September 17, 2002

I went and skated the Coupertino Library last night after work for the first time in years.... The rad thing about that place is that they actually designated one side of the park in front of the library as a "skateboarding area". When I was growing up it was illegal to skate there, and whenever we rode there we had to constantly be on the look out for 5-0. Now you can skate there unharassed... how rad is that.... It is cool that some cities are finally starting to give skaters a place to ride. Sunnyvale is building a cement skatepark soon, it is supposed to be finished within the next couple months... I am excited about that. It is so nice to be able to go skate places where you don't have to worry about getting busted by the 5-0 or kicked out by security. It makes the skating so much more enjoyable. When I was in school down in Santa Barbara we were constantly on the look out for 5-0... almost every spot in SB was a bust... even at the skatepark you had to worry about getting poped for not wearing full pads.... By the time I was a senior there were no "legal" skate spots left in SB. The cops down in SB are the worst... so many of them have something to prove. Especially IVFP, those guys were the worst. I have never met bigger assholes in my life.... Anyway, it was really cool to be able to skate the ole library spot again, I have a feeling that is going to be one of my regular spots from now on.... Coup town, here's some props for you!
--Capn' Skate S.S. Anddestroylegally

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