December 27, 2002

I went up to the house last night to measure my room.... it isn't very big... but it is gonna be sooooo rad!!! whooo hooo! haha I can't wait to start moving in... haha I feel like a kid on the first day of school.... kinna nervous, but super excited at the same time This move is gonna be just the kinna change I need in my life right now. Things are coming together, I am really looking forward to the start of the new year. I think I may have found a photo class to take at SMCC (College of San Mateo) and I am super excited about it! I don't know much about their program, but just getting the chance to take some more photo classes is going to be rad! I am really getting hyped for the new years party too, this new years is going to be the first one in a long time where I am actually super hyped to go get crazy and have a ton of fun.... who knows, I may even have to turn into the "dancing machine" again... haha O.G. gangster New Years.... does it get any better???!!! haha damn, I can't wait to get thuged out..... shit is gonna be on!!!!!!! I am so excited to start off the New Year sipin' a 40 and throwin up my set.... haha word, MV represent yo! for tha zero zero tre' whoody whoooooooooo! haha dope.

I am really feeling today�s "quote of the day".... I am ready to attack.... I am ready to get hammered.... I am really getting hyped up right now... I don't think I have been this motivated in a long time.... it feels good. I feel like my old self again.... man... it has been years since I have been this stoked on life and the future... and to think a few weeks ago I was at an all time low.... hating on everything... bummed out and slackin...... things have really come around 180 in the last couple of weeks.... I am throwing it down now!!! Watch out world, the hesher is loose and charging that shit with all guns blazing�. Just like the Priest!!!
--Capn' Fullspeed S.S. Hammerdownbaby!
You don't learn to hold your own in the world by standing on guard, but by attacking, and getting well-hammered yourself.
-- George Bernard Shaw

December 26, 2002

The Kings beat the Lakers last night.... life is good. I love hoops.....
Yar, lots of things are going on for me right now. Some huge changes are in progress right now..... first things first, I am finally breaking away from the nest.. haha bout frickin time... I am gonna be moving up to San Carlos with my friends Damian and Ben as soon as I get back from Arizona... My room isn't huge, but it has its own bathroom and it gets a lot of light. The house itself is awesome. I think it is gonna be a really positive step for me. Money is going to be kinna tight now... but I don't really care that much. It is just going to be nice to have a place of my own. I think this is going to be a really good change for me.... I am really excited. I have wanted to do this for quite some time now...

These next couple of weeks are going to be super crazy.... I fly out to Washington on Friday to see my Dad for a few days... then on the 31st I fly back to the bay area for the New Years OG Gangster party... then on the second I fly out to Arizona to go shred with Dylan the Destroyer for 5 days.... then I come back and move.... it is gonna be crazy... What a great way to start off the new year tho.... lots of change, lots of fun, travel, friends, and family. This year is gonna rock. I finally am getting back on the positive track I think. Not that I haven't been, but I think things are starting to come together again in a huge way. Change is good, with out change things just stay the same forever.... I am about to make some huge changes... "let me step boldly out into the night, tho it is dark and I can scarcely see the way...."
--El Capitan
If there is no struggle there is no progress.
-- Frederick Douglass
Happy holidays.... : )
--The Capitan of the Boat

December 23, 2002

This weekend was fun.

Saturday I went skating at the ole Mt. View park with Capn' Pete. That dude is fun to skate with. The Mini had a ton of water on both sides of it which made skating it kind of like skating on an island. My board went into the water a couple times...that kinna sucked. but it was still a lot of fun. After the ramp sesh I did some Christmas shopping and then cruzed up to Capn' Mikes to play some pong and get some food. We went to Safeway and I got a fatty huge super tasty sandwich. After we ate we played some seriously intense games of pong, most of which went into overtime 22+ point games... it was fun. Saturday night we went up to the City to see a show at The Bottom of the Hill. Some band from OC opened the show... they were good, but a bit too popish for my taste. The drummer was really good tho, so that was pretty entertaining. The second band: The Nubs was awesome... super funny, super good show. I bought their CD, they rocked. The last band that played was Pully... man they are awesome... super fast... yet melodic at the same time... good shit. Good show. It was fun.

Sunday Sunday was all about getting hesh. After a great breakfast with my Mom and Step Dad it was off to Greer to go ride with Capn' Stew. It was super fun, even tho I skated really poorly. There were some really good BMX riders there... and even tho I don't really like riding with bikes, it was fun to watch them. Damn... they were good. After Greer it was off to IN'n'Out to get a 3x3 animal style and a coke. Then Capn' Geoff came over and we took our BMX bikes up to Stanford to wreck some shit. I had a great time, I hadn't gone BMXing in a long time. I was surprised that I was able to ride as well as I was. Riding around Stanford is always fun. There were some really super cool unlocked bikes around that I really wanted to steal, but I refrained and let them be. Tho I must say I was super tempted... hahaha Just like two summers ago back in SB eh?? haha good times... anyway, Geoff and I had a super fun sesh and that was cool. Went home and watched the Warriors get destroyed by the Kings... ugh... it was a sad sad sad sight... man they sucked. Then I went down to the studio to jam with Ben, Mike, and Kevin's brother Chris. It was super fun. I haven't played that hard in a while.... by the end of the night my arms hurt and I couldn't even keep a beat anymore... a sign of a good jam session to say the least. Went home and watched The Legend with Jet Li... it was sick... great f'n movie... I am gonna have to buy that one...

So always... it was a great weekend... keep on rockin...
--Capn' Aintnuthin S.S. Gonabringmedown
If you don't risk anything, you risk even more.
-- Erica Jong

December 21, 2002

Last night I went out to this really cool bar/burger place in Menlo Park called the Dutch Goose. The tables are all carved up, they have pool tables, video games, and writing all over the walls. My kinna place. To top it off they have N.W.A. on the Jukebox. Does it get any better then that????? I don't think so..... I met Capn' Damian and Capn' Ben there, as well as a bunch of their friends. It was rad. I had a great time. I met some cool dudes, and a couple of really cool girls. I didn't get any vibes from any of the girls, but they were super fun to hang out with. I hear one of them will be attending this years New Year's Eve "Thug Life Gangster" party. I am hoping to get to know her a little better maybe? I dunno, but we'll see I guess. I'm not getting my hopes up seeing as none of the girls that I thought were cool really gave me any signs... Anyways,I had a really great time playing speed quarters and some dice game called "bullshit???" or something, with the girls and the crew... good times, good friends, funny folks, rad girls... it was a good night for sure. That's about all I wanted to say about that. Word.
--Capn' Rockin S.S. Tillthebreakofdawn
Saturday....... at work. Just for the record I would like to state that: BOB IS FUCKING TOTALLY INSANE.... Someone should seriously put that dude in an institution..... I won't even get into the crazy shit that went on today... Let me just say this, that dude is on crack... help me please... someone... anyone...

December 20, 2002

is it the weekend yet...?
rain rain go away... come again some other day... word.
--Capn' Workinintheran S.S. Sucksbigtime
You can't depend on your judgement when your imagination is out of focus.
-- Mark Twain

December 19, 2002

I just wanted to tip a fourty for the ole Berry Blocks and the Sabado locs.... SB represent...
the crew rides forever... locs por vida
I just bought tickets to go fly to Arizona to go skate with my dog Dylan the Destroyer. It is gonna get hesh! Yes!
wow... it is raining a lot and I am soaked.
--Capn' Seandog S.S. Wetfrickinwet
And if your train's on time
You can get to work by nine
And start your slaving job to get your pay
If you ever get annoyed
Look at me I'm self-employed
I love to work at nothing all day
And I'll be...
Taking care of business every day
--Bachman-Turner Overdrive

December 18, 2002

Pink Floyd is the 107.7 artist of the week. This week sucks, I hate Floyd... that shit ain't hesh at all. I can barely tolerate one Floyd song a day let alone tons of em..... YAR!!! When is ZZ top or The Nuge or Maiden gonna be the artist of the week. Last week was Sammy Hagar... that dude isn't hesh either. Dave kicks his ass big time. 107.7 is coming though wack lately..... They are playing "comfortably numb" right now... I f'n hate that song. I need to get hesh... play some f�n hesher rock�. Booooooo!
--Capn' Floyd S.S. Sucks
I went to Greer at lunch. It was good. I feel like myself again. I even learned a new line. I had the park to myself. Life is good.
I need to go skate... I haven't skated in days... I am going crazy.... I wonder if Greer will be dry enough to skate in a little while..... I get weird when I haven't skated in a while.... I can feel it happening as I write this...
--Capn' Getonyourboard S.S. Andride
(I think I may have posted this one before but I really like it so here it is again......)

Life is not holding a good hand; Life is playing a poor hand well.
-- Danish proverb

December 17, 2002

Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.
--David Lloyd George

December 16, 2002

The Weekend In Review....

Well... This weekend was pretty crazy. Guess I'll start with the start and go from there....

FRIDAY Friday was good, I chilled at work and didn't do much besides surf the web and talk on IM. It was a nice break from a busy couple of months. Friday night rolled around and it was time to get punk. I went to a "Skate Rock Battle" between The Cliftons and Los Olvidados at Plant 51 in San Jose. The bands were awesome.... fast, loud, and punk as fuck. The Cliftons stole the show... but then how could any band compete with a drunken Santa who not only screamed obscenities, but also got naked and "rocked out with his cock out", and also threw up all over himself and the floor in front of the stage and then proceeded to roll in it, and then kept singing... I don't know if it gets any more punk rock then that. Puking all over yourself is definitely a sure way to win a "Skate Rock Battle".... that dude earned a life time supply of punk rock points... Now don't get me wrong, seeing a dude get naked and puke all over himself while wearing a Santa suit isn't my idea of a good show... in fact, it was pretty fucked up... but damn... if it wasn't the most punk rock thing I have ever seen.... The Cliftons put new meaning to the words "Punk as Fuck". And don't get me wrong on this either, they seriously rocked.... one of the best bands I have seen locally... If the lead singer hadn't puked all over himself... and the stage.... and the floor in front of the stage.... I would rate them as one of the "must see bands" in the Bay Area... but then... wait, I guess I would still rate them as one of those, because good lord they were f'n punk!!! Great show, great music, good times. Check out the Clifton's if you ever want to see what real punk rock is all about.

SATURDAY I spent most of the day on Saturday Christmas shopping with one of my best friends Michelle (aka Shorty). It was super fun. That girl cracks me up. I don't think we agree on anything except for the fact that we've been friends for almost 6 years and that if both of us are still single when she turns 30 that we are going to get married. Other then that we are on opposite sides of the spectrum. She's a good, good friend, one of those that would do anything to help you if she could. After a hard days shopping, we went out to eat at a place called Palo Alto Sol. Good Mexican food if you are ever in the area. Tho, I remember the food being a bit better the first time I went there... any way, the chips and salsa were off the hook!!... yum. I dropped her off at around 8 and then it was time for me to get ready for the "Naughty or Nice" Christmas party at Geoff's flight instructors house.... this is where everything went down hill... or maybe not depending on how you look at things.

So we get to the party, Geoff is dressed up as a school girl, Capn' John is a priest, Jamie, Amanda and Audrey are all naughty girls, and I am an Angel. Geoff's instructor sure knows how to throw a party... damn I got destroyed. They had this kitchen that they would lock you in and "force" you to choose a bottle of hard alcohol to drink from until they deemed you worthy of leaving.... funny thing that room, I sorta just ended up hanging out in there for like 2 hours..... oh man... it was not a pretty sight. I drank more then 6 shots of Goldshloger? (don't know how to spell it or care for that matter cuz I will never drink that shit again) Shots of JD, shots of So-co, shots of Peppermint Schnaaps? (don't care how to spell this either even tho it tastes good) shots of RED RUM??!!! whatever the hell that stuff is... shots of this crap that tasted like green apple jolly ranchers... I think it was called Apple Pucker or something.... shots of Stolie Vanilla.... and god knows what else... to top it all off I had somewhere in the vicinity of 5 beers..... So if you couldn't tell by now... I got really, really, really, really, drunk. Not only that but I became a dancing machine.... I was all over the place... and all over my friend Jamie... thank goodness she is such a good friend, and has such a good sense of humor, and is such a good dancer... haha it was fun. I was really gettin jiggy with it... none of my friends could even believe it was me on the dance floor... hahaha good times for sure. After I got my groove on for a while I ended up taking a bit of a walk outside to try to "sober up" I guess.... don't think it helped much.... I tried twice to throw up in honor of Capn' John's Birthday... I wasn't successful either time... I even went so far as to stick my finger in my mouth and tried to "touch my tonsils" as JB would put it... I ended up wrestling with a large branch in the middle of the street and apparently I also picked a fight with a large bush, a tree, and also a cactus.... apparently I won every battle.... Though Geoff seems to think that the large branch had me on the ropes and would have taken me out had I not resorted to pulling it's limbs off..... Somewhere along the way Capn' John saved me from getting arrested by one of the Palo Alto police departments finest and also got me safely into Audrey�s car despite my strong willingness to walk home.... Apparently I was so drunk that I thought I was in Mt. View... oh man... I owe my friends a lot for putting up with my insanely silly behavior that night. I think I will be on sober patrol for the next couple of weeks... Luckily for me none of my friends got pissed... I guess I was acting too silly for them to really get pissed... thanks guys... you rule...

SUNDAY: Oi, Sunday came way too early.... I had to get up and put a suit on and then drive with my Mom and Step-Dad up to Concord to pick up my Grandma so that we could go see the SF Symphony. I had to concentrate really hard on not throwing up the whole way there. We had breakfast at this kinna cool place called Citizen Cake. It was good, and I was able to keep it down. I can't believe I didn't get sick at all after drinking so much... ugh... it prolly would have been better if I had. The Symphony was awesome and I had a great time. I love Christmas songs. After I got back to good ole Mt. View, it was time to change, and get some food, and then head up to San Carlos for some heated battles of Ping Pong. It was fun. I am getting better. Word.

So that about sums up the weekend... man, talk about an all star punk rock weekend... wow... thank goodness every weekend isn't that crazy! hahaha good times as always.. great weekend as usual....
An excerpt from an email I got today relating to my Saturday night:

"...word has it you were punching cactus's???"

more on this later.... let's just say this weekend was anything but quiet and lazy.....
--Capn' Drunken S.S. Maniac
Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress.
-- Nicholas Murray Butler

December 13, 2002

Last night was super fun. The bowling team decided that since we average four pitchers a night, we might as well each just get our own pitchers..... picture this: four rockers, 24+ in age, each drinking straight from their own pitcher, while throwin up the horns, and yelling and screaming, and getting strikes, and making a general fool out of themselves, while singing heavy metal tributes to Sepultura and old school Metallica, and getting drunk.... it was awesome. I finished my entire pitcher before the second game was even half way over... Talk about pounding beer� haha Drinking straight from the pitcher is fun� So anyway, like I was saying: I finished my pitcher before the second game was even half way finished, so of course I had to get more beer.... I then proceeded to buy a "half pitcher" from the bartender who thought I was completely insane.... but went with the idea anyway once I explained that I didn't think I could drink a whole pitcher and didn't want to waste any precious beer. She laughed a lot. It was funny. I shot a 224 on my first game... a 140 on my second one.... and a 200 on my last one... when I could hardly walk straight let alone hit my mark... I guess I am getting good at "using the force"... er I mean at drunkin bowling. It was awesome. We won two games and got a rad complement from one of the old ladies that bowled against us: You are the nicest drunken alter boys I have ever met.... hahaha On our first game our team scratch score was 666.... how is that for rockin???? It was a great night of chaos and mayhem..... I am glad we bowled against a fun team last night. This one girl was like wow, you sure don't take this very seriously... haha yea...the truckers don't give a fuck... hahaha good times...
--Capn' Getyour S.S. Drinkon
People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them.
-- George Bernard Shaw

December 12, 2002

Is it time to go yet... man... this day is going by to sloooooowwwwwww....
This weekend is gonna be fun. Friday I am going to go see two great skate rock bands: Los Olividados and the Cliftons at Plant 51 in San Jose. Saturday I am getting my groove on at a friends "Naughty or Nice" costume party in Palo Alto. Sunday I am going to a cyclocross race in the morning and then going up to the city to see the Voodoo Glow Skulls and the Groovie Ghoulies play at the Bottom of the Hill... Tonight, I bowl and drink beer, and hopefully do better then I did last week. Got to remember to get drunk faster this week. muuuhahahahahaaaaa word.
--Capn' Funnintha S.S. Dark
Props back to a fellow underdog. Nothing can stop us now.
--Capn' Puttintha S.S. Hammerdown
Here's ta drunken tributes! Good stuff Capn' Viv.... brings a tear of laughter to me eye!! hahaha
--El Capitan
Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine.
-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

December 11, 2002

Oh yea... the "more on this from the Warriors game" stuff.... anyway, the game was super fun, I had a great time and went with some great friends. I yelled and screamed and joked and laughed and clapped till my hands were red and yelled some more until my voice was gone. They Warriors played great and made some outstanding plays... I haven't been on the edge of my seat at a game in years..... The best part was, going to the game got my mind off of all the lame things that have been going on in my life and it put me in a good mood again. A mood where I feel like I am up for the challenge to make the changes in my life and actions. The warriors were the underdogs... I feel like the underdog........but now I feel like I can win, after all... the Warriors beat LA last night. I think part of the reason I like the Warriors so much is because they are almost always the underdogs... I can feel where they are coming from.... I think that in a lot of situations I have been the underdog... shoot, sometimes I feel that I am always the underdog.... but that being said, I am not going to be the underdog that falls short after putting up a huge fight. I am not going to be the underdog that gets close but falls short in the last few seconds. I am gonna be the underdog that wins and becomes the champion. Never under estimate the underdog. Especially one that has the look of victory in his eye and determination in his heart.
Go Warriors.....
--Capn' Ready S.S. Torock
So anyway... On Monday I was in a horrible mood....pissed at myself... pissed at where my life is right now.... pissed at my job... pissed at girls.... pissed at everything pretty much. I ran into Genny at school... the girl that I had gone out with a few times from my open photo lab.... it was lame. Whatever though, I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later.... I tried to be nice and act like I didn't care about the whole thing... which was a total act... What the hell happened with that whole thing? It is beyond me.. but whatever, I am over it... but I gotta say it felt pretty bad to see her... I dunno... getting dissed is never fun. It brought up a lot of feelings that I haven't felt in a while... that ach in your stomach where you feel like someone punched you real hard for no reason. I hadn't felt that bad since all the shit I went through with my ex Kelly. Those feelings suck. They suck a lot. I hate feeling that bad... not fun at all. About 20 minutes later I found out that I am not going to be able to take the photo class that I wanted to take at Foothill next quarter because you are only allowed to take it twice and this is already my second time. Alas.. another failure on my part. Another kick in the jaw from me, to me.... I didn't do one single assignment this quarter.... I printed a lot of skateboarding and BMX pictures... but I didn't do a single assignment for the class.... I just didn't have enough time. I worked too much and didn't get on myself enough to get things done... fucking procrastination.....fucking job... I feel like shit when I think of all the opportunities I missed because I wasn't assertive enough or because I procrastinated too long... the story of my fucking life. Missed chances at the fault of myself. One more stab in the chest and one more failure all on me, all my fault.

All this made me realize a bunch of things. I need to take my own advice, take the bull by the horns and get control of my life. Make my dreams come true instead of waiting for them to work themselves out. I need to get aggressive and to get proactive. I need to make some huge changes in my life. I need to take responsibility and get ready to take some serious action. No more time for slippin... I have been slippin for too long... I need to make some huge moves now... like today. I have done a ton of thinking these last couple of days.... I still have more thinking to do... but soon, very soon things are gonna be different. I can't stand to be like this anymore... I need to re-capture my positive energy and start charging life again... I have made a few attempts lately... but none of them have been whole hearted... and so I have elevated for a moment, gotten out of the muck for a few weeks or few months... but then I slide back into it... it is time for me to get the fuck out for good.... I can't shoot myself down. Time to step up and take charge. Time for change. Time to break a piece off for myself. Time to run this shit.
--Capn't Fedup S.S. Withmyself
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
-- William Morrow
YEEEEEEEAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaAAAa BOY!!!!!!!!

Tonight I watched one of the best basketball games I have ever seen...
I yelled so much that I thought I might pass out at one point...
so awesome...

Warriors get the big huge "W" over tha LA flakers and sean dog is once again.... a happy man.....

GO WARRIORS!!!!! my dogs came through huge tonight!!!!!!

I will elaborate on this more tomorrow... but for the record I just wanted it to go down that tonight was one of the best nights I have had in a long... long... long ... time.... fuckin a. good times.
--Capn' GO S.S. Warriors-f'la

December 10, 2002


word ima be there!! whooodie whoooooooo!!!!!! represent for your hoodie!
Insert punk rock quote about destroying stuff and turning it up to eleven and going for broke and not giving a fuck about the future or past.... and that would be the quote of today. Shit that should be my quote everyday....

December 09, 2002

I am soooo bored... I dont' feel like working.. I have been here all day and haven't done much... which sucks... but man... I just don't feel like working... I really don't feel like doing much at all.... I need to get a life. haha
--Capn' boredum S.S. Worksucks
I don't know what I did to my blog but damn if tha link colors don't suck... and to top it off.. I can't seem to change it.. .yar...
So the weekend review... not really much to talk about....

Friday: Went over to Capn' Mike's and played some super intense games of ping pong. One of wich went to 25-23.... which I of course lost... doh... but anyway... that was really fun. I think I am an pong addict. After that we watched Austin Powers "Gold Member" which was super funny. I like those kinna silly movies for some reason. Went home... couldn't get to sleep.... wrote some lyrics for some songs that Mike and I have been working on.... finally crashed out at around 4......

Saturday Woke up late like a true hesher except I wasn't hung over or tired from parting all night..... acted like a lard ass for a few hours and mindlessly surfed the net looking for cool skateboarding sites and pictures of hot skater girls..... didn't find much of either.. haha got motivated at around 2 and went to Greer to get my shred on.... there were a lot of bikes and a bunch of stupid kids riding so it kinna sucked. After Greer I met up with Capn' Thuglife Pete annd Capn' Kevin the Killer. We drove out to Milpitas to skate some new street spot. It was a really good spot and I would have had a ton of fun skating there a few years ago... but these days street just isn't as fun as it use to be... don't get me wrong tho, I had a great time at the new spot.... it was super fun, but I just couldn't kill it like I use to..... can't quite seem to do the same tricks that I use ta have on lock... oh well... it was a great time regardless..... After the shesh, it was off to Jakes for some grub and then over to Pete's to wach the Warriors/Dallas game... ouch... the Warriors should have won that shit... Some of the best hoops I have ever seen the Warriors play.... too bad the fell apart in the fourth.... man... they were killin it for like 3 1/2 quarters... but then the floor just fell right out from under them... oh well.... Pete and I got tickets to go see the Warriors play the Lakers on tuesday.... I hope the fucke em up reall good... GO Big EARL!!!! After Pete's I cruzed to the studio with Mike and rocked out for a while.... we were playing pretty good untill I put my bass drum pedal threw the bass drum skin... ugh... I do that more and more often lately.... I guess I am just too punk rock these days... haha After I broke my Bass drum head we decided to work out some lyrics and stuff for a few songs... I wish I could sing better... it is fun. I would love to be the lead singer in a band... anyway... after we jammed for about 4 hours I went home and once again couldn't fall asleep.... ended up watching this crazy movie called Sexy Beast... it was pretty weird... but good... unfortunately I didn't get to sleep untill almost 5am... ugh.... f that....

Sunday Had to get up at 8:45 to go to the photo lab... ugh... that sucked.... I don't do well getting up early in the morning when I haven't had much sleep... but... had to go to lab... so that's tha way the ball bounces.... Had a really productive day in the lab... made 5 prints... and I am pretty stoked on all of them.... after lab... went out with JB, Amanda, and Jamie to Santa Clara billiards.... Pool is fun. Jamie and I played pretty good... we both made a few really good shots... and kicked JB' and Amanda's assez hahaha good times.... then I went home... and for the third night in a row I couldn't get to sleep... sheat.... tried to read for awhile... but that didn't put me to sleep... watched sports highlights for an hour but that didn't put me to sleep either... What I really needed was a college text book.... that would have put me to sleep in seconds... oh well.... hopefully I will get some rest tonght.... ugh... being tired all day sucks.

well... I guess I did have a lot to talk about... sorta... I dunno... didn't really do that much, but all in all it was a pretty good weekend... good times chillin... hanging out with lots of good friends... yea, it was a fun weekend. truth.
--Capn' Needmore S.S. Sleep
If you're going to do something wrong, at least enjoy it.
-- Leo Rosten

December 06, 2002

haha I just noticed the time of my bored post... haha... 4:20 bro... where is Jenny Kim when I need her... hahaha I should go drink a 40 or go skate.... haha
I am in a weird mood today. I can't shake this funny feeling I have... I think part of it is because I slept in too late today... I think part of it is because I drank a lot last night... I think part of it is because I am bored.... and part of it is because I have no idea what I am going to do tonight and nothing really sounds that fun... I think part of it is also due to the fact that I am pissed about how bad I bowled last night.... I never realized how much that could bother me... I haven't had bad games like that in a long time... usually I just huck it and get strikes and stuff... it usually comes a lot easier... last night was too much work and now it is makeing me frustraited... erf.... so much frustraition lately... erf.... whatever.. I gotta shake this gloom. The hand of doom... etc etc...... time to go I think pretty soon.... sitting here bored is not helping my mood at all.....
Capn' Yarrrara S.S. Blaalalalalalallala
I am bored at work right now. I am just surfin the net.. I am trying to use the force to fight my urge to leave. I am trying really harde to wait as long as I can before I leave to go do something else more interesting like go to La Bomba for a huge burrito... but the darkside is working really hard to convert me. I feel my powers weakening as I speak... must wait longer...must get my 8... hours.... ugh... boredom is taking over... can't take ...much more.....
Oh yea, a funny story about last night. So after the game we went to the Boardwalk as usual. I was really fadded and ate way too many hot wings....... Needless to say when we were done eating I was still feelin the flow a bit too much to drive... so I deciede to walk to Tower Records which is about a half a mile up the road from the ole Boardwalk. So I walked, and froze my ass off the whole way there. Once there, I cruzed inside to warm up and looked at CDs for about an hour. I found two cd's that I had been looking for for a long time, paid for em, and then walked back to the bowling alley which is another 1/2 mile up the road.... it was cold. and very sobering. I thought my face was gonna freeze and fall off. The up side of this was that by the time I got to my car, I was not fadded at all...... So the point of the story is if you are too fadded to drive, take a 30 min walk in the freezing cold with an hour rest period at the nearest Tower to sober up..... If you aren't sober by then, call a cab or walk home. My legs hurt today... remember to wear good walkin shoes when you drink.
--Capn' Puttinon S.S. Mywalkinshoes
I bowled poorly last night... ugh... let the team down against the only team in the league that we want to beat. It sucked. I think my main mistake was not drinking more earlier..... I shot my best game, a 180 after I had finnished my 7th beer. My first two games sucked. I don't know if I choked or if I was just not drunk enough yet... but man, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. I even threw two in the gutter... oi... twas a ruff night fer the ole capitan.... I was getting sooooo pissed off... that is prolly why I shot so badly... I can't think about it too much when I bowl because when I do I start messing up. Gotta feel the flow... gotta be the ball... nnnnnnananananananaaaaa....... normally I don't really care that much if I throw a bad game... but the dudes we bowled against last night are assholes and it really sucks to lose against assholes. F-them. ugh.... oh well next time I will bring the thunder and furry... and I'll also drink more before I start bowling.. hahaha.... word. Tap the 40 and twist the cap.
--Capn' Get S.S. Bent
I be tossin, enforcin, my style is awesome
I'm causin more Family Feud's than Richard Dawson
And the survey said -- ya dead
Fatal Flying Guillotine chops off your fuckin head
--Wu-Tang Clan

December 05, 2002

Ted Nugent is rad... his songs make no sense at all, yet at the same time they totally do.... That is so fackin awesome...... Wango Tango....waaaango tango... he is crazy.... that rules. I think I need to go crazy so that I can be a rock and roll god just like him. Word...... it's all about the hood scoop.
--Capn' Salalivate S.S. Ismybabyalive
The lakers lost to the Jazz last night... muuuhahahahhaaaaaaa..... I love it when the Lakers lose... I really shouldn't get such a thrill from their suffering.. but man I get sooo stoked everytime I see them lose...... Seeing Shaq get taken to school by Malone was awesome. It made my night. I went to Paul and Eddies for some beers last night after class. It was fun, that bar is super chill. I only had two Black and Tans... I haven't really felt like drinking much lately. I don't even know if I am gonna drink much tonight. Ever since I drove the great white bus a few weeks ago beer just hasn't been apealing... everytime I see a Captain Morgans add I feel myself gag a bit... haha Blasted Capitan....

I think one of the other reasons I don't feel like drinking much right now is because one of my friends brothers got his second DUI last week... damn. He will prolly end up spending 20+ days in jail.... fuck that. He is really screwed. I don't ever drive when I am drunk. That shit is just wack. I don't even like to drive if I have had more then a couple beers... even if I am totally chill. I dunno.. going to jail... thousands of $$$$ in fines.... loss of licence... that shit just ain't worth it. I feel bad for Quinn's bro... His life is over for a while. That shit just ain't worth it.

ugh.. enough depressing shit... Tonight I roll the ole storm! Bowling night is one of the highlights of the week for me. Soooo much fun. I am gonna bring some game tonight! I will make those Roche bastards feel the furry of Meldun the Dreadful! YAR!! raise the ole Red flag! we're goin to war my friends!!!
--Capn' Sobering S.S. Thoughts
Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.
-- Auguste Rodin

December 04, 2002

I skated at lunch yesterday with Capn' Stew and fell really hard. That wasn't fun. I haven't been skating enough lately... I haven't been playing drums much either..... this is a bad thing. When I don't skate or play drums I start getting in a bad mood. Those two things are a release for me. They keep me in check... they keep me alive and happy. When I don't do them, I get all weird and act stupid. I hate the time change... I need to start going to Vans in Milpitas more... but I don't really like most of the park there anymore.... the only thing that I still like to skate is the mini ramp... and that isn't even that fun when you skate by yourself. Ramp is only fun when you skate it with friends... I find myself not pushing myself when I skate by myself.... I just do the same old tricks over and over.

Last night all I did was watch the Warriors game and eat. Talk about boring. Well, watching the game was awesome.... but not doing anything afterwards was lame. I need to spice up my life.... get out more... meet some new people... start pushing my limits a bit... what I really need to do is become a pro basketball player in the NBA... haha... naaa... what I really need to do is reach my goal of rockstardom soon!! haha That is gonna be fun. I can't wait. I need to start playing more music. Rock and roll will save my soul. I wonder if I can sell my soul for rock and roll like Ozzy did? Tho I wonder if the Devil told Ozzy that in exchange for being one of the founders of rock and roll and metal that he would be doomed to act like a jackass for the last few years of his life and that he would have to star on a shitty ass reality TV show where he would have to make a fool out of himself and make people question the fact that he is really still the same dude that use to rule the world. That would suck. Maybe I will keep my soul and just drink a lot of beer, grow my hair long, play super fast punk rock, and hang out with lots of loose women. Cuz after all that is pretty much the same thing right? Hmmmm.. things to think about..... plans to make....
--Capn' Rocka S.S. Rolla
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
-- Samuel Beckett
The Warriors won tonight... that is three in a row... YEA! GO WARRIORS.... They have actually looked like a team that is out to win lately rather then a team that is trying it's hardest to hang on for a close loss... man that is a good change. The best part was seeing their new point gard represent... dude is only like 5'5".... but he kicks some serious ass!!! GO WARRIORS!!!! I really really really need to go see a game soon! whooo hoooooo! I love the hoops season... I don't really know why I am such an NBA freak... but man I really love watching hoops... I love the energy, the fast paced action, the dunks...the sick passes.... the blocked shots... I love it all... hoops are dope. Word.

December 03, 2002

I took a bold step in hopefully the right direction today....
--Capn' Sailin' S.S. Intodangerouswaters
It is a truism, that many of the recorded improvised masterpieces are of a technical complexity, which would be quite beyond the ability of their creators to play them, where they faced with the notes written out as a composition.
--Benny Green

December 02, 2002

oh... ok... dude I was tripppppin... it's allll goood now!!! um... what? where did all the gangster rap talk come from.... ok.. now they are fixed. Bloggers a bunch of bustaz.... stupid azz bustaz... haha word
ahhh shiznick... they ain't fixed at all... wtf!!!!!! aaaaarrrgghhhhhH!!!!!
fixed now!! Who's next!!!! hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa
Capn' Evil S.S. Laugh
ahhhh shit.. they are still wackey.. wtf!!!!
yea fixed my archives!!! me one blogger zero!!!
word to your mom blogger! you can't fade one me! hahaha
--Capn't Evil S.S. Bringinyoudown
So the weekend in review...

I guess the weekend sorta started on Wednesday... sorta....
I got out of work a little early.... went to run a few errands...... and went to the movies with one of my best friends Shorty. It was fun. She is cool. I wish we went out more often. We saw a really bad movie... Another friday... or something... I dunno... it was not that good... parts were super funny... but parts were super lame... it was fun tho. went home and did some laundry and cleaned my room.

Turkey day Thursday: Got up kinna early... Did some more laundry..... then went and skated the MV park with my dog Pete. Pete is fun to skate with. Mini ramp sesh was in full effect. Pete was rippin it up. I had a few pretty good lines too. It was a good time. A perfect way to start off the day. Then it was off to home to get cleaned up for the night of eating. Drove out to Concord to pick up my Grandma. It was a nice drive out. Thought about a bunch of stuff... it was good. I needed some time like that. Had some interesting conversations with my Grandma on the way back to MV. She is funny. We ran into a little traffic which kinna sucked but for the most part the drive was easy. Once we got back to the MVC it was time for some nonstop eating. Yum. My Mom and step Dad cooked up a really good meal.... I ate sooooooo much..... it was awesome. Good times. Went to bed kinna early.... had to get up and go to work on friday... erf....

Friday: Got up early... worked too much.... for too long... it wasn't very fun. but not so bad I guess.... went home and met up with one of my dogs Art Rouser AKA A-Rousa aka Arty the one man party... it was super fun. We skated the MV park till it got dark and then met up with Pete Rock aka Thuglife and skated the box and flatbar. It was rad.... just like back in the day at Sabado.... Sabado representing in the 2002.... good times... sooo fun. After we all took our share of bails and good lines we took off and went our seperate ways... I headed home to get ready to meet a bunch of my college roommates up in the City. It was super fun to see everyone. I hadn't seen some of them in years.... good times good friends... It was rad... I don't really know what else I could say about it besides the fact that it rulled. Roll call for the homies included: Shap dog, Neb, La La, Slamber, Hucker, Davis, and Shappy's girl. It was rad. Some of my best friends from school... It is always super fun to see those fools. I hope to see more of them soon. Spent the night at La La's new place. It was rad. Woke up way too early and headed back to tha MVC to go to work.... yuck....

Saturday: Worked for a while... it wasn't very fun. after work I ran a bunch of errands... got a lot of shiznick done that I have been wanting to get done for awhile. Finnally go some new belts, new Ben Davis pants... and the stuff to make my studded hesher belt.... I am now really a rocker. word. Went home and worked on my belt for a while... man it is had to make one of those things.... took me almost 3 hours... wheeeeewwww... haha all worth it tho. Went to the movies with Damian and Trista. We saw the new Bond movie... gotta say I was actually pretty impressed with it.... I was expecting a lame ass movie... but was pleasently supprised to find that it was actually kinna rad. After that went home and fell asleep. (party on dog)

Sunday: Got to sleep in for the first time all weekend... which was super nice. Then got up and got ready to go for a bike ride with Damian. Ended up going out for a 20 mile ride... it was great... I felt soooo rad afterwards... We did a few easy climbs but rode them pretty hard I think so that was good. I love riding. Sunday night most of the crew met up for burgers and beer up at Damian's house. We went down to the Canyon Inn... that place it great... yum... good burgers... good beer.... great fries.... and sit down Centipede.... I don't know if it gets much betta.... went back to Damian's after we were all totally stuffed and played some intense games of ping pong.... hahaha good times.... I actually beat Damian twice... first time ever... wow... I am gettin some skillllz.. haha ping pong is fun. I have to say that Sunday was one of the best days of the weekend.

All in all it was a great weekend.... saw some of my best friends.... had a lot of fun... used every hour of every day practically... it was rad.... good times for sure...
--Capn' Bounce S.S. ToThis
If there is no struggle there is no progress.
-- Frederick Douglass