February 28, 2003

I went and skated with Capn' Stew at lunch today... I gotta say, I really thought hard about not coming back... : ( I am ready for retirement already... why do we have to have money... erf If this was a perfect world I would only take trips around the world and skate new parks and hang out with my friends and watch basketball and eat pizza and burritos and cheesedogs and drink PBR in a can from a huge bucket of ice. Is that really asking too much? Oh and I would take pictures of all that stuff... yea.. even pictures of me eating cheesedogs while drinking ice cold PBR in a can. Oh and I would wear a mesh hat too and listen to Hesher rock constantly. That would be a perfect world... oh, and maybe the Macho Man Randy Savage would come hang out and play Nintendo with me too. That would be ideal. That's not asking too much is it??? I don't think that is asking too much. I think I am gonna leave early today and go play Nintendo until 2 am. I haven't done that in a long time.... : ) or Maybe I should go drink a 40 with Pete Rock and the rest of those locs... hm.... maybe I will just go play ball with grace and veg out. I think I want pizza for dinner. I love that song by Warren Zevon: Werewolves of London... haha they are playing it on the radio right now... it always puts me in a good mood... aaaaaooohhhwww
--Capn' Thisis S.S. Sucharandomdayandpost
I had a super crazy dream last night... really really weird... Mostly it had to do with skateboarding but then it had to do with two of my ex-girlfriends.... so random.... It was almost a nightmare... I was skating Greer with all of the homies and there were a ton of people there, I think it was some sort of open contest or something.... People were carving everywhere and it was super hard to get your lines in because everyone was droping in from everywhere.... it was chaos... but it was super fun. haha I was carving some sick lines and when I stoped to catch my breath I looked up and there was my ex, the ex, the only ex that I don't ever want to see again, and she was there with some dude, and I was like get the fuck out of my park.... and all my friends were like "what the fuck is that bitch doing here.." and they were all throwin' bad vibes at her and stuff... haha dude it was weird.... I was like, what the fuck!!?? what the hell is she doing here!!! haha She used to do that shit down in Santa Barbara... even after I had told her to F-off, she would show up at the skatepark to "chat" or whatever the fuck that was all about... I dunno, anyway... that was kinna distrubing and I was really getting pissed off..... but then one of my other ex's showed up, Tara. She was always cool. I don't know why I ever decided to end that thing... I guess because we were in highschool and she lived in South San Jose and neither of us had cars so we never got to hang out much... I dunno.. whatever, but the point is she was always super fun to hang out with, even after we broke up, and she was always a super rad girl. Man...I haven't talked to that girl in forever... Anyway, she shows up and was super stoked to see me and came up and was like "Dude!!! let's go get some food and beers and hang out!!" So I was stoked, and thought that would be rad, and that it would be super fun so we went and had beers and food at Chili's and I was right, it was super fun. haha So that was cool. And then I woke up. I am glad I didn't wake up before she came into the dream because it would have sucked to wake up pissed off at the SB ex for wrecking my Greer sesh... haha Tara saved tha day again... haha what weird dreams.... crazy... I should call that fool up.
--Capn' Whatthehellare S.S. Thesegirlsdoinginmydreams
All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.
-- William Harvey
I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
-- Michael Jordan

February 27, 2003

I rocked out to some serious metal today on the way to work.... I started out with Iron Maiden....
(Bill and Ted:) "Iron Maiden!!!!! Excellent!" (guitar solo)
It rocked.... I love the shouting the lyrics to Running Free:

"Just sixteen, a pickup truck, out of money, out of luck.
I've got nowhere to call my own, hit the gas, and here I go!"

Maiden rules... I love their galloping rhythms.... I also listened to Metallica on the way to work...haha yea I know... heavy metal shred fest on tha 101 betta watch out!!!! haha Anyway I just wanted to go on the record saying that Kill em' All has got to be one of the most hesh albums of all time.... I mean does it get any better?? That has got to be one of the best metal albums of all time... what happened to that band man... Load???? Re-Load????? What the fark???!!! I don't know what happened to them... but back in the day they were metal gods! They wrote words for metal heads everywhere to live by. In 1983 they composed the words that should be in every metal fan's bible... the words that sum up what rockin out is all about... man they use to rock....

"Those people who tell you not to take chances
They are all missing on what life is about
You only live once so take hold of the chance
Don't end up like others the same song and dance
Motorbreath, Its how I live my life
I can't, take it, any other way
Motorbreath, The sign of living fast
It is, going to, take your breath away"

and some more:
"Searching!!!....... Seek and Destroy!!!"

and some more:
"Here on the stage the Marshal noise
is piercing through your ears
It kicks your ass kicks your face
Exploding feeling nears
Now is the time to let it rip
To let it fuckin' loose
We are gathered here to maim and kill
Cause this is what we choose"
Adrenaline starts to flow
You're thrashing all around
Acting like a maniac

If you ever want to know what metal used to be about... get Kill em' All.....
I am gonna crank this shit on the way to bowling tonight! talk about getting psyched! I am gonna destroy things tonight!
--Capn' Comeon S.S. Jumpinthefire
On a lighter note.... My dogs have now won 4 in a row!!!! GO DOGS!!! woof woof!!! They really looked like an awesome killing machine last night! They threw down on the Clip's last night like it was going out of style. J-Rich is taking dunks to a whole new level..... He came sick with yet another huge 360 dunk in the game.... dude, that guy brings it down and breaks off a piece!!! All of my dogs looked good! Even Mills was killin it! Big Earl got more applause when he made a basket then most of the Clippers, and they were playing in LA!!! That was rad, it is good to see the big man getting his due respect. That guy is sick! Playoffs baby! We are in tha hunt and thirsting for blood!! GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!! Never say die!!!! woof woof!! My dogs are sick!! Throw it down big dogs!!! Throw it down!!! Oh yea... I also got my Warriors Gold Mesh Hat yesterday!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooooo sick!!!! Rocked it last night while I watched the game... I am stoked! Shut em down dogs! shut em all down!!!!
--Capn' Rockinthagoldenstare S.S. Meshishesh
My car set me back $715.00 dollars... erf... long hours here I come...
--Capn' Broke S.S. Anitain'tnojoke
If there are obstacles, the shortest line between two points may be a crooked line.
-- Bertolt Brecht

February 26, 2003

1 1/2 hours... that is how long it took me to ride to work today.... wow... Redwood City to Mt. View..... I feel great... though... my legs feel kinna funny.... is it lunch time yet? I could eat a house right about now.....
--Capn' Whataway S.S. Tostarttheday
Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.
-- Douglas Adams

February 25, 2003

So today has pretty much sucked. My car is in the repair shop... looks like it may cost upwards of $500 to get it fixed.... $500 dollars that I don't have to spend on that kinna shit... two months into moving out and I am already feeling the pinch.... rent... studio rent... car insurance... car registration.... phone bill... and now this... ugh... my bank account is gonna be feeling the hurt for a bit... thank goodness I had some money set aside.... fark.. set aside to try and buy a plane ticket to Colorado in March for some shred doggin�... money that is now reallocated to the "get Sean's ass to work" fund. : ( I had to walk 2 1/2 miles to get back to my house in Mt. View because I couldn't get a hold of any of my friends to come give me a ride. Luckily my Mom happened to have a break in her schedule and was able to pick me up and take me back to work it would have sucked if I had to walk all the way back to work... prolly almost 5 miles.. I got lucky. ugh... this sucks... Tomorrow I am going to have to ride my bike to work... this wasn't an issue when I still lived in Mt. View... I could make it to work almost faster then I could in a car from my old house. Tomorrow is going to be difficult... I am going to have to ride almost 20 miles to get to work... it is going to take me at least an hour. Well... at least I will get a good work out.... Maybe I will pretend that I am in a race... do a kinna time trial or something... whoo hooo! I hope there will be some other riders out so that I have some company and maybe some competition as well... Anyway I look at this it is gonna be a long day tomorrow... My only hope is that they have my car fixed by tomorrow eve... because riding home after a 20 mile ride in the morning is not gonna be an option. fark.
--Capn' Itsalongroad S.S. Home
�I didn't mean to destroy it. It was the power, the Chocolate Thunder. I could feel it surging through my body, fighting to get out. I had no control over it.�
--Darryl Dawkins, a.k.a. Chocolate Thunder, on his dunk twenty-three days later that shattered the backboard at the Philadelphia Spectrum

February 24, 2003

Yar� I got to work super early today� 7am to be exact� I had to get up at 6am to get that done�wow� talk about a difficult task� haha wow� now I don't really feel like working... I have gotten a lot done so far today.. but my motivation is fading... on a lighter note, that means I get to leave work at 3! Whooo hooo!!! Although, I don�t really know what I am gonna do if I leave that early because my roommates are both gone for the entire week� yea hmmm� so I am home alone with Grace for an entire week while they are off in Hawaii chillin� on the beach and drinking tropical beverages� sigh� oh well� should be a good week, I have a bunch of goals that I want to accomplish including running in the morning with Grace every day this week� we�ll see if I can do it� : ) wish me luck� haha
--Capn' Gettingmyshit S.S. Togetha
The Weekend in Review:

Friday: Friday night was a chill night. Went over to Capn� Pete the thuglife killa�s house and watched the Warriors take out the Knicks in a very exciting game. It was good to see Pete-rock, hadn�t chilled with the Raynar Hood Crew in days. After the game I cruzed over to Capn� Mike�s pad for a bit and talked some trash with JB, Jamie, and P-real himself. It was pretty fun I guess� mostly just chillin. The highlight of the night was definitely the Warriors game.. haha

Saturday: Slept in a bit and then just sorta chilled all morning in the back yard. Man it was a beautiful day out. Trista and her parents were over for a while which is always fun. Her parents are super funny and are always a treat to hang out with. It was nice to have a lazy Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon was all about going Mountain Biking. I had never been before� but Geoff, John, and Damian said it would be a piece of cake for me. So with minimal reservations and a fairly positive attitude I headed out to the top of Skyline Boulevard to embark on my first ever Mountain Bike expedition. A piece of cake� well, Geoff fell off his bike and crashed into me within the first 3 minutes of the ride and then, about 45 min into the ride, my body gave up on me on one of the climbs and I tipped over, couldn�t get unclipped from my pedals and fell down the side of a steep hill. Haha It all seemed like it happened in slow motion. On second I was struggling to climb up the hill, and the next I was tipping over and unable to unclip from my pedals, and in one more second I was sliding down the side of the hill with my bike on top of me� not the best way to start off my Mountain Biking career� but it makes for funny story none the less� needless to say though, falling down the side of a hill and having my bike land on top of me took a lot of the fun out of the ride and a lot of the motivation out of me� I managed to finish the ride with out falling again� but I gotta say it was way more difficult then I would have thought. Man� talk about a workout and a challenge� It was a lot of fun though, minus the fall, and I am looking forward to riding more in the future.

After the ride we went back to the house and then down to the Burrito place in Downtown San Carlos� man that place is sooooo goood. They have huge Burritos there� yum! : )

After dinner it was off to Dave and Buster�s in Milpitas to meet up with Capn�s Ben, Mike, Brett, Davis, and some of Davis�s Sorority sisters for Davis�s birthday celebration� For the record, I don�t really like Dave and Buster�s all that much. Also for the record I don�t really like Sorority girls all that much either. Especially stereotypical air-headed drunk stupid sorority girls who think they are super fine and super cool� oh, sorry, I mean, er.. yea� so you can guess how the evening went� It was good to see the homies.. I will leave it at that.

Sunday: Sunday I slept in again. Chilled, ate a muffin, talked some shit with my roommates, and then headed out to work. Worked for a couple of hours and then went to go skate Greer with Capn� Stew and the rest of the Greer park locals. It was a super fun session. I had a lot of fun just dorking around and being silly. We had a style contest for carves around the big bowl� Stew was killing it as usual. It was a typical goofing off kinna session at Greer. It was great, just what I needed. After Greer I went and ran a few errands and then cruzed back to the house on tha hill. Watched the Warriors win, yet again!!! Twice in one weekend!!! Whooo hoooo! Then I made some super good quesadillas, watched some of the Grammy awards, and then crashed out early. It was a good day, I didn�t even have to use my A-K� haha�. Word.
--Capn� Chilledout S.S. Weekendyo
Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.
-- Groucho Marx

February 21, 2003

So today I spent over 3 1/2 hours at super fun land today. Aka the DMV... wow... talk about a place that could drive a fool to drinking... either that or to a killing spree... damn... that place sucks. Lesson number one for the day: pay your registration on time... haha I was going to write more about my experience in line and the crazy people that were there waiting in line with me... but I will leave it at this. The DMV should change the format of the line into a drinking game:
1) For every 10 minutes in line you take a drink.
2) Every time the crazy lady next to you talkes to you about drugs take a drink.
3) Every time the crazy lady next to you says fuck or shit take a drink.
4) Every time you move more then 3 feet within 20 min. you take a shot.
5) Every time you don't move more then 3 feet within 30 min you take a shot.
6) Every time one of the employees close their window, take a shot and a drink.
7) Any time someone yells at the top of their lungs you take three drinks.
8) If you get to move more then 5 feet at a time you finish your drink.
9) If you don't move at all within 30 min you finish your drink and take a shot
10) At the two hour mark you finish your drink and pound half of another drink.
11) If you can still stand after 3 hours, and you are not even close to being done, finish your drink and take two shots.
12) Anytime someone leaves after standing in line for over an hour take a shot.
13) Start the game by pounding a beer and taking a shot.
14) When you have finally payed your fee and they direct you to a new line to pick up your sticker take a shot.
15) Walk home, puke your guts out, and be happy that you learned from your stupid, stupid mistake.

--Capn' Ihate S.S. Thedmv
I've been to hell. I spell it...
I spell it DMV
Anyone that's been there
knows precisely what I mean
Stood there and I've waited
and choked back the urge to scream

February 20, 2003

I went to Greer at lunch today... It was soooo nice out there.... Sun shining, cool breeze, clean air, and no bikers. It was perfect. No wet paint, no puddles from yesterdays rain, and did I mention that there were no bikes??? haha. I almost wrecked myself big time on a sideways manual entry into the big bowl... wow... that was scary... I can't believe I didn't destroy myself.... sliding sideways down the wall at high speed is not my idea of a good time... though I got a lot of applause from the crowd for not killing myself and managing to "look good falling" hahaha... crazy... I had some good lines today... it was fun.
--Capn' Wildoutof S.S. Controla
Ahoy thar ya bastards!!!! arrr!! : )

I am in such a good mood today... it's weird... I think it's because I slept really really well last night... I don't remember what I dreamed about but I know they were good dreams... I dunno... maybe it was the chocolate muffin I ate for breakfast, yum that was good!! ... Hmmm...maybe it was playing with Grace before work she is so funny, that dog rules..... hmmm... Or maybe it was because I listened to the Pixies on the way to work, they always get me kinna hyped..... Or maybe it is because the sun is shining and I can feel spring coming around the corner, I can't wait for the weather to get nice again..... I guess it could be because tonight is bowling night.... Thursdays at bowling are always super fun. What ever it is, I am amped right now... that is a great feeling. I think I might go skate at lunch today... yea... that would be fun. Go skate and then get Taco Bell... yes!!! Yar! tis all fer now! whoooo hoooo!
--Capn' Slaydog S.S. Skateatlunch
I was a peripheral visionary. I could see the future, but only way off to the side.
-- Steven Wright
Wow, it is a beautiful day out today!
--Tha Capitan

February 19, 2003

I had a bunch of things that I wanted to post up in here all day... and couldn't get in for some reason.. now I don't remember what they were all about... damn... blast... yar.... that makes me sad.. .haha oh well... .here's to a rockin day for the rest of the day... word....
Capn' Iwishitwasfive S.S. SoIcouldgohome
If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em.
-- Harry S. Truman

February 18, 2003

I went Cart racing last night for Capn' Wayne's B-Day... it was awesome... more on this later...
Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.
-- Dinah Mulock Craik

February 17, 2003

YAR!!! Today has been a might bit too boring.... no one has emailed me... work has been busy as hell.... yar! I am not having much fun on the ole 7 seas lately... I am still kinna sick.... really bored.... kinna tired... sick of being sick.... did I mention that I am bored.... I feel like a sailing vessle without any wind. Yar, I just don't have any energy today. I just want to go home and go to sleep.... ugh... 90% of my fellow Pirates didn't even have to work today... The scurvey bastards. I am really getting tired of this stupid slave ship. erf.. yar... I should stop writing now... I am just getting fed up with everything now that I am thinking about this kind of bloddy stuff... arrrrrr...yar! time to set sail me hearties.... yar!!!!!!!!!! Time to get this bloody boat into the open seas again!! yar!!!
--Capn' Thirstin S.S. Feradventureandblood
The rest of the weekend in review:
So Friday was super fun and I wrote about that already... so now for the rest of the weekend in review..... Saturday was ok... went to work in the morning after sleeping in a bit. Got a lot done which felt good. Then went off to the City with Capn's Damian, Trista, J.B., Saaaaaam, and Nicole to go grab dinner and go see the David Gray show..... which by the way was amazing. Anyway, we went to this pub for dinner and the food was ok.. nothing to write about tho, so I won't. We got to the show and ended up working our way, fairly easily I might add, to the FRONT ROW.... wow... wow is pretty much all I can say... it was rad. He puts on such a great show and his music has sooooo much feeling and energy in it... it was awesome.... you can tell he is having a blast up there on stage... it was great. He must have said thank you about 500 times. He also capped on LA which is always a good thing in my book! hahaha word. It was an amazing show and I am super stoked that I got to see it! David Gray rocks... Got home late.. slept hard.
Sunday was blaaaa day... didn't do much... ate food, went to costco.... played ping pong... watched T.V. and slept... that was that... and the weekend was over... wow... fun weekend in all... even though I totally wasted Sunday... sometimes that's just what you need to do though...
--El Capitan
The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.
-- Arthur C. Clarke

February 15, 2003

The show last night was awesome. Hay Ride to Hell stole the show... They f'n rule. Such a rad band to see live, they tear it up. You can tell they are having a blast up on stage... really cool. Lots of great songs, I need to check them out more often. (I saw them for the first time a few weeks ago at Plant 51, they were good there too). Any band that has a chorus in one of their songs that says: "Evil.... Knievel...... Muthafacker" has got to rock.... (and they did). It was an awesome show. There were a lot of young people there, it was an all ages show... I felt kinna old at times, soooo many hight school kids tryin to be tuff.. haha... but then I saw some people who were older then me and then I felt like a kid again... As always, no show in Santa Cruz would be complete with out some local, lame, Santa Cruz meatheads.... whatever tho, that is to be expected. There were also some super hot girls there... of course 80% of them were only like 17 or 18..... so that pretty much sucked... hahaha... ahh, to be a kid again... hahaha Where were all the hot rocker girls when I was growing up??? A better question is: where are they now!!!! hahaha Anyway the show was off the hook and I had a great time. We hit up Del Taco on the way back... oh man... that isht is good when it is like around 2am or so........ Del Taco always reminds me of San Diego and hanging out with Mike P. and Kevin B-7. Good times... I miss those road trips down to SD and getting crazy on the skateboard and stuff... good times... really good times.... I need to take more trips. Anyway, I digress again... the point of the story is this, had a great time on Valentines day, and didn't even feel any harsh feelings towards tha holiday either... which is great... first time in a while that I haven't been bummed on Valentines day... that is rad. Progress dog.... Progress... word up in the hood.
--Capn' Rockapsychobilly S.S. Freakout

February 14, 2003

So it's Valentines day... no love is in the air... but I am going to an awesome show in Santa Cruz tonight so I don't need love! I am still sick... but fuckit... I am over sitting at home being bored and getting trapped with my mind running wild. Too much thinking has been running my life.... too much thinking, not enough drinking... that is a quote that makes all too much sense right about now... actually... too much thinking, not enough shred doggin really fits better then that.... I need to go skate. More then I need a date.... haha word.. that's it for now... watch out weekend cuz here I come!
--Slaydog Capn' o' tha Seven Seas
Could we see when and where we would meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye.
-- Ouida

February 13, 2003

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
-- William Shakespeare
I have been sick all week... missed two days of work... I haven't been feelin tha flow at all lately... I haven't even wanted to go skate... that is when you know I am really feeling bad... when a fool like me doesn't want to skate, something is very very wrong... haha being sick sucks. I am tired of having a cold... it is no fun. I played a lot of video games these last 6 days.... what a waste of time... but fun I guess..... nothing like whooopin on your friends... haha I hate being sick. Did I mention that being sick sucks... I cleaned my room a bit so that is good... went through and straightened up some of my photo albums.... but mostly I had no energy to do anything... which sucks... I am looking forward to feeling better and rockin it again! word.
--Capn' Sick S.S. Likethadog

February 09, 2003

I watched the rookie/sophmore game last night... man... the Warriors were ballin' out of control... it was awesome.. I love All-Star weekend.... the three point shoot out.... the skills test... and best of all the dunk contest.... which by the way was FUNKIN CRIZAAAAAZZZZY!!!!!!!!!!!! J-Rich is tha man..... his finishing dunk was out of control crazy insane.... one for the highlight reels of "greatest ever" type dunks... Man that guy is good.... he was throwin 360 dunks durring the rookie/sophmore game.... he is insane... it was rad. Gilbert hit 30 points and won the MVP award for the Rook/Soph game and J-Rich shot for 31, 14 of which came from crazy slam dunks... but the highlight of that game was when J-Rich bounced the ball of Carlos Boozer's forehead, caught it and blasted a 3-pointer on him... maybe not the nicest thing to do... but daaaaamnnn it was sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can say I am crazy... but I won't be suprised if we make it to the playoffs this year... and win the NBA championship next year..... these guys are gonna be hot...... shit, these dudes are on fire already!!! whoooo hooooo!!!!! GO WARRIORS!!! haha
--Capn' Mydogs S.S. Arerockinit

February 07, 2003

It is what we think we know already that prevents us from learning.
-- Claude Bernard

February 06, 2003

Yar... so the Warriors lost last night.. they fought hard... but alas a poor preformance in the first quarter could not be compinsated for. Oh well, I still had a super good time, and man, the seats were bloddy awesome... so that ruled. It was fun, tho I wish they had won instead of clawing their way to another dramatic loss.... erf...
Man cannot live by bread alone; he must also have peanut butter.
-- James A. Garfield

February 05, 2003

I just got a free ticket to go see the Warriors play the Spurs tonight!!!!!!!! Row 11!!!!! WORD!!!!!!!! This dude that I always talk hoops with on the dock has season tickets and he didn't have anyone lined up to go to the game with him so he asked if I wanted the extra ticket... HELLLLLSSS YES I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!! whooooo hoooooo!!! GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Capn' Goincrazy S.S. Tonight
I haven't been writing much... yar.... mostly because I haven't really been doing much besides working, watching basketball, and playing video games up at the house. Bond is sooo fun.... I just got a wrestling game the other day too, the Macho Man is so bad ass!!! It is really fun to beat up your friends/roommates and talk trash to them while you have them in a headlock..... let's see...what can I write about that is interesting.... oh! I got this hat on E-Bay the other day... I can't wait to get it in the mail!!! haha Being a hesher rocks... and being a Warriors fan is fun too! haha I love hoops. My dogs haven't been doing that well lately... what up dogs??? what is wrong??? why do you keep getting so close to winning and then decide to lose? I shouldn't get down on my dogs though, they have been rockin it lately and on Monday they won their 21st game of the season... last season, they only won 21 games in the ENTIRE SEASON!! so that is rad! GO DOGS! My dogs are gonna be big dogs soon!! whooo hooo!!! woof woof!! Playoffs!!! Playoffs!!! It is fun to see your dogs get better! GO DOGS GO!!! On a sad note, the Lakers, fuckin' hate em, are doing a lot better lately... that is not a good thing... SACtown isn't doing well with out their dog Webber.... that sucks. I like the Kings, they are fun to watch. They will be better when Webber returns. I hate to watch the F-lakers, but I love to watch them lose... LOSE LAKERS LOOOOOOSE!!!! booooo lakers. yea Warriors!!! I need to get tickets for the Warrior Laker game at the end of the season so I can watch Big Earl kick the crap out of little Kobe.... ok, this post is insane so I am gonna stop now.
--Capn' Mesher S.S. Gowarriorsgo!
Not only strike while the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking.
-- Oliver Cromwell

February 04, 2003

If you can't change your fate, change your attitude.
-- Amy Tan

February 03, 2003

Weekend in review.
One word can sum up this weekend: Skateboarding. Oh, maybe two, Skateboarding and Fun!

Friday: Got out of work and got some food, then headed over to Vans where I managed to wreck myself on my first run on the half pipe... the ole hang up on tha lazy back side 50/50 will get ya every time.. arrr.... that sucked... from there it got progressively worse until I started messing around doing silly no comply tricks. About an hour into the session I finally was getting my grove down.... the rest of the session was rad. By the end of the session I was worked and it was time to go home, shower up, watch some T.V., play with Grace, drink a PBR, and crash out.

Saturday Woke up early and set up my record player and stereo. Cranked some Neil Diamond and did some work cleaning up the house for a bit. Played fetch with Grace for a bit and then headed out to work. Worked for a few hours and then went to catch a movie. I saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind which to say the least was kinna crazy. It was a good movie for the most part... the cinematography was awesome.. but the movie kinna left me feeling sorta weird... it was good...but kinna disturbing sorta... hm.. I dunno... it was worth seeing but kinna weird. Anyway, after that went to Chilies for some grub and then headed down to the studio to rock out for a bit.

After jamming for a bit I went and met up with one of my dogs from back in the day Capn' Karim tha killa. That dude rocks. Karim is one of my best friends from SB. He was the first dude I met skateboarding down there. We were both berry block locs..... I went and saw him get married a few months ago... man... that was crazy... but anyway, Karim is a rad dude, and I am lucky he is one of my dogs. Karim works for a company called Vector... or something like that... (basically it is Cutco) He makes a lot of money, believe it or not, selling high end knives. Anyway, Vector does these award/training programs a few times a year and this one was in San Jose so he came up for it. After the speakers were done he invited me to come up for the after party at the Double Tree. Man, talk about fun..... They had Sumo Suit wrestling, Jousting, dancing, and a bucking bronco surfboard thing... it was great..... I haven't laughed so hard in days. There were also tons of ridiculous looking hot girls there.... *slobber*. haha It was super fun hanging out with Karim and his friends, it was a really fun night. I ended up chillin in the lobby talking about the old days till almost 3 in the morning. Good times... good memories... good night.

Sunday Sunday was like a page out of the Arizona skate fest diary. I skated all day with my dog Karim. We hit 4 parks in one day including a 2 hour session at the Vans skate park in Milpitas... talk about a long day of riding and shred-dog sessioning... man it was great. I hadn't skated with Karim in a long time, that dude is super fun to ride with... He's a lot like Dylan tha Destroyer. Super good, super motivational, super fun to skate with. That dude rocks it. It was a great day or riding. After the shred fest I was broken and tired. I cruzed up to the house and met Damian, Ben, and Geoff at the good ole Canyon Inn... man that place makes the best burgers in the whole entire world. After a great dinner it was back to the house for some video games, ping pong, and a super long shower. Sunday was a good day, I didn't even have to use my A-K.... haha word.
--Capn' Representin S.S. Forthaberryblocksinzerozerotre
I like a film to have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.
-- Jean-Luc Godard