July 25, 2002

Last night I sailed up to Capn't Damian's house to watch the Tour De France. Yesterdays stage was insane... so many difficult climbs... it was awesome.... In preperation for the race Capn't John the Rockstar and myself cooked up some cheesedogs... after all, we had to carbo-load for the serious climbs ahead of us.... I ate 6 cheesedogs and had 4 beers... I was ready to ride! ugh... I am suprised my stomach didn't punnish me. Anyway, it was really fun, BBQ's are great. Anyway, Lance Armstrong is the man... that guy is not only good, but he has class too. In the last couple of miles of the stage yesterday, Lance really turned up the heat. He took off with a few miles to go like a man on a mission. He was running in fourth or fifth place in the pack for most the stage and had chilled with the pack for much of the race. Not to say he hadn't been riding hard, I doubt I could keep up with their pace for even 10 seconds... but anyway... Lance makes his move, pulls away from the pack, and starts to close on the two riders ahead of him... it was amazing... Lance was killin' that mountain.... I really believe if he had wanted to, he could have passed both riders and won the stage. Instead, he caught one of the riders and told the dude to go with him. So basically, Lance helped this guy up the rest of the mountain and then, a few hundred yards before the finish, Lance lets him pass to take second place. That dude has class. He is a machine. He understood that those two guys up in front had worked their asses off all day and that they deserved to take first and second... to ride all that way by themselves... without any team to help them along... that is seriously hard-f-n'-core. Lance knew that, and let them take what was theirs... when he could have easily gone earlier and crushed everyone.... hardcore... with class... that is something to aspire towards....
--Capn't Go S.S. Lance

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