September 27, 2004

Weekend In Review:

We celebrated my roommate Damian's B-day on friday. And we went all out. Took a limo up to San Francisco to Tomasco's. Limo's are super fun. I hadn't been in one since Jr prom.... haha Drinking beers in limo's is fun. You feel like you are big time. On the way up we passed Pacbell park and saw the fireworks going off as Barry hit one more into the bay.... rad. We got up to Tomasco's and chilled out for a bit while we waited for a table. Hit up the bar across the street and did car bombs... after the car bombs it was time to eat. For the record: Tomasco's has really great Italian food for a very reasonable price. It was a lot of fun. Toni from the deli was working and so was his sister. They hooked us up with a two bottles of wine. It was so fun. Good times, good friends. After dinner we got back into the Limo and cruzed back to the hood. Stoped at the Carlos club for some more drinks and some drunken singing. It was a fun night.

body count:
5 beers
1 Irish Car Bomb
5-6 glasses of wine
1 1/2 Jamison and Sevens
1 really bad hangover the next day

Woke up feelin like a truck hit me. Ugh. Wine is not good for getting drunk off of... even good wine from Dario's family. Tried to put myself together for a bit and then cruzed to Prima for a much needed sando. After lunch I ran an few errands for my Grandma and then went home to get ready for the wedding up in SF for Ruth's friends Ashley and Paula We took a cab to the church, the Church was huge! It was really nice. The wedding was beautiful. They had bag pipes playing outside which was super cool. After the wedding we spent about 30 min trying to hail a cab. Totally sucky. We caught one finalllly and cruzed over to the St Francis for the reception. The Reception was on the top floor and was really really nice. I mean we are talking super nice here. Amazing views tons of apatizers and even a Mariachi band! Rad. After cocktail hour we moved to the main hall for dinner. It was very extravagent. I had a steak which was great... they had lobster too but... well..I'm not a big Lobster fan. After dinner we drank, and danced drank.. and danced and then drank some more.... good times! It was super fun. We chilled with ruths friends and talked a bunch really a good time. Ruth's friend Holly made us take a billion shots....Holly and her shots....erf haha After the wedding ended, we met up with Evan, Melissa, Jeff and Marisa. We were pretty fadded. We chilled at a cool bar that had Social D, the Cramps, the Ramones and a bunch of other great bands on the juke box... good times. After a beer we cruzed back to Marisa's to crash the f-out. It was a good night.

Body Count:
3 bottles of bud
3 margaritas
1 glass of champagne
1 and a 1/2 glasses of wine
4 shots of Jack
1 shot of Chivas Regale?? (dude what? who takes shots of scotch???)
1 Kamakazi
1 Guinness

On Sunday we had breakfast at Chow on tha castro. I had pizza for breakfast. I could have used woodstocks... but this was just as good. Then we chilled for a bit and went over to Melissa and Evan's new place. It is super cool and has lots of potential. I am sure they are gonna make that place awesome! After that we cruzed home. I hit up the lake for a bit. Took a bit of a nap... cruzed to my moms for a bit... then cruzed to my grandma's to drop off a few things and then cruzed to ruth's parents for a late dinner. I did a lot of cruzin on Sunday eh? I had a super good dinner at Ruth's parents (as usual) and then watched some romantic comedy... back at Ruth's place. It wasn't too bad though I never caught the name of it. crashed out and now it's monday again.... Twas a great weekend!! YAR!

--Capn' Drinkinlikeafish S.S. Andsailinlikeapirate

September 23, 2004

I drove up to the city by myself tonight to watch Fu Manchu play at the Bottom of the Hill. I got there way to early so I cruzed down to this cool irish pub and had a couple beers while I wated. They had the Giants game on at pub. It was fun to watch the game in SF at a pub. The people there were nice. After the game was over I went back to the club to see the FU! There were a bunch of fat chicks moshing around and running into everyone. They thought they were super cool. They weren't. The show was rad though. Fu Manchu is rad. I bought their new CD. It rocks. Keep it rockin!

Capn' Feerno S.S. Beer

September 22, 2004

Weekend in Review

Skated RW... RW sucks.
Went to Ruths for dinner. Always fun! Ruth is awesome.
Watched a movie.
Good times!

Skated SVC with The SRC. Always a good time. Those guys rule.
Took my Grandma shopping.
Cruzed to Big ole Ben's house for a BBQ and some Downtown fun. Great night out. The SB heads are fun. I wish we chilled more often.
It rained like crazy the next day.

Cruzed home in some crazy rain...
Went to dinner at Ruth's parents house. Always fun as usual!

September 20, 2004

Barry bonds hit his 700th homerun today I was in the car on the way to Ruths listening to the game. It was cool.

Capn Pitchtobarry S.S. Gogiants

September 16, 2004

Tonight was the last night for the Crib Ramp. I went and took some pictures and chilled with the SRC. Ruth came too. It was fun having her there. Some serious skateboarding went down. I wish I had skated that place more. rip the PA Crib Ramp. good times had by all... it will be missed.

Capn' Onemoregoodspot S.S. Isnowgone
Johnny Ramone RIP. Today is a sad, sad day for music. I will rock the Ramones with a heavy heart today.

September 15, 2004

Went to the Floggin Molly show last night with JB, Amanda, Mike, and Geoff. Good times as usual! FLoggin is great, soooo much energy, such great musicians... it was an awesome show... We had great seats too, which is always a plus! Part of me wanted to be down in the mix, jumping around and moshing about to the music... but having seats and not having to worry about some huge ape taking me down was kinna nice. It was an amazing show and a lots of fun! Floggin is still one of the best live bands I have ever seen.

On the way out some silly girl told me to, and I quote "watch myself" because her friends were acting like idiots at the parking garage and I was looking at them funny... too funny... High school kids are dumb sometimes... haha it was rad, she was so serious.... haha

On the car ride home we ripped on Apple products for the entire trip back to the house. PC's are way better then Apple computers. Mike is super funny.

September 14, 2004

Weekend in review:

I was in Spokane...
need I say more...

Read some books, drank a few beers, chilled, spent a lot of time in airplanes and airports.

The end
--Capn' Longroadhome S.S. Arewethereyet

September 07, 2004

Weekend in Review

Friday night finally came around and it was off to the Giants Game up in good ole Packbell Park. I went with Ruth, my Mom, and Step Dad John. It was awesome. I love going to games up there. That ball park is awesome. Super fun night out!


Ruth and I got up early on Saturday to get ready to go camping up at Pinecrest lake with a bunch of her friends. For the record this was to be my first "car camping" experience.... or sort of... anyway I was fired up for it! So we packed up a bunch of gear, cruzed by her parents to pick up a few last min things, picked up a few snacks for the road, and then cruzed up to the camp ground. We got there sometime in the afternoon and set up our tent on this big flat rock overlooking part of the campground. It was an awesome spot. Then we drank beers, bbq'd, chilled around the campfire and played asshole for the rest of the eve. Super fun. Good times!

On Sunday we rented a party boad and cruzed the lake. Yar! look out ya scurvey bastards!! We thought about ramming the dam... but then thought it might not be such a good idea... arrr would have been a hoot though! Arrr We drank beers, chilled on a rocky beach, and swam in freezing cold water. It was great. Then we cruzed back to the harbor, drank more beers played some poker, played asshole for a few hours, got faded, drank some more beeers, cooked up some super good dinner, cruzed the local campsite bar, got a bit more faded, and then just chilled by the camp fire. Good day at the ole lake.

Woke up at the crack of dawn... packed up and left early. Cruzed back to the bay area. Met up with Capn' Stew and skated in the brutal heat. Took off and went up to the Lake. Played Watermellon water polo with the kids, helped man the huge slingshot and launched balloons at the life guards, cooked dinner at the house with Ruth, did some laundry and then called it a weekend. Good times, great friends, happy days... this is the life!

--El Blogosaurus Captinus
Wednesday night Chaos:

On Wednesday we (my friends and I) celebrated Geoff and Mike's B-day down at the good ole Dutch Goose in Menlo Park. It was really fun. It got really crazy. It was rad..... I made all the guys funny shirts with Geoff and Mike's heads super imposed on wacky pictures (example Geoff's head on Tom Cruz's body from a Top Gun promo picture)anyway... it was rad and everyone looked really funny with the shirts on. I had a lot of fun making them. The Goose is rad, I don't know why we don't go there more often. I always seem to have a great time there. They have good beer and an awesome jukebox that searches the web for songs that you want to hear... or something... I dunno how it works really.... but what I do know is that we were able to play a lot of really really really really rockin great songs on that thing. Totally Rad. We drank something like 12-14 pitchers of Fat Tire between about 6 of us.... Needless to say we were all really really really drunk by the end of the night. Boat races, Anchorman, Midnight, and other drinking games were in full effect. As were the roll off challenges where the looser had a bottle of bud poured over their head. I lost twice. It was fun. The night ended with Mike and I pounding a pitcher between the two of us.... I love those guys. Good stuff. Happy late B-day to Mike P, and happy B-day to Geoff. Good times forever and always.

--El Drunkosaurus Rex