April 07, 2003

So another quick weekend in review:

Friday: Friday of course was the Flogging Molly show� and as I said earlier, it was awesome. Super fun! : )

Saturday: Saturday I slept in, then went to work for a bit, then went on a really good bike ride through Woodside and Portola with Capn�s John, Geoff, and Damian. We rode super hard and it felt really good. I actually beat Damian on a few break away runs� which almost never happens. I also almost got taken out by a gardener who was chopping down tree branches� one second I am riding along minding my own business, chargin down the street and the next I am dodging a huge ass tree praying for my life and hoping that I don't get totally f'd. Yea you guessed it the gardener chopped down a rather large branch (Like the size of a small tree) right as I was passing him... damn... talk about a close call... I could have been in a seriously tight spot� good thing I have crazy mad sills at dodging things.... I managed to pull up on the handle bars and sorta bunny hop over it� which incase you have never ridden a road bike, is quite an amazing thing to do. Needless to say it was a bit more excitement then I needed in my day.... near death experiences are not a good thing for the most part� after the ride it was chill mode at the house... A bunch of friends came over and we bbq'd and drank good beer and talked shit and listened to surf rock and watched skate videos and relaxed. it was a great day. I love the weekends.

I didn't do jack on Sunday.... I played video games all day. And when I say all day I mean for almost 9 hours�.trading off controllers with my roommates and fellow Dave Mira addicts. It was fun, but a total waste of a beautiful day. Dave Mira for playstation is like crack cocaine. I am an addict. I need a twelve step program� I needed to go out to skate and play... and I didn't�. oh well... I got to the sixth level� : )
--Capn� Isit S.S. Theweekendagainyet?

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