April 23, 2003

This is pretty random� and maybe kinna dumb... but it�s something that has been on my mind so I thought I would throw it down. I have been kind of annoyed lately. The reason: I don�t like being a part of this whole extreme generation thing. Maybe I am not seeing things how they really are but I don� t like what I am seeing regardless. Since when is it hip to be a skateboarder or to ride BMX or to Snowboard to be a hesher or a punk? When did PBR become cool? WTF??? It was never about being cool back in the day when this stuff all started�how did it gain that status? And now I am considered �hip� by some people and I am only guilty of the crime by association� but what if I never wanted to be associated? I never wanted to be a part of the in crowd, I never cared about any of that isht. I never wanted to be part of the trend. I was skateboarding when skateboarding was dead. I was rocking out to Motorhead and Iron Maiden when metal was dead. I had a Ride the Lightning shirt in 8th grade and stayed up till 2am on weekends to watch Headbangers Ball. The first CD that I ever got was Iron Maiden�s Live after Death and I was one of five skaters in my entire high school. I was never �cool� because I was a rocker or a skater. I was looked at as crazy! Maybe I am taking this the wrong way� I mean, it is rad that these things are getting respect and attention� and now people are getting paid to do what they love. I guess I don�t really now why I am complaining� but I guess it is partly because I feel like people are doing things for the wrong reasons.. that they don�t really know what things they are doing are really all about.. you should skate because you love it, not because it�s cool, or because you want to impress people, or because you want to get sponsored, or because it�s the hip thing to do� and likewise you should rock out because you feel it, not because everyone else is, and definitely not because MTV is telling you it�s cool� And speaking of MTV what the hell happened to that station� they used to be punk rock� now they are just another corporate entity out for money and ratings, brainwashing the masses instead of pushing the limits and expanding minds. I dunno, maybe it is just another sign that I am getting old� maybe I am just being lame� but man, it pisses me off when I see people who used to be preps wearing mesh hats and skate shoes� where were they in the 80�s�. k.i.r. that�s what it�s all about� I�ll still be here when it all dies again.
--Capn� Rockin S.S. Since77

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