December 17, 2003

This Blog is undergoing a face lift of sorts.... time for change and such.... This is the last post from the Capn' of the boat... I've turned the ship over to a new commander and have decided to change the format a little. The seas of change are all around us and yes, I am as stupid as I sound. Thanks for the memories..... Sail on....

-El Capitan
Weekend in Review

We’ll start from Thursday: Bowling, got sorta drunk, had lots of fun, won two outta three… bowled close to my average on the first two games and then threw a 217… on my last game… not bad. It was a fun night for some reason. We got rowdy for no reason. Those nights are the best.

Friday: Went to a Christmas party at my buddy Sam’s house. It was melo. I only had a couple beers. It was a nice eve though, good to see the amigos. Got a super nice Christmas present from my friend Jamie... that chick rules.

Saturday: Woke up and charged down to the park in tha SVC. Skated like it was 1998. I landed almost all the tricks in my bag. Not only did I shred it up… but I also managed to stay on my board for the most part… yes I know, not so impressive to some… but for me, that was a good day. I honestly don’t remember the last time I skated as good as I did on Saturday. Someday’s it just all clicks into place… Halfcab-to blunt-to axle on the 4 ft mini… lipslides, tailslide reverts, fakie 50-50 revert on the mini… I could do no wrong. It was great. After about 2 hours at SV the crew rolled up to Greer for a sesh in tha bowls. It was fun. I love that place. There is no better feeling in the world then carving around the big bowl with your friends on a nice saturday afternoon....

Sat-night: JB’s B-day. Usually calls for a night of chaos and destruction. This year was not quite as crazy… but still made for some good stories. The whole crew made it out, which was awesome. It’s not every day that all the homies go out and get bent. We started the night off with dinner at Gordon Bierch. I won’t tell you how much I paid for my dinner… let’s just say some of my “friends” didn’t pitch in their part…. Or maybe I’ll put it this way: If I had gotten what I paid for I would have eaten 3 steaks and a couple of beers…. So… off to a rocky start, but I wasn’t about to let that shit get me down, it was JB’s b-day, and he’s the man… so I shrugged it off and decided to get wasted. Mind you I was determined to not get sick, after all, my steak cost me more then a brand new skateboard… ps. Thank goodness Mike and Damian came out those dudes are funny and kept my spirits up. It was a good night. I had a lot of fun. By the end of the night I was ramming people with my dome and falling on the floor a lot. Good times.

Body count: 4 ½ beers at Gordon, 1 pineapple bomber, 4 jack and cokes, 1 Irish car bomb.

Sunday: Went to tha Prima Deli for lunch… damn good sandwich. Played some ping pong with Damian. Got worked. But also worked off a bit of my hangover. Someone puked in my bathroom, I won’t name any names….but they didn’t have very good aim… so I had to clean some of it up the next day…. Gross… really f’n gross…actually it was really really really f’n gross…. but that’s what friends are for right? To take care of their homies right? and I know my friends would do the same for me. At around 2 it was off to the park to shoot some hoops with the 568crew. We ended up playing a pick up game with some high school kids… I felt old. . I felt old and I was still feeling the effects of the hangover… which only added to my feeling of oldness… We played hard and actually managed to throw down some game against tha young’ens!!! We even ended up taking them too the hoop beating them 2 games to 1!!! Surprisingly enough it was OUR full court hustle that won it for us. Can you believe it??? Three 26 year olds out hustling 17 year olds??? Even more surprising was the fact that I was our leading scorer… For one day I was Sean “Street ballin out of control” Fallon… it was a whole lot of fun. I haven’t been that exhausted in years… at one point my roommate Damian threw up a perfect aley-oop (sp)… I sooooo wanted to dunk it. I could see it, I could feel it, I just couldn’t do it… hahaha If only I was a foot taller… I had to settle for an “athletic” lay-up… oh well… maybe someday...hahaha Anyway, the O.G.’s took the kids to school and walked away with the victory… true my feet have huge blisters and my lower back still hurts when I bend over… but we won.. and victory is sweeeeeet….

And that’s the weekend in review…. Count one more for tha good guys!
--Capn’ Iwishiwasalittlebittaller S.S. Wishiwasaballer
"Dance on tha funk, make love on tha song, bust out on some serious funk"

December 08, 2003

Weekend in review......

Well... not much to talk about.... didn't feel good on saturday... so I just slept and chilled and played Grand Theft Auto III.... oh and I ate soup and drank OJ.

Friday: Went to a friends Dance Performance. It was really good. I was impressed. Didn't really know what to expect going in to it... but glad I went. It was fun. Afterwards we went to the Boardwalk (in Mt. View) and had some pizza and beer. Then we cruzed to a new bar in Mt. View... I don't remember the name... but it kinna sucked... well... let's put it this way, the bar was rad, but the people chillin at the bar were anything but cool. 2 dollar PBR on tap was the highlight of the eve there... I'll keep to the Nut House....

Saturday: Like I said... I was sick. I didn't do shit.

Sunday: Sunday was good. I ran a bunch of errands... found some Chrismas presents for a few friends... got a couple pairs of Ben's for myself... cuzed the town... it was fun. Skated a bit at tha park in Mt. View. It was fun. There were some huge puddles there that made skating the park difficult... but fun at the same time. I landed a few good tricks here and there.... nothing to shout about though. The real fun started Sunday night.

Sunday Night: I got to go skate an indoor bowl/pool that one of my friends, friends, built in their garage... it was insane.... sooo gnar... most of the transitions were only about 2 feet tall... but there was an over vert section with pool tile, a love seat, and a vert wall... half the ramp was poured cement coping... the rest was metal... tight tranny... sick... just sick... soooo hard to skate...but sooo fun at the same time. It was the most intense skate session I have had in a long time. Every turn, trick, or slide was make it or get bent... soooo rad... f'n awesome. Good times, crazy ramp, good friends, and good music.. it dont' get no betta... hahaha Got home and was amped for the rest of the night.... word.

--Capn' Buildyourown S.S. Rampstojam
"I'm a highway star"
--Deep Purple

December 05, 2003

Thanksgiving weekend in review:

Well it goes a little something like this... Took some planes out to Spokane... Spent about 7+ hours waiting in airports... and spent another 6 hours on planes.... I really don't like airports much. I read two books ate a bunch of turkey and got to chill with my pop's... which is always cool. I don't get to see him as much as I'd like. It snowed up there so I made some snow balls and threw them at invisible people... It would have been fun to have my cousins up there... they would have known how to have a real snowball fight... oh well... other then that I didn't do much. chilled mostly... which was kind of nice... but by the time I got home I definately had a case of cabin fever.

Went with the 568 crew up to halfmoon bay to cut down a christmas tree on saturday. It was fun. I hadn't done that in years. the house smells good now... like christmas time... : )

Skated a bit at sunnyvale on saturday too... landed a bunch of tricks that I hadn't done in a long... looooong time.

I did some other things... but they are not really worth mentioning...

life is good.
--Capn' Keeponrockin S.S. Inthefreeworld
"someday, my day will come"