July 15, 2002

yar... so once again.. it's: THE WEEKEND IN REVIEW! yar....

So this weekend ruled.... don't know it I can sum it up any better then that.... One of the best weekends I have had in a long time... good times, good friends, good weekend..... lots of fun!

Friday: Skated Greer with Capn' Dylan the Destroyer, Capn' Pete-rock, and Capn' Dave the one trick wonder. Capn' Stu was there too. It was a ton of fun... skated for almost 3 hours.... I finally made big bowl to small bowl line transfer... that was a huge achievement for me. I think I am finally starting to get the hang of that place... super fun session. We skated till there wasn't any light left and then went to La Costenia for some fatty burittos.. yum... There isn't anything wrong with huge, custom style, authentic burittos... yar... good stuff. After La costenia Pete, Dave, and I went to skate the light gap ledge on Wolf. It was fun... sorta.. I didn't skate that well, but it was fun to talk trash and hang out.... went home... passed out from exhaustion... content and smilin'.

Saturday: Took Bart up to the city to see the VANS Warped tour. It was fun. I got sunburned.... no, I REALLY got sunburned... that kinna sucked... oh well tho... should make for a decent tan. : ) Got to see Flogging Molly play on one of the main stages which is always a good thing. They are amazing musicians.... I wish their set had been longer.. but then, I guess their set would never be long enough for me... they are rad. Got to watch Dylan the destroyer rip it up on the mini ramp. There were some shred dogs skating that thing. I kinna wish I had been able to skate it with them. The ramp looked pretty fun. The warped tour itself is a bit overwhelming... tons of people... tons of bands...not enough time to see or do everything... I didn't realize how big it was... I saw a few cool bands that I hadn't heard of before... some were good... lots sucked.... haha all in all it was a pretty good time. I was able to hang out with some good friends, hear some good music, and soak in the sun... haha maybe a bit too much sun soaking... haha oh well... It was super fun. Five hours of sun and music later...I went home, took a nap, and then got ready to go back to the city to see The Reverend Horton Heat! Really good show.... man those guys are insane musicians.... sooooooooo good.... truly amazing... They inspire me to become a better musician.

Sunday Woke up, showered, drove to La Bomba, ate a fatty burrito, and then took the: 101 to the 237 to 880 to 680 to 580 to the ole 205 east, jumped on the that great interstate number 5 and went north for a few miles got on the 120 east for a little bit, then took the 99 south to Ripon. Exit Jacktone, turned right. Stopped at the mini-mart on the corner of Main st., fuled up on water and gatoraide, went down Main till we passed the ole plaza, turned left after the plaza, turn left-right by the friendly police station, parked the car, got out stretched in the heat, put on my mesh hat, my skate shoes, and then had one of the best sessions that I have ever had. I thought greer was the heart of skateboarding... and to some effect it really is... but Ripon.. well, Ripon is the soul. You can carve lines forever there.... Ripon is my new favorite park. Capn' Dylan and I had a great time there this time... Last time I couldn't carve very well and was a bit intimidated by the size of everything... but since the last time Dylan and I went out there I have put in some serious training at Greer... and now I can hang with the heshers... haha it was rad. I had sooo much fun. Dylan is rad to skate with because he pushes you to do things that otherwise you might not try... he looks at you struggling to land something and sorta just inspires you, he says "Stop being a wuss and just do it" and he's right 90% of landing some trick or carving some line is just saying to yourself, I can do this. Once you realize that, it is easy. Sunday was a ground breaking day for me. I love those kinna days. I live for them. After the long drive back from Ripon, and a quick stop at In'n'out, a fatty 3x3, and a quick shower at home, it was off to Santa Cruz to see yet another show.... Good Riddance headlined, they are awesome. I missed the Fire Sermon... which sucked... but still, a fun show. The Missing 23rd was pretty good and Strike anywhere was awesome... they have a ton of energy... not really my kinna music... but lots of energy... it was a great show. Good Riddance is awesome.... fast, high energy, punkrock. fun to watch too. Drove home after the show and couldn't get to sleep... crashed at around 230ish... it was a long weekend... on the move almost 24-7, but damn... it was a good one...
--Capn' Cruzin S.S. Thegreaterbayareaonamissiontodestroy!

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