July 03, 2002

yar... today is the last day that Capn' Wayne "the Killer" and I will be working together... tis a sad day at the ole helm of the Seven Seas.... the end of an era so to speak. This place ain't gonna be the same without him around. Tonight I will raise a pint in his honor! yar... has been a fun voyage, I am sorry to see him leave. Good friend, good worker, good partner in crime! haha yar... here's to you my brother, yar the Seven Seas aren't gonna be tha same without ya dog! Keep on Sailin' brother, It is definately not going to be as much fun as it was when you were here.... yar.... maybe someday we will work the same slave barge again!! Till then, rock and roll and party every day! haha YAR! or is it: "carry on my wayward son?" hahaha I don't know.... just keep on rockin dog! Area 51 for life! haha oh, and keep an eye out for Bobby boy... you never know when he might be on the jack move!! hahaha
--Capn' Slayer S.S. Titanic

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