September 03, 2002

It is interesting how very different peoples perspectives on life can be. Take for example this short conversation I had with one of the supervisors here at work today. He asked me how I was doing, and tho I feel like a truck ran over me and that my life is draining out of my nose, I replyed that I was "Doin' pretty good". When I asked how he was doing, he said simply: "Everyday I get a little older Sean...." Geeze what a bummer of a way to look at things... I mean it would be one thing if he was joking about it... but he wasn't. That guy doesn't joke. He was dead serious.... I am glad I don't see life through his eyes.... how depressing... I thought it was pretty interesting that even tho I feel like crap today... and even tho I have been complaining that I don't feel good in my blog.... that when actually asked how I was doing I opted for the "doing good" kind of answer....I hope I never answer that question his way... I never wanna live like that....
--Capn' Idonwanna S.S. Evergrowup

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