July 21, 2002

i hanent't been thi sj drunk in aoo long.. fuc I cna' t enve ness out of one eye thight now.. oh man... goood dtimes fuchlll... hahhahahah I am so fucked up right now.. ah shit.. hahahha this is uifnny ahaha I canf't even see strIGHT HHn aaa fuck ahhhHh i m aooo fseunk eihfr noq... hHhh FUCK i CN'r wcwn wcwnwxc HIR .. HhhHh shit I cn'R WCWN RYRPW EIFHE HhhHhahahaha fuck what I Am tryint tro dasay is ifuck I am fuickin drucnk foff my asss.. hahaahaha good thing I am not fdrivin ahahah jaja I hhave ditrty mouth and diry mind rithgt now... hahha oh man ecen cvewen I have ione eyye obepen I can't type tstraight hahaha oh shit... hahaha I am fuhcchkin drunk right now.. hahahah this is some sufunny shit.. hahah I can't tyupew... damn... . hhahaha I am tyopin in with one eye obpen right now..sorry I m such a vesserr.. mess hahaha I can't even see steeraight hahaa fuck ... I am durunk.. hahaha oh man I am gioonna regret swrighting this.. oh man... good thing I am single. hahaa somebody would be geetttin worked thritht now..ahahaha what...thahell am I writihng about ahhah I can't even type eihgright anymore... ahhahaha oh shit.. thi s is bad.. hahaha goood thing I am drunkn3e ahhahha fu k... hahaha oh man... time to lot the cukk foof.. hahah log tht3 fuck fooof...er... off hahah oh man... .. hahhahaha ;oh man.. what.. ahahha I cna't even seerstraight.. hahaha oh man.. I need to go to bed hahahahah wow... foreu words with out a mistake .... erf hahah I am so horny tritht now.. hahah wwhat... hahaha I cn'at even type anymoerre good nighr soorry for this piost haha sorry fo r this post... I m durnk ahah I m drunk haha oh man.. drunk as helllll. hahhaa ow wow.. haha lates foo's hahah I need t go pass out now...oh man.. I am so fadded hahaha lates I ncna't think hahaha lates I ould use a nap hahaha oh wha.. hahaha fu I am do diurunk doen' walisten to me hahah oh man I have mad a n ass out of my self...hahhah later foooz..
"D DOhe aergh haha
: () er.. P : ) good nightr sorry.. hwhwhq hwh hsQWR HE HE HE IH Nn I M QAasrws ..hhHh
AHIR... HhHh : ) g- nighghht// jaja hHa jha pj ,am/// jaja jha ha ha sishit haha oi... haha good night.. erf.. sorr bout this one.. hahaha oh shit Ima gonna regre this.....

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