July 22, 2002

ok... so I guess I should explain the jibberish that I wrote on Saturday night... ok, so a quick translation... as far as I can tell, I was: So drunk that I could only see with one eye open, I was horny, and I couldn't type more then four words without making a mistake. I also appear to have forgotten how to use the backspace key and I appear to have needed a nap really badly. So what the hell got me into that place you ask..... Well, it all started when I sailed to the Nut House with a bunch of friends. (Capn' John, Mike, Damian, Geoff, Audry, Molly, Kevin, Sara, Ben, and Alexia to be exact.) I won't go into all the gorry details, but when we left the Nut House, there were 55 empty bottles of Budweiser, 5 empty pint glasses, and 4 empty shot glasses on the table.... I think 9 of the Bottles were mine, and unfortunately 2 of the shot glasses were as well..... I blame it all on Capn' John the Rockstar who initiated the destruction. And I quote "Sean, you and I are drinking parteners tonight..." those words translate to "Sean, I have decided that we are going to die tonight..." haha leave it up to Capn' John.... ugh... at one point Capn' John and I were drinkin out of two bottles at the same time.... thank god we didn't try to go for three at a time like we did on halloween. Somewhere along the way we started doing Budweiser shots again.... a tradition I would like to forget.... but all in all it was pretty fun till I got home. I haven't been that drunk in quite a while. I don't think I want to be that drunk for a long time.... fun while it lasts... but then the next day is horrible. I probably should have thrown up on Saturday night before I went to bed... but instead I went to bed feeling good, and woke up feeling like my brain had been forced through a blender. I was actually doin' alright until I tried to eat, about five bites into breakfast my stomach said: "Are you fucking kidding me?!!" and I had to go sail the porcelain seas. That was not a voyage I like to take. Went back to bed for a few more hours... woke up still feelin' like my brain was chopped up into millions of pieces and then stuffed back into my head... rode my bike to go pick up my car... tried to go skate, broke my kingpin.... Went and watched the Tour De France at Damian's for a little while... round 8 my stomach started to feel a bit better, stopped at La Bomba on the way home and got a fatty huge burrito.... Later I went to the Studio for a few hours and made some noise. Capn' Ben came down to shred on the ole ax. It was a good time... except for the fact that my head was still hurting. Sailed home and went to sleep... My head still hurts today..... erf... but, all in all, I guess it was worth it. The story is funny at least. and I can laugh at my insane post from sat night..... dude... what a jackass.. hahaha oh wait... I wrote that shit....hahaha oh well... if you can't laugh at yourself... who else are ya gonna laugh at....
--Capn' Drunkard S.S. Kegofbeer

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