June 30, 2005

Not much been going on these last few days... I'm dressed up like an 80's rocker for work today. that is pretty fun. Anytime you get to rock at work it's cool. I spent some time at the lake on tuesday. That was fun. My foot still hurts. I haven't skated for over two weeks. I am almost done fixing up my Mt. Bike. Rad. Life is good!

El Capitan

June 22, 2005

yar! The Seas have been busy! Feels like I'm on an Alaskan Crab fishing tour... except their aren't any huge waves and I don't find myself thinking that at any moment "I might die". I also don't have to deal with any high winds or crabs with pinchers. And I also don't have to work for like 48 hours in a row hauling in huge metal cages. And I guess I don't really have to worry about Ice forming on my boat and having it capsize... and I also don't have to worry about falling out of my desk into Ice cold watters and drowning.... So... um... yeah.... I guess what I'm feeling isn't really anything like being on an Alaskan Crab fishing boat... and I guess that's good. Anyway, work is busy, my foot still hurts, and I've been playing way too many video games. I hope Detroit wins the finals again. Even though I like San Antonio. What I really hope is that next year at this time I have to spend all of my money on airfare and beer so that I can go watch the Dubs play in game 7 of the finals. Yes!

ok bye!
--El Capitan Workinhard S.S. Fothamoney

June 20, 2005

"I can't jump high, so I jump from high places." -- Cactus Jack

June 17, 2005

I watched the Detroit/San Antonio game last night. Detroit served up a beat down. I am torn in this series, I had been pulling for D-wade all season... but he didn't make it to the finals.... I really like both teams (Detroit and San Anton) It is a difficult choice this year. I guess I'm still pulling for Detroit... Gotta love Sheeeeed! I can't wait till next year when the Dub's are the best team in the NBA.... Then I won't have any decisions to make and I will spend all my money on finals tickets.... Hey I can dream can't I?

After the game I went to band practice. Rock and roll is fun.

My ankle is still tweaked, but it is getting better by the day.

I tripped and almost fell running up the stairs this morning. That is one way to wake up....

That's about all I've got to say.
--El Capitan
They are playing the Ramones on the radio right now. This is a really f'n awesome thing. The reason this is so awesome is because I'm listening to Mix 106.5 which normally plays B-spears, Tim McGraw (sp?) and other soft rock kinna music. YES! I miss my launch cast player. 66.6 is a great station..... The Ramones were rated at 100% many times on that station. Viva rock and roll! The Ramones rule.

"Hey Ho, Let's go!"

--Capn' Vivaramones S.S. Ramonesforever

June 16, 2005

It's starting to rain out... this would be a bummer if I could skate. But because my ankle is still hurting... I welcome the rain. Come rain all weekend you stupid clouds! I can't skate anyway!
Work is busy. I've been staying late a lot. I don't mind though. Work is fun. I went to Abe and T's house after work last night. Abe and I are playing music during the cocktail hour for my friend Damian's wedding. It should be fun. We are working on blending "running with the devil" into a Cream/Hendrix mix/jam. Rad. Abe is fun to play music with. It's nice to switch things up from my normal fast punk rock beats. You may not know this but in High School I played drums in a funk rock band. Yes, Funk Rock. The name of the band was the "Funkalufagus". We played some serious disco funk rock. It was fun. Not that playing punk rock isn't fun... because it is, but it's fun to switch it up from time to time. Jam on!

--Capn'Bluesfunkdisco S.S. Forthasoul

June 15, 2005

My ankle is getting better. Still black and blue in places... but getting better. I had dinner with Ruth and her Dad last night. It was fun. Ruth's Dad is super cool. Ruth made stuffed bell peppers and an avacado/tomato salad. It was really good. We drank wine and chilled out and then watched the Alaskan Crab Fishing show. Those guys are crazy. That's about all I have to say about that.

Capn' Iaintcrazy S.S. Institution

June 14, 2005

In better news... I had a lot of fun hanging out with my mom and step dad last night. We ate pizza and salad and laughed and had a good ole time. They are rad. Life is still good.

--El Capitan
I was having the best session ever yesterday. Landing tricks with gangster steeze, total flow... cruzin... having fun...busting tricks left and right.... getting props from the high school kids... smilin.... and then it happend. 5-0 180 out to ankle roll. Damn. Pain shot through my leg and I folded onto the ground. Total bummer. End of sesh. End of good time. End of smiles. I limped off to the side of the park and cussed under my breath. Supper sucky. My ankle pulsed with pain. Looks like no skateboarding for the next week or so.... damn. Just when I was getting my flow back....

June 13, 2005

Weekend in Review:

T'was a grand weekend of sorts...

Left the ship early and hit up the L-park. Super good sesh... don't know why really... but it was. Skated for almost 3 hours. Got tech but mostly rocked the ramp steeze... I love skating ramps.... I'm such an old man. I've been bumping old school bay area hip hop lately... always makes for good skate sesh motivation.... Repin for tha whole yay area! haha dude what? but seriously, Rap music makes me want to bust crooked grinds like they are going out of style! I only landed a few but when I did, I totally landed them with super gangsta steeze. yes!

After that I cruzed home and made sandos for dinner. I am officially a salami sando addict. I may need to sign up for a 12 step program. I drank a lot of PBR in cans that were kept extra cold by my super dope purple and orange water skier Koozie. Rad. Watched a bunch of MTV videos... they had some sweet old school rock vidios on... Bad Company, Anthrax, Quiet Riot, etc etc... good stuff.. Played Midnight club for a while... pimped out my rides... and then went to bed. I wonder if I should try to play on line... hmm...

Woke up early and played Midnight Club for a bit... finally compleated 100% on the game... haha total nerd... then cruzed out to skate with Stew-rat at Greer. It was fun. Greer is rad. Good times always. Then took my Gma shopping. Not rad. haha but it was ok I guess. It is hard to be around someone who is so negative and grumpy. *sigh* After that I rocked the L-park for a few runs and then went home. Ate more Salami Sando's and drank more PBR's From my Water Skier Koozie. Raced some of my dope rides and then went to bed... totally not a rock star... but I do have like $200,000 to spend on more dope rides....

Woke up early and got my nice clothes ready for an engagement shower. "rad". not. Played some Midnight club, pimped a ride, cut my hair, showered, wraped my gift, and then rolled to South San Jose for the engagement shower. It was really nice. I didnt' feel like going but I'm glad I did. After that I tried to skate the L-park but there were a billion people there so it kinna sucked. I did manage to rock a few hesher steeze tail slides so that was good. Got the call that Ruth was back so went to her house and helped her cook up a pasta sauce for dinner at her parents. Went to dinner at her parents. Super good. Super fun. Always a good time. Chilled outside till night fall... it is nice to have some good weather. True!

That's about it... not really the dopest of weekends but still a good one! Had a lot of fun skateboarding... so that is always good... word!

If the boat ain't sinkin, keep on drinkin!
--Cap'n Savahoe S.S. Gangstarapiscool

June 10, 2005

Went to the Lawrence park last night after work. It was ok. I wasn't feeling the flow. My balance was way off. My pop was not there. My steeze was gross. Just one of those days. I went to Jakes after the sup par skate sesh for some Pizza and some hoops. That was pretty fun. I love Jakes. After that it was off to the studio to bang on the drums like a heavy metal gods. Rock and roll is fun! I get our of work at 3 today. I'm gonna go rep at the skatepark and then go home and BBQ a tri-tip amd make a dope tri-tip sando and then pound a bunch of ice cold Budweisers. Yes! Watch out weekend cuz here I come!

--El Capitan Rockout S.S. Iwannarock

June 08, 2005

Skated the Lawrence park yesterday after work. Ran into some o.g.'s from the Mt. View park. That was cool. Always fun to skate with people you know. I wrecked myself trying to crooked grind before I had warmed up. Getting old is lame. Met up with Ruth to grab dinner and a few drinks in Santa Clara. We stopped by a cool bar that had $2 PBR tall cans all day long on Tuesdays... Wish I had known about a place like this when I lived in SB. On Saturdays they have a drink special that is $5 for a can of PBR and a shot of Jack. They call it a PB and J.... rad. Ruth's friend, who shall remain nameless, but who's brother is know to me as "Piz", did one of the longest reverse burners in his pick up truck that I've ever seen. It was pretty bad ass. Someday I hope to have a car that can do reverse burners for 2 to 3 hundred feet. Rad. I know... I know... sort of a lame, meathead, "cool guy" thing do to do... but damn if I didn't think it looked awesome. Is my inner frat boy trying to escape? hm... anyway, I think I'll try to do a burner in my car this weekend in some empty parking lot where no one is watching. Word.

Keep it rockin!
--Capn' Throwitingrearandgo S.S. Smokinthatiresanddrinkinbeer

June 03, 2005

This week has been busy... didn't do a lot... but seemed to be constantly on the go. I bought a bunch of fishing gear the other day. I am excited to start fishing. That's about it. I'm stoked for this coming weekend. Lake Pincrest watch out, the boys are back in town!

--El Capitan Runaroundo
S.S. Wherehasthetimegone