April 22, 2003

I played hoops for the first time in a long time with my roommates yesterday after work. It was a lot of fun because we all sucked pretty bad. I wish I had the whole fiasco on tape because it would be pretty funny to watch us sweating and cussing and falling and losing the ball all over the place. I won the Defensive player of the day award earning 5 or 6 huge blocked shots and some intense rebounding skills� Ron Artest would have been proud�I felt like Foyle and Damp out there swatting fools like it was going out of style�. too bad I can�t shoot for isht� : ) oh well it was super fun even though I sucked pretty bad. I�m gonna get some Ballin shoes this week so that I can try to bring the ruckas next time we play. Hoops are fun.
--Capn' Brickin' S.S. Italldaylong

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