May 29, 2003

"You can fall many times in life but you're never a failure as long as you try to get up."

May 28, 2003

One of my coworkers just asked what I was smiling about, I told her: "I have a free soda and a bag of chips in my hand, life is good."
--Capn� Livinsimple S.S. Livineasy
The Weekend in Review:

So it was a long weekend� not long enough mind you, but longer then normal so that is good. I wish all weekends were three day weekends� I still think that the government should institute an 8th day of the week called Safunday, where all business is closed and you are forced to just hang out all day having fun� anyway, this weekend I mostly just chilled. Skated a bit here and there, enjoyed the sun, enjoyed the good weather, kicked it with a bunch of friends, ate a lot of food�. It was a good weekend. Here is a quick recap:

Friday: Drove to the SFC to chill with the SB heads. Capn� Jon was in town from SD and Capn � Ben came out from C-town, even Leyla was out for the eve... It was fun. We went to a cool bar and just chilled out and caught up. It was good to see all those fools, it is always fun hanging out with them. The weather in the city sucked, foggy and windy� it felt like it was raining.

Saturday: Got up early, went to the park in the RWC and skated for a bit. I like skating there when it isn�t crowded. After a the sesh, it was off to run a few errands and then back to the house to clean up and get ready for my Mom and Step-Dad to come by. We went out to eat in Down Town San Carlos at a really fun Italian place. The food was great and the atmosphere was rad. It was a lot of fun. Down Town San Carlos has so many fun places to eat� after dinner I went home and chilled out on the couch watching silly shows on the Discovery channel. It was a good day.

Sunday: Woke up early again, cruzed to RWC for a bit, got my skate on for about an hour but then it got super packed with a bunch of wacky kids so I went home. Once I got home and cleaned up it was time to roll down to the store with the 568 crew (Damian, Ben, Trista, and Nicole) to pick up a few things for the big BBQ. It was a great day out, sunny and warm� perfect for a BBQ. I was a bit worried that it was gonna be a pretty weak showing but we had a pretty good turnout considering the fact that a bunch of people who would normally be there were out of town. In all prolly about 20 people ended up cruzing by throughout the afternoon. Lots of stuff got grilled, lots of great food was consumed, and best of all: lots of beer got pounded. I love the summertime� I love backyard BBQ�s� It was a pretty fun day.

Monday: Woke up quick, at about noon, jus� though I had to be in Compton soon� haha Ok, so maybe I didn�t get up that late or think that I was in Compton� but I did wake up at about 10, and had one of the best breakfasts ever (thanks Trista), and then I went down to join the country club at the lake� so that has to count for something right? So, yes, I am now official, I am a member at a country club� A member at a lake country club none the less!!! This summer is going to rule. I can�t f�n wait. The lake is only open on the weekends for the next couple of weeks, but once school is out it is open everyday and I plan on being there a ton!!! Late summer eve�s on the lake� dude, this is going to be like the summer kids always dream about!!! yes, things are definitely on the up and up for me right now. After it cooled off a bit I drove up to third ave. to pick up Stew dog and then we went down to Greer to go get our shred on. It was a fun session� Greer sessions always are� Didn�t fall, skated hard, had a great time� Headed back up to the RWC and BBQ�d some cheese dogs again. It was a good day, I didn�t even have to use my A-K.
--Capn� Summertime S.S. Livininthacity
There is only one real failure in life that is possible, and that is, not to be true to the best one knows.
-- John Farrar (Austrailian Composer)

May 27, 2003

"I hate love so I hate you."
--Gwar I Hate Love Songs

May 23, 2003

"I like sandwhiches"
--Chris W. (my old roommate down in SB)

May 22, 2003

"They just don't make music like they used to...." that is what I have been thinking for the past couple days as I have been driving to and from work shouting lyrics by Devo at the top of my lungs. �There�s something about the way you taste, that makes me want to clear my throat�� What was it about the 80's that lead to such awesome music being created? Even the pop music of the 80�s was good� What has happened since the 80�s that has allowed so much crap to become popular and considered �good music�?? Where is the creativity? Where is the passion? Where is the intensity? Where is the meaning????? What�s the point nowadays??? Gone are the days of NWA and Run DMC... Gone are the days of Iron Maiden and Slayer... gone are the days of the Ramones and the Pixies... What has this world come to? What happened to the shrieking guitars and the thundering drums?? Where did the lyrical flow of old school hip hop disappear to? What happened to the raw and reckless edge of punk rock? What happened to the music? Has it really died? It seems like the degeneration of music all started when Metallica sold it's soul to MTV... it�s been down hill since then� Is MTV the cause for all of this? Is money the cause for this?? Is it because there is nothing left to fight for? What gives?
--Capn� Stillrockin S.S. Intheeighties
"KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid! Hard & Fast with a cheap plastic ball works well too."
--From a "How to bowl better" web site

May 21, 2003

The Last Weekend in review:

Friday: I went to a Mexican restaurant in down town San Carlos called Cinco de Mayo�s With the 568 crew. The restaurant was pretty cool inside and it even had a live Mariachi band. The band was great and the restaurant served some pretty good traditional style Mexican food, tho it took almost two hours to get our meal. The best part of the night was getting faded off of 2 pitchers of margaritas. It was a lot of fun� made me think of late summer days back in SB. Good times for sure.

Saturday: Didn�t really do anything very exciting� I drove down to Skateworks and bought 2 things: a new truck for my board and a new skate flick for my brain. Later I watched Sactown lose game 7 to the f�n Mav�s� that sucked. I was pretty pissed off about it. To settle down Capn�s Damian, Geoff and I played a bunch of crazy intense ping pong games. That was fun. Then I just melted into the couch like an ice cube on a hot summer day for the rest of the night and watched a bunch of stupid TV shows that definitely decreased my I.Q.

Sunday: Woke up super early, played ball with the dog, did some laundry. At about 9 ish I decided to go skate. By far the best decision I had made all week. Went to the Redwood City Park for a while and it was actually pretty fun because there was no one there to run into me. After I skated RWC for a bit, it was off to Taco Bell and then back home to watch some hoops. After the game I headed down to Mt. View to enjoy the sunny afternoon and skate some more. I broke myself a few times but it was still pretty fun, Luckily I didn�t fall on any of my older injuries. There were some really weird kids there who asked some pretty weird questions about things I knew nothing about� I normally like talking to kids but when they ask me if I can do tricks from Tony Hawk Pro skater I get annoyed� I was surprised they didn�t ask me if I could do a one footed grind on the fence that goes all the way around the park. This one kid was super annoying, he didn�t even have a skateboard with him� he was just running around the park doing some kind of crazy freestyle walking �tricks� and making a lot of noise. I think he was on drugs or something. He kept following me around and asking really dumb questions about Tony Hawk Pro Skater I finally told him to leave me alone� I sorta felt bad about that� There was this other kid there who asked me if I was a pro� I had to laugh because I pretty much suck at skateboarding. I should have told him that I rode for some silly made up company but I didn�t. I just told him no. His question made me smile though, kids can be so naive sometimes, I like that� Sometimes I wish I was still that naive.

The floor at the Mt. View park is super dirty, I don�t like falling on it. I fell on it more then a few times on Sunday. It is also really hot because it is pitch black asphalt. Another thing that sucks there is that the ramps will burn you if you fall on them because they are metal. I still like skating there even though it pretty much sucks as far as most parks go. I have fun there, and the kids ask silly questions. After a pretty good session in Mt. View I unintentionally took part in Greer�s Sunday BMX bike fest. I have always said that a day of skating isn�t complete without a trip to Greer� unfortunately for me, there was only one skater (me) and over 15 BMXers at the park on Sunday� The Bikers were dropping in all over the place 5 or 6 at a time. It was kinna like watching a swarm of bees defending their hive. I felt like a crazy kid trying to run through the mess waving a stick at all the bees trying to fend for my life. Lucky for me I can go really fast� I think that the bikers got scared whenever I dropped in because they were not sure whether or not I would run into them at violently fast speeds� I guess sometimes it pays to be out of control and fast. : ) I had fun hogging the park while they sat around in the heat waiting for me to run out of speed and breath. Final score: Bikes = 0 Capn� of the Boat = 10. 3 parks in one doesn't get any better. Spent the eve chillin like a couch potato. It was a great weekend.
--Capn� Skateboarding S.S. Isfun
"We can't win at home and we can't win on the road. My problem as general manager is I can't think of another place to play."
--Pat Williams

May 20, 2003

I'd rather be skateboarding....
--El Capitan
"When I dunk, I put something on it. I want the ball to hit the floor before I do."
--Darryl Dawkins

May 19, 2003

Content schmontent. I woke up early for work today and still managed to get to work late. Stupid keys... what were they doing in plain sight on the kitchen table anyways??? Work went by fast today. That's a good thing. I have been having really weird dreams lately. So weird I can't even get into them on this blog. We are talkin weird man, like when I wake up from them I think to myself "Whoooaa dude...What the f?#@$?!!" I have been under a lot of stress lately. I think that is part of the reason for the f'd up dreams. I did some stuff to relieve some of that stress today, that felt good, I am taking care of buisness. Just like I know I need to right now. Soon I will be able to mark some things off from my "to do list" that have been on it since like 2000.... that is gonna feel great. It sucks that I had to get to a breaking point in order for me to get shit done. Stupid, that's what it is. Not as stupid as some things I have put myself through, but close... not as stupid as bombing a hill on a skateboard naked... which I have never for the record done... but close to as stupid as trying to bonk off of a box dot with copers on your board and then wrecking on your face... which I have done (circa '85)... Today was like doing a 10 ft. tailslide to revert on a 6 ft. quarter pipe. It was a step in the right direction. Walk don't run, or something like that... one piece at a time just like Johnny Cash's Cadillac.
--Capn' Searchin S.S. Seekanddestroy
"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best."
--Tim Duncan

May 16, 2003

Last night was great�.
The Lakers lost to San Antonio, our new bowling league started and we won 3 games in a row� SACtown beat Dallas to force a game 7 on Saturday� I went to La Bomba for dinner� and to top it all off� I got to see Clay Wheels play down in San Jose at the old Plant 51 for $5.00, and PBR was on special for $1.00 a cup till 11pm. Life is great. The Clay Wheels are amazing� Energy, aggression, passion, fury, beer, skateboarding, thrashing, slashing, and adrenalin all mixed together and put into the form of music. F�n rad. It doesn�t get any better. The underground music scene in the bay area rules. There are sooooo many great bands around here�. Last night was a great f�n night. The only thing that possibly could have made my night better would have been to go skate Ripon. Oh, and maybe winning like 5 million dollars in the lotto and meeting the girl of my dreams..� but other then that it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.
--Capn� Thedays S.S. Canonlygetbetter
"The harder you fall down, the higher you will bounce back up."

May 15, 2003

I have been acting kinna weird all week� I don� t feel at all like myself� I sorta feel like big huge hairy drooling grumpy monster with fangs and big green eyes, minus the big huge hairy drooling monster part I guess� oh, and minus the fangs and green eyes too�hm� maybe I am just grumpy? I think a large part of this awkward feeling comes from the fact that I haven�t skated all week because I am still pretty worked from all the brutal falls I took last week when Dylan the Destroyer was in town. I haven�t been in so much pain and had so many cuts since that stupid downhill incident in San Diego back in �97� I guess the positive side to all the crashes last week is that I think I am all paid up on my dues so I shouldn�t have to fall for at least a few months now. Since I can�t skate right now, all I have been doing the last couple days is watching hoops and laying around eating snacks and drinking beer. This whole 40 days and 40 nights of B-ball is starting to drive me insane. At this point, Playoff Basketball has become an addictive substance�. Sorta like crack cocaine for a junkie. I can�t say no�I need to get my fix� and I twitch and freak out about stuff if I don�t watch or read about it at least once a day� I have even started to have some pretty crazy dreams about hoops these last couple of nights� Last night I dreamt that I was in the NBA playoffs playing for New Jersey against the Celtics. I was throwing dunks like they were going out of style: One handed, two handed, 360 behind the back�breakin� the rim off the board kinna dunks� you name it, I was throwing it down� And then, I got traded mid game from NJ to the Celtics and ended up dunking over K-mart for the win� it was a pretty weird dream. Especially since I don�t like the Celtics� A few nights before that I had a super crazy dream that I won some wacky contest on Wild 107.7 where the prize was that I got to play with the Warriors at their next home game. It then turned out that one of the playoff teams got disqualified, so the Warriors go to go to the playoffs because they were the next team in the standings to qualify. So that meant that I got to play in the playoffs for them. I was throwing it down just like J-Rich and we made it all the way to the Western Conference finals... It was rad. Crazy NBA dreams rule.
--Capn� Ptown S.S. Shouldhavetakendallasout
"These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it."
--Charles Barkley (Said in a commercial for shoes.)

May 14, 2003

Procrastination is my greatest enemy, my greatest adversary, my only real antagonist. And yet, I have total control over that evil� What does that say about myself? The fact that I am my own worst enemy? The fact that the only things in my life that suck are controlled entirely by my own actions? Why do I handicap myself? Why do I hold myself back? Why do I challenge myself in such a negative way? What the f? I need to change that shit. It is seriously ridiculous. And way out of hand right now. I have put myself in a hole, now I have to dig myself out. And when I get out, I need to promise myself to not fall victim to the same enemy again. I need to take care of business BTO style. And that is a fact.
--Capn' Getyo S.S. Shittogetherman
"I always laugh when people ask me about rebounding techniques. I've got a technique. It's called just go get the damn ball."
--Charles Barkley

May 13, 2003

I deleted the last post from here.... this wasn't the right place to vent like that. Sorry for anyone who read it. word up
--El Capitan
"The rule was 'No autopsy, no foul.'"
--Stewart Granger, on the pickup games of his childhood

May 12, 2003

Yar!!! I haven�t said that in a while� In fact, I haven�t said much about anything in a while� This place has been seriously lacking in content. That being said� here�s a recap of my last week and my weekend:

Monday: Went skating at Greer with Dylan the Destroyer and Capn� Stew. I got wrecked. The pictures are proof. After I broke myself we went to La Bomba for some seriously great burritos. That place is great. By far the best carne asada burritos in the entire world. After dinner, I dropped my car of at the repair shop to have some funny noises checked out.

Tuesday: Didn�t do a single thing except watch hoops because my body was broken and my car was in the shop.

Wednesday: Just like Tuesday: Didn�t do a single thing except watch hoops because my body was broken and my car was in the shop.

Thursday: Just like Wednesday: Didn�t do a single thing except watch hoops because my body was broken and my car was in the shop.

Friday: Got my car back� the cost, a mere $1500.00. The only word that describes my feelings about this amount is: Fuck. I was expecting hydraulics and Triple Gold Dayton�s when I went to pick it up. Instead I just got a bunch of new parts under the hood and paid for a ton of labor� oh well� At least it feels like it drives better now� usually when I get my car back from the shop I can�t tell any difference�this time I can, so that makes it seem a little more worth it. My car also doesn�t sound like a eagle having it�s nuts cut off when I come to a stop� so that is a good thing� it is hard to be big pimpin� when your car sounds like shit. So far in the last two months my car has cost me over $2000.00� that f�n sucks. But hopefully now it will be ready to rock for quite some time.

After I picked up my car it was off to skate the new Sunnyvale skate park, which as it turns out is pretty fun. It is kind of a weird park� but it is a pretty good one considering how bad it could have been I suppose� if there weren�t so many people there, and if the coping was a little less sticky, and if the transitions were a little more drawn out, I�d say it was one of the better parks I have skated lately. That being said� it was still a pretty fun park to skate, I will definitely be going down there more often.

After the park it was over to In n� Out for a quick bite to eat and then off to Santa Cruz to see the Fire Sermon play. The show was ok�nothing to shout about� they seem to be working out the kinks with their drummer. The highlight of the night was the opening band called �Thunder Unicorn�. They were sort of a throw back 80�s metal band crossed with Spinal Tap and lots of beer. They were so bad that they were good. I loved it.

Saturday: Woke up, played ball with tha dog and then got ready to make the trek out to Ripon. Picked up Stew and went to a pretty good burrito place by his house. Once we were totally stuffed it was time to hit the road for the hour and fifty min. drive out to one of the best parks in California: Ripon. The locals there are weird. But the park is awesome. Unfortunately the skate gods were not looking favorably on us. Stew twisted his ankle about 45 min after we got there� I crashed on my second run and opened up the cuts on my hand again� Then about an hour after we got there my kingpin broke� I skated Stew�s board for a while and managed to hit a few good lines and a couple slash dog tail slides� I also managed to crash ferociously 3 more times before I called it quits. Dylan was the only one who managed to escape without any physical damage� barely escaping death when one of his wheels fell off in mid air� The session was fun�but it took it�s toll� I will be taking a few days off from skateboarding� On the way home we hit up In�n�Out again� that place rules. 3x3 animal style� yum. Got back to the RWC at around 9pm and watched the end of the Sacramento game� erf� it sucked to see them get so close and then lose� took a shower and crashed out� it was a brutal and long day.

Sunday: Sunday was Mom�s day. So I went and chilled with the Mom. It was fun. My mom rocks the house. We drove over to C-town and picked up my Grandma and then went to a place called Mudd�s restaurant in San Ramon for brunch. If you have never been there, I recommend it, that place is cool. Go on a Sunday or Saturday for breakfast or brunch or lunch� it�s a cool place. I haven�t been there for dinner, but I am sure it�s prolly pretty good too. Got back to the hood at around 5ish and then watched some B-ball. Go SACtown!!!

So that�s a week in review�hopefully my isht will be more interesting from here out�
--Capn� Keepon S.S. Keepinon
�I jam like traffic and I�ll wreck your intersection�
--Hip hop lyrics from the underground radio

May 09, 2003

When you see me on ya block, call the police
Let them motherfuckers know here come the beast
--Ice Cube

May 08, 2003

"It's harder to guard a team then it is to guard just one man"
--C-WEB on the 31 assists that the Kings had against Dallas in game one.

maybe Kobe should take notes??? Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 07, 2003

The weekend in review:

Friday: I watched hoops. I yelled, I screamed, I went nuts. I jumped around, yelled some more, called people on the phone, yelled some more, cussed at the ref�s, and then just for the sake of doing it, yelled a little more. It was a great night of hoops.

Saturday: Woke up and cleaned up the pad in preparation for Ben�s birthday get together. Washed the dishes, vacuumed the house, and cleaned the bathroom. I felt like I got a lot done Saturday morning, that is a great feeling. I took a trip down to Costco at around noonish and bought the typical Costco Items: A million rolls of toilet paper, a million cans of soda, a million rolls of paper towels, five million pairs of socks�etc.. Went to get a so-so burrito at a place in Mt. View, and then cruzed back up to the pad. Played some hoops in the front yard for a bit and then got ready to head down to Palo Alto for the end of the season bowling dinner at Pizza Chicago (or something like that). The pizza was free and so was the beer. I had a pretty good Black and Tan which is definitely cool. The Truckers ended up finishing in 4th place so we won a little money, which is always a good thing. I ended up winning an award for the highest scratch game in the league, $100.00!! That was super cool. After the awards were given out it was time to head back up to tha RWC and get my party on. To sum up the eve: Things were mellow till about 11:30, that�s when I decided to turn everything up about 12 notches� we turned Nintendo games into drinking games, I kicked a lot of ass and beat the odds winning out in a 3 against one match in 007, we took a few too many shots and a few too many beers, we kicked Ben�s ass in Neanderthal quarters, I drank too many beverages with alcohol in them, I threw up a few times, and then I slept on the floor of my bed room for half the night� It was a pretty all-star night for the 568crew.

Body count for me:
6 � beers (give or take one)
4 � Seven and Seven�s
2 � Shots of Bailey's
1 � Shot of Jameson
1 � Shot of Vanilla flavored Vodka
1 � Trip to drive the Great white bus

Sunday: I woke up and felt like a truck hit me. I tried really hard to re-hydrate and drink some water, but for the better part of the day I had to fight not to throw it back up. Watched some game 7 hoops, which is always fun, yelled till I thought I was gonna get sick again and got pissed when P-town lost. I tried to eat my normal hangover cure: Mexican Pizza and a large Mt. Dew� but even that couldn�t help me feel better. I finally just went out to play some B-Ball in hopes that I might sweat it out of my system. 3 hours of intense b-ball shenanigans later I still felt like crap. But damn if I didn�t rack up about 5 blocks and 20+ rebounds. As well as a few W�s in the one on one tournament that Capn� Damian and I have going right now. I am up 7-3 (just for the record). In all, it was a good weekend�
--Capn� Drivin S.S. Theolewhitebusisbadforyourhealth
A friend is one who sees through you and still enjoys the view.
-- Wilma Askinas

May 06, 2003

I paid my dues at Greer yesterday.... Now I have Greer park in my blood.
--Capn' Letit S.S. Bleed
"It ain't over till it's over"
--Yogi Berra

May 02, 2003

1. What color are your kitchen plates? Blue I think�
2. What are you reading now? Viv�s blog.
3. What's on your mouse pad? A mouse
4. Favorite board game? Skateboarding
5. Favorite magazine? Thrasher
6. Favorite smell? Girls with perfume
7. Least favorite smell? Poop
8. The first thing you think of when you wake up in morning? Is it really 7:30 already...
9. Favorite color? Blue or yellow
10. Least favorite color? Grey
11. How many rings before you answer the phone? Depends who�s calling
12. Future child's name? I dunno yet. Not "bob" tho.
13. What is most important? Having fun and enjoying life and skateboarding naked while
having sex� did I say that out loud?
14. Chocolate or vanilla? Mint chip.
15. Do you like to drive fast? No but I like to skate fast whenever I get the chance.
16. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Nope, but I like to sleep with my skateboard.
17. Storms - cool or scary? I like snow.
18. What type was your first car? 1981 Chevy Citation� the flying pumpkin.
19. If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be? The Ramones
20. Favorite alcoholic drink? PBR� or maybe Newcastle
21. What is your sign and birthday? Aquarius. It�s in January on the day I was born.
22. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? yum
23. If you could have any job what would it be? NBA Superstar� hahaha or maybe a pro photographer.
24. If you could have any color hair, what would it be? WTF I don't care really?
25. Is the glass half full or half empty? It�s empty because I drank it.
26. Favorite movie? Hard Boiled� Maybe Snatch� or Mean Machine�.
27. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? I do everything right I just can�t spell.
28. Favorite sport to watch? Hoops yo!

I think I accidentally deleted a question or two somewhere around here oops� : )

29. What is your single biggest fear? Missing the bus
30. Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you. No one sent this to me�but Viv is pretty
cool : )
31. Person most likely to respond? I didn�t send it to anyone�
32. Person you sent this to who is least likely to respond? See answer 31
33. Favorite CD? Right now it�s the Cliftons Sex drugs and alcohol.
34. Favorite TV show? I like hoops
35. Ketchup or mustard? All of the across <----.
36. Hamburgers or hot dogs? Cheese dogs and Beer
37. Favorite soft drink? PBR
38. The best place you have been? Arizona in the winter at a skate park.
39. What screen saver is on your computer right now? I don't have a screen saver right now but i do
have a picture of Mr. T as my wall paper : )
40. Burger King or McDonald's? The Canyon Inn
41. Why 42? Dude what? This is question 41! Why not!
42. Favorite number? Maybe 4 because that�s how many wheels are on my skateboard� Lucky 13?
"It goes one (one) two (two) three (three) four (four)
Bounce so much I ricochet up off the floor (floor)"
--Busta via De La

May 01, 2003

so all I blog about anymore is the weekend in review� and I do it way after the fact�but I guess that bloggin' late is better then no bloggin' at all� So without further delay: THE WEEKEND IN REVIEW!

I�ll start with Thursday�because that is when the weekend really starts anyways right?? �you remember that right? Like back in college�the weekends started on Thursdays because you only had one class or no classes on Fridays� Oh wait? Hmm.. or maybe it was more like everyday was a weekend? Hmm� well� at any rate, my weekend starts on Thursdays nowadays and that�s how it should be. So as always, Thursday means that I went bowling with the crew� It wasn�t the best night for the Truckers as a whole, but I did manage to throw down some pretty good games: 192, 206, and 228. We lost two out of three� but it was a lot of fun. We drank about 5 pitchers and had a great time acting like fools. After bowling we took our usual short trip over to the Boardwalk and had some really great pizza (as usual). Capn� Jamie and I stayed at tha Walk after everyone else decided to leave so that we could finish watching the T-wolves/Lakers game while catching up on current events and stuff. It was a lot of fun, I haven�t chilled with Capn� Jamie in quite a while� She is rad. The game was crazy. One of the best games I have ever seen. The officiating sucked really hardcore� but the T-Wolves managed to pull off the big W. I love it when that happens� KG is sick�it was a great night. KG 4 MVP!!! That dude is intense�.

Friday: I went home after work and chilled. Then went down to a really good sports bar in San Carlos. Ate some great food, watched some decent hoops, had a few beers� it was a nice relaxing eve. Drove back up to the house and pretended to be a part of the couch for the rest of the eve. It was perfect.

Saturday: Saturday I woke up early and cleaned the house. Then I left for my last day of work at the ole Schm-Acuson. It feels good to finally be out of that place. Don�t get me wrong, I enjoyed working there, my boss was super nice, and I had a lot of good friends there� but that place kinna sucked too. Lots of hours, no organization, slave labor, lots of hours, no organization� did I mention lots of hours and a complete lack of organization? So anyway, Saturday was my last day and that was a good thing. Ran a few errands after work and then it was back up to the hills to get ready for a ride. Went road riding with Capn� Geoff and Capn� Damian. We hammered. It was awesome. We rode for over an hour and a half and went about 24 miles. It was a pretty difficult ride and I had to work as hard as I could to keep up. I did pretty well tho, and got a great workout. After the ride we sat around an chilled for a while watching some hoops and playing video games. That night we went to down town San Carlos to a really good Chinese restaurant. The food was great. After dinner the Emerald Hills Crew picked up The Transporter from blockbuster and headed home. The transporter had a really, really stupid plot, but also some of the best action sequences I have ever seen. Jason Statham is the man. That movie could have been off the hook crazy� the fight scenes were soooooo sick�. and there were even some pretty funny �Whooaaa did he just do that� kinna parts in it, but because the plot was just wack the movie as a whole gets a bad review. I hope Jason Statham gets to do more parts like that in the future he is a rad actor. He has a great role in the movie Mean Machine. If you haven�t ever seen The Mean Machine, and like soccer at all, I highly recommend you check that flick out.

Sunday: I moved some stuff and organized my room some more. Watched a lot of b-ball. And mostly just chilled. Shot around out in the front yard a bit� made a fool out of myself� and had a great day� I can�t wait for the weather to get better. This summer is gonna be great...
--Capn' Lookinforward S.S. Tolongdaysinthesun