July 23, 2002

So I just got back from skating at Greer... wow.. did that feel good... It is soooooo nice to escape the boring day job and go ride for a quick 20-30 min.shred sesh!! Get the blood flowing... get the adrenaline pumpin a bit... recharge, get hyped, such a nice thing.... I even got in a few high speed lines in that would have made Dylan tha Destroyer proud. It would have been a perfect little mini-sesh if wasn't for one thing... well actuall 6 things.... 6 stupid little 12-13 year old bratts to be exact. What is up with kids nowadays anyway??!! Who told them that they were the big guns?? Who tha hell gave them the idea that they are the top dogs? I can deal with their crappy "I'm so cool cuz my shoes match not only my shirt and my hat, but also my underwear" attitudes... but what is with the lack of respect for elders. Point and case: I am a nice guy, I cruz in, wait my turn, and then I get snaked on my first two attempts at runs... and then as soon as I get a run some kid drops into the middle bowl right as I came flyin' round the corner bowl... I missed him by inches... literally... and then the kid acted like it was my bad??? WHAAA!!! When I was a kid, *and now I really feel old* but when I was a kid, we got the fuck out of the way when some crazy dude with chops showed up at the park. That was our cue to take a sideline and to watch and learn.... Heaven forbid one of my friends or myself got into the older dudes way.... that was a sin worse then posing..... What the hell happened to those days.... and not to go on an endless rant, but where the hell do these kids all learn to push... ugh... 4 of them pushed mongo... and not that I have anything against pushing mongo, some of my best friends push that way... but to get snaked and rolled in on, by teen-e-boppers, who have dope steeeez, shitty attitudes, and who also push mongo.... oh man... that is just about the most fucked up thing that I could imagine happening to me at a skatepark... And really it isn't that I got snaked or that they pushed funny, or even the fact that they have dope steeez that gets me bummed... it is the lack of respect and their shitty attitude that pisses me off... I guess I really have a problem with kids who think they are tough shit... and it seems like more and more of them are acting that way too.... These kids were some of the worst I have seen. They didn't know how to take turns, they didn't know where the lines were through the bowls, they pushed wrong, they talked shit, and they sucked.... well... maybe they didn't suck that bad... but they definately didn't have a clue as to what the fuck Greer is all about.... Maybe I am getting too old... maybe I am just over protective of a spot that I like to skate... but damn, when kook's like that are chillin at my local spots I just get super pissed.... there was another older dude chillen at the park today... he gave me props whenever I hit a good run.... this guy was O.G. he must have been at least 37 or so. While he was watching the kids and I heard him say under his breath "damn these kids are fucking dumb". This was just after three of them all dropped in on different sides of the park, at the same time, going in different directions, and then almost ran into each other in the middle bowl. After I saw that happen I decided to leave. I didn't want to risk hitting one of them in the middle of a line.... Greer doesn't take kindly to stupid riders... she makes them pay in broken bones and blood. I like my bones the way they are. As I walked by the other older dude on my way out of the park I wished him luck... he replied back to me with a smile on his face, "I'm gonna need it with these F#$% kids here" I laughed. Stupid kids..... haha

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