February 27, 2004

This is a blast from the past... haha When I was in school at UCSB I played drums for this guy's solo project. We recorded at the "living room" a local "club" that had live shows from time to time.... I recorded about 10 songs with them... it was fun... I think I still have a copy of the mixed down version somewhere.... if you bribe me I might let you listen to it sometime... hahaha lol... too bad the songs aren't linked anymore, tha sea lion one was pretty rad.. haha yes, I played in a hippie band once.. haha... oh well... something for eveyone to laugh at...

--El Drummarblogosaurus Rexis

February 26, 2004

I thought this was fitting for the Blogosaurus.....

Godzilla. Fear Rating: 6/6

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February 25, 2004

This is pretty funny.
--The Blogosaurus

February 23, 2004

Weekend in Review:
So the weekend in review... I'm back to doing this again... the only days of the week I tend to blog about are the weekend days. oh well... at least I'm kind of keeping it real... even if it is more like I'm half assed keepin' it real... It's like I'm only 50% DFL.... haha How did that happen??? hahaha Oh well... I'm tryin... Ok so anyway without further pause: Here we go...

Friday: Friday was a chill day at work, which was nice. Got some stuff done, got some emails sent... and didn't stress. Went home and cleaned up the house a bit, and then ran a few last minute errands to get ready to hang out with Ruth. She came up to the house and cooked dinner for me. She made Fajitas, they were off the hook. So good..... like... DAMN thems some good Fajitas.... hahaha anyway... I got to help out a little bit in the cooking process which was pretty fun. I don't know how to cook so it was fun to learn a thing or two.... The whole time we were making dinner I kept thinking to myself: "this girl is so rad" haha anyway it was a really fun evening. We had the house to ourselves, I made a fire in the ole fireplace, we ate great food, watched a movie, and just chilled out. It was perfect, super chill, super fun... Rad..

Saturday: Ruth and I chilled all morning... then headed down to the Canyon for some burgers. They were good as always. Chilled out and talked a bit... it was cool. Cruzed back up to the house and lounged. Mike P came up to the house and we cruzed down to the Record store with Damian and Geoff. I bought Run D.M.C.'s Raisin' Hell soooo good. Records rule. I could spend hours and hours at tha record store... Damian picked up a Specials album, the Specials were made to be heard on vinyl.. Ska sounds perfect on a turn table with a little dust. Good stuff... went home and ate leftovers with the crew. Headed up to the city later for a friends b-day. It was pretty chill. Didn't drink, didn't fight, didn't do much of anything, it was good.

Sunday: Got up and watched some B-ball on TV. Then I went and played some hoops with Damian. We were only gonna play for a bit but ended up playing for almost 2 1/2 hours. It was great. I love playing hoops. I also took some pictures at the courts for my photo class. They turned out rad. I'll try to post some of them up later. Went home, ate dinner and watched some more hoops, Played some Grand Turismo and called it a night. All in all, it was a great weekend. True...

--El Blogabasketballasaurus Rex

February 20, 2004

Thursday night as always was bowling night. I did pretty well. 231, 227, and a 147.... too bad I shot that 147... If I had shot another 200 I might have set a new pr... oh well.. it was fun. The worst part is that I open framed in both 10th frames on the first two 2 hundred games.... doh... which means I could have shot 10 pins higher on each of those games... damn... haha oh well... it was a good time and that's all that matters.

Keep it rockin
--The Blogosaurus Bowlerus Rex

February 18, 2004

Go Dubs....
--El Blogosaurus
"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."
- Yoda
Today was the first day in a long time where I questioned what I was doing with my life. I had to do some BS project at work and it sucked... I couldn't help thinking "I went to school and got a degree for what reason again? to do this???" It kinna sucked... but then, every day isn't like that... so hey... should I really complain???... prolly not. Life is good. I like my job. Things are good. I'ma stop complaining now. true

--El Blogosaurus
So The ole Weekend in Review.....

Well I don't really know how to put my weekend into words this time... amazing... awesome... perfect... great... all these words seem to kinna fall short for some reason... I'll explain why... maybe you'll feel it too.....

Friday: It was Friday the 13th... I wasn't scared. Friday the 13th is lucky in my family. My grandfather was born on Friday the 13th and 13 is my lucky number... anyway... it was Friday the 13th... and since it was Feb. and Friday the 13th, that meant it was my Homie Wayne’s B-Day! Wayne and I go way back... well.. I don't know if you consider 3+ years ago way back... but anyways... we go way back to the days when this blog used to be about a slave ship and when I used to work with that crack head Bob.... Anyway, I digress.... the point is this, Wayne and I worked together during some crazy times at our old company. It was a lot of fun havin' Wayne around and I miss workin with him. We were like, the only two sane people in the entire Service department... anyways we had a lot of fun back then and saw some crazy stuff go down. So yea... I digress again... So it was Friday the 13th and it was Wayne's B-day and so I went down to Palo Alto to meet El Capitan Wayne and his crew for a B-day bash at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a lot of fun. Got to see some of the ole bloggin regulars, Capn' Uber Viv, Jennius, Nadeem, etc etc etc... it was good to see them and fun to meet some new people too. Mostly it was rad just to hang out with and talk some isht with good ole Wayne. Happy Birthday bro...

Afterwards I went down to SJ to go catch a show at the Blank Club. It was a Ska/ Reggae show... not normally tha kinna show I would go to see but for the books: it was off the hook... such good music. I was blown away. Super good show, amazing music, lots of feeling. The highlight was a band called Drunken Starfighter.... totally awesome... such a good vibe. I bought their CD... it rocks.... Anyway it was a great show and I had an awesome time there.

Saturday Night aka Valentine's Day:
So V-day was rad... Did some last min shopping and then cruzed to the flower store to get some roses for my Mom and for Ruth. Got some pretty cool ones and I was stoked... Anyway... Chilled at my Mom's for a bit... went skating for a bit with Stew at good ole Greer, always a good time. Then cruzed up to the house to get ready for tha big V-day date... : )

We went to dinner in down town San Carlos. Same place we went a few weekends ago... it was just as fun this time as it was the previous time. Ciao Amore, very good place to go for great Italian food. No corking fee and it is sorta expected that you bring at least one bottle of wine. Ruth is introducing me to different kinds of wine... (I don't know anything about wine for the record...) It has been a lot of fun trying different kinds of things. Anyway, dinner was great, the food there so far has been really good.... The atmosphere is great too... kinna loud at times... but lots going on and even though it's kinna busy and lost of things are going on it's very mellow... We chilled there for almost 3 hours... it was so rad... I love just sitting around talking with her. So comfortable and easy... I dunno... anyway... it was rad. We cruzed up to R-dub and exchanged gifts. She got me a Bamboo plant which is totally cool. : ) I love having plants in my room... anyway... I thought it was a super cool gift. I think she liked the stuff I got for her. It was a really good night. The best Valentines day I've ever had. Period. It's hard for me to describe... I mean it doesn't really sound like we did anything out of the ordinary... but it's so fun just chillin with this girl that doing nothing is awesome..... it's crazy... anyway... It was a super rad night... off the hook so to speak...

Sunday: Went out to Breakfast with Ruth at the Courthouse Cafe. Once again it was just super fun to go chill out and talk about random stuff with her. The food was great, and the company even better. After she left to go study I went and shot hoops with Damian. It was fun. I got my game on and played pretty hard. It felt really good to go out and work the legs and stuff... I was really hurtin later... haha but oh well good times....

I met up with Ruth again later that eve and we went to go see 50 first dates. It was a really good movie. Definitely advise one to see it. We went out to eat and got Mexican food afterwards, which is always cool by me. Got the food to go and cruzed back to her pad. It was fun. As always it was a great night. In the morning it was raining and windy. It was really cool to look out the windows in her room and to see the wind blowing stuff around... it was like a dream.... very relaxing... I dunno hard to capture the moment... but let's just say it was pretty cool.

Monday: Went and grabbed lunch at Eric's Deli. I hadn't been to that place in a long time. Reminded me of Saturday skate days back in Mt. View. Such good times. Lunch was good. After lunch Ruth and I went to Trader Joe's because she needed to pick up some food for a dinner later... super funny to watch her shop. : ) I'm prolly sounding like a total nerd right now... but anyway... it was fun... after that cruzed up to REI to check out their winter sale. Got a super dope North Face Jacket and a helmet for snowboarding. Both were almost half off.... soooooooo rad!!! hahaha then I cruzed home and chilled for the rest of the day. It rained so I couldn't skate or play hoops... oh well.

So anyway, it was a great weekend. I got to spend a lot of time hangin out with Ruth, which was awesome. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend. All smiles once again. All smiles.... : )

--El Blogosaurus
Every time Sabbath comes on my launch player I get a huge smile... there is something so rad about being able to rock out to Sabbath at work... When I walk around the rest of the office I hear classical music... and easy listening... and "light rock" coming out of other peoples cubes.... I wonder what people think when they walk by my cube and hear Sabbath or Maiden or the Ramones crankin out of my speakers.... the people I work with must think I'm such a weirdo... hahaha Keep it rockin!
--Blogosaurus Rex

February 13, 2004

Is it weird that I'm more productive with Yahoo pager then without? I sure think so... but it's a true statement... yes I am more productive when I have Pager... That's kinna rad.

--EL Blogosaurus Rex
"I'm a human fly
I spell (it) F-L-Y
I say buzz buzz buzz
and it's just because
I'm a human fly
and I don't know why
I've got 96 tears
and 96 eyes"
--The Cramps

February 09, 2004


present state of euphoria... Launch has played a bunch of punk songs in a row for me today.. which is rad. Minor Threat, Rancid, OP-IVY, Descendents, Circle J's.... it's helping my day go by. It is amazing how music can effect your mood. I'm so amped right now.... If I was still working at Acuson I think I'd prolly have taken a long lunch and skated Greer all afternoon... Of course if I was still working at Acuson not only would life be suckin right now but I'd also not have Launchcast so I wouldn't have gotten amped in the first place. For some reason I find that very interesting... ok.. enough of that...

So this weekend was complete chaos from Thursday till Sunday.... I don't even know where to start.... Such a great weekend... so much fun... Guess I should start from Thursday.....

Day 1 of the weekend:
Went to bowling shot a 238.... then shot two poor games... but oh well... then met up with Ruth at Jakes down in Willow Glen. It was great... talked till they closed... I keep thinking this girl can't be as rad as she seems... but everytime we hang out she turns out to be even more rad then I first thought... pretty much all I can say is wow.

Day 2 of the weekend:
Went to the Warriors game with my good friends from 568 (Damian, Ben, and Geoff) We got our fade on at the game. It was sooo fun. Sat in the third to last row upper deck center court.... believe it or not you can actually see pretty well from all the way up there... the crowd up there is crazy. Loud, wild, and drunk... that about sums up most of the people around us. There were some dudes next to us that snuck in 5 bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 into the game.... they were super funny... they pounded, but never seemed to get all that drunk... well one of them did... but not that bad considering they were drinking MD 20/20.... some other dude a few rows away didn't handle his drinks quite as well... he was wearing driving gloves inside and looked like a fool... he was also puking into a coke cup at the end of the game... I brought an empty popcorn container over to he and his girlfriend so that he didn't puke all over the floor once he finished filling up the coke cup... it was gross... I felt bad for heckeling him... haha what a dumb ass though. So anyway the Warriors won, and we went crazy, and the Arena went crazy, and were really happy, so we decided to go to the carlos club to get our fade on..... I won't go into to many details but let's just say it was boys night out, two of us were wearing basketball jerseys, we sang 4 songs while pounding alchohal, and got hit on by 30+ year old ladies... maybe pushin 40+.... needless to say it was quite a night.... I spent most of the night on the floor in my bed room and sang a short, but sweet song, into the great white microphone. Good times. My roommate Ben drunk dialed most of the girls numbers that I had in my phone, including a girl whom I hadn't talked to in over a year.... hopefully she wasn't pissed... Luckily the girl I'm dating ie Ruth wasn't pissed when we left two messages on her phone... the first from Ben, saying "I'm Brian Cardinal number 35 blaacka blaackka blaaaka" or something like that... the second from me saying "sorry, I'm sooo drunk right now" and "I hate these guys"..... Apparently I was also heard saying "I can't feel my legs"..... it was a crazy night...

Body count:
3 16oz budweisers
1 pint of Fat Tire
2 7 and 7's
1 Jack and Coke
4 or 5 margaritas (things got a bit hazy around this point in the eve)

Day 3 of the weekend:
Woke up early and hung over. hating life a bit... but not tooo bad. Went to Prima to get a sando... it was good. I love that place. Then I sat around... watched some tv... took some advil... drank lots of water... and hated on life for a bit.... at around 3 I went and played hoops, mainly trying to clear my head a bit so that I could go out drinking with Ruth and her friends later that night.... It worked. Went to dinner with Ruth, got to her house to pick her up and she had decided to make dinner for me.... wow... rad... I was super impressed... all I could think was "is this really happening for me??" and "wow" Dinner was great... soo good... soooo fun... I was all smiles. After dinner we went out with her friends for drinks... it was fun. Her friends are hilarious. I didn't get too crazy... but I had a great time. It was a great night. All smiles.

Body count:
2 coors
a few splashes of a desert wine
2 pints of fat tire
1 jack and coke
2 shots (don't know what they were but they were not that bad)

Weekend Day 4
Woke up early. Woke up on the right side of the bed. I also wasn't hung over, which was great. Headed out to the skatepark in Mt. View on my way home. Stopped and got a bagel and a V8 along the way. Ate my bagel in the sun at the skatepark at like 10am...
empty park... beautiful day... it was great. Skated for a bit... had fun. Cruzed to Greer, skated for a bit. Talked shit with some of the Bikers. Hit some super speed shred dog lines.... cruzed home.... talked to Ruth on the phone out on the porch in the sun for a bit. Took a nap in the doorway in the sun for a few min... enjoyed it. Watched some hoops on TV... took another nap... went and played hoops with Ben and Damian.... came home ate pizza... took a nap... woke up and went to play miniature golf with a bunch of freinds for Joe's B-day. It was super funny.... and also super f'n cold. I couldn't really feel my fingers by the end of the round... but oh well... it was a lot of fun. Good times for sure... came home... raced some Grand Turismo... went to bed too late. The End.

--The Blogosaurus

February 03, 2004

Well... it's Feburary... haven't been too good about posting up... I don't really know what happened here... I was super down to post for almost a year.... then it was like once or twice a week.... and now it's like once a month.... hm... I guess I don't have quite as much free time at work anymore.... well anyway... here's a quick recap... again....

My B-day.... super fun, got to see a ton of old friends.... Carlos Club went off... I sang Bust A Move (Young MC), Fight for your Right to Party (B-Boys), Sedated (ramones), and Sweet Caroline (Niel Diamond).... it was a great night.... soooooo fun. One of the best B-days ever. Good times, good friends, and a ton of fun.... it doesn't get much better. I had a great time..... Ruth came out.... and didn't think I made too much of an @ss out of my self so that was good... : ) the whole night was perfect....

Body count:
1 beer at work (Peroni from the Deli)
1 Margarita
2 22oz newcastles
2 bottles of bud
6 7 and 7's
1 jack and coke
(for the record the Carlos Club makes strong drinks and I didn't get sick.)

Um... what else... I've been skating a lot. My homie Karim and his wife Dana were in town last weekend... it was awesome skating with him. I miss rockin it with the SB locs.... Sabado street was the best..... Anyway Karim and Dana were staying at the Double Tree down in SJ for a work convention so I went down to hang out with them and we ended up staying up until 5am.... We went to Denny's at like 4 am... moons over myhamie... just like the old days... it was awesome.... really fun to catch up and talk about old times down in SB... Karim is one cool cat... and Dana is super rad too. They are sooooo much fun. I love those foooz.... OG Sabado Locs for life..... Good times.

I'm still dating Ruth... : ) I went on the best date I've ever been on last Saturday... sooo much fun. Don't ask me why... but it was super rad.... So things are going really well... I'm stoked... I'm having sooooo much fun.... everytime I go out with this girl it seems like things get better.... she is amazing..... sooo rad.... like off the charts rad....

Work is good... life is good.... True....

--The Blogosaurus