April 04, 2003

So last night was bowling night. It was crazy fun. We drank 7 pitchers. I was f�n drunk... I have recently picked up the habit of saying �F� instead of f#ck and was saying �F� quite a bit all evening. : ) It was a great night. We won two games out of three against the only team in the league we don�t like so that was cool. They are f�n lame. I threw a few good scores.. but f�d the last one up� oh well. We rolled the Boardwalk in style with almost 10 people. It was a great night out. Just like a Warriors game� hahaha Did I mention that my head hurts quite a bit today? Damn we were rockin it last night. I had a great time being a drunken pirate bastard. It was great. My friends are awesome.

--Capn� Whattha-f S.S. F�er

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