January 31, 2002

A bit o' humor from me day on the dock....

Slaaaayer: dude we might wanna take lunch early before he (Bob) kills that thing and hurts us in the process....
wayneita: holy.....

Today twas a good day, the seas were calm, the sun was shinin, and the ladies were lookin beautiful... arrrgh doesn't get much better then that... Sail on, into the unknown, where treasure awaits and life begins.... Things have definately reached a turning point for me.... seems like every turn of the page brings a better part of the story... and every day brings a larger smile to my face.... things are goin' well... dar... things are definately goin well!!! spent too much time in a bad place for too long..... these lyrics have been in my head all day today.... I love them... brings me a big smile everytime I sing them...

"you don't want me anymore
so I'll just walk right out the door
played a game right from the start
I trust you, you used me
and now my heart's all torn apart"

"so I'm sailin', well I'm sailin' on
well I'm movin', hey I'm movin' on
sail on, sail on"
-Bad Brains (check 5 on the side for a music clip of this song)

keep on sailin... the seas of change bring new and better days!!!
-Capn' Jack SS Jellyfish

January 30, 2002

YO Ho! Yo HO! a pirates life for me...

dar... I need to sail my ship into new waters... these ones are gettin a bit like my ex-hag... evil and unfaithful....er well maybe these seas are not quite as bad as that crazy ole bag... but still... There isn't much to be plundered here... arrr... Seems as tho my witts are gettin' a might bit stale hangin out here... I's think it may be time to find some new lands and cities to raid.... yes, I think it has reached tha time to raise the sails and head back out into the unknown.... arrrrr... yes tis time .... tis time.... Weigh anchor me hearties, the weather has changed and the wind is blowin' in tha right direction..... Heeve' ho mehearties, we are back on course for adventure and meyhem! ARR!

-Capn Manowar SS Sinkinbastard

January 28, 2002


I spent an hour postin' some notes about me travels and battles... alas... the scurvey bastards didn't post for some reason... Someone is gonna walk tha plank... food for tha fishes for sheer! ARRR! arrrr!!! ARRRR that makes me mad as a scurvey havin lubbar in a meat market! AAAarrrr! If I had a gun I would have shot someone in the foot and told them to dance like a maiden! Scurvey bastards!

well let me see... I got old last week... dar... turned tha quarter century... arrr... my bones are hurtin fer sure... twas a good day all in all... got some stuff for me camera and some other stuff that I won't waste any time describin' (books and the likes) Went to some good eatin establishment run by the Cook Chew... err Chue? Cheu? Whatever it be, the food was good and the drinks were plenty.... The waiter keept asking us if we wanted another "budwhie".... it was pretty darn funny if you ask me..... coundn't understand a word that landlubber said... twas quite a hoot.... Later we went to a show of musical lads.... well... they were good at what they did that is for sure... but if they were on my ship, I would have made them walk the plank.... dar... lucky for them I am not like most! After the show, me and a few of my finest friends went to the ole waterin hole! Arrr the Nut House... there is no place like home... just walkin through the door and hearin' the Pixies on the ole box of jukes was like dien' and goin to heaven.... twas sweet sweet sound.... Must say I drank my fair share of spirits that night... twas a bit groggy the next morning to say the least....that southern drink can sure sneak up on ya! Lucky for me, the south did not rise again! arrrr that would have been fatal.... So I made it through another birthday without sailin the stormy seas on the ole' great white ship....

more later ya one eye'd dogs! got more pilligin' ta do right now!

-Capt Devil Eyes S.S. Southerncross

January 11, 2002

another test... AHOY THAR? Is that Ice???
dar this is a test of sorts.... ABANDON SHIP!
Went ridin through the stormy seas of stanford last night on my two wheel'd boat... I should get train'in oars fer that thing... it was a heap o' fun... met up with three of me ole mates and this fine wench! Capt Flat-tire from the S.S. General Lee did some nice "on the spot" repair work to his boat... and then did some mighty nice feeb's up the ole incline ledge.... Capn' Ghostrider worked on some pretty mean smith grinds.. and also stole me boot! dar tha bastard!!!!!! Lucky for him I wasn't in the killin mood.... Capn' Ghostrider is a badmamojama... did I mention that Geoffery "the key killer" was also present??? dar there is a bastard if I have ever met me one.... General Kevin Hoppity traversed some pretty amazin' objects .. bench to bench gap-age was "Most... Impressive...." (said in a darth vader voice) Even the scurvey havin' maiden was gettin hesh.... We took some photos with the aid of a make shift reflective device and had a boatload of fun.... all in all quite a night... the ole sessions at stanford be fun! twas colder then the artic but fun none tha'less...

The Seas be calm today, work is work is work....dar... Is this a slave ship??

I have set me sights on my next plunderin! I means to obtain a full size Atari Arcade game, 720 to be exact! Dar let the blood flow!! T'will battle to the death for that treasure!! now I just have to locate one..... arrrrgh....

tis all for now..
-Capn. Slaytan SS Imagetusucka

January 10, 2002

Here is a funny conversation one of me shipmates and I had today...

Slaaaayer: Bob has no brain....
Wayneita: even the wizard can't help him...

whell, back to pillagin' and plunderin'

--Captain Hesher, SS Goldfish

Today we set sail on a new adventure into the stormy seas of life.... I only hope that we don't run a'ground while exiting the harbor... haha

-Captain No Beard, S.S. Sink or Swim

ps Do or Die, There is no Try