April 28, 2004

"Give me the beat boys and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll
and drift away..."
--Uncle Kracker Drift Away
I went skating after work last night. It was a perfect evening for skating... not too hot... not too cold... the park wasn't that busy and there was plenty of shade... Strarted out pretty well... landed quite a few of the tricks I that I can still do. Got bold and even tried to get into a few crooked grinds... (unsucessfully of course but hey it was a start) Then I started to work on my BS/TS again. When am I gonna learn... street skating is for kids... and I am not a kid anymore... I got super worked doing a BS/TS (again). And by Worked I mean totally took to school and then beat down. Worked like a 9-5..... Worked like a kid in a sweat shop.... we're talkin big elbow off the top of the ropes for the pin. It sucked. Oh well... someday I'll learn... till then I'll be that dude who looks like he used to be good at some point prolly way back in the day....

April 26, 2004

Weekend in Review:

Friday: Got out on time and went to go skate after work. Hit up the RW. All the lame kids were there as usual. I'm starting to like skating there a little bit, but still don't like most of the brat-pack. I ate a big pile of crap trying to do a smith grind pop out on this one ledge... totally smacked my elbow. Some softball player asked if I was ok. He was like "Daaaam that looked like it hurt!" A few of the wacky kids asked if I was ok too. I was ok. Considering how hard I fell, it really didn't hurt that much. I made a few more attempts at the smith grind, landed a sketchy one and decided to count it and go home. Cruzed back to the pad and chilled. 568 cruzed down to Los Potrillos for dinner... always a good thing. After dinner I went home and chilled out.

I got up early and went on a bike ride in Pescadero (sp?) We rode really hard. I suck at climbing hills and there were 4 pretty good hills to climb. It felt good to go out and work hard though. After the ride we stoped at this cool place for breakfast. The food was pretty good. I don't remember the name of the place unfortunately.

After the ride I had to go to MV to visit my grandma. She's not doing so well so it wasn't exactly a fun visit. Getting old sucks.

After I left my Grandma's I cruzed home to get ready for a family reunion up in C-town. Ruth came with me. She is so rad. It was great to see my family and even better having Ruth along with me. I wish my cousins lived closer, it was really good to see them all.

Sunday: Chilled with Ruth all morning. At around noon we went to lunch down at the Canyon. I ate waaaay too much food. It was really good. I love hanging out with Ruth... it's always so relaxed and fun... Makes me wonder why I put up with some of the drama that I went through with some of my ex's.... Later that day I called my grandma to lean on her to take her meds and to eat food. She got pissed at me and then she hung up on me twice. Talk about a stressfull situation. Spent the next hour or two talking with my Mom and my Dad about the situation and then decieded to go clear my head and go skateboarding. I skated Red Wood City,Greer, and MV. It was really hot out. But if felt pretty good to be out and about and to get my mind onto other things. I skated for almost 4 hours. I landed a few good tricks here and there, but still nothing new. I need to get creative. After the shred sesh I cruzed back to RW and BBQ'd. Sipped on a few beers, and fell asleep on the couch. It was a long and busy weekend... but a good one over all. True.

--El Blogosaurus Rux

April 23, 2004

Bowling was kinna weak last night. I did ok. My wrist was kinna sore by the end of the eve though. I'm gonna skate after work. I can't wait for 5 to get here....

April 22, 2004

I've been listening to a lot of "newish" (if that's a word) hip hop lately... that stuff kinna sucks.... Lots of really good beats, but the lyrics really lack any substance. Too much talk about bling and hoes, cars sittin on dubs, going to clubs... drinking champagne... and stupid shit like that. So today on my drive to work I decided to rep for the old school. I decided to break out some of that real isht. You know it, Ice T's greatest hits...

"I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking, King of my jungle, just a gang-ster stalking...."

They just don't make music like his anymore... The OG isht is still the best. I'll rep for the 80's till I die. That's when music was real.

--El Blogosaurus Gangsterus Rex

April 21, 2004

I wrote a huge paragraph complaining about the kids that were at the RW Skatepark last night... but then I thought it was kinna dumb.... so instead I'll just write some of the questions I was asked and some of the things that I was told and a few of the things I heard while I was skating:

1) Is this your first time at a skatepark?--asked by a 12 year old as I walked up to the park (apparently I look like a total poser now-a-days)
2) What's your best trick dude? --asked by the fattest kid at the park as if he might be able to one up me in a "skate" contest
3) Watch out behind you old man! --said by some grade school kid to me as I was setting up to do a fakie tailslide on the ledge
4) What the fuck are you looking at??! Oh shit do you wanna fucking fight homie!!?? I'll punch you in the face you little bitch!!! --said by some highshool brat to some "Homies" who were about 5 years younger then them.
5) Get the fuck out of the fucking way you fucking fucker, you're fucking everything up you fucking asshole!! --said from one 12 year old to another
6) Daaaaamn Plaaayaaaaa, These blades are sooooo hella dope!!! --from one fruit booter to another
7) Dude I'm skating at the park bitch, what are you doing?? --said by a kid on his cell phone who didn't even have a board with him.
8) I fucked your mom and your sister last night bitch! --Same dude on the cell phone about 20min later
9) OOOHHH shittt N*ggaaaaah!! I'm jus skatin' at tha fukin park dog, come down here and chill N*ggaah!! --Said by the whitest dude at the park who was on his cell phone next to the dude that fucked someones mom and sister the other night....

I won't even go on with this....
Can you see why I love skating RW so much? And by love I mean hate.

On a postive note, the street skills are on the comeback trail!!! rad.

--Skateasaurus Rex

April 19, 2004

Weekend in Review

Thursday.... Bowling didn't bowl cuz I jacked up my wrist last weekend skating... but I still cruzed down and chilled with the homies though. It was ok... not as fun to watch as it is to actually bowl though. Had a couple Beers and then rolled with the crew to La Bomba for some dinner. That place is soooo good by the way. I miss being able to hit that place up for lunch durring the week.

Friday: Friday night there was a BBQ at the casa, two words: Steak sandwich. Yeah, that's right I'll have a steak sandwich... and I'll have a.... steak sandwhich. Oh, and you can put that on the Underhill's tab as well. It was so good... Tri-tip steak sando...... drooool... haha So yeah, I had a lot to eat and a lot to drink. The beers were flowin and cold.... Neanderthal quarters was in full effect. I scooped on Geoff... and was forced to pound a few myself... Good times and good friends it don't get much better.

Body Count:
3 Mirror Pond bottles o beer
6 Fat Tire bottles o beer
1 half of some shitty skunked beer

Saturday: Woke up early and a little hung over, went and took pictures of Geoff at the airport for my next photo project up at City College: 10 portrait shots.... Got a few pretty good ones. After the photo shoot I went and Skated Sunnyvale for a bit... but then it started raining... that sucked. So I decieded to go run some errands for my grandma... Then on the way home the sun came out so I went to RW and skated for a bit... busted out some pretty good tricks... had the park almost entirely to myself which was rad... that place is much more fun when the kooky kids aren't there... After about an hour or so I jetted out and headed back home to go get cleaned up. Then it was off to meet Ruth's parents...

I was pretty nervious about meeting her family. But it really went pretty well I think. They are super nice. I had a great time. It was her brother's Nick's b-day so her Mom and Dad had put together this big dinner for a bunch of his friends, it was super cool. The dinner was great and I think I made an ok impression.. I hope so at least... After dinner we supprised her brother by taking him to the Saddle Rack. For those that don't know, the Saddle Rack is a country western bar in Fremont (used to be in San Jo) anyway, that place is crazy... super funny, lots of people watching. Nick and his friends are super funny. I had a great time, wish I had gotten a little more fadded and a little roudy with them... but then, I guess it's prolly good that I didn't. haha good times.

Body Count
5 beers
4 jack and cokes
(didn't even feel drunk at all.... is that a bad thing?)

Sunday: Chilled out with Ruth all morning, ate a great lunch, and then ran around town for a bit. It was an awesome morning. After I left WG I went to look for some frames at Pier 1 and Cost Plus... interesting places, gotta say I haven't really been to them much but they had lots of fun stuff... It would have been easy for me to drop a serious dime at both of them. After I found some frames I drove home and went through photos and worked on cutting mats and fitting the photo's for the rest of the eve... I watched some hoops and then fell asleep on the couch watching some corny action movie on TNT. The End.

April 16, 2004

I skated a few times after work last week. I'm starting to get some of my old street skills back which feels kinna good. I'm still pretty sketch though... I feel kinna silly trying to relearn tricks that I used to have on lock... what happened to the SB skills??? I haven't really learned anything new yet... but I'm getting some confidence back. I'm looking forward to learning some new tricks, that will be fun... but in a way landing some of these old tricks that I used to do, for the first time in years, kinna feels like I'm learning something new... I need to get some skills on the bank ramp... I don't have any good tricks there anymore... except for my cheater fakie 270's... funny that's the last trick I learned... and one of the hardest ones that I learned... yet that's the only one I can still do... haha oh well. So anyway, I've been skating a little bit better and I've been landing a few good tricks here and there so that's pretty cool... I have also set some new goals, stuff that I want to try.. so the week in skating was good.... and I'd say that over all, even with the few harsh falls that I took, last week was a positive skating experience... now starts week two of Sean's come back trail.... Break a piece off!!

--El Blogoskateosaurus

April 13, 2004

Weekend In Review

Last week was hectic.... busy at work, busy taking care of my grandma... busy busy busy... anyway here's a quick review...

Friday: skated after work for a bit. Wrecked myself tryin to BS/TS. Cruzed home and chilled at the house with Ruth. Watched TV and ate cheese and bread and stuff as we drank wine... it was perfect. Then I went to sleep... super chill Friday....

Saturday: got up and went to the Sharks game with Ruth, her brother Nick, and his girlfriend Shelly. It was super fun. Sharks games rule. I had such a good time. Got to see a hat trick... got to see the Sharks win... and had a lot of fun chillin with Ruth. After the game I kicked it in WG for a little bit and then went to the MV park on the way home. Skated MV park for a bit, landed a few pretty good tricks and then went home and chilled with the homies.... I planted the tomato plants that Ruth got for me and worked on cleaning up the back yard a little... swept up a little.... and just kinna chilled. BBQ'd cheese dogs for dinner and kicked back all night. It was a good day, I didn't even have to use my A-K.

Sunday On sunday I went to C-town and then to a resturant named Mudds with my Mom and Grandma for Easter. It was fun to hang out with my Mom, she rules. I don't see her as often as I'd like to. After I got back from C-town I chilled at the house for a bit and then went down to Trista's place for Lasagna (which was tha bomb by the way) We watched the Dubs beat Dallas for the first time since 1999... it was frickin awesome... Speedy Claxton and Brian Cardinal were off the hook. So was tha big red dog Cliff Robinson!!! good isht. Pounded some beers... walked home with a beer in hand... livin the good life...

That's about it, true!
--Tha Blogosaurus Rexit

April 06, 2004

Weekend in Review

Friday: Went to WG to hang with Ruth out to mexican food and then to a local bar... The food was great... the bar was so so... It was an interesting place... and it seemed like it could be alot of fun with the right people and the right music. But the music and the people were deffinately not right this time... haha I still had fun though and that's all that really counts right?

Saturday: So summer is on it's way, and that means the Lake is gonna be opening soon. This year the house is going to become a full member at the lake. So that means we will get a key to the gate so that we can go there whenever we want. That's right, a key to the lake!!!! oh man this summer is gonna rule!!!! It also means that we have to do volenteere hours at the lake to earn our key. So Saturday morning was spent working down at the lake tryin to get our hours in. Ruth and Trista came with Damian and I. Those girls rule. Period. Ruth is so rad.... total trooper. Anyway, not only did Damain and I pick and shovel for almost 3 1/2 hours but we also learned how to set a foundation and how to bend and cut rebar. I earned about 10000 man points on Saturday. It was great. Afterwards we got some lunch from Prima and chilled out at the house. Later in the afternoon I took Ruth to meen my Mom and John. It was rad. My Mom and John loved her. After the big meething I went and got some new shoes to chill in. Some Nike's.... They are super comfey. My feet are super happy. Then I went home and chilled at the house and fell asleep early.

Sunday: ??? I don't remember what I did... so it must not have been tooo important.... huh??? prolly skated or something... I dunno...

April 02, 2004

Whenever I hear Fatboy Slim's "right here right now" I think of summer time at the lake and skating with my homies. It was pretty much the theme song for last summer..... The lake opens on Labor day... I can't wait for labor day.... it's gonna be on. I am seriously counting down the days. Last summer was one of the best summers I have ever had. This summer is going to be even better. I can't wait. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas... or the last day of school before summer break..... I love that feeling.... Daylight savings is just around the corner... then Greer Park Eve sessions are gonna be on!!! Evening rides in the hills..... Chillin with my homies in the backyard.... This is the life, this is what I live for.... Summer time... skateboarding with my friends, swimming at the lake, BBQ's, cold PBR, lazy days... and this Summer I even have a girlfriend to share it all with.... Rad..... It's gonna be great..... Right here, Right now.... this is what it's all about...

--Blogosaurus Summerus Rexis

April 01, 2004

I went skating at the park in R-Dub last night. I sucked pretty bad. It took me almost 30 min to warm up and get to a point where I could olie higher then 10 inches..... Where did my street skills go???.. oh yeah... I've been skating min-ramp and bowls for the last year and a half... shit..... I am making a new 1/4 year resolution: To get my street skills back!!! I guess I shouldn't be too sad... I landed a few good tricks... but all in all... It was a pretty sorry sight.... At least it only took me about 6 tries to land a BS/TS instead of close to 30 like the last time I skated there... sheesh... I'm gonna go back Friday and represent for Sabado. True.

--Blogosaurus Teckus Rexus