July 31, 2002

yar... I ate at La Costenia again... that is two days in a row... hmmmmm yum... that place is soooo good.... oh man.. my belly feels like it is going to explode... I am sooooo full right now !! I could really use a nap... I am super content tho I feel good...yo estoy muy contento! life is good! ah... er... me vida es muy bien.... yo soy loco! hahaha Viva La Costenia!!!!! hmm.... *yawn*..... hmm.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
--Capn' Cortes S.S. Divertido
"When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy."
--Samuel Goldwyn
"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."
- Yoda

July 30, 2002

yar... is this day ever gonna end!!!??!?! uuugh... Time is passsssinnngggg sllllooooooooow......... don't .... know..... if... I .... can.... make.... i...t...... a...a...a..a..a.a.aa.a.a.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! my brain has exploded... I should not have had so much food for lunch... I should have taken a nap or something... erf... this sucks... ugh... why am I even writing this crap... ugh... I need to go to bed earlier...
--Capn' Oftha S.S. Boat
Me = 1
Copy Machine = 0

go me! haha
Yar... bloody bastard of a machine! I've got you now!
--Capn' Toner S.S. Outof
When I got that quote today... I thought to myself, "Thank goodness I am not the only one that feels that way." Everyday I am faced with the dilemma of re-wording a sentance cuz I don't know how to spell the word I want to use... I spend way too much time trying to think up replacement words to take the place of words that I can't spell.... yar... I am not good at spelling at all.... my grammer sucks pretty bad too.... If there was a section for "bad speller" in the dictionary it would say: See Sean Fallon.... thank goodness for spell check and the thesaurus... I would be lost with out em.... yar....
--Capn' Dontknow S.S. Howtaspell
"A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of."
-- Burt Bacharach

July 29, 2002

Today was a good day, Yar! I actually got a bunch of things done at work today and I even kinna enjoyed it. Some parts of this ole pirate will prolly miss this slave barge once I am gone... most of my parts will be glad to be sailin different seas tho... haha yar.... sail on me hearties... sail on....
--Capn' Slaytan S.S. Slaysalotyo!
Yar Tha Weekend In Review:
Friday: Skated Greer after work for almost three hours. Saw some serious rippers skate they were doing some of the best shit I have ever seen there... it was pretty awesome. People having fun, throwing down seriously hesh tricks, ripping it up... It was rad. After that sped home at a million miles an hour and met up witht the crew to sail over to Santa Cruz to see The Fire Sermon. They rule. One of my favorite bands of all time. They put more energy into their songs than any other band I have seen (except for Flogging Molly maybe). Unfortunately there were not very many people at the show... which kinna sucked... I am really suprised they don't have a bigger following... but then, they haven't been around for that long I guess... anyway, it was a bloody great show... Viva the Sermon!

Saturday: Saturday was sleep in day... slept in until almost 12... hmmmmm yea! That felt good. Then it was off to Eric's Deli for a sandwhich and soda. They make good sandwhiches there... (my stomach says thank you Eric's) and then, it was off to Help Capn' Quinn "the wild one" Walker move out from his apartment up in Pacifica. Wow... that was a task... Capn' Waker didn't really have that much stuff to move, but he lived on the second story of this crazy apartment complex. It was reeeeaaaally hard to get stuff down the stairs due to the 180 degree turn that had to be made at the top of the stairs in order to then get down a narrrrrroooow ass walkway. It was hard work. I am glad I am not in the moving business. Flights of stairs and heavy wall units are not fun to move. Throwing the unwanted couch off the second story was pretty fun tho... *Crash splinter splinter fold in half* haha nothing is as fun as breaking stuff... On the topic of breaking things... the highlight of the eve. was Capn' Walker "roof testing" a 26" TV off the second story of his house. Outcome = Cement driveway 1, TV Zero..... If you have never broken a TV before... I strongly recomend it.... the sound of the tube exploding is great.... BOOOOOOM! sounded like a car accident... it was so loud you could feel it... boooooom... haha it did however, make quite a mess... haha After the roof test, had a few beers and some pizza... and then called it a night. Movin' sure can take a lot out of you, but breakin stuff can sure put it back... hehe...

Sunday: Sunday is my funday... One phrase can sum up my Sunday: Hotter then hell. Took the ole road trip out to Ripon again and then contiued south to a city called Ceres. Ripon is the most hesh park on northern California. Ceres is the most tech park in all of California. Visit both of those parks in one day and you get ... well... broken.... haha Capn' Dave "the one trick wonder came out with me. I wish some other members of the crew had been able to make it... maybe next weekend ... haha I haven't skated that much in a long time. I really went all out at Ceres. I broke myself off a piece trying to do a backside grab over the pyramid to flat.... I must have fallen about 4 or 5 times tryin' to stick that shit. Thanks to Dave and a friendly bet (a gatoraid if I pulled it) I finally managed to throw it down and bust out. Dave skated pretty good too. He killed this one ledge... crux, 5.0 180 out, nose slide... it was sick, he landed everything super clean. The only thing that sucked about the trip was the fact that it was hotter then an oven out there.... It was sooo hot and humid that it was really hard to breath.... I don't know how people live out there... Why did they build such amazing parks in the bowels of hell? I drank 3 large Gatoraids, 3 bottles of watter, and a slapple... and I was still thirsty... it was so hot my brain felt like it was cooking... What I wonder even more is why on earth do two small towns like Ripon and Ceres have two of the best parks in California, while a city like San Jose doesn't even have a shitty one.... what is that all about? Not a single public park in all of San Jose??!! My legs are hurting today... but well worth it. Definately worth it... Road trips, that is what it is all about.... fun... sun... skateboarding... does it get any better? After a long drive home we decided to go out to Jakes and get some Pizza...yum! That place rocks. I can't think of a better way to end a long day of skating...

So that's the weekend in review... skated three parks... drank three beers... had three sandwiches.... drove three hours to hell and back.... all in all I gotta say it was a great weekend....
--Capn' Burnin S.S. Trails of Fire
" The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
--Alan Kay

July 26, 2002

Go Lance Go!
la de da de da de da....... I haven't worked hardly at all today... wheee!!!! um... I mean, shoot I need to get my act together... hmmm.... went to Greer for lunch. I like skateboarding. It was fun today.. there were a bunch of stupid kids on bikes there today... but at least these kids got out of my way when I tried to hit a run. So I had fun. And didn't get toooo mad at them when they almost ran into me. they were kinna funny. They would announce that they were "droppin in" everytime they went... hahaha nobody does that there... they sounded funny.... It got to be kinna annoyin' after about 15 min tho... erf I am getting too old... hehe... hm. this post is kinna random... I think boredom has consumed my ability to write coherently... My brain is turning to mush... muuussshh... I can feel incoherence having its way with my brain.... muuuuush.... I should go home. My boss isn't even here today.... I am not getting anything done really... borrrreeeedumb... it is making be sleepy... hmmm.. maybe that is just all the gross Taco Bell I ate today... ugh.. yuck... I should have taken Jennie's advice and gotten a good sandwhich... Taco Bell is nasty... why do I eat there soooo much... yuck... I think Taco Bell is helping boredumb turn my brain to mush.... not food for thought at all... muuush..... muuush...
--Capn' Mushey S.S. Brain
I saw a really horrible accident on the freeway today... I hope everyone who was involved in it lived. It was one of the scariest things I have ever seen.... they had people on stretchers lying next to the freeway... The cars looked like crumpled piles of foil..... one truck was flipped on it's side.... There was a Ryder truck that looked like it may have been on fire. I wish I had taken an earlier exit and had not seen it. Paramedics were everywhere... I tried to look away as I passed the people lying on the road..... erf... it was intense. I hope everyone was ok.. : (
"If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?" "
- Will Rogers (1879-1935)

July 25, 2002

Last night I sailed up to Capn't Damian's house to watch the Tour De France. Yesterdays stage was insane... so many difficult climbs... it was awesome.... In preperation for the race Capn't John the Rockstar and myself cooked up some cheesedogs... after all, we had to carbo-load for the serious climbs ahead of us.... I ate 6 cheesedogs and had 4 beers... I was ready to ride! ugh... I am suprised my stomach didn't punnish me. Anyway, it was really fun, BBQ's are great. Anyway, Lance Armstrong is the man... that guy is not only good, but he has class too. In the last couple of miles of the stage yesterday, Lance really turned up the heat. He took off with a few miles to go like a man on a mission. He was running in fourth or fifth place in the pack for most the stage and had chilled with the pack for much of the race. Not to say he hadn't been riding hard, I doubt I could keep up with their pace for even 10 seconds... but anyway... Lance makes his move, pulls away from the pack, and starts to close on the two riders ahead of him... it was amazing... Lance was killin' that mountain.... I really believe if he had wanted to, he could have passed both riders and won the stage. Instead, he caught one of the riders and told the dude to go with him. So basically, Lance helped this guy up the rest of the mountain and then, a few hundred yards before the finish, Lance lets him pass to take second place. That dude has class. He is a machine. He understood that those two guys up in front had worked their asses off all day and that they deserved to take first and second... to ride all that way by themselves... without any team to help them along... that is seriously hard-f-n'-core. Lance knew that, and let them take what was theirs... when he could have easily gone earlier and crushed everyone.... hardcore... with class... that is something to aspire towards....
--Capn't Go S.S. Lance
"Solve the Solution..."
--Some Announcer guy on the Tour De France

July 24, 2002

I went and skated Greer again at lunch today. I think I may have to stop doing that... I get way to pissed off. There were some other lame kids there today... Am I really this old... where I get pissed for no reason. I dunno... I guess I just expect that people should know what is up when the go skate a park... snakes in the grass.... kids leaving their boards in bowls.... standing in the way... not paying attention.. ugh.. it was enough to get me super pissed off... but then I took a step back... these kids prolly come here right now cuz most of the old dudes like me are out doing other things like "work" during the day. It is summer after all... they prolly don't expect some crazy old hesher to be haulin ass around the park at 1pm.... Then I had to laugh at myself... just chill I said under my breath... it is about having fun remember... I felt like a jerk for being so angry at them. I just wish people would learn to pay attention..... it would make life sooooo much easier....

Anyway, the point of this post is as follows: While chillin at the corner waiting my turn I noticed a soccer camp starting up on the field... it was funny... the kids in the camp were prolly about 5 or 6...The instructor was a girl who was prolly 20 or so... anyway... The kids were all geared out in their shin guards, adidas shorts, and socker shoes. And you could just tell they were super stoaked to be out there... smilin, lauging, yelling... it was fun to watch... The instructor was having them practice ball handling skills by making them form a line and then having them follow her around in a snake like pattern... it was super funny, the kids kept tripping and missing their ball and stuff. They were all having so much fun... I could tell the instructor was having a great time working with them.... she was laughing and joking around with them a lot. Giving them high fives and stuff... it was rad. Anyway, it made me think of skatecamp... I miss teaching. That stuff was sooo fun. I have been putting a lot of thought into looking into teaching... kids can be so rad.... I am glad I saw that today... I think it gave me a little bit of an attitude adjustment... I don't know why I was trippin so hard yesterday... sheesh... yar... maybe I was growin some barnacles on my old hull... yar...
--Capn' Itsallabout S.S. Fun
Yar.. I need to motivate.... work is boring right now.. I can't seem to get into it.... erf... it makes the day go slow when I can't get into working... erf... I surfed Blogger for almost an hour today.... people write some crazy stuff... haha it was kinna fun to read about people I don't know.... the world is such a large place. So many different people, with different ideas, and different lives. It is fun to read about other peoples lives... sorta peer into someone's life for a min. or two with out being seen.... does that make me a voyeurist? ponder ponder...
oh wow...hmm... yum... some girl just walked by with perfume on that smelled really great...... that was nice... : )
I think I should go eat... my brain needs some food for thought..... sail on!
--Capn' Hungry S.S. Likethewolf
"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

July 23, 2002

So I just got back from skating at Greer... wow.. did that feel good... It is soooooo nice to escape the boring day job and go ride for a quick 20-30 min.shred sesh!! Get the blood flowing... get the adrenaline pumpin a bit... recharge, get hyped, such a nice thing.... I even got in a few high speed lines in that would have made Dylan tha Destroyer proud. It would have been a perfect little mini-sesh if wasn't for one thing... well actuall 6 things.... 6 stupid little 12-13 year old bratts to be exact. What is up with kids nowadays anyway??!! Who told them that they were the big guns?? Who tha hell gave them the idea that they are the top dogs? I can deal with their crappy "I'm so cool cuz my shoes match not only my shirt and my hat, but also my underwear" attitudes... but what is with the lack of respect for elders. Point and case: I am a nice guy, I cruz in, wait my turn, and then I get snaked on my first two attempts at runs... and then as soon as I get a run some kid drops into the middle bowl right as I came flyin' round the corner bowl... I missed him by inches... literally... and then the kid acted like it was my bad??? WHAAA!!! When I was a kid, *and now I really feel old* but when I was a kid, we got the fuck out of the way when some crazy dude with chops showed up at the park. That was our cue to take a sideline and to watch and learn.... Heaven forbid one of my friends or myself got into the older dudes way.... that was a sin worse then posing..... What the hell happened to those days.... and not to go on an endless rant, but where the hell do these kids all learn to push... ugh... 4 of them pushed mongo... and not that I have anything against pushing mongo, some of my best friends push that way... but to get snaked and rolled in on, by teen-e-boppers, who have dope steeeez, shitty attitudes, and who also push mongo.... oh man... that is just about the most fucked up thing that I could imagine happening to me at a skatepark... And really it isn't that I got snaked or that they pushed funny, or even the fact that they have dope steeez that gets me bummed... it is the lack of respect and their shitty attitude that pisses me off... I guess I really have a problem with kids who think they are tough shit... and it seems like more and more of them are acting that way too.... These kids were some of the worst I have seen. They didn't know how to take turns, they didn't know where the lines were through the bowls, they pushed wrong, they talked shit, and they sucked.... well... maybe they didn't suck that bad... but they definately didn't have a clue as to what the fuck Greer is all about.... Maybe I am getting too old... maybe I am just over protective of a spot that I like to skate... but damn, when kook's like that are chillin at my local spots I just get super pissed.... there was another older dude chillen at the park today... he gave me props whenever I hit a good run.... this guy was O.G. he must have been at least 37 or so. While he was watching the kids and I heard him say under his breath "damn these kids are fucking dumb". This was just after three of them all dropped in on different sides of the park, at the same time, going in different directions, and then almost ran into each other in the middle bowl. After I saw that happen I decided to leave. I didn't want to risk hitting one of them in the middle of a line.... Greer doesn't take kindly to stupid riders... she makes them pay in broken bones and blood. I like my bones the way they are. As I walked by the other older dude on my way out of the park I wished him luck... he replied back to me with a smile on his face, "I'm gonna need it with these F#$% kids here" I laughed. Stupid kids..... haha
When I got that quote in an email this morning I realized something: I'm not going fast enough. I need to push the limits a bit... I need to tuck in my wings and pick up a little speed.... get out of my comfortable cruzing zone.... Take a few risks... live closer to the edge for a little while... I think that is part of the reason I have enjoyed skating at Greer and Ripon so much lately... speed... it is all about going fast and being on the brink of disaster when you ride there.... going as fast as you can, while still holding on to a fragment of control.... there is a rush when you ride like that... you feel alive.... I think that is what I like about riding a road bike too... the ability to go fast.... to push yourself to your limit and beyond... I think that is what loved about running back in High school... pushing that threshold... going to your limits and then beyond. Pushing yourself till there is nothing left, and then finding something left to keep you going.... I feel that when I skate, when I ride, when I run, when I play music... but not in many other aspects of my life right now.... I think that my fore-coming layoff is going to be a good change for me. It is gonna make me re-evaluate my direction... and force me to push my limits a bit. Change is going to be good. I wasn't looking forward to it at first, in fact, I was pretty pissed that my plans were getting jacked up... but now, I am just seein' it as a small wave in a large ocean... I am still on course, I just have a new heading towards a slightly different, slightly unknow territory....but my final destanation is still the same: to be happy and to live life fully.... winds and direction may change... but the goal is still constant. This is good. I am picking up speed....
--Capn' Fullspeed S.S. Aheadyabastard
If everything's under control, you're going too slow.
-- Mario Andretti

July 22, 2002

I wish Ripon was closer.... : (
Blogger has been acting weird... this is a test.... MAN OVERBOARD!!
ok... so I guess I should explain the jibberish that I wrote on Saturday night... ok, so a quick translation... as far as I can tell, I was: So drunk that I could only see with one eye open, I was horny, and I couldn't type more then four words without making a mistake. I also appear to have forgotten how to use the backspace key and I appear to have needed a nap really badly. So what the hell got me into that place you ask..... Well, it all started when I sailed to the Nut House with a bunch of friends. (Capn' John, Mike, Damian, Geoff, Audry, Molly, Kevin, Sara, Ben, and Alexia to be exact.) I won't go into all the gorry details, but when we left the Nut House, there were 55 empty bottles of Budweiser, 5 empty pint glasses, and 4 empty shot glasses on the table.... I think 9 of the Bottles were mine, and unfortunately 2 of the shot glasses were as well..... I blame it all on Capn' John the Rockstar who initiated the destruction. And I quote "Sean, you and I are drinking parteners tonight..." those words translate to "Sean, I have decided that we are going to die tonight..." haha leave it up to Capn' John.... ugh... at one point Capn' John and I were drinkin out of two bottles at the same time.... thank god we didn't try to go for three at a time like we did on halloween. Somewhere along the way we started doing Budweiser shots again.... a tradition I would like to forget.... but all in all it was pretty fun till I got home. I haven't been that drunk in quite a while. I don't think I want to be that drunk for a long time.... fun while it lasts... but then the next day is horrible. I probably should have thrown up on Saturday night before I went to bed... but instead I went to bed feeling good, and woke up feeling like my brain had been forced through a blender. I was actually doin' alright until I tried to eat, about five bites into breakfast my stomach said: "Are you fucking kidding me?!!" and I had to go sail the porcelain seas. That was not a voyage I like to take. Went back to bed for a few more hours... woke up still feelin' like my brain was chopped up into millions of pieces and then stuffed back into my head... rode my bike to go pick up my car... tried to go skate, broke my kingpin.... Went and watched the Tour De France at Damian's for a little while... round 8 my stomach started to feel a bit better, stopped at La Bomba on the way home and got a fatty huge burrito.... Later I went to the Studio for a few hours and made some noise. Capn' Ben came down to shred on the ole ax. It was a good time... except for the fact that my head was still hurting. Sailed home and went to sleep... My head still hurts today..... erf... but, all in all, I guess it was worth it. The story is funny at least. and I can laugh at my insane post from sat night..... dude... what a jackass.. hahaha oh wait... I wrote that shit....hahaha oh well... if you can't laugh at yourself... who else are ya gonna laugh at....
--Capn' Drunkard S.S. Kegofbeer
"how do you know where I'm at, when you haven't been where I've been, understand where I'm coming from?"
-The Hill

July 21, 2002

why isn't this worrking fucker haha
i hanent't been thi sj drunk in aoo long.. fuc I cna' t enve ness out of one eye thight now.. oh man... goood dtimes fuchlll... hahhahahah I am so fucked up right now.. ah shit.. hahahha this is uifnny ahaha I canf't even see strIGHT HHn aaa fuck ahhhHh i m aooo fseunk eihfr noq... hHhh FUCK i CN'r wcwn wcwnwxc HIR .. HhhHh shit I cn'R WCWN RYRPW EIFHE HhhHhahahaha fuck what I Am tryint tro dasay is ifuck I am fuickin drucnk foff my asss.. hahaahaha good thing I am not fdrivin ahahah jaja I hhave ditrty mouth and diry mind rithgt now... hahha oh man ecen cvewen I have ione eyye obepen I can't type tstraight hahaha oh shit... hahaha I am fuhcchkin drunk right now.. hahahah this is some sufunny shit.. hahah I can't tyupew... damn... . hhahaha I am tyopin in with one eye obpen right now..sorry I m such a vesserr.. mess hahaha I can't even see steeraight hahaa fuck ... I am durunk.. hahaha oh man I am gioonna regret swrighting this.. oh man... good thing I am single. hahaa somebody would be geetttin worked thritht now..ahahaha what...thahell am I writihng about ahhah I can't even type eihgright anymore... ahhahaha oh shit.. thi s is bad.. hahaha goood thing I am drunkn3e ahhahha fu k... hahaha oh man... time to lot the cukk foof.. hahah log tht3 fuck fooof...er... off hahah oh man... .. hahhahaha ;oh man.. what.. ahahha I cna't even seerstraight.. hahaha oh man.. I need to go to bed hahahahah wow... foreu words with out a mistake .... erf hahah I am so horny tritht now.. hahah wwhat... hahaha I cn'at even type anymoerre good nighr soorry for this piost haha sorry fo r this post... I m durnk ahah I m drunk haha oh man.. drunk as helllll. hahhaa ow wow.. haha lates foo's hahah I need t go pass out now...oh man.. I am so fadded hahaha lates I ncna't think hahaha lates I ould use a nap hahaha oh wha.. hahaha fu I am do diurunk doen' walisten to me hahah oh man I have mad a n ass out of my self...hahhah later foooz..
"D DOhe aergh haha
: () er.. P : ) good nightr sorry.. hwhwhq hwh hsQWR HE HE HE IH Nn I M QAasrws ..hhHh
AHIR... HhHh : ) g- nighghht// jaja hHa jha pj ,am/// jaja jha ha ha sishit haha oi... haha good night.. erf.. sorr bout this one.. hahaha oh shit Ima gonna regre this.....

July 20, 2002

July 19, 2002

Yar is it time to go yet??? I am bored and full. I could use a nap... I could use a lot of things right about now. I want to go skate. I want too much stuff right now... what do I need? I need to go skate... hehe "Ahoy thar! I've come fer your maidens and skate spots!!! Yar! prepare to be invaded!"
--Capn't Bored S.S. Todeath
I have been listening to the Misfits a lot lately.... they have some crazy lyrics.... I don't really like reading their words... they are straight out of a horror movie.... haha pretty crazy.. But their music is so rad... simple, aggressive, and powerful. I get super amped when I listen to their stuff. Super raw...their amps all sound like they have been kicked in.. super low fuzzy sound... it is rad. Their music makes me want to go skate super hard and break myself.. "Death goes Rippin' hahaha yar... I need to skate a lot this weekend...
--Capn' Glen S.S. Danzigiscrazy
I think I am gonna take a road trip this weekend... I wonder where I should sail too.... Ripon again? Maybe to the skatepark in Santa Cruz.... hm... maybe out to Alameda.... so many parks I want to check out... decisions decisions.... I think I should go for a bike ride too... hm.. I should go BMX as well.. haven't been doing that enough lately... I have a feeling that I am not going to have enought time for anything that I want to do this weekend... so much to do so little time. This has the look of being a good weekend tho... lots of stuff to do. It is all about keeping busy and having fun. I am going to do my best to break off a piece this weekend.
--Capn' Gettin S.S. Hypedfortheweekend
You can spend your whole life believing that you're on the right track, only to discover that you're on the wrong train.

July 18, 2002

yar.... is it time to go skate yet?
--Capn' Ima S.S. Itchin'tagetouttahere
There is something very fun about ordering a 3x3 animal style... I guess it is just the kid in me...
haha yar...
--Capn' Kid S.S. Withbigfeet
The supreme irony of life is that no one gets out of it alive.
-- Robert Heinlein

July 17, 2002

Right now my life is forcing me to be serious. I don't really feel like being serious. push push push.... ugh... so much a pirate must deal with.... yar... I don't even want to think about this stuff right now.... yar... lots of choices to make soon... let's hope I make the right ones....
--Capn' Lots S.S. Lost
"Last night I dreamed I ate a ten-pound marshmallow, and when I woke up the pillow was gone."
-- Tommy Cooper

July 16, 2002

Slayer: "The story of my life: an hour late and a penny short...."
Shorty: "I guess you need to wake up early and keep change in your car"

so true... I love that girl... hahaha so true....
-Capn' Slaysalot S.S. Shortyrules
Yar... so just talked with my boss... looks like I have two weeks.... end of the month, this ship goes down and I am up a creek without a paddle..... shit. Well, an opportunity for me to get my direction changed I guess.... maybe this is really one of the best things that could happen... get some things sorted out... make some new plans... start out fresh... wish me luck ya bastards....
--Capn' Whereto S.S. Now
It is not enough to stare up the steps, one must also step up the stairs.
--Someone Wise

July 15, 2002

whew that was a close one... I almost had to murder somebody....
Somebody shoot me....
god is on his side....
Bob understands about "life" and I quote "I don't have much schooling, but I know about life"
he is still here...
that bastard is tryin to tell me about his love life... help.... somebody kill that dude
yar... so once again.. it's: THE WEEKEND IN REVIEW! yar....

So this weekend ruled.... don't know it I can sum it up any better then that.... One of the best weekends I have had in a long time... good times, good friends, good weekend..... lots of fun!

Friday: Skated Greer with Capn' Dylan the Destroyer, Capn' Pete-rock, and Capn' Dave the one trick wonder. Capn' Stu was there too. It was a ton of fun... skated for almost 3 hours.... I finally made big bowl to small bowl line transfer... that was a huge achievement for me. I think I am finally starting to get the hang of that place... super fun session. We skated till there wasn't any light left and then went to La Costenia for some fatty burittos.. yum... There isn't anything wrong with huge, custom style, authentic burittos... yar... good stuff. After La costenia Pete, Dave, and I went to skate the light gap ledge on Wolf. It was fun... sorta.. I didn't skate that well, but it was fun to talk trash and hang out.... went home... passed out from exhaustion... content and smilin'.

Saturday: Took Bart up to the city to see the VANS Warped tour. It was fun. I got sunburned.... no, I REALLY got sunburned... that kinna sucked... oh well tho... should make for a decent tan. : ) Got to see Flogging Molly play on one of the main stages which is always a good thing. They are amazing musicians.... I wish their set had been longer.. but then, I guess their set would never be long enough for me... they are rad. Got to watch Dylan the destroyer rip it up on the mini ramp. There were some shred dogs skating that thing. I kinna wish I had been able to skate it with them. The ramp looked pretty fun. The warped tour itself is a bit overwhelming... tons of people... tons of bands...not enough time to see or do everything... I didn't realize how big it was... I saw a few cool bands that I hadn't heard of before... some were good... lots sucked.... haha all in all it was a pretty good time. I was able to hang out with some good friends, hear some good music, and soak in the sun... haha maybe a bit too much sun soaking... haha oh well... It was super fun. Five hours of sun and music later...I went home, took a nap, and then got ready to go back to the city to see The Reverend Horton Heat! Really good show.... man those guys are insane musicians.... sooooooooo good.... truly amazing... They inspire me to become a better musician.

Sunday Woke up, showered, drove to La Bomba, ate a fatty burrito, and then took the: 101 to the 237 to 880 to 680 to 580 to the ole 205 east, jumped on the that great interstate number 5 and went north for a few miles got on the 120 east for a little bit, then took the 99 south to Ripon. Exit Jacktone, turned right. Stopped at the mini-mart on the corner of Main st., fuled up on water and gatoraide, went down Main till we passed the ole plaza, turned left after the plaza, turn left-right by the friendly police station, parked the car, got out stretched in the heat, put on my mesh hat, my skate shoes, and then had one of the best sessions that I have ever had. I thought greer was the heart of skateboarding... and to some effect it really is... but Ripon.. well, Ripon is the soul. You can carve lines forever there.... Ripon is my new favorite park. Capn' Dylan and I had a great time there this time... Last time I couldn't carve very well and was a bit intimidated by the size of everything... but since the last time Dylan and I went out there I have put in some serious training at Greer... and now I can hang with the heshers... haha it was rad. I had sooo much fun. Dylan is rad to skate with because he pushes you to do things that otherwise you might not try... he looks at you struggling to land something and sorta just inspires you, he says "Stop being a wuss and just do it" and he's right 90% of landing some trick or carving some line is just saying to yourself, I can do this. Once you realize that, it is easy. Sunday was a ground breaking day for me. I love those kinna days. I live for them. After the long drive back from Ripon, and a quick stop at In'n'out, a fatty 3x3, and a quick shower at home, it was off to Santa Cruz to see yet another show.... Good Riddance headlined, they are awesome. I missed the Fire Sermon... which sucked... but still, a fun show. The Missing 23rd was pretty good and Strike anywhere was awesome... they have a ton of energy... not really my kinna music... but lots of energy... it was a great show. Good Riddance is awesome.... fast, high energy, punkrock. fun to watch too. Drove home after the show and couldn't get to sleep... crashed at around 230ish... it was a long weekend... on the move almost 24-7, but damn... it was a good one...
--Capn' Cruzin S.S. Thegreaterbayareaonamissiontodestroy!
Only a mediocre person is always at his best.
-- W. Somerset Maugham

July 12, 2002

Yar, had a great night last night, went bowling with the crew, drank beers, lofted bowling balls... lost two games... but still had a great time.... then off to pizza at the ole boardwalk.... yum... tha best pizza around by far.... my mouth is watering just thinking about it... hmmm.... After the ole walk, went to the studio and jammed.... it was super fun... Quinn, JB, Stevens, and Devon all came down with Mike and I.... we had a metal sesh... it was super fun.... played really fast and really loud... and when I say really fast and really loud... I mean really f'n fast and really f'n loud... it ruled...really really fun... those guys are rad. I had a great time.... got home at about 2am... slept like a rock.... it was a good night.... no, scratch that, it was a damn good night!

Today has been super boring... I don't know why I haven't spent more time bloggin... hahaha... would have been time well spent.. Had a few unexpected highlights today, wich was really nice.... but for the most part today has really lagged.... it sucks knowing that I might get laid off soon... makes me super unmotivated.... I don't feel like working at all... and the work I have done today has all been half assed....I am feeling like stagnate pond water right now.... well maybe not stagnate water, I don't really feel like I stink... but I feel like I am not really going anywhere right now.... erf... maybe a boat without any sail is a better metaphor...hmmm my brain is not really working right now... too much stuff on my mind.... I don't feel like thinking about stuff right now... I just feel like going home to take a nap or something... erf... I am gonna go skate greer in a few min... that will make me feel better.... I think I should enroll in some more photo classes next quarter... maybe learn some more web design stuff too.... I felt like I was going somewhere when I was doing that stuff.... I need to kick my engine into gear and get this boat up to speed.... first I need to get the engine tho... yar.... ahoy thar! prepare to have your engine stolen! yar!!
--Capn' Letsget S.S. Thisbloodyshipsailin'
All is not lost until nothing can be found
--Wise As

July 11, 2002

yar... so my boss and I are walking across the campus to get to the new building and he starts sayin that "we are totally fucked" and stuff like that.... nothing new, my boss is kind of paranoid and tends to blow things out of proportion.... so I ask him with a slight grin on my face why he thinks we are in such a tight spot... he goes on to list a few things: Some German dude is coming into town this week, and some process is being changed, and someone is leaving to go to Washington on an "important" business trip, and oh yea all the job req's have been junked..... my grin fades to a frown.... "the job req's have been junked I ask? as if my hearing had gone bad..... my boss: "yea... oh.... I wasn't supposed to tell you that tho.... so don't mention it to anyone else...." my mood goes from bad to worse... my brain shifts into overdrive.... I don't hear the rest of the things that my boss has to say for the next 10 min......

so let me break it down, this means that I need to start looking for a life raft because: who knows when, but probably sometime soon, it looks like I will be out of a job ... Just when I thought I was gonna be set for a little while.... a huge hole opens up in the side of the ship..... this company is so jacked.... maybe it is a good idea for me to jump ship.... I don't love my job and most of my friends are gone now..... Really the only good thing about this job is that it is easy, flexable, and pays enough to live on... nothing rad tho.... not at all my dream job.... I won't be sad if I get laid off, well, maybe just a little since I know it is going to suck to have to go job searching..... ugh... but for the most part I won't miss working here....

It still sucks tho. Just when I thought things were coming together, an Iceberg goes and puts a huge hole in my boat.... where the hell did that bloody iceberg come from anyway.... one week it looks like I may get a job as a permanent employee... and the next... I am jumpin in the water to swim with all the other unlucky fish... I thought that once I was done with school things would be so easy.... boy was I wrong... maybe I should go back to school, things were so much better back then.... yar.... oh well, just a bump in the ole road... not a storm that will take me down to Davey Jones'... but still an unexpected storm to say the least....
tis all fer now....
--Capn' Sinking S.S. Ship
"The more things change...the more different they become"
-Wise as

July 10, 2002

Today would be a good day for a swim... I am in the mood to do some can-openers.... I rarely have the desire to go swimming.... I didn't learn how to swim till I was almost 12..... I am not really a huge fan of it to be totally honest... I only get the desire to swim when it is really hot... today is one of those days, it must be at least 100 out today... yar a bastard could shrivel up into nothing in that kinna heat.... I wish I had a pool.... today is definately a swimming day..... right now I could swim my life away...hahaha yar... ahoy thar! We've come fer yer pool ya bastards! sink or swim!
--Capn' Skateor S.S. Swimapool
yar... I don't know why I go to taco bell so much... ugh... that stuff is so gross.... but yet... I find myself craving it all the time... ugh.... yar... tha bastards have made an addict out of me... ugh... scurvey bastards...
--Capn't Notso S.S. Smart
"Sorry, publishing is temporarily unavailable (why) server went boom (pro publishing is working)"

sounds like a scam to me....
I was thinkin' about upgrading... but now I am not so sure....
reverse psychology... or insanity.. I dunno... I guess I can't be mad at a free service... erf...
I just have so much I want to put down right now... erf... oh well later maybe...
--Capn' Lost S.S. Hismind
yar... I have been away sailin the seas of Spokane Washington for the last five days... went up to visit my pops... it was a learning experience to say the least.... lots to write about... not much time to write it.... where to start where to start... well, I guess I will just write about my pops and I to begin with, since that is what is on my mind at the moment....

Taking the ole trip up to see my Pop's is always interesting... it takes forever to get there, well... maybe it doesn't really take forever... but geez... it feels like it when you calculate total travel time.... almost 8 hrs.... There aren't any direct flights to Spokane anymore so you usually have to take two planes, and usually have to stay in Seatle or Portland for an hour or two.... I hate layovers, well, hate is a strong word.. but man, when you are traveling by yourself they sure are boring..... Anyway, the point of talkin about the traveling part to Spokane is this: before I got on the plane in San Jose I had my first bad experince related to the "heightened security measures". Four words can describe my opinion of this new "heightened security": What a fucking joke... no wait... let me restate that in 7 words: What a fucking pain in the ass.... no wait, that isn't quite it either .... one word can suffice: bullshit... yea that sums it up: Bull-fucking-shit. Tons of it... mountains of it. Continents of the smelly stuff... ok, ok, let me explain. So really my bad experience is my own fault, I messed up, I brought a "lethal" killing device with me..... not thinking (as usual), I decided to take my keys with me... My key ring has one of those tiny swiss army knifes on it.... BIG mistake, after all, I could "kill" someone with that thing... they ask to search my bag and I am like "oh yea, sure, no problem..." I know I don't have any bombs or guns in my bag.... but then they pull out my keys, and I am like "oh crap"..... my fucking swiss army knife... one of those silly mistakes that you don't even think about... I mean shit... not like I am gonna try to take over a plane or something... I just threw my keys in the bag so I could open the door when I came home... ugh... So the lady says you can't take this on the plane and I am like oh poop... "yea, I forgot I had that on my keys..." erf.... So then she says we are going to have to "confiscate" this. What she really should have said is: "I like your swiss army knife and I am gonna take it home to give to my kids" because as I find out 5 seconds after I ask "how can I get it back" that the answer is "you can't, and don't, get it back, I.E. confiscated" WTF?? That is bullshit. No system to return "stolen" sorry, "confiscated" goods back to their owners??!! That is really a huge pile of bullshit. It wouldn't take much to make a system of envelopes to hold at the costomer service desk or something..... That is what pissed me off the most... the fact that there was/is no system to return the goods that they took. That and the fact that some security guard is now the proud new owner of my swiss army knife... So anyway, I am out a swiss army knife now. A tool that I used all the time... a tool that has a 1 1/2 inch blade on it.... that I would have used to take over a plane with... whatever... I guess I should be glad that they are being so "careful", but as a victim of this BS... I can't help feeling like I just got robbed. I was also lucky enough to experience another new part of security: I was the recipient of the grand prize: I was lucky enought to get to take my shoes off so that they could check them for bombs.... dude... what? I am sorry but there has to be a better way..... they were making 75 year old ladies with walkers take their shoes off... it all seemed a bit insane to me.... stupid... it is all so stupid in some ways.... better safe then sorry I suppose.. but man... it all seems sorta lame... like, I don't really think they catch anyone besides innocent people who are just trying to get from point A to point B...... erf, word to the wise, don't bring your keys....

So anyway made it to Spokane. Got to see my Dad, which is cool. I don't get to see him much since he moved up to Washington about 3 years ago. He has a nice house in the hills, nice clean air, cool out.... it was a good break away from the everyday hussle and bussle... It is always good to see my pop's, I like hanging out with him, tho I gotta say this visit was a learning experience...

To sum it up: I came to the realization, that I sorta knew all along, that my dad and I are from two totally different worlds.... we are not alike at all, in any way, shape, or form. My life is about having fun, enjoying myself, piracy(haha), skateboarding, music... etc etc... His life is about vacume tubes, physics, ham radio, making budgets, planning for the distant future (and I do mean distant future, like as in: the end of time) , order, neatness.. a place for everything and everything in its place, and being serious... Everytime he does anything, he could be quoted to say: "lets sit down and think about this for a few minutes." I don't know the last time I really sat down and thought things out for more then 20min or so... he could take days... that is a good thing sometimes... but other times... I dunno.... got to seize the day sometimes... sometimes you can't spend hours and hours thinking things through... sometimes ya just gotta go for it..... he doesn't ever do that... I don't know how he lives the way he does.... everything is so... so... structured.... hahaha what about a little chaos now and then??? hahaha

An example of our differences: Money and budget. His budget spread sheet is insane, I have never seen a spread sheet that has so much information and so many formulas on it. This thing has everthing calculated down to the exact penny... no lie, he imputs his pocket change into the spread sheet when he gets home from the store. A few months ago he decided not to take a trip to see a bunch of his old friends because it would "cost too much" and if he did go, he wouldn't have any money in his "entertainment fund" for the rest of the month. "Entertainment fund???" what is that??? My budget is: do I have any money in the bank? yes! Wheeeee lets go buy a new drum set!! oh what, all my friends are gonna meet up in Santa Barbara... wellllll... I won't be able to eat for a week... but shit, I will be there.... My entertainment fund is every dollar I earn.... what good is money if you don't have fun spending it??? I don't work my ass off so that I can be financially stable... I work my ass off so that I can have fun... what good is treasure, if you never spend any of it... I guess my pops is kinna like the pirates of old, who aquire tons of treasure and then go dig a huge hole and hide it on some deserted island....

I dunno, I guess I just have different priorities then he does. He is strictly business... the kinna guy you don't f--- around with... where as I am strictly fun most of the time... just down to chill, only serious when I have to be... it is weird how different we are... hanging out with him is like being in another dimension... like the twilight zone or something.... Two totally different worlds, but both occupying the same space...

It is funny how little he knows about me too. I guess he just doesn't know how to get to know me. He is super introverted and scores off the chart as a thinking type... so he keeps to himself a lot... I don't think he likes being in situations where he isn't in control... it is funny how opposite we are sometimes... strange... you would have thought that I would have modeled after his traits as a kid... maybe I did to some extent... but for the most part we are like opposite sides of the coin... anyway... this came to light a lot this weekend... I am not like my pops... not much at least. I guess that is ok, but it kinna sucks sometimes.

Anyway, the trip all in all was good. Got some helpful advice, ate some great home cooked meals, chilled, read two books.... chilled.... talked a lot with my pops.... all in all, a good trip.... yea... kinna strange... but good... good to see the ole Man. I wish he lived closer.

so that sums up my last 5 days.... sheeesh.... what a long post.... damn...
--Capn' Ontha S.S. Roadagain
In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday
--wise guy

July 06, 2002

Get the facts first. You can distort them later.
-- Mark Twain

July 03, 2002

yar... today is the last day that Capn' Wayne "the Killer" and I will be working together... tis a sad day at the ole helm of the Seven Seas.... the end of an era so to speak. This place ain't gonna be the same without him around. Tonight I will raise a pint in his honor! yar... has been a fun voyage, I am sorry to see him leave. Good friend, good worker, good partner in crime! haha yar... here's to you my brother, yar the Seven Seas aren't gonna be tha same without ya dog! Keep on Sailin' brother, It is definately not going to be as much fun as it was when you were here.... yar.... maybe someday we will work the same slave barge again!! Till then, rock and roll and party every day! haha YAR! or is it: "carry on my wayward son?" hahaha I don't know.... just keep on rockin dog! Area 51 for life! haha oh, and keep an eye out for Bobby boy... you never know when he might be on the jack move!! hahaha
--Capn' Slayer S.S. Titanic
"You can't have everything. After all, where would you put it?"
--Steven Wright

July 02, 2002

Oh Yea, I keep forgetting to post about my adventures on Saturday! YAR!! Took a road trip up to Santa Rosa and Petaluma to go skate. Sailed with Capn' Dylan the Destroyer and soon to be a hesher Capn' Dave. It was super fun... lots of drivin... but got to skate some spots that I haven't skated in years... road trips are sooooo fun! Dylan killed Petaluma... that guy is such a hesher.....Dave landed a few good tricks too.... tho, he is mostly a ledge/tech kinna skater.... I didn't really skate that well, but I had a really good time.... messed around a lot... but managed to land a few good tricks here and there... it was really hot up there... but the air was clean and there was a bit of a breeze too.... it was a great day of skateboarding. Road trips rule, I need to take more of those.....
--Capn' On-tha S.S. RoadAgain
I have been listening to the B-Boys all morning... I forgot how fun their music is.... Check your head yo! hahaha yar! good stuff! Tha B-Boys always bring back good memories from back in the day... summer skate sessions.... hanging out with Chuck and Ryan... drivin around P.A. lookin for spots.... talkin trash... hittin up Mervyn's.... skating around coop-town... good times.... I also think of some crazy trips to Tahoe with Foster and J.C. and also just cruzin' the town with Mike, Wes, Kori, and Shirley... We all use to rock the B-Boys..... good music, good memories, good friends. Stay true to your roots.... they keep you alive!
--Prof Booty S.S. Timeforlivin'
"If at first you don't succeed, hide all evidence that you tried."
--Someone Wise

July 01, 2002

So I made a move towards getting one of the things on my wish list.... I went and purchased a DW drumset on Sunday.... wow... haven't spent that much money in a long time.... hmmm I don't even know if I have ever spent that much money on anything.... damn.... crazy.... It was worth it tho... and I got a super huge, fatty, craaaazy, rad deal on it.... Guitar Center hooked it up... well, I guess Capn' Mike is really the one who hooked it up... but his manager is the one who approved the deal... so props to him as well.....anyway I got a rad drumset, so that pretty much rules, and I basically payed $1000 less then I would have if I had purchaced it at retail price.... yea! yar, tis a sweet, sweet thing..... yar!!! tis a grand thing! yea! I am super excited about the whole thing.... yes.... DW drums are the ishnick..... Super Super stoaked....... Rock and roll forever! D-Dubs baby.... D-Dub......YAR!!!
look out world, I am on the move!!!
--Capn' Dee S.S. Double-u
"Artists can color the sky red because they are artists. Those of us who aren't artists must color things the way they really are, or people might think we're stupid."
-- Jules Feiffer