December 16, 2004

"You know what's hard is the F chord. It hurts my fingers."
--Lucifer skit from Saturday Night Live

December 15, 2004

oh yeah the other good news is this week my blog may actually get caught up... only 28 unpublished posts left! hahaha
Bad news: I got laid off on Monday.... My last day is next Wed....

Good news: Time for me to start fresh, I've got two months paid severance, and I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... well maybe not the last one... but I am dreaming of a bright future... I'll keep ya posted as things progress.

--El Blogosaurus Nojobus
Weekends in Review

2 weekends ago:

I took Ruth to our friend Alexa's crazy dance thing up at Foothill college. It was rad. We both had a great time. Props to Alexa for doing a great job! After that we went out to dinner at Jakes in the WG. It was fun.

Skated with Matthew at the sv park. Skating with the crew is fun. I landed a dope lipslide for the first time in ages. I haven't been skating enough. Helped out my GMA in the afternoon and then went to the Metalica show with Ben. Metalica isn't as cool as they once were... but it was cool to go to the show. At least now I can say I saw them live... even if it was about 14 years too late...

Picked up DH from the airport and went to dinner at Los Po. That place is sooooo goood. After that we cruzed the warehouse for cd's... good times.

Last weekend

I cruzed the Skate park after an early leave of work. Landed a few tricks. The RW park is busted. After the park it was up to the house to get ready for the Corixa Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. I drank a lot. Tried to maintain my serious and good behavior. Lost it when I got home... became a total drunk dude. It was fun though. Didn't get sick. Had a good time... it was a nice night.

body count:
4 glasses of wine
4 7 and 7's
4 shots of jack
1 bottle of bud

Took my grandma to the store then cruzed over to Ruth's. Built Ruth's dining room table for her and then moved a bunch of stuff. After we were done we went to Daniella's for dinner party. It was a lot of fun. Ruths family is rad.

Helped my gma go to the store (again). Then went over to Ruth's and helped her move some more stuff. Then it was off for family dinner. It was great as usual. It was a good weekend overall.

December 03, 2004

Some new art work if you are interested.... check it out....
I hate the media. Some stories should just go untold.