September 21, 2002

I skated so much last night.... my body is broken... but it was awesome. Went to Greer after work and skated till it was dark. That place is a great stop on the way home from work... gives me a chance to unwind, get rid of stress, and re-energise my soul. Speaking of souls, I havent seen the soul of greer park: Stu there in weeks... rumor has it that he moved to San Diego.... that would suck... he was super fun to ride with. I get kinna bummed when I pull up and don't see his blue nissan pick-up parked out in front of the park.... A bunch of the other loc's were there tho, so it was still a fun session. I need to learn how to do airs there... erf... then I will be well on my way to heshin' greatness.... haha After it got dark at Greer I decided to go to Home Depot to check out some lights so that I could skate at the Couportino library spot at night. Found out that 500 watt work lights were only 10$ a piece so I purchaced two of em and a hundred ft. of extention chord and then headed towards the ole Coup' town library. Stoped off at a Baja Fresh, a burrito place along the way, and had a really good steak burrito. Man that hit the spot that night. And then it was time to set up the lights and skate like a slayer charged maniac. I haven't skated street that hard in days.... The lights worked really good and Capn' Pete and I ended up skating and filming till almost 12:30 at night. It was super fun. Those ledges are really good.... easy to skate but not so small that they aren't fun. It was really cool to have the lights up too... felt like we were pro's or something. I crashed a lot. My arm is all scraped up and my hip is a a little purple from landing on it so many times... it was fun tho. We filmed a couple good lines... and had a really good time. Viva late night skate sessions where you pirate electricity from tha man!
--Capn' Stealin S.S. Yerpower

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