October 31, 2002

it's Halloween... I am a viking... things are gonna get wrecked... word....

October 30, 2002

Things are generally going well right now... I really shouldn't complain about anything... so I won't even tho I prolly could.... that feels good.
--Capn' Livin S.S. Life

October 29, 2002

Yar... so I haven't been bloggin much again... things have been super busy at work... no time for silly raindeer games.... yar... tis a pitty... so much has been going on that I have wanted to blog about but haven't had any time fer it.... yar... I am worn out right now... things have been going non-stop for the last couple of weeks... which is a good thing in some respects... but a bad in other... cuz right about now I am feelin the hurt and burn from not getting enough rest and from spending all my time on the run...

Anyway... a quick recap of the ole weekend....and a quote to sum it up sorta:

Runnin' just to find the gun that started the clock.
That's when the E jumped off the startin' block.
A 100 Miles from home and ,yo, it's a long stretch.
A little sprintin' mutherfucker that they won't catch.
Yeah, back to Compton again.
Yo, it's either that or the Federal pen.
'Cause niggas been runnin' since beginning of time.
Takin' a minute to tell you what's on my mutherfuckin' mind.
Runnin' like I just don't care.
Compton's 50 miles but , yo, I'mma get there.
Archin' my back and on a straight rough.
Just like Carl Lewis I'm ballin' the fuck out.
From city to city I'm a menace as I pass by.
Rippin' up shit just so you can remember I'm
A straight up nigga that's done in, gunnin' and comin'
Straight at yo ass.
A 100 Miles and Runnin'...

Yea... so maybe I wasn't runnin from the man all weekend... but
damn... I shure felt like I was.............

Got to work super early... then left work early so I could drive to SB. Hit some traffic... but all in all it wasn't too bad of a drive. Went by campus to use the computers to plot the second half of my journey: to Big Bear. It was weird being at school.... kinna cool.. but I didn't feel like I should be there... anyway... it was rad to see I still had ups on the back desks.... hahaha After I got my directions from Map Quest I went downtown to meet up with some old friends from back in tha day at the ole houses.... It was a ton of fun. Got to see Chris, Joel, Rob, and Rick. Went to pizza with Chris, Joel, and Rob. I think the server had the hots for one of us, prolly Chris, because she gave us a discount on the pizza and three free pitchers.... it was rad. Hook ups are good... Went back to Ricks place and played some James Bond dub o seven... capped hella fools.... it was nice to know my skills still were there... I was unfadeable... hahahaha Went to bed and didn't sleep very well.... woke up every hour on the hour cuz I was so worried that my alarm wouldn't wake me up.... it sucked.

Got up at 6 am... Saturday was a big day... had to drive to Big Bear to see one of my best friends Karim get married... really important that I made it up early... so 4 1/2 hours and about 6 wrong turns later I made it to Big Bear.... should have only taken me about 3 or so hours.... fuck map quest... I am gonna plan out all my trips with a real map from now on... stupid program told me to take roads that didn't even exist.... I am glad I had looked at a real map before the trip because otherwise I would have missed the last exit to get to Big Bear and would have probably kept on driving up the10 or the 30 or whatever the hell road I was on till I ended up really lost out in the middle of nowhere..... I ended up taking the 18 into Big Bear... it was an interesting drive... there were some really run down areas that would have been rad for pictures... I didn't stop tho... for multiple reasons... but mainly because I wanted to live to make it to Karim's wedding.... it was a long morning and a really long drive.... yar... but anyway, Even with all the wrong turns I still made it up to Big Bear super early.... and that was rad because I was able to hang out with Karim for a few hours before the wedding. Got to help pick up the wedding cake, helped him set up the tables etc... it was cool to be there and be able to help out. It was just rad to see Karim so stoked.... Karim is the man. I wanna be like him some day.... that dude rules it big time.... Anyway.. the wedding was awesome and I had a great time hanging out with Karim and Dana's friends... lots of funny people there... and they were all super nice. It was so awesome to see Karim and Dana so happy! They are the best.... Like I said: someday I want to be like him... er... them.... Karim and Dana are the kinna people that inspire you to give your all and then some, they are the kinna people that always see the good when bad things happen, they are the kinna peole that are always there for you to make you laugh when you are bummin out on stupid shit.... and they also really know how to have a good time. They enjoy life and enjoy each other... they rule! Anyway... enough about that, the point is I had a great time and it was really fun.

I also got to see one of my old school homies from back in the day at the weding: Art Rowser aka A.Rowser aka Arty the one man party aka Art the Fart.... etc etc.... anyway, I hadn't seen Art since back in the day at Sabado... it was good to see him and catch up. I miss the ole crew... good times back then. Art rules... such a funny dude. It was great to see him and talk about all the ole times back on Sabado.... "chode sniffs" haha old jokes never die....

Went to bed early on Saturday.... Got a random call from Genny which was super cool... talked to her for a little bit and then crashed out... It had been a long weekend and it was only Saturday night.... It was kinna fun having this huge room all to myself.... tho... it would have been 1000000 times better had I been sharing it with a fine maiden... oh well... some time in the future hopefully.....haha Anyway... the room was nice and I slept really good.

Sunday: Sunday is supposed to be my fun day... well my Sunday consisted of over 8 hours of driving... woke up super early... walked out into the crisp morning and admired the view of Big Bear Lake.... chilled outside for a few min. and watched some extrodinarily friendly ducks waddle around. Took a few pictures with my old medium format camera.... walked around on the beach for a few min... then went back to my room, took a shower, packed up my suit, packed my clothes... and then it was check out time. It was about 7:30 at this point. Hit the road and threw in some Faith No More... Good driving music... it was a nice drive down the mountain... the sun was shining.. the air was clean... it was awesome. Then it was off to the ole number 5. I hate that road... but whatever.. it is fast and easy to drive. I did a lot of soul searching on the drive and time went by quickly. Stopped at the Grapevine and some other place along the way... nothing worth talking about. It was a pretty fun drive considering how boring the 5 is.... anyway... made it back to the Bay Area in time to go skate with Mike for a little while, which was super fun, and then drove up to Damian's house to hang out and watch the Giants loose the world series... erf... that kinna sucked... but it was fun hanging out with Damian and crew... anyway... round trip I drove over 1200 miles in three days.... it was quite a weekend... one for the recored books and one that I will be stoked on for years to come.... good times amigos... good times.... I love road trips.... I gotta take more of them....
--Capn' Road S.S. Warrior

October 28, 2002

Just for the record.....
My job sucks... my co-workers are not very smart.... my boss is loosing control of the entire situation.... and it is freezing in this hell hole.... Am I working in the Arctic????? This is so wack.... No, I take that back, let me rephrase: THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO WACK.... This place is more wack then crack.... this place is more wack then a nut house..... freedom is coming soon I can feel it.... and if it doesn't ... I am gonna be sooo pissed off.... I really need to find a better gig....
--Capn' Ineeda S.S. Newfugginjob
last weekend was rad... more on this later...

October 24, 2002

If the world were a logical place, men would ride side-saddle.
-- Rita Mae Brown
last night was amazing...
--Capn' Sean S.S. Sittinonthedockofthebay

October 23, 2002

The way I feel is the way I am,
I wish I'd walked before I started to run
--Black Sabbath The Writ

October 22, 2002

ok... I ate.... and drank a gatorade.... and got some work done... I feel a bit better now... I don't know why I have been in such a moody state lately... little things have been annoying me for no reason... must be that time of the month... hahaha er.. yea... hm... maybe not that.. tho I think I read somewhere that men go through cycles just like women... hm... I dunno, either way I have been way to moody lately... lame... "get a grip on yourself man!" haha I don't even know what the hell I am writing about... well, yes...right then.. I think I will stop on that note..
--Capn' Whattha S.S. Hell?
". . . it is always the simple that produces the marvelous."
-- Amelia Barr
I am tired today.... I dont' feel like being at work at all... not motivated... slow... erf... I slept in way to late and now I have to stay here even later then usual... ugh... I have way to many things to do this week... I am tired of running already... complain complain complain... erf... I am in a bad mood this morning for no good reason except that I am pissed at myself for sleeping in so late... that and the fact that I have to wait another 45 min for the truck to come back so that I can get a breakfast sandwich.... oh... the woes of life.. ha... why am I even complaining... I've got it easy....
--Capn' Tired S.S. Andsleepy

October 21, 2002

I hate when my foot falls asleep during the day because I know it will be up all night.
-- Steven Wright

October 19, 2002

Saturday... at work.... bored..... so many things I would rather be doing...
Yar.... On a somewhat lighter note..... I went and skated Vans for the first time in almost 5 months..... I got a plesent suprise when I was getting my ticket: They finally made a rule that if you are over 16 you don't have to wear knee pads or elbow pads!! That f'n rules... props to Vans Skate Park in Milpitas! I am gonna start skating Vans again every third day of the week just like last winter!!! whooo hoo! way to go Vans.... finally.... things are lookin up again...
--Capn' Pissedoff S.S. AndI'dratherbeskating
So many people in this world base their happiness on materialistic wants and dreams.... that shit makes me sick... yea sure I want a bunch of material things... I think everyone wants to have lots of toys and nice stuff..... but when your happiness revolves around these unfeeling, unthinking, usually metalic, "keys to happiness" something is wrong.....My happiness will never be based on whether or not I got some new piece of metalic crap to play with... I would hope that my happiness will always come from real things like friends and loved ones... I can't believe that some people in this world get pissed when their cable goes out or when they can't get the new playstation 12..... get a fucking life... read a book, hang with your friends, take a walk to the sandwhich shop and enjoy the day... I don't get people today... where has all the fun gone.....

October 18, 2002

If you are what you eat, then I am some kind of mix between a breakfast sandwhich and a 7 layer burrito that was crossed with a double decker taco that along the way ran into two hoho's and a poptart..... hm... and accurate description of who I am... yea... maybe...
I was going to write something metaphorical and intelligent here right now.... but then I realized it is Friday and there is no time for that kinna stuff... whoooooooo hoooooo party on dudes the weekend is here!!!!!
The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
-- Arthur C. Clarke

October 17, 2002

I have been listening to Metalica And Justice For All for the last three days... dude... that shit rocks...
The breakfast sandwiches from the truck these last couple of days have been soooooo good... yum... nothing starts a day better then good food from the truck.... There is something rad about chillin on the curb infront of the dock with my coworkers and having breakfast.... I will actually miss that when I finally get laid off.... prolly one of the only things I will miss... but I will definately miss that, a lot. good times... good friends.... like always... it is all about fun... that is what gets me throught the day... the fun stuff.... I've got to keep remembering that fact... It's all about the fun.
--Capn' Fun S.S. Isfun
yar..... that is about all I can say right about now... Work is lame....things have been super busy... super boring... etc etc...I have been stuck doing lame projects for days now.... projects that would make most men die of boredom.... I just keep telling myself that I need to stick it out for a few more months and then I am home free....

So what else..... not much is going on for me right now except skating and work.... I went to Greer on Tuesday and skated pretty well... it was fun... all the loc's were there.... Skating at Greer reminds me of days on Sabado... everyone is always happy to see you when you haven't been around for a while... The sessions are always full of joking and trash talking... everyone is always smilin and having fun... everyone is always pushing each other to try new things..... It is rad. Greer is kinna like my home away from home.... I should go skate there tomorrow after work.... I haven't been spending enough time there lately.... Tonight I bowl.... I can't wait to knock down a few pins and a ton of pints.... word.
--Capn' Thisjob S.S. Sucks
If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused.
-- Walter F. Mondale

October 16, 2002

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error.
-- John Kenneth Galbraith

October 15, 2002

I don't generally feel anything until noon, then it's time for my nap.
-- Bob Hope

October 14, 2002

All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.
-- William Harvey
Weekend in review....

Went on a date Friday night with the girl from the photo lab.... it was really really fun.... She has an awesome smile...... I had a great time... We went up to the city and saw a show at Slims.... the bands were amazing... tons of energy and great stage presence... One of the best shows I have seen in a while.....I had a really really good time... super super fun....It has been quite a while since I have had that much fun on a date... We had some really interesting conversations on the rides to and from the city.. It was really cool. I couldn't stop smilin the whole time.... I am all smiles still....

Saturday: I worked, nothing new there.... then went to Greer and skated with Stu... it was super fun... I hadn't skated with Stu in a long time... that dude rips it up..... After Greer I went to some camera stores with Capn' John the Rockstar and spent way too much money on new toys for my camera.... it was fun, so I am not trippin... Saturday night I went over to Mikes with Capn' John and played some ping pong.... then we went out to Britania Arms for a few beers and some chillin... it was fun. Good times all around...

Sunday: Sunday was chill mode day... went to the photo lab but forgot the combo to my lock on my supply drawer.... so I couldn't open it... so that kinna sucked..... but it was ok... I sat around and talked shit with the dude that runs the photo lab... he is a hesher, it was fun to talk about all the old school thrash bands and stuff.... after that... went and skated Greer.... then went out to Milpitas to check out some new chillers at the Vans skatepark.... ended up getting two pairs of shoes for 60 bucks... not a bad deal if you ask me... I am stoked.... ran a few other erands.... got a new inner tube for my BMX, went home, fixed my bike... and then rode it around for a while... jumpin' up curbs and doin' wheelies.... I felt like a kid again... it was rad.... Sunday night I went to the studio with Capn' Mike to work on some new stuff.... Capn' John came too and took some pictures and sang back up vocals on one of our new songs... it was rad.... Then we went over to Capn' Mike's and we battled at ping pong again... Pong is fun.... I got home around 12 and crashed out... it was a great weekend..... Very very fun...
--Capn' Goodtimes S.S. Allaround

October 06, 2002

Ok... So I have sucked at posting for the last two weeks.... . I knew it would happen sooner or later.... but in my own defense.... the last two weeks and weekends have been super crazy. Ok so a bit of a recap.... I'll call it The Two week in Review Session.... there will be no test at the end....

Two weeks ago my department finished the move into the new building at work. This was a huge task.. not unlike the twelve tasks of Hercules.... that week I must have stacked and shrink wrapped over 54 pallets that were all nine feet tall minimum. It was insane. I don't know if I have ever worked so hard in my life..... not only did I work my ass off... but I also worked over 10 1/2 hours every day.... on friday I worked fourteen hours and didn't end up leaving untill after 11:30pm. I then had to be at work by 9:00 the next day (saturday).... It was crazy... by 4 on sunday my brain was in serious disfunction and it was time to go skate like a mad man. Went to the ole Mt. View park for almost 4 hours... it was great.... a good end to a really really long week...

Two Saturday's ago it was Audry's B-Day.... I was her drinking partner... she puked in the parking lot on the way to the car... so my record goes to 3 and 1. JB, Mike, and Audry have now all felt the wrath of Slaytan..... I don't think I need to say much more about the night besides the fact that Audry should have never called me a "little girl who couldn't keep up". I think that was the bigest mistake she made that night.... two shots and twenty min later she was outside on the crub singing like a deathmetal god..... I felt a bit bad... but she she did call me out... Geoff even said she got what she asked for.... it was rad.... Capn' "rockstar" Walker was out of control that night.... That fool was drunk as a skunk..... That fool must have had close to 12 beers and 3 shots... really crazy..... he even gave Audry a lap dance... it was great... he definately gets the rockstar award for that night... Quinn barfed when he got to his house.... it was a great night... I think everyone had a good time. I guss I will end the story here.... The rest of the night only included me hosing down Quinn's front driveway and me stealing his brothers mountain bike so that I could ride home. It was a good night.

Sunday I rode Devon's bike back to his house and chilled with Quinn for most of the day, took him out to lunch and talked about the og days back in highschool for a few hours... it was really cool.... lots of good memories.... good times for sure.... skated for a bit at the Mt. View park and rolled to the studio to practice some music. All in all it was a chill day..... but a good day at that....

Last week was good... worked really hard on a few projects for the the Head of the Service department, earned a few brownie points, and a few buttkiss points too... I think.... which is always a good thing yea?? I had my first day of photo class, which looks like it is gonna be really good.... chilled at Mikes new apartment and played some ping pong... it was a fun week... really busy... but lots of fun.... good times, busy, life is good.

Last Friday was rad... got to work a half day due to a company shut down for year end congrats.... went and skated Greer for almost 3 1/2 hours by myself... it ruled... learned some new lines and had a great time.... Went to the see the Fire Sermon friday night... it was an awesome show... those guys are the best band in the bay area.... so rad... so much energy... so good... I can't say enough about them... rock and f'n roll..... truely awesome music... any night the sermon plays is a good one...

Last Saturday was also fun... helped Damian and Ben move into their new place... wich is a totally awesome place by the way... talked a lot about riding and bikes and stuff... it was a good day.... went home at around 5ish and got ready to go see my friends band play in San Jose at a club called area 51 or something... It was a great show. It was good to see Phill.... I hadn't seen him in a few years... his band is awesome... 80's metal will never die as long as his band is playing.... hahaha it was awesome.... Flexx Bronco is keepin it real for sure... great show... lots of fun...

Sunday I woke up and didn't want to get out of bed... I was tired and cranky and was feelin like a troll or something... but... I needed to go to my photo lab, but I really didn't feel like it.... I knew I had a lot of work to do So I forced myself to go... even tho I wanted to just sleep a few more hours and be lazy all day... boy am I glad I went.... I met an awsome girl there and ended up going out to lunch with her.... we talked for almost three hours.... it was amazing... Sunday was an amazing day.... wow..

Went to dinner with my Pops Sunday night all I could do was think about the rad girl I had met earlier in the day... it was good to see my pops tho, I wish I was able to see him more often... Hopefully if I ever getlaid off from this stupid job I will get to go up to Washington and spend a few weeks hanging out with him.

So anyway... things have been crazy... but they have been awesome.... things are definately on the upside right now... and they just seem to be getting better..... life is good... rock and roll forever...

Capn' Ontheroad S.S. Andrunnin

October 02, 2002

A mistake is simply another way of doing things.
-- Katharine Graham

October 01, 2002

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.
-- Lewis Carroll