September 22, 2002

Saturday night I went on the hardest bike ride I have ever been on. 27 1/2 miles of pain and suffering. 27 1/2 miles of burning legs, gasping breath, and aching arms. It was great! Ride time was about 1 hour and 45 min, which isn't really that fast, but Capn' Damian and Capn' Geoff said it wasn't all that slow either. We started the ride in San Carlos near Holly street and headed out towards Woodside. In the middle of the ride we rode up Old La Honda road.... Old La Honda is an insane 3.5 mile hill. If there was ever a hill from hell, it could very well be this one.... It took us 25 min to get to the top.... 25 min of hell on a bike... but man, when you get to the top you feel great. The burn in your legs is insane... I haven't felt that much pain in years.... it was awesome. I loved every second of it... even while I was in pain I was thinking to myself, damn... this feels f'n good.... there is something awesome about pushing your body to it's max and beyond... truly great feeling... euphoric in some senses.... feel the burn, love the burn, lust for the burn... that is what it is all about.... on the way back to San Carlos I could hardly pedal up the last two hills.... It took everything I had to crest the last one.... wow... it was awesome....
--Capn' Ridetolive S.S. Livetoride

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