July 28, 2005

I ate way too much for lunch today. But I got to eat lunch with Ruth so that is rad.

--Capn' Ieatalot S.S. Toomuchfoodinmybelly

July 27, 2005

Split Stix Rice Krispies Treats are quite possibly the most awesome creation ever.


El Capitan Snackusmaximus

The Dogs of War:

I am in the fight of my life right now. Things are looking grim. This battle seems to keep dragging on and on... and there is no end in sight. I fear that my will to fight on is caving. My enemy is fierce. I am fighting a fiend, a villain, a terrible awful enemy! They are evil and relentless and antagonistic! They come at me in waves by the hundreds and their march of death never stops. Yes, I have been battling Ants. Not just any Ants, but evil Ants and I have been fighting them on two fronts for the last three days... and I think they are winning. I went out to my car Monday morning and felt the fury of their first wave. Yes, my car had been invaded! The devilish creatures were claimbing all over the place! With no particular order... or goal.. there wasn't even any food for them to take home as a trophy. It was like they invaded for the sake of invasion, and they were f'n everywhere. I must have killed about 3 hundred of them. I hate ants. Not just a little and not even just "a lot". I f'n hate them. With passion and the fury of Hades. I hate them more then cats hate water. I hate them more then chickens hate deep fryers. I hate them more then dogs hate those crazy silent whistles. We are talking serious hatred here. So anyway.... I was forced to exterminate a ton of them and was 20 min late to work because of it. After work I went out to my car and there were like 40 or 50 more crawling on the side of my car.... So of course it was San Jose Ant Massacre time... I killed as many of them as I could find... Anyone who walked by must have thought I was crazy. The next morning I woke up and cruzed to the bathroom to get ready for work... you guessed it, more ants! They attacked by crawling through the window! They had totally invaded my bathroom! I chucked a few grenades and blindly emptied a few clips from the Mac-10 into the room. Ok, so maybe I just smooshed a bunch of them with my hand but I must have taken out at least 50 or 60 of them. By the time I was finished there were dead ant bodies stretched out for as far as the eye could see. After I cleaned up the battle field I went out to my car and found a bunch of them still cruzing around inside my car. DAMN THEM! I was forced to take many more ant lives that morning. When I got home from work the battle field had been cleared and only a few scouts were left checking out the scene. Needless to say I smashed the hell out of them. Scout or not, they are all the enemy. I figured this war was over but no! These bastards don't give up that easy. I woke up to find them attacking on both fronts again!!! Smashed about 30 in my bathroom and then went out to my car. The coast looked clear, no ants advancing on the outside of my car! "yes!" I thought out loud, "Victory is mine!" but no, there were about 40 waiting inside to ambush me when I sat down! Lucky for me I have an eye for avoiding traps like this. I mashed as many as I could find and then headed to work. On my way to the front door I found one crawling on my pant leg! An assassin! I nearly lost my life! I was too quick for him though, he got the wrong end of my finger... Puts a whole new meaning to the term "giving the finger".... yeah he was f'd... Proper f'd. So far I have been staying one step ahead of them but I am beginning to fear the worst... if this heat keeps up I may wake up tomorrow with ants advancing towards my bed. Wish me luck.

--El Capitan

July 22, 2005

This week went by really fast. I love it when that happens. I skated the Lawrence park last night after work. I almost didn't go, but I'm glad I did. It was rad. I was pleasantly surprised that I had not lost that many tricks, even though I hadn't skated hard for well over two months. That ruled.

The kids at the Lawrence park are cool. Super funny, super nice, really fun to ride with, and super chill. Too Bad the kids at RW aren't more like the SV kids. Funny how that works: Skating in the "Ghetto" is more fun then skating in the "Rich" areas. The Lawrence park takes me back to the good ole days. Almost everyone that I see skating there is having fun. No trippers, no vibe monsters, no posers, no cry babies, just people down to skate. That's rad. I wish more spots were like that. Feel the love.

Capn' Lovelife S.S. Laughter

July 20, 2005

I went to the lake last night after work. I haven't been going there enough lately. Probably because the diving board sucks this year. The water was really nice and I practiced my freestyle swim technique for a while. I love the lake. Afterwards I went home and raced cars and ate food and drank a nice cold Bud. Then it was off to practice to rock out for a while. I was a bit off beat. I need to go skate.

--Capn' Wishthedivingboard S.S. Wasbetter

July 19, 2005

A snapshot from the weekend... yar tha captain on a boat.... good times for sure.

--Capn' Fishinpirate S.S. Yohoyohoapirateslifeforme

July 18, 2005

Weekend In Review:

Work was busy and crazy. After work it was time to cut loose for happy hour at co workers, we drank a few beers, we ate a bunch of app's, and we played a bunch of Beer Pong. It was really fun. Scratch that it was really really super fun. My coworkers totally rock. Speaking of rock we listened to 80's rock the whole night. So rad. Ruth had to pick me up because I couldn't drive... well I prolly could have driven, but it was wise for me to get a ride so that I didn't end up in jail.

Body Count:
1 Bitch Brew
2 Pacifico
4 bud lights
1 Hooch (orange)

Woke up early and Jammed home to pick up my bike. Met up with Q, Mike-P, and Ves for a Mt. Bike Ride up at tha 'Toga Gap. It was a fun ride. My bike worked out well! Fully rigid is rad. I got a lot of funny looks from people on full suspension bikes... haha good stuff. Wes and I did some sweet skids. It was rad. After the ride I cruzed back to RW and cleaned up. Then it was off to tha SJ to go to a party at Abe's. Played drums for a while and chilled out. Abe is cool. I like jamming with him. After the set was done I went over to Ruth's place and chilled with Ruth and her Dad. We BBQ'd steaks and drank beers outside in the warm evening weather. It was fun. It was a good day.


On Sunday I went fishing with Ruth's Dad and the b'Lock's. The b'Locks are Ruths Brothers wives family. Yes, inlaws... It was fun. The weather was nice in the SC and we caught a bunch of fish. I got to drive the boat in to the harbor which was pretty rad too. I got a bit too much sun so now I look like a Rednek. After we ate lunch in the Harbor it was back over the hill for family dinner. We chilled around the pool for a while and snacked on some app's. Then it was dinner with the whole family. It had been awhile since everyone was around so it was a lot of fun. Dom and Angie picked me up a rad poster from Spain. After dinner it was time to cruz back to the RW. Another weekend in the books.... the end

Capn' Keepit S.S. Rockinandrollin
My brain hurts... not like a headache... but like a brainache. I wish I didn't have to think today.
--El Capitan

July 14, 2005

Last night I decieded to get my fade on. It was fun. I watched Fletch with my roommate Damian and pounded drinks and laughed a lot. Good times. Love your body Larry.

Body Count:
22oz of Old English O-E for tha ghetto folk
1 Modelo with a shot of Tequilla in it
1 Carona with a shot of Tequilla and a shot of Triple Seq
1 mudslide
1 Margarita

Keep it rockin,

--Capn' Ted S.S. Nugent
Just a preview of how my weekend was... if you can't tell from the picture: The weekend was great....

July 08, 2005

I have too much stuff to do. erf
This week really flew by... I didn't do jack except work... What's up with that? Where did the time go? Why didn't I do a bunch of fun things with my free time? I did get to go to dinner with Ruth one day this week, so that was pretty fun. We went to a Chinese place and I accidentaly ate a super hot pepper... that kinna sucked. But overall it was a good time. I may try to skate today... though my ankle is still kinna lame. We'll see. I need to do something active. I'm going to Auburn this weekend for a wedding. Should be pretty rad. That's about all.

--El Capitan Needmorefunneedtogetactive