April 04, 2003

Working with a hangover sucks. It doesn�t suck as much as sleeping in your clothes all night, which by the way I did last night because I was too tired and drunk to change� but it still pretty much sucks. I felt pretty good after I took a shower this morning but now I don�t feel hot. Not at all hot in any way actually. I wish I knew where a Taco Bell was around here� My good friend and fellow Sabado loc Ninja Jenny from LA once told me the secret to curing a hangover: Taco Bell. You are supposed to get the biggest Mt. Dew they serve and a Mexican Pizza� or something like that� anyway� whenever I feel bad from drinking a lot I always go to Taco Bell and it always makes me feel better� I think I am gonna try to go skate Greer after work. I miss that place. There is a Taco Bell right down the freeway too. : )
--Capn� Gimegime S.S. Tacobell

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