July 02, 2002

Oh Yea, I keep forgetting to post about my adventures on Saturday! YAR!! Took a road trip up to Santa Rosa and Petaluma to go skate. Sailed with Capn' Dylan the Destroyer and soon to be a hesher Capn' Dave. It was super fun... lots of drivin... but got to skate some spots that I haven't skated in years... road trips are sooooo fun! Dylan killed Petaluma... that guy is such a hesher.....Dave landed a few good tricks too.... tho, he is mostly a ledge/tech kinna skater.... I didn't really skate that well, but I had a really good time.... messed around a lot... but managed to land a few good tricks here and there... it was really hot up there... but the air was clean and there was a bit of a breeze too.... it was a great day of skateboarding. Road trips rule, I need to take more of those.....
--Capn' On-tha S.S. RoadAgain

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