May 28, 2004

Something to get the weekend started off on the right foot... Ping Pong Ninja Steeze

Have a rockin one!
--El Pingpongninjaosaurus Rex

May 27, 2004

I watched the Detroit game last night... Wack is the man. So is Big Ben and Rip... shieat the whole team is dope... Huge props to Tey as well... Detroit is awesome. Go Detroit!!!! A lot of people bag on their game... say it's boring, and that it is hard to watch because it's so defensively based. Personally I love it. Game 2 was a block party... Detroit had 19 blocks!!!!! I love seeing blocked shots!!! it's like get the F out of my house Biaaatch. and solid D... it's rad. I hate watching teams that can't play D.... anyway... Go Detroit!!!! to me they are the most fun team in the NBA to watch... My 3 cents...

After the game the crew (Damian, Ben, Nicole, Mike, Geoff, and Sam) cruzed the Nut House. I love that place. I don't go there enough anymore. The Jukebox was awesome as usual. Nothing wrong with Sabbath, Motorhead, and the Ramones on the box. Mix that with some Specials, Misfits, Clash, Cash, Kiss, AC/DC, and the theme song for the Dukes of Hazzard and you've got a perfect eveining in my book. Oh and add your best friends and some cold bottles of bud too. Good times forever. Viva the Nut House!

--El Budweiserosaurus Coldus Rexus
"This must be just like livin in paradise!"
--David Lee Roth

May 26, 2004

Skated RW after work and actually landed some good tricks... fakie olie tailslide to name one. The local kids had some hip hop music playing on this ghetto boom box which was pretty cool. Good beats.. helped fule my street skating tech steeze (*laughs at himself out loud*) It was a lot of fun and I had a good sesh. word. I ate another Steak sando for dinner. yum. I cut my hair and then cruzed on over to Ruths. It was a great day.

--El Greatdayosaurus Rex

May 25, 2004

Last night was a really good night. I made the best steak sandwich ever! Damian had marinated the steak for almost 2 days and then cooked it to perfection on the BBQ... I got fresh yellow and orange bell peppers and also grilled them up on the BBQ... toasted up a fresh sourdough roll with pepperjack and cheddar cheese on it in the toaster oven... a little mustard.... and a nice cold bottle of bud. It was a little slice of heaven... the best sando I've ever had.... sooooooo goooooooood... *drools*

I turned in my final project for my photo class. I'm kind of sad that it's over. I really enjoyed the class and I thought the teacher was really good. I'm glad I took the class, I think I learned a lot and produced some of the best photo's I've ever taken...

Detroit won! Wack had 10 pts 5 blocks and 8 rebounds. Detroit had 19 blocks total... talk about a block party... GO DETROIT!!! So rad...

I got to sleep at a reasonable hour. Life is good.

--El Blogosaurus Rex

ps: The lake opens this weekend!! Let the good times roll!!!!

May 24, 2004

Weekend in Review:

Friday: Jumped ship a little early and cruzed to RW to skate with Dave. It was rad. Dave is super fun to skate with. I miss the good ole days when we all used to skate together... Anyway, I skated pretty good for someone who hasn't been skating much. It was mostly due to the fact that I was riding with Dave. He pushes me to try things that I might not try if I was by myself. Good times, and I only wrecked myself 2 or 3 times. :) After we had a good sesh we cruzed up to the house and watched KG get whooped on by the Lakers... that sucked. After the game I cruzed to WG and chilled with Ruth. It was a good night.

Saturday: Got up early and went for bagels. Rad. Cruzed back to RW to finnish a present for my mom. Stopped by my mom's and dropped it off for her. She was stoked. Then I met my dad at my Grandma's. He was in town from Spokane for the eve. It was good to see him. My Grandma is a weirdo sometimes. After we listened to her complain for about an hour we drove up to RW and got cleaned up so that we could go to dinner with Ruth at the Canyon. It was fun. I was stoked for my Dad to meet her. Ruth is rad. After dinner my pop's took off and Ruth and I just chilled up at the house and watched TV with the 568 crew.

Sunday: Got up early. Set up a new board. Went to Prima and got a BBQ roast beef sando. Rocked my new Green Ben Davis and my old school vans. Random. After I picked up my sando I went to the carpool parking lot at 280 to wait for Pete and the crew so that we could carpool up to 3rd and Army. I had to wait for a while so I just chilled in my car and ate my sando while listening to De La Soul is Dead. It was rad. There was a nice breeze and the temp was perfect. I took a few pictures and messed around with some no comply tricks on my new set up. They got there a little late (1 hour to be exact) but no big deal, I was enjoying the day. Drove up to the city and got our skate on. I am not a good street skater anymore. But, I had fun. I filmed a lot, and took a bunch of pictures. It was rad. I like skating up at 3rd. Good spot for sure. After the sesh I cruzed home and watched KG and crew take it to the Lakers! Awesome. After the game was over I worked on my final photo project till almost 3am. wheeew.... talk about a long night.. but the finished product is rad, so I'm stoked. Word.

It's Monday again... but the weekend was good. True that.

--The Blogosaurus

May 19, 2004

I went to Jakes last night with Pete, Julian, and Dave. We watched the Sactown Minnesota hoops game and ate a lot of Pizza. It was fun. Reminded me of the good ole days (two years ago...)haha when we were street skating and eating at jakes all the time during the summer. Good times. I can't wait for the summer to get here. I also bought the Indian Jones trilogy last night for only 30 bucks. Super Dope!! It was a good day. I didn't even have to use my A-K.

--El Blogosaurus

May 17, 2004

Weekend in Review:

Friday: Friday was my mom's B-Day celebration. Ruth and John My Mom and I went out to a nice Italian place over by De Anza College... "Fontana's" The food was great. It was a lot of fun hanging out with all them. My mom rules. Happy Birthday Mom! :)

I hit the ground running and was skating at Sunnyvale by 8. Fun as always. Only skated the mini ramp section... I'm really getting old... haha Rocked the mini for an hour or so and then went shopping. Got some "real" shorts, for the first time in years... (I've been rockin hesher steeze chillin in the cut off Ben Davis pants for years) So yeah... got some cool shorts, and some new shirts and a couple pairs of Ben's and some new black and white checkered slides. It was a good day of shoppin.

Cruzed home and then headed down to tha SVC to meet up with Pete rock for some shred doggin at De Anza Park. We randomly ran into one of our good friends Dave. It was rad to skate with them both. Super fun. Super funny. Good times. I suck at street skating now... but had a great time.

After the De Anza Sesh I cruzed up to Greer for my third session of the day and met up with Morgan and Stew. Greer is always fun with those two shred dogs. Lots of shit talking... lots of fun. Good times at greer as always.

After I went home and cleaned up I cruzed to the city with Ruth for Adrian's B-day. It was a lot of fun. I mostly chilled with this dude Evan who's super cool. Nice guy super funny. It was a good time. Ruths friends are super fun to hang out with.

2 Budweiser's
1 pint of fat tire (that tasted really bad)
3 Guinness
1 shot of Jameson

We woke up early and went to get bagels and coffee with the girls. Got an great everything bagel toasted with cream cheese, sprouts, and tomatoes. Off the hook super tasty. Afterwards we cruzed back to Emerald Hills at around 12. I went for another Mt. Bike ride down the street from our house at a place called Waterdog. It was a lot of fun. Very challenging but a lot of fun. I did pretty well I think. Much better then the ride earlier in the week.

I got home, cleaned up, and then went to my dog Matt's wedding. Ruth came with me which was awesome. She looked amazing. The wedding was beautiful. A little windy... but beautiful. Way out in the country south of Morgan Hill. It was an great location with a beautiful view. I had a great time chillin out with Ruth, Stew, and Morgan at the reception. I can't get over how much Ruth impresses me. It's like, everytime I think things can't get any better, she proves me wrong 10 fold. So rad. Did I mention that she looked amazing??? Anyway, I had a really great time and was super stoked that I got to share the evening with her. So rad. We left when things started to wind down a little and then crashed out. It was a great weekend. True!

--El Blogosaurus Rex

May 14, 2004

I went on a Mt. Bike ride last night. It's safe to say it was one of the most physically challenging and one of the most difficult things I have ever put myself through. The downhill was cake. Fun, fast, and totally cool. Lots of nice turns and drops. Good times pretty much the whole way down.... The up hill however... was murder. It was the hardest climb I've ever been on... Steep and over 4 miles long. I actually had to run parts of it because I couldn't turn my pedals over any more. It sucks to be out of shape... damn. I haven't pushed myself that hard in a long time. It felt great to be out really working myself, but yy the time I reached the top, I thought I was going to pass out and expire. Wow... I honestly can't remember a time when I have been that physically exhausted. Intense... Painful... and difficult... but fun... when all was said and done... I was glad I had suffered through it. Good ride.

--El Tiredosaurus Rex

May 12, 2004

"Mr. T is not a person, he's a state of mind."
So what's new with me? well, not much really... The only thing I haven't really written about lately, that I'm pretty involved with, is my NBA Playoff Hoops addiction... yep it's hoops playoffs time again... and I'm not quite as cracked out on them as I was last year... but I'm still pretty fired up about em... I love this time of year... great games on almost every night. Heated rivalries... Hight intensity... Hero's... Last second shots... and KG in the second round... It's great. I love hoops... Go Detroit!! GO KG!!!! word.

--El Hooposaurus Dunksis

May 11, 2004

Last days of bowling post up...
So last week was the final week of bowling. The team decided not to do a summer league this year... so for the first time in over 2 years I won't be bowling on Thursday nights... this is sad in some ways... but not so sad in other ways I guess... I dunno... I guess I'm torn... times change... the team wasn't the same anymore... the crazyness had left along time ago. So had the nights of pounding too many beers and getting super faded... which was/is prolly a good thing... friendships have changed... everthing had changed... but still.. I'll miss rolling with the Truckers. We had a good haul. Maybe in the winter we'll hit the road again and earn some more "shiny new rigs" and pull some more "west coast turn arounds".....

--The Bowlosaurus Rex
The Weekend in Review

So Friday finally came around and as soon as 5pm hit I was out the door from work and off on a mission! Not a mission from God... and not even a mission to rock! but something even better! A mission to find a new skate spot! And not just any new skate spot, but a skate spot with a 24ft wide 5 ft hight mini ramp!!! YES!!!!! Utopia!!! I was worried that it might be hard to find but the search was short and easy, I found it with no trouble at all... and I skated it for about an hour or so. I was hoping the transitions were gonna be a little more mellow... but the new ramp was still super fun. Good coping, metal ply, and super wide! I will be spending quite a few eve's there in the future I think.

After a good sesh on the new ramp it was time to go home and clean up for dinner. I went out to dinner in wg With Ruth down at this Italian place in WG. It was great. Really nice atmosphere. Really good food, though I will admit, I liked Ruth's dinner better then my own... haha but oh well. It was a lot of fun. I love hanging out with her... :)

On Saturday I ran some errands with Ruth in the morning to pick up some flowers for mothers day. I got some nice orchids and some other potted plant for my Grandma. It was fun Shopping with Ruth. After we got done I cruzed up to Mt. View to take my Grandma to shopping. We went to a few stores and then I dropped her back off at her house. I went and skated the Mt. View park for a bit. That place is fun. Landed a few good transfers on the spine. It was a good afternoon of riding.

After the park it was off to RW for Trista's B-Day Dinner. We went to Ciao Amore in San Carlos. Great food and atmosphere as always. Then it was off to the good ole Carlos Club. I got my super fade on as usual. Got a few free shots from the Bartender... and some locals... Argued about the Warriors future with anyone that would listen... thought I was gonna die on the cab ride home because the cab driver was a fucking lunatic. Made it home... Ended up passing out on the floor and my roommates carried me to my room where I continuted to sleep on the floor... Slept there all night. Good times as always....
1 beer
3 glasses of wine
4 shots
3 jack and cokes
2 7 and 7's
3 maragitas
1 serious hangover on Sunday

Woke up on the floor... hung over as all hell. Should have puked but didn't. Ugh... Tried to make it through Mothers Day in c town with out being a party pooper. Made a pretty successful effort there... Wasn't able to eat...but managed to make conversation and to smile a lot. :) Got back to the South Bay and took my other Grandma to store again. After I dropped her off it was a quick dash home to clean up and then head to WG for dinner at Ruth's Parents. Once again, great food, and lots of fun. It was a great weekend. Word up!

--El Blogosaurus Partius Maximus

May 06, 2004

I ran about 2 miles this morning before work... whew... I'm out of shape... but suprisingly my cadence was pretty high... I felt really strong on a few parts of the run... but also felt like poop on a few other parts... all in all though, it was great to be out in the morning sun getting some exercize. A perfect way to start the day... now I just have to motivate to do it more often.... that will be the true battle... wish me luck... haha

--El Gettinginshapeosaurus Flexus

May 04, 2004

Weekend in Review

So this last weekend I went to Wild Flower... Wild Flower is a triathalon down by King City at a place called Lake San Antonio. Ruth and my roommate Damian were on a 3 person relay team with Ruth's sister in law Angie. So on Friday Damian and I left work early and met up with Trista and Ruth down in WG, and then we all cruzed out to tha Lake. We stayed at the campgrounds just a short hike away from the lake. The place was packed with tons of Triathaletes all getting ready for the race. It was exciting, you could feel the energy in the air. It was also exciting for me because it was my first time ever going "camping"! Yes, that's right: it was my first time ever... I know, I know, I am a deprived child... but what can I say... my parents never took me... anyway, I'm not really sure if this really counted as "real" camping... but we did put up tents, and we did sleep on the ground, and we did have a fire... though it was in a mobile fire pit that Ruth's brother brought with them... but anyway... I digress... So the point is this: if you consider "car camping" real camping... Then I have now been camping :) (but I'm told I really shouldn't count it... but anyway I digress again) It was a lot of fun and I had a great time, minus the fact that when I woke up it was fricken freeeeezing out. haha :) So yeah, camping was super fun and the people we camped with were really nice and brought lots of good food and I had a great time.

Woke up super early on Saturday. Saturday was race day, so there were people making all kinds of noise getting ready for their races... Oh well, sleep is overated anyways right? hahaha After a few snacks and some Gatoraide it was time to cruze down to the starting line. It was nice and cool out in the morning but it quickly heated up to almost 94 degrees. I think it was still about 94 or so when we left at the end of the day... so yeah, it was pretty damn hot out. And there wasn't a whole lot of shade to be found.

The Relay was broken into three parts: A 1.5 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a 13 mile run. Damian rode a great race finishing in 3 hours. Ruth and Angie also had excellent races. They ended up placing 5th out of 44 teams and were only about 7 min. out of 2nd place. So anyway... I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of details... but the bottom line is this: It was super fun to be down there and I had a great time. Hopefully next summer I'll be able to participate!!!

Part 2 Saturday night:
After the race was done it was time to cruz back to Emerald Hills to celebrate Ben's b-day. We had a bbq and I ate a ton of cheesedogs. Lots of fun. Played some beer pong... lost a few too many times... drank a bit more then I would have liked... got my party on. Had a great time! Happy B-Day dog.

Beer count:
5 - bottles of PBR
2 - bottles of Fat Tire Loft Beer
1 - bottle of Mission Ale

Woke up early without much of a hang over... thank goodness... Sunday was a work day at the Lake, so at around 9ish Damian and I cruzed down to the lake to get our work on. We got to see our buddy, the life guard Eddie wich was super cool and we also got to talk to some really nice "old school" members. It was a good time, and not too much work either. We chilled all afternoon. I was a bit warn out from the weekend... Later in the night I cruzed down to the WG for dinner with Ruth's family. It was excellent as usual. They are amazing cooks. And they are super nice too. It was a good time as usual and a lot of fun. After dinner it was time to crash out and to get some much needed z's. That's about it... it was a great weekend!