that was pretty rad. I had a great time. Ruth's brother and his friends are a lot of fun to chill with. It was a good night out.

Body Count:
3 coronas
2 buds
2 jack and cokes
2 shots

Saturday: Got up pretty early. Ruth made me one of the best breakfast bagels I've ever had.... sooooo good. Took off from her pad and cruzed out to Greer to meet up with Stew, his new lady Marnie, and Matt. There were way too many kids on scooters there... We're talkin scooter chaos '04 here... we are talkin every kind of wack crazy f'd up scooter that exists... it was bad... really bad... But whatever... it was still a lot of fun just chillin and hanging out with the crew, even though we didn't really get to skate quite as hard as we would have liked. Ruth and Vita(Ruth's Dog) met us at Greer a little later. It was fun to have her at the park. She hadn't ever seen me ride before... so that was kinna cool. Ruth and I chilled at the park for a while after the Crew left and just played with Vita and lounged in the sun on one of the huge open soccer fields. It was rad. After we got our fair share of fun in the sun we decided to cruz up to PA and go to Pizza-A-Go-Go for a slice of Pizza... I love that place. Super good as always. It was a great morning... hanging out with Ruth is always so fun... :) She totally rocks my world. Anyway I digress... After lunch Ruth had to go study so I cruzed home and headed down for the first day of the Lake. WHooo hooooo! Summer is officially here!!!!!! Bring on the first weekend at the lake! This is gonna be a great summer. I worked on getting my dives back in order all afternoon, and of course I started if off right with my first dive of the summer: a huge cannon ball off the diving board. So fun!!! I love the lake.
After a solid day of swimming and diving the 568 crew took off and went to Los Potrillos for dinner. After a great dinner we cruzed to the store and I got some new CD's. Then it was back to the house to clean up and then off back down to WG to chill out with Ruth.

Woke up early and went to get bagels down at Noah's. Always fun. I love being able to just walk to the down town by Ruth's house... it's perfect. After breakfast we went shopping at the new skateworks in San Ho. I finally got a pair of sunglasses and and I also got a new pair of swim trunks. After tha Works we went and hit up 7-11. It was super hot so slurpee's were in full effect. Then we went to sportmart and I found another pair of swim trunks... yeah, can you tell that I'm planning on swimming quite a bit this summer??? haha Anyway, it was a lot of fun being able to hang out with ruth all morning but she had to go study some more so after we finished I headed back to tha EH and went back down to the lake for another afternoon of swimming and diving...

Ruth came up later that night and made the bomb azz dinner: BBQ Steak, Pesto Pasta, Grilled Veggies, and some Guac that was off tha hoooooook! soooooooo good. Talk about an excellent dinner. Crashed out early and that was all she wrote...

Ruth and I lounged all morning till about 9 ish. Then the whole crew walked down the hill to get bagels and coffee. We all chilled at the house for a bit and Watched some TV and just kinna laid around. At around 12 we all cruzed down to the lake for the Memorial day BBQ. I swam all day long. Did a ton of dives. A ton of Cannon Balls... It was a great day. Cruzed home, watched some Hoops, did some laundry, and then crashed out....

It was a great weekend. Good times por vida!
--El Blogosaurus Rex