January 06, 2005

Last night I realized something really profound: I'm getting old. After I totally wrecked myself yesterday doing a stupd trick at the skate park I decided to chill out and watch everyon at the park for a bit. It was crazy to see the kind of tricks that the kids there were busting out with. It was cool seeing all the kids roll up with their friends. Mobbin with their Crew.... totally reminded me of the "good ole days".... you show up to the local spot and there's the crew, everyone busting their latest and greatest tricks... everyone getting hyped.... everyone super amped to skate... everyone having fun and busting out. Last night really made me miss the good ole days... I skate by myself almost all the time now a days... how lame is that? Pretty damn lame if you ask me. Today... I'm just an old dog cruzin the park with out any of his friends... no one to push me to land new tricks...no one to get stoked when I bust something dope... no one to laugh when I fall... no one to talk trash with... no one to chill on ther curb with afer the session. totally weak. I miss the good ole days... where have all the homies gone... I miss them. I miss the crews.

Keep reppin for your crews: FTP/SAC/SABADO/MVC/MW/PASADO/SUENO/SCR/RAC/SRC It's time for me to start painting my crew on my board again... Rep them for life.