May 31, 2005

Weekend In Review:

Well the weekend came and went again...

Friday: I got out of work early on Friday and went to happy hour with a group of coworkers. It was fun. Then I went out to eat with Ruth and her brother and his girlfriend down in the WG. That was fun too. Dropped Ruth off at a friends house and cruzed up to the house. On the way home I stopped purchased the Blade trilogy. Blade rules. After I got home I drank some beers and watched Blade 2. Blade kills a lot of vamps in that flick. Good stuff. Great movie...

Saturday: I went down to the lake and cleaned up some algae and got the lake ready for opening day. Then I went down and helped JB move into his new house. It is a cool house with a lot of potential. Then it was off to the house to watch some hoops and to chill. Got a DUB DUB animal steelo and fries animal steelo from In N' Out on the way home. Good stuff. I heart In 'n' Out. Watched some cheesey tv and played Midnight club Dub addition.

Sunday: Woke up late and cruzed down to pick up Ruth. Then took my GMA out shopping at the grocery store. After that cruzed the Laurence park and had a lot of fun skating for about 2 hours. Then cruzed to the house, cleaned up and met up with Ruth for dinner and a movie. We rocked Sneekers and then went to see the remake of "the longest yard". It was entertaining but not as good as the older versions.

Monday: Slept in a bit, went down to R-dub for bagels and to run a few errands. Then cruzed up to the house and got ready to rock the Lake. Chilled by the lake and rocked a few dives. Started it off with a Cannonball.... the new board kinna sucks. Hopefully it will break in... right now it is way to stiff. Like taking a pull off of some inexpensive whiskey... harsh. It felt great to be in the water again. I love the lake. Cruzed back to the house and BBQ'd and chilled... Then watched Blade 3. Yes! So Rad. Three Blade movies in 4 days... life is good.... it was a great weekend.

May 27, 2005

Not much to talk about from yesterday... went to the skatepark and felt old. Watched some high school kids tear it up. Got a little sad that I couldn't hang. *sigh* oh well, maybe since I am skating more these days I will be able to get some of my old steeze back... and if not oh well right... it's all about having fun right? I miss having a skate crew even more today... seeing these crews roll through the park every day bums me out. I miss rollin with the dogs and killin spots. It was fun having Dave up here the other day... I wish Pete Rock was still in town. *sigh again* this post is depressing... On to brighter news: THE LAKE OPENS TOMORROW!!! YES! I can't wait! This weekend is going to be fun. I am gonna do so many cannon balls! YES! That's all for now.

"Falling down is the easy part, it's the getting back up and trying again that's hard. Get up!"

--El Capitan

May 26, 2005

I watched Blade last night on TNT.... that movie is so bad ass. Blade kills like a million vamps in that movie! rad! Blade is seriously an awesome movie. I made a sandwich and a hot pocket for dinner and drank 3 PBR's. Am I healthy or what. Speaking of healthy, I walk up 11 flights of stairs twice a day now at work. I also skated the Lawrance park again and landed a few more crooked grinds. yes! Crooked grinds and skateboarding are good for your health. Skateboarding is fun. I miss having a crew though. Skating by yourself kinna sucks. True.

Keepin' it Real for the SRC/FTP/SAC/RAC/Sabado/Sueno/MVC Crews in the oh-5...
--El Capitan

May 24, 2005

Yar! Landed crooked grinds for the first time in years last night.... The ole capn' Skated a new park with capn' Dave "the robot from crazy tech world" who lives in SD. It was great fun! Dave is rad. We ate at Jakes afterwards. Just like the old days... Good times, good friends, good skateboarding, good pizza, good beer! Yar it don't get no betta!

--El Capitan