September 20, 2002

Bowling last night was fun. Capn' Geoff "Iceman" Hanz and Capn' Dev "dog" tha dangerous came out to sub for missing Truckers Capn' John "the rockstar" and Capn' Quinn "the Red". We had a great time. It was really fun bowling with Devin and Geoff. Those guys are super funny and got super pumped when they threw a good ball. I had just taught Geoff how to throw a hook on tuesday night so every time he bowled last night there was a source of entertainment. haha I shouldn't pick on Geoff tho, he managed to throw quite a few good strikes last night... he also managed to throw quite a few gutter balls... but for the most part he did a really outstanding job... The team we bowled against was super fun as well. Two of the ladies on the team were in our old league, they were real characters, it was fun talkin trash with them. Good times. I bowled pretty good, wich was nice considering how poorly I bowled on the Tuesday night make up game where I averaged 120.... I ended up shooting a 196, a 198, and a 169 (I think...) which is pretty good for me. My last game really should have been a bit better but I managed to get two splits which killed my score. Oh well, the most important thing was that I got to hang out with the crew and that we had a great time. Thursday nights rock. Truck on ya bastards!
--Capn' Hook S.S. Inthapocket

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