March 30, 2004

I had class last night. Photoshop is cool. I'm frustrated with my photo project right now... but for the most part I am really enjoying my digital photo class a lot. After class I didn't do anything worth talking about... unless you consider playing video games, drinking beer, and eating brownies something worth talking about.... I went to bed early and read a little. I am finally starting to enjoy reading again... College killed reading for me for sooooooo long.... It's kinna nice to read for my own enjoyment again. I need to skate more, I had dreams about it last night..... It's time to step it up a notch again and relearn some of my old skills. I listened to Snoop Dog on the way to work today. That was fun. That's about all for now.
--El Blogosaurus Rexis- Flexis- from- Long- Beach- to- Texas

March 29, 2004

The Weekend in Review:

Friday After work I went to the dubs game. They Killed it. Avery Johnson is the man. He did this behind the back fake pass to shake a defender and rock the easy lay-up... it was f'n bad ass... the defender was like "who whaaa??? where did the ball go" hahaha it was rad... you prolly had to be there... but let me just tell you this: The stadium went crazy and the Wizzards had to call a time out... that's how sick it was.... When all was said and done, the Dub's killed em and won their 6th in a row. It was awesome. After the game I cruzed to the WG to hang out with Ruth. We just watched some TV and chilled. She is awesome.

Saturday I woke up and had to hit the road early to meet up with Wes and Dan to go to "the goodguys car show in Plesenton. Ruth made me a bagel sando for the road... it was soooooo good. Such a rad way to start off the morning. Anyway, met up with Wes and Dan and cruzed to the car show. It was a lot of fun, I hadn't chilled with Wes and Dan in a really really long time. The car show was amazing... so many rad cars.... I really want to get an old school Nova now... bad ass... anyway the car show was super fun and it was rad chillin with Wes and Dan...

After the car show I skated the Mt. View park. It was fun. I rocked some pretty good tailslides.... but that was about all the skillz I had.... damn... I need to represent...

That night went to dinner in d-town San Carlos with Damian and Trista. The food was good and wehad a lot of fun talkin trash and chillin. Damian and Trista are rad. After dinner we went and got "The Rundown" from Blockbuster.... damn... that movie was f'n awesome... The rock is a bad ass. The action sceens in that movie are off the hook. Establish Dominance Biatch... hahahaha way too funny.

Sunday I woke up early on Sunday so that I could try to get to Greer before anyone else and take some pictures.... apparently about 8 bikers had the same idea... oh well... Skipped Greer in hopes that later it would be empty and went to Stanford to take a panoramic picture inside the football stadium. It was weird being on a college campus again... I miss the good ole days in SB... just chillin durring the day... skating with my friends on Sabado, going to class, hanging out.... good times. Not that these are bad times, I'm enjoying life to the fullest right now, but those days were just different.

After I finished taking pictures I cruzed home and watched some hoops for a bit. Had a sando from Prima... off the hook as usual. At around 3 I went on a fierce bike ride throughout woodside with Damian and Geoff. I rode a little too hard.... I bonked on the last hill before our house... just couldn't turn the pedals over anymore... I had to walk up the steeper parts, which kinna made me feel like a dork... but at the same time I knew I had really rode hard... so that felt good... Nothing better then pushing yourself to the limit.

BBQ'd at the house with the crew and chilled with Ruth. Always a good time. : )

the end... It was a good weekend. yeah!
--The Blogosaurus Chillus Maximus Rex

March 26, 2004

I keep forgetting to post about the drivers in this area.... I gotta say there are some f'n crazy ones up here.... so ok, anyway, two quick stories...

Story One: a week ago some dude in a suburban honked at me and waved his fist at me as he passed me because he thought I was going to slow in the fast lane.... for the record I was doing 85. He was seriously pissed at me. I waved at him as he drove by... I couldn't believe it. Crazy mofacker....

Story Two: yesterday there was a lot of traffic on 280 because for some reason, when it rains for the first time after it's been nice out for about a few days, people forget how to drive in the rain and this leads to them crashing a lot.... Anyway... the point of the story is this: I don't really like to tailgate fools when it's wet out and when there is a lot of traffic, so I had about two car lengths in between me and the person in front of me... I was in the slow lane... traffic was hardly moving.... anyway... apparently more then a car length of space is just way to much f'n space to be open, and it must be entirely intollerable, because the car behind me got so pissed that they pulled into the emergency parking lane to pass me and then cram thier car back in front of me to fill up that "huge" space.... I don't f'n get it..... some people are fricken crazy..... that had to be the most stupid move ever recorded in the history of mankinds driving... the funniest part was that the lady was totally pissed when she was behind me... all I could do was laugh... I waved as she passed me..... illegally....... to get one car length ahead of me...... in traffic that was going 25 miles an hour... hahaha to top it off she was driving one of those silly oldschool wannabee plymoth van things.... haha wtf???
"we don't need no, no no no, parental guidence yeah!"
--Judas Priest (circa 1986)
Last night was bowling night. Don't ask how I did. Let's just say I started thowing the house balls as hard as I could while running from the seating section of the lanes... yeah... it was one of those nights... best game was a 150.... worst game was a 114.... I sucked it up big time... but oh well... I still had fun. I haven't been drinking much at bowling lately... mostly because I have to drive a lot more after we are done... I think the days of getting trashed at bowling are gone... it's just not worth it anymore... anyeay... bowling was fun even though I sucked and so that's what counts. Went to pizza and then went down to the studio to jam. Played pretty well. I love going down there on thursday nights... so fun. We played a punk version of Quiet Riot's "Mental Health".... it rocked..... Crashed at Ruths place. In the morning she suprised me with Blueberry scones for my drive up the Peninsula... I think that is one of the raddest things anyone has ever done for me... such a little thing... but so rad.... The whole way home I could only think about one thing... How lucky I am to have met her... :) Tonight I'm going to see the Dub's play... GO DUBS!

--The Rockasaurus Rex

March 25, 2004

Got home from work and ate some leftovers from Tuesdays Dinner that Ruth and I made... soooo good. Homemade pizza is the bomb.... Chilled out and watched the Dubs hoop it up. Tried not to watch as the Kings got Hooped on by LA... cleaned up and then headed down to the good ole nut house for some beers and peanuts. Almost the whole crew was there... JB, Amanda, Mike, Geoff, Alexa and a few of her friends, Nicole, Ben, and myself (of course) Ruth came up from tha WG which was awesome... Life doesn't get much better then that... hanging out with my best friends, the girl that I'm stoked on, listening to great music, while talking trash and drinking ice cold bud's...... that's what it's all about. Good times as always. So anyway it was a pretty mellow night, had a couple cold beers, chilled out, caught up with the homies, and listened to some great tunes on the jukebox including: A couple songs by the Misfits, Ramones, the Reverend, Sabbath, KISS, the Specials, Run DMC, B-boys... etc etc... we must have put 20 songs on the ole jukebox.... it was a lot of fun. I love going to that place. There is no place like home....

-The Budwieserosaurus Rex

ps for the record, The Dubs actually won... that's 5 in a row...

March 24, 2004

So last night was super fun. After work I had my first experience with wine purchasing.... big mistake to go by myself. I went to Roberts to pick out a couple wines for a dinner with Ruth, figured it would a few min. and I'd be on my way back home.... 45 min later I'm still at Roberts tryin to figure out what is good versus what isn't good... trying to remember what wines I liked... and what wines would go good with an Italian style dinner... haha I must have looked like a fool. Anyway I finally picked out two bottles and cruzed home to clean up. Ruth came up to the house at around 7:30 and we cooked home made pizzas on the BBQ.... it was so fun. Perfect meal, self made BBQ pizza, spinach salad, and some pretty tastey wine.... it was rad. Ruth is amazing.... I had so much fun with her, drankin wine, cooking together, joking around, acting like fools, kicken' the ball around for Grace..... it was sooo fun. I dont' think it gets much better then this... :)

--The Happyblogosaurus Rexis
so yeah... I totally suck at bloggin'... I don't know what my deal is... maybe it's because things before janurary were so "ho hum"... but really I should be bloggin all the time now... tons of stuff going on in my life... different stuff every day...but still I lag... anyway... here I am playing catch up again...

Last weekend:

Friday took Ruth out for her Birthday to a place in downtown San Carlos. The food was excellent, the wine was great, and the atmosphere was perfect. oh and the company wasn't half bad either.... ;-) The night was great. I don't think it could have gone any better. I had so much fun. :)

Saturday: We slept in a bit, then cruzed down to the coffee shop at the bottom of the hill. It was a super nice morning.... We chilled for a bit, lounged around chatting about silly things and just kicked back and enjoyed the morning.

At around 1 or so I cruzed out to the Palo Alto/Menlo Park and went to the Oasis to meet up with Damian, Geoff, Trista, Darrin, and a few other folks to watch some NCAA hoops. The Oasis by the way is a great place... super cool vibe there. Old tables that are all carved up... good burgers... etc etc... just a fun little burger joint.... It's owned by the same people that run the Boardwalk in Mt. View and also all the "Jakes" pizza places.... so anyway te Oasis is bad ass. Reminds me of the old Boardwalk... I miss that place... Anyway the Oasis is definitely on my list for cool places to go hang out now...

At around 3 I cruzed out and went to my Mom's Chilled there for about an hour or so and then went to the MV skatepark... man my skills are slippin... I had a lot of fun skating there... but man... I'm pretty sorry... Luckily a few things came back pretty quick... didn't land anything crazy... but most of my tricks came back with a couple of tries....

On Sat. night I went to the city with Ruth and met up with a bunch of Ruth's friends to celebrate her b-day, part 3 :) Her friends were all super nice and super fun. I really enjoyed chattin with and getting to know them. I met a bunch of new people, had some great food, and talked a bunch... I was tryin my best to make a good impression... I think I did ok... I hope so at least.... Anyways I had a really great time. I think Ruth did too... so that was good.

body count for the eve:
1 40 oz bud
2 heinakins.... (yeah, I know I didn't spell it right, but that beer sucks so I don't care)
1 irish carbomb
2 murphy's on tap

Sunday: We woke up and went for breakfast/lunch with a few of Ruth's friends at this interesting place on/near the Castro. Food was pretty good, company was much better. Ruths friends were super funny. After breakfast we cruzed back to tha good ole Emerald Hills. Ruth and I lounged around in the sun in the back yard for a bit and enjoyed a lazy day with no appointments, no group meetings, no plans, and no rush... it was nice. For dinner we went up to Los Potrillos which is alllllllways good. Ate too much and then cruzed down to the WG to go catch a movie.

It was a really great weekend. :) True that.
--The Blogosaurus Rexus

March 19, 2004

Got my fade on last night for no real reason.... I did some shoping after work, didn't go to bowling... cleaned up my room in prep for friday night... and then got faded. I had three 14 oz Guinnes before dinner... then went down to the Canyon with the EHP to eat dinner and drink more beer... watched some College hoops wich was rad.... I love March Maddness!!!! there is nothing like rooting like a crazy person for some team that you know absolutly nothing about.... GO De Paul!!!!!!... haha (until next round that is, then I will be cheering: GO UCON!!! hahaha) After we were done eating we all went home and I had another Guinness and then Ben made some of his famous huge margaritas. Watched College hoops highlights... chilled out... and then crashed out..... it was a very fun night. Viva 568. Throw the horns!

--The Blogosaurus Hesherish Rockasaurus

March 18, 2004

St. Patty's day was fun. I ended up just chillin at the house and bbq'n with the roommates but it was cool. Had a few Guinness and a couple of cheese dogs.... life is good. Keep it rockin.

--St. Blogosaurus
I went out on the 16th to celebrate Ruth being done with school for the quarter. I also got to be the first person to wish her happy birthday at 12 o'clock which was rad.... We hit up The WG and got some food at the Willow Street Pizza place.. it was fun... food was good, we got to sit outside which was kinna nice. The weather has been so nice lately.... Anyway, it was a mellow night being a tuesday and all... but still super fun. That's about it. Word.

--El Blogorockinitasaurus Rexyo

March 17, 2004

"Here's to you, and here's to me,
the best of friends we'll always be.
But if we ever disagree,
Then Bollocks to you, and here's to ME!!"


Have Guinness for lunch!
and Irish Car Bombs for Dinner...


March 16, 2004

The weekend in review:

Total Lag wagon on this post... so I'll keep it short:

Friday: Didn't do much, watched some hoops, slept a little, did some laundry.. chilled it was fun.

Saturday: Skated super early in the morning at SV, Met up with Two of the SRC's (stew and Matt) Super fun sesh. Messed around a lot didn't get broke off... haha it was fun :) Helped Trista move out of the city and down to the EHC. Chilled for a bit and watched hoops, then in the eve went to WG and Ruth cooked me dinner... sooo good... she's a great cook.

Sunday: woke up early and went over to grab a bagel and some coffee at Noah's. Super fun as usual. Took off and cruzed up to the EHC. Worked on a photo project... chilled... it was a good weekend.

March 08, 2004

So yeah.... The Blogosaurus is pretty weak when it comes to bloggin... I've been busy... what can I say. So I have to catch up on two weeks wort of bloggin in one entry... I'll keep it short.

Life has been good, been rocking out down at the studio, been hanging out with Ruth, been skateboarding, and I've been chillin. Played some hoops, watched a marathon, ran for the first time in years, met a bunch of Ruth's friends, saw some old friends, got my party on, went to school, took photos, bowled a few 200's etc etc etc.... the weeks have been busy.

Everything has been going great. Anyway... so quick summary:

Two Weekends ago:

Went snowboarding all weekend. The weather was great, the snow was awesome, and the powder was plentiful. It was a great weekend. Went up with JB, had some great powder runs, had some interesting conversations on the lift, tried out my new helmet and my new pants and my new jacket.... they all worked great. Didn't catch much air. But got my flow on so that was good. It was a lot of fun. Got home and went out with Ruth down in San Carlos. It was good to see her. I had a lot of fun as usual.

Last Weekend:

Friday: Went to the RWC and rode my boardskate for a bit. I sucked. I fell a lot. I'm not a good street skater anymore... but it was fun. Then went to the Nut House to hang out with some friends which was awesome. My buddy Wes was there, I hadn't seen him in well over a year. That dude is super cool. It was fun hanging out with the bro's aka Mike and Wes. Good times as usual.

Saturday: Hit up the Park down in SV. Skated a ton. The whole SRC was there. It was rad. I skated hard and fell a few times... but it was rad. It felt soooo good to go ride. Landed some pretty good mach 3 wheel screaming hesher tailslides... so that was extra fun.

Saturday night: Up to the city to meet some of Ruth's friends for dinner and drinks. It was a lot of fun. She has some really cool friends. I had a great time. Got my fade on, laughed a lot and enjoyed myself to the fullest. It was a good night. We stayed at her Friends place... they had the most impressive view I've ever seen... awesome...

Sunday: Got up super early. A little hung over, but not too bad. Got Bagels and Coffee for breakfast. That really hit the spot. Then I went with Ruth and her friend Adrian and her little brother Nick up to Napa to watch the Napa marathon. A few of Ruths friends were running in it. It was rad. I kinna miss being out in the mix... running and stuff... reminded me a lot of being back in High School. I kinna miss going to races... anyway... it was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful, a little hot...but still awesome. After the race we went with a few of her friends out to eat at a pretty cool Mexican food place in Napa. Then it was off to RW to chill and catch up on some laundry..... and that was pretty much the end of the weekend
"say no go"
--De La Soul