September 16, 2002

The Weekend in Review!
So I finally had a weekend out and about... seems like it has been days since I have been out of the house... stupid cold... stupid back... but all that is behind me now... (I hope haha) This last weekend was Awesome.... so without further pause, let me throw down the ole' recap:

Friday was awesome... I actually got to work on time... and for the first time in weeks I felt pretty good... worked till 12 and then it was off to a company picnic.... Yea!! I wasn't really looking forward to the picnic... It didn't seem like it was gonna be all that fun... but I was totally wrong. I actually had a really good time and the food actually turned out to be excellent. After the BBQ I played two-hand-touch with a bunch of guys from my department, which was a ton of fun... I haven't run around like that in years... I even made a few good plays... It reminded me of bein' a kid back in grade school. I even ended up with grass stains on my pants... (Calvin would have been proud.) We had a bit of a water balloon fight which was pretty fun and I actually managed to dodge all attacks with ease... The park where the picnic was held was really nice, I need to remember to go back there sometime..... So to sum it up, the food was good, the games were fun, and the weather was great.... it was a lot of fun. After the picnic I went back to work for a little while and then it was off to Greer to get my skate on! It was a really fun session... It felt really good to ride and I think I actually skated pretty good for not having been on the ole plank in almost two weeks... There were a ton of bikes there... in fact... I when I left I was the only one skating and there were prolly close to 13 or 14 bikers there.... Some of the guys were really good... I sat and watched them ride for almost 20 min before I went home. It was cool... This dude Sean was rippin' it up... really sick style... Some of the loc-dogs like Doug were rippin' it up too.... it was fun to watch. I need to take my camera there one of these days... After I went home and got cleaned up it was time to go down to D-town San Jose to get some grub with Capn' John "The Rockstar" and The two dread pirates Jamie and Amanda. We ended up getting some food at Gordon Bierch. It was pretty good, not as good as I remembered... but still pretty damn good. After that we ended up walking around the down town area for a while tryin' to find a good bar to chill at.... I learned one thing... well maybe two things that night: The first is that San Jose is not my scene... all the bars are "clubs" and the people that were hanging out at them were not my kinna people... The second thing I learned was that San Jose is kinna scary... like, there are some crazy fools that roll down there.... I don't think I will be hanging out down there very often... but anyway... We eventually found a pretty chill Irish pub called Katie Blooms (I think). Good jukebox... good beers... and a good atmosphere... it was fun. We got a little booth and ended up kickin back and talking till closing' time. It was a lot of fun, Capn' Jamie is rad. We always seem to have a great time when we hang out. Good times and good friends, Friday night was a blast.

Rolled out of bed late... and hobbled my way to work... man my legs were sore from running around at the picnic. All my coworkers were complaining about sore legs too... it was funny. And kinna sad as well.. haha I am getting old... erf...hahaha... Anyway... worked for a few hours and then got a call from Capn' Pete. He was rollin up to 3rd and Army to go skate and wanted to know if I wanted to go as well... hell yes, I hadn't skated up in tha city since last summer! So I rolled up to the city with Capn's Pete, Julian, Kyle, and Chris. It was rad. I skated hard. I even filmed a few lines... it was super fun.. Pete and I skated this crazy quarter pipe at the end of the pier... there was no deck on top and it had a 10 foot drop directly behind it... it was scary to skate... but when you landed a rad trick where you were hanging over the edge it felt awesome.... really cool... pretty crazy... After 3rd and Army it was time to go home and get ready to go back to the city again with Capn's Geoff and Damian for a house warming party up at Damian's girlfriends new apartment. Her place has an amazing can see the whole city from the street.... the apartment itself is pretty awesome too, lots of room and super clean. What followed our tour of the apartment could most easily be compared to insanity and chaos. It was about 8 o'clock when we got to Trista's new place up in the city. We then proceeded to drink from about 8:15 till well after 3 in the morning... it was awesome... We played drinking games for almost the whole entire night.... It all started with a deck of cards and the all time drinking classic: Asshole... such a fun game... About 7 or 8 rounds later, and one Irish Car Bomb into the game, Trista's friend Laura made one of the best rules I have ever heard: Her rule was that everyone had to talk in a Scottish/English accent... it was sooo funny... I don't know if there is anything more funny then 6 drunkin' fools trying to play Asshole while talking like Scottish blokes.... Drunken Scottish blokes at that.... it was awesome... Every sentence ended with the phrase "ya bastard" or "ya fauckin drunk bastard".... it was great.... I haven't laughed that much in days... It got even funnier when someone changed the rule to state that everyone had to talk like "gangster rappers". hahaha oh man... that was great. Every other word was "Sup Bitch" or "Drink yo fuckin' beer mutha fucka" or "Don't make me bust a cap on yo azz" hahahaa We finished the night off playin a game called Kings... (aka Kings Cup).... it was harsh... I hadn't played it before.... It is lots of fun, but it gets you super drunk super fast.... Anyway... one of the best nights in a while... reminded me of bein' back at school..... I am still having a hard time not talking like a drunken Scottish fool. Great times, met some really fun people, got really drunk, talked like gangsterz, talked like a drunken bastard....and had a blast. Best of all, I didn't get sick.

Body count for the night:
3 1/2 pints of Becks from a small Becks Keg
3 Newcastles
1 Lonestar
1 Guinnes
1 Irish Car Bomb
1 Kings Cup (A mix of three random beers Newcastle, Bass, and Pacifico I think)

Sunday came way to early. The whole point of staying at Trista's house that night, was so that we could get up early and go see the San Francisco Grand Prix, a now famous Cycling race down by the Embarcadero and the North Beach sections of the City. Waking up at 8 after having gone to sleep drunk as hell four hours earlier was not a fun thing to do... Luckily, I wasn't too hungover... in fact, I actually felt pretty good considering how much I drank. So after getting washed up and putting on some clean clothes we drove down to the Embarcadero loop and went to watch the race. Let me just say this: It was fucking awesome. I don't think I can put it into better words then that.... watching that race was amazing... those guys are insane.... It was rad.... Being there in the middle of the race was like being in a dream.... I never realized how fast those fools were cranking.... it was impressive.... I was in awe. The best part of the race was the fact that there were thousands and thousands of people lining the streets cheering for their favorite riders.... I hate to get all emotional about it but at one point when we were watching the riders make this crazy steep climb on Taylor street I was almost brought to tears... there was soooo much emotion in the air... seeing people give their all, hearing people yell for them as loud as they could.... hearing all the cow bells ringing.... I dunno... something about that was just amazing... it really touched my soul in a way that I hadn't been touched before... very moving... anyway I don't want to get all cloudy eyed about it but man it was really, really cool. The race lasted for about 5 hours so sometime around the half way mark we made our way to a really neat Irish Pub in the North Beach area. There I had one of the best breakfasts that I have ever feasted upon. I don't quite know if it was because I was super hungry, or if it was because I was a little bit hung over, but that food tasted better then almost any other breakfast that I have ever had.... yum.... Got to go there again... The Irish sure do know how to help a man get over a hard nights drinking. After filling myself to the point of explosion, and finally feeling energized again, we all went back out to the course to watch the final laps of the race. Man it was an intense and close race... The final sprint had 6 or 7 guys all charging for first place.. it was awesome. I am so glad I was able to experience it. Seeing those guys ride so hard really motivates me to get in shape and to go out and give 150%. I love seeing that kind of thing, people pushing themselves to the limit and beyond..... It was a great thing to witness I am super stoked that we were able to go. After the race we slowly made our way back to Trista's. Once back at Trista's we all sorta flopped around on the living room couches for the next couple of hours. Watched the Giants game... they lost unfortunately... it was a fun game to watch tho. Then we all went for burritos at around 6 o'clock or so. After that it was time to cruz back to Mt. View. Came home, took a shower, and then headed over to the studio to play some music. It was super fun. Mike and I hadn't been able to jam for a couple of weeks and it really felt good to get behind my drums again. I think we played pretty darn good considering we hadn't practiced for almost 2 1/2 weeks. I had a great time rockin and rollin....

And that pretty much sums up my weekend... lots of fun, lots of beer, lots of skateboarding, lots of music, lots of games, and lots of friends.... it was a fuckin great weekend... seems like life just keeps getting more and more fun... and better and better every day... damn that rocks....

--Capn' RockandRoll S.S. Andpartyeveryday

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