July 23, 2002

When I got that quote in an email this morning I realized something: I'm not going fast enough. I need to push the limits a bit... I need to tuck in my wings and pick up a little speed.... get out of my comfortable cruzing zone.... Take a few risks... live closer to the edge for a little while... I think that is part of the reason I have enjoyed skating at Greer and Ripon so much lately... speed... it is all about going fast and being on the brink of disaster when you ride there.... going as fast as you can, while still holding on to a fragment of control.... there is a rush when you ride like that... you feel alive.... I think that is what I like about riding a road bike too... the ability to go fast.... to push yourself to your limit and beyond... I think that is what loved about running back in High school... pushing that threshold... going to your limits and then beyond. Pushing yourself till there is nothing left, and then finding something left to keep you going.... I feel that when I skate, when I ride, when I run, when I play music... but not in many other aspects of my life right now.... I think that my fore-coming layoff is going to be a good change for me. It is gonna make me re-evaluate my direction... and force me to push my limits a bit. Change is going to be good. I wasn't looking forward to it at first, in fact, I was pretty pissed that my plans were getting jacked up... but now, I am just seein' it as a small wave in a large ocean... I am still on course, I just have a new heading towards a slightly different, slightly unknow territory....but my final destanation is still the same: to be happy and to live life fully.... winds and direction may change... but the goal is still constant. This is good. I am picking up speed....
--Capn' Fullspeed S.S. Aheadyabastard

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