April 05, 2003

Last night I went to an really awesome show at Slim's up in the city.... Flogging Molly is never bad... they are by far one of the best bands I have ever seen live.... They are by far one of my favorite bands.... I love seeing them live... such a good time... so much energy... so much feeling... it was great. Everyone should be required to see them at least once in their life....

On somewhat of a side note: There were a ton of attractive girls there... where do they all hang out when they are not at shows? Everywhere I looked there were girls who were on fire (aka hot).... Of course most of them were there with dudes.... are there any single girls left in the world??? and if so, where do they hang out???? I gotta figure that out... where is my "punk rock girl"? Hrm... somewhere I am sure. I need to get out more.... That's all I wanted to write for now. word.
--Capn' Getotawork S.S. Andgoplay

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